Can Scientists and Religious Leaders See Eye to Eye?

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Scientists and religious leaders come together to find middle ground in exploring their worldviews.
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16-Dek, 2018

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Jubilee Oy oldin
Middle Ground is back!! Thanks everyone for watching this highly requested episode. As always, we are not saying science and religion necessarily have to exclude each other - there are religious scientists out there! Instead, we are exploring two sides that society often pits against each other in hopes of finding middle ground #radicalempathy. Let us know in the comments below what future episodes you'd like to see!
Mohamed Mohab
Mohamed Mohab 14 soat oldin
You brought a Muslim
airgladys 5 kun oldin
There needs to be a middle ground dinner table questions. Where we ask these very questions at the dinner table with friends and family.
Pema Kunsal
Pema Kunsal 6 kun oldin
I think it'd be a very informative to have Tibetans and Chinese natives come to a middle ground in regards to politics, culture, and human rights
Louise Malika
Louise Malika 15 kun oldin
Please make one with sheikh hamza yousuf....
Louise Malika
Louise Malika 15 kun oldin
Why not bring a imam?
DarthYuYevon Soat oldin
Jubilee, I would love to see one of your videos on 'Can Scientists and Pseudo Scientists see eye to eye', and focus specifically on Race and Gender. And don't get quacks and obvious losers. Get the top most convincing people on both sides so we can finally get to the truth about what scientific info reveals the facts about Race/Racial IQ/Existence of Race, and Gender/Gender Social Construction, Blank Slate theory versus individual human natural behavior, male and female differences. That would be a blast and very educational, but no one has the balls to do this.
Tortured soul like a moth to a flame
I think we can use science to justify an answer to a moral question
katie colonna
katie colonna 2 soat oldin
i want to see a video where anti-vaxxers and pro-vaccine/pharmacists try to find middle ground :)
Aiyyo.o 3 soat oldin
personally i dont believe in every thing that religious books say but i am in dispair and sadness, to believe that someone is there looking out for you just helps me feel better.
Jeffrey Davis
Jeffrey Davis 5 soat oldin
The Buddhist is like this is all useless, who cares just focus
MKMusic 7 soat oldin
I like
Alyana Lewis
Alyana Lewis 23 soat oldin
I enjoyed listening to the Buddhist Priest very much. I don’t believe in his religion but he gave me a calm feeling when he spoke.
William Fuendeling
Religion is too pushy nowadays and it’s hard to avoid Christianity
KareemEdits Kun oldin
Who else wished they brought a Muslim leader like a sheikh to this event
Anym Kun oldin
Well you're the pastor. Of course you're alone in the creation of the universe lmao
Husky SM
Husky SM Kun oldin
The scientist should be from philosphy, physik and astrology or biology.
Sarion Burks
Sarion Burks Kun oldin
The Rabbi is not Rabbi . I’m outta here .
. Kun oldin
Its Interesting what the man say at 3.22 the moral is already in us, that's the concept of fitra in islam
Mr A
Mr A 2 kun oldin
why do people think that to be religious means to reject science. Or to be a scientist that you have to reject religion. That is completely false, and an uneducated way of thinking. While as some scientist believe in the big bang. As a Muslim, I believe in the one who caused the big bang.(Allah). May god(Allah) guide all of us to the truth.
Mr A
Mr A 2 kun oldin
In the Quran, Allah(god) states, "Every sect is rejoiceful in their beliefs." And when everyone dies than they will truly know the truth of life. May god guide us to the truth.
YourDaddyPotato 2 kun oldin
I imagined them pulling out swords and killing each other
Zyden 2 kun oldin
A generic dog, and generic cat. LOL. I do love both religion and science when the people have 'all the answers.' Neither knows it all, and I distrust anyone who says they do! The more you learn, the less you realise you know.
Fandom Fanatic
Fandom Fanatic 2 kun oldin
If there’s no life after death then what’s even the point of anything?
TBat87 Kun oldin
If there's an eternal life after death, then why does this lifetime matter?
j c
j c 2 kun oldin
Does anyone else think that monk is cute lmao
Samyaza Prime
Samyaza Prime 2 kun oldin
Pure Arrogance!.......
O Overlyloved
O Overlyloved 2 kun oldin
That Rabbi... seriously?? Choose better people next time
Fri 2 kun oldin
W H E R E' S T H E B I O L O G I S T T H O
JMLS ; 2 kun oldin
The monk and pastor were definitely my faves! You can feel how pure the monk was
lo que la gente promete cuando se quiere
Best middle ground video I've seen yet. Really smart, respectful and chill people.
Sean Mack
Sean Mack 2 kun oldin
I think this series is great and has a lot of potential to become even more influential. I would love to see much longer, more in depth pieces (1 hr or more) to allow both sides to truly get into the heart of the matter and find a middle ground. Given the popularity of podcasts and other long-form entertainment, there's a clear audience for it.
Tris Marsh
Tris Marsh 2 kun oldin
My mouth actually dropped when the geologist said the earth is sloppy. If you have a basic high school education then you know that even the simplest organism is complex
michael meza
michael meza 2 kun oldin
I hope that one day i can match the monks energy
Antonius Chamberlain
ummmm... that's not a rabbi... that's hardly even a jew...
Alexandra DM
Alexandra DM 3 kun oldin
I loved those scientist! Glad they are from different fields. I agree highly with their point of view.
Bridget Nyangena
Bridget Nyangena 3 kun oldin
This is a good talk. Made me think a lot about what's going on.
Mr Universe
Mr Universe 3 kun oldin
0:25 Hey look its Josef Seed
Food & Money
Food & Money 3 kun oldin
i expected two very entitled groups, but i instead found two very humble groups.
AlmostEmily 3 kun oldin
maybe i just am greatly uneducated when it comes to Judaism, but wasnt a lot of what the Rabbi was saying not accurate?
Solo V
Solo V 3 kun oldin
Science actually can backup evidence of the Bible and Jesus. Also how can you put so much faith into science even though it’s based of human mind which is not perfect. Putting faith into God is knowing that He is your creator and He created us in His image and to know Him. and it says in the Bible faith is believing in the things not seen!! Yes I don’t see God but I’ve seen answered prayers I have been healed I have experienced peace and love unexplainable. God is so good.
TBat87 Kun oldin
+Solo V "there is evidence where Jesus has walked" The argument isn't whether there was a man named Jesus (Yeshua) who walked on Earth. The argument is whether a divine Jesus walked the earth. I don't deny that a human Jesus walked the Earth. What I do contend is that there is zero evidence to support that a divine Jesus walked the Earth ... a Jesus who was born of a virgin, walked on water, rose from the dead, and was/is the son of Yahweh. The existence of a human Jesus doesn't make the claims of Christianity true, you would have to provide evidence that a divine Jesus existed in order to claim Christianity is true.
Solo V
Solo V 2 kun oldin
+TBat87 Im not here to ague all I will say is God is a supernatural God. And even if the science hasn't proved all the points there is evidence where Jesus has walked and many more check out Kent Hovind check out the book more than just a carpenter.
TBat87 2 kun oldin
"Science actually can backup evidence of the Bible and Jesus." Give specific examples of this. The bible claims that the earth existed before the sun and stars, that all birds existed before all land animals, that there was a first man created out of dirt and a first woman created out of a rib bone, that there was a global flood survived by a 600 year old man and 2 of every animal, and that all the world languages originated at the Tower of Babel. Are any of these stories historically true and scientifically accurate? No, and that doesn't even begin to cover the amount of historical and scientific falsehoods presented in the bible. "Also how can you put so much faith into science even though it’s based of human mind which is not perfect." Because of empirical evidence, the scientific method, and the process of peer review. Perhaps you should go back to grade school and learn about these things again.
Substrata85 2 kun oldin
Science has never provided evidence of Bible/Jesus, exactly the opposite.
Carolien Baeyens
Carolien Baeyens 3 kun oldin
The pastor kinda looks like Andy Samberg
Philolaus Sith66
Philolaus Sith66 3 kun oldin
In Alchymie, the Occultist's Way: With wands both good and evil these spirits battle ever trapped The alchemists or puffers fill'd the elements or soul itself of fires and a cause to live to nobler cause and magic the ruling class, both guilt and will and, aristocracies high logic the fate of fires are filled again the metalsmiths are marr'ed the alchymies a nobler war and puffers clinging hard -Frank Bird
hsdjsd shdhsdnsmsd
hsdjsd shdhsdnsmsd 3 kun oldin
The religious people are so much more self reflective. At 3:38 everyone should have said yes because no humanbeing has a beliefsystem that explains everything. The religious people were intelligent enough to understand that, the atheist were too stubborn.
hsdjsd shdhsdnsmsd
hsdjsd shdhsdnsmsd 2 kun oldin
+TBat87 Atheism is of course a belief system. And there are thousands of questions that no scientist can answer yet. Maybe in the future but right now nobody can claim to be able to explain everything, thats just nonsense-
TBat87 2 kun oldin
Atheism isn't a belief system, and if everything these people believe is supported by evidence, that there are not things that there beliefs cannot explain.
That Buddhist is pretty attractive.
kittysrock16 3 kun oldin
The Buddhist was so cool! :) really liked hearing him speak
Barack Obama
Barack Obama 3 kun oldin
Considering Islam is the most scientific religion, why didn’t you bring in an imam?
Lexie Michelle
Lexie Michelle 3 kun oldin
The Buddhist monk makes me happy idk why.. his presence is so warming
Pedro Henrique Bandeira
Great video! ✌🏽
Caitlin Jago
Caitlin Jago 3 kun oldin
I have so much respect for this Buddhist Minister
pusheen 4 kun oldin
Shouldve brought a Sufi in this.
Hailey Terry
Hailey Terry 4 kun oldin
I think this isn't really a great topic because there's lots of middle ground between most religions and science. The things in religion that people think are anti-science, at least the religions I know, are not accepted as "fact" the way many people believe it is, and they're not necessarily contradictory. Creationism and evolution theory can exist in the same mind without ruining the universe, I promise.
TBat87 2 kun oldin
Which religions are you referring to exactly?
Ryan Holmes
Ryan Holmes 4 kun oldin
Sloppy ??? Take a look at just one piece of DNA if even one tiny part is misplaced or switched around we wouldn’t be here right now !
TBat87 2 kun oldin
You're assuming that the goal of the universe was for the existence of homo sapiens, which isn't true
Brigitte vega
Brigitte vega 4 kun oldin
The “rabbi” pissed me off
Shmuel Barak
Shmuel Barak 4 kun oldin
im not trying to be toxic but if a rabbi doesnt believe the world was created or there is after life why is this person consider themselves a rabbi? maybe she should call her self a jewish mentor for the reconstructionist jews. just feel like this can give the watcher the wrong impression on what a rabbi is.
Maria Mesa
Maria Mesa 4 kun oldin
I would freak out when i was kid and i would think about dying and I would be soooo scare about not existing and that that no one wilk ever know me
David Griffith
David Griffith 4 kun oldin
mu nut hurt
David Griffith
David Griffith 4 kun oldin
same lol
kostasz7z 4 kun oldin
Whats astonishing is the fact that people dont understand or do not want to understand what DNA is. You can prove a Designer with DNA alone. The logistics would make the Designer God. DNA is a code. CODES ONLY COME FROM INTELLIGENCE. PERIOD. Evolution has two pillars. Natural Selection (which is a provable fact) AND Random Mutation (which has been mathematically PROVEN TO BE IMPOSSIBLE). Evolution CANNOT work with only 1 of its 2 PILLARS. Atheists are WILLINGLFULLY IGNORANT. They are intellectually DISHONEST and arrogant morons.
TBat87 2 kun oldin
Provide a link to your source that random mutation has been mathematically proven to be impossible.
Loser 4 kun oldin
I love this buddhist dude. He makes 0 sense but I still like him. Hahaha
jamie .jamie
jamie .jamie 4 kun oldin
i dont understand what advantage that walking to the chairs after every question has, other than the producer trying to develop a unique tradition he can then cash in on. For continuity and comprehension, this is a distraction. It is also embarrassing watching the Buddhist and the Christian trying to find common ground, when all there is, is goodwill between them.
LogicalNextStep 4 kun oldin
If it makes you feel better, we create separation. Religion is an abstract concept, we made up. It doesn't 'do' anything. The root of the actions is us.
djointa 4 kun oldin
isn't Rabbi USELESS? if y'all bring an ustadz(in islam) and the story will not run like this way i got bored actually
VARUN DIVIT 4 kun oldin
There is something that we don’t know about “ super natural power ?” NO it’s just science we don’t know about.
VARUN DIVIT 4 kun oldin
Flat earther vs physicist.
Rosabelle Hennings
Rosabelle Hennings 4 kun oldin
Scientists are just people looking for purpose and answers
Jc Citalan
Jc Citalan 5 kun oldin
All the guests were confused nobody really believed in something or someone. And what the Gospel does is to show the human being the only way to the true God, Jesus Christ! But there was not a man of God who spoke in the name of God!
Abel Bahta
Abel Bahta 5 kun oldin
First of all RIP to the parents of the Buddhist minister. All I want to say is if u r religious u don't need to argue against science. Like if u believe a higher power created the universe all scientists r doing is exploring ur god's or goddess's creation. It is a good thing actually to see n discover how complicated n mind boggling the universe is.
DunnoKnowles 5 kun oldin
which religious leader? Some religion literally worship science. Some indifferent. And some deems science as satan's tool like christianity
Mike Klein
Mike Klein 5 kun oldin
A Pastor, a Rabbi and a Buddhist Minister Walk into a Bar. The Rabbi doesnt believe in God. The Pastor and the Buddhist Minister become best friends.
Trex79 5 kun oldin
ok... Science. Proves. Religion.
Maksie0 4 kun oldin
Juan Elyd
Juan Elyd 5 kun oldin
The pastor looks like Tchami
nicebluejay 5 kun oldin
Soph 5 kun oldin
Don’t really get how a pastor is a “religious leader”....but ight.
Austin Bedwell
Austin Bedwell 5 kun oldin
im not a god fearing man, but that pastor and monk seem genuinely kind hearted people regardless of beliefs
Quillow D.
Quillow D. 5 kun oldin
Explain how DNA is coded and the first cell was formed. Nobody can explain it scientifically, but there are alot of theories about this improbability. This leaves room to have divine intervention explain Abiogenesis.
TBat87 5 kun oldin
+Quillow D. The Ancient Greeks couldn't explain how lightning occurred ... did their lack ignorance make their belief in the god Zeus anymore reasonable or plausible? Nope.
Maksie0 5 kun oldin
If there's no scientific explanation for something, the answer is "I don't know", not "God did it".
Cryptonian 5 kun oldin
the reason religion will always be an insult to human intellect is because it NEVER uses reason and logic to argue BECAUSE ITS BASED ON FAITH AND STORIES. these debates are a waist of time
charmaine jangano
Science helped confirm a lot of biblical stuff....
Austin Smith
Austin Smith 2 kun oldin
Cryptonian you do understand there are prophecies that have come to pass right. I can defiantly argue with facts beyond faith and stories. And you do understand that all of science is legit just theory. Even the laws of motions are just theories. So just made up ideas that a man came up with. See we can do this all day an talk semantics. End of the day we could argue all eternity and we would probably walk away without accomplishing a single thing.
Lyrsavivor 5 kun oldin
No matter what you believe or what religion you follow, I would hope that everyone can acknowledge that science is not a belief or religion or even a mindset, moreso a thing or a tool. For example, say that you see a a flower in your backyard and you wonder why more flowers arent growing in your frontyard so you'll conduct an experiment taking in different elements such as water, light, soil, etc. and through that you find that specific flowers need specific conditions. Thats what science is, you conducted a science experiment, all it is is studying literally anything and testing parts of it and asking questions and trying to find an explanation for what you see. Science just deals with the physical world and observations and experiments with that to find explanations for maybe why majority of plants are green or why this animal does this weird thing or whatever. Religion is a whole separate deal, that deals with more philosophical questions and not what we already have here. So know that you can be a practicing scientist in whatever field and also go to church for whatever religion, but please dont ever think that science is optional, education is important and all science is is studying a field and educating yourself.
jellycoding 6 kun oldin
I have read a lot about this and I don't see any reasons to believe there is a God. I do however see a lot of reasons to NOT believe there is a God.
A G D 6 kun oldin
I think these videos are too short to answer such gigantic questions in a meaningful way. The concept is a great idea, but In practice the result is vague statements with little backing them up. Longer conversations are going to be needed for more meaningful conclusions.
Andrew k***
Andrew k*** 6 kun oldin
Alot of modern science is based on the bible and its recount of historical events.
TBat87 5 kun oldin
+Andrew k*** Such as ...?
Tonybc 5 kun oldin
not really
Gabrielle Chitamu
Gabrielle Chitamu 6 kun oldin
I wish the clips of each person talking could've been longer.
GamingFreak 6 kun oldin
What's the difference between a pastor and a priest?
TBat87 5 kun oldin
What christian denomination they're from
GamingFreak 6 kun oldin
They should have gotten an Imam instead of the rabbi
Aisling 6 kun oldin
Lmao did anyone else mishear when she said "volcanologist" and think she was saying her religion
Maksie0 6 kun oldin
Praise the Volcano God!
Sophie Smith
Sophie Smith 6 kun oldin
They should do Catholic priests and satanists
Lux Fero
Lux Fero 6 kun oldin
What's the Buddhist monk said is very important, if a religion don't let you think about your life and your own belief,that's mean that this religion is a cancer for humanity such as Islam, every Muslims that you'll meet in your life will tell you how much their religion is great and beautiful,because they were raised by fear of going to hell, that's why their parent told them to not think.
Ronza -
Ronza - 6 kun oldin
I trust Gyokei with my life
MrJasonLB 6 kun oldin
3:35 Your answer
y e n
y e n 6 kun oldin
please put english subtitles for non native english speakers, we (or maybe just me) find it kinda hard to understand what they're saying without subs. also, i'm a visual learner and perhaps it's one of the factors of this sturggle 😅
Dakota C
Dakota C 6 kun oldin
The chemist "I'm just as confused now as I was then." They all confused. I like the common ground and open-mindedness that they have. It's nice.
Alice Yue
Alice Yue 6 kun oldin
there was statement taught in my Catholic school that I live by: "religion without science is blind, but science without religion is boring". I believe that science helps me understand how Awesome the creator is and even having a greater appreciation for the world!!!
Ness G
Ness G 6 kun oldin
Honestly, where are the scientists from when they say there is nothing that their belief cannot explain? Can we talk about electrons or macroevolution? Also, most scientists believed that there is a God or an intelligent designer for the universe, they just did not believe it was specifically Christian.
zitronentee 6 kun oldin
Real spiritualist and real scientist are supposed to be open-minded. So, probably not much contradiction.
WolfHowl 6 kun oldin
"If you make all religious people forget about their religious beliefs and destroy all religious documents, in a thousand years it will all be gone and never come back. If you do the same thing with science, in a thousand years, it will all be back excactly how it is today". -Ricky Gervais
Austin Smith
Austin Smith 2 kun oldin
WolfHowl false it is all a theory an higher being(alien) can come down right know and tell us all are math is wrong and we would be forced to believe him or her.
WolfHowl 2 kun oldin
+Austin Smith It is a fact, wether you disagree or not. Science can always be proven. Religion cannot
Austin Smith
Austin Smith 2 kun oldin
WolfHowl wrong just so wrong.
Terr Di
Terr Di 3 kun oldin
In Islamic terms, if you destroy both religion and science altogether completely today, God will still preserve the both of them the next day through the new generation of human beings; babies.
sanad dennis
sanad dennis 6 kun oldin
The jew was really confusing
Funny Bunny
Funny Bunny 6 kun oldin
The Buddhist minister makes me feel calm and peaceful
Mariam Baker
Mariam Baker 6 kun oldin
I believe God put a system on Earth, which we call Science.
Maksie0 6 kun oldin
The scientific method was developed by humans several centuries ago.
Uxma Jed
Uxma Jed 6 kun oldin
Volcanologist? Paleontologist? Lol why not bring a mathematician and physicist to represent science? Science is only science because of math 😬 p.s. you could look to science to answer if murder is right or wrong ... specifically to evolutionary science...murder is wrong because without legal justification, it violates a being's most basic right to survive and fulfil their evolutionary purpose.
crystal ?
crystal ? 6 kun oldin
yoooooo long beach represent
Kate Massey
Kate Massey 7 kun oldin
Well that was pleasant
Brianna Gordy
Brianna Gordy 7 kun oldin
I work with and know some brilliant scientists. I vividly remember a conversation I had with an astrobiologist where they said "if we consider the simulation theory or multiverse theory, we cannot rule out the hypothesis of god". They stated how ignorant it is to say "there is no God" like it's a factual statement. Do I believe the Bible? In truth? No. That was written by man. But who's to say there isn't some ultra intelligent being/creator out there? It could be a life form in which we cannot even begin to comprehend. If we consider the other theories we have, we cannot rule out the God hypothesis. We can't rule out that an intelligent being created the universe and us. Those who say god doesn't e it's as if it's a factual statement, are not intelligent individuals. They're foolish. They're fools.
Brianna Gordy
Brianna Gordy 5 kun oldin
TBat87 True. I hadn't even realized I used theory. It was like 3 A.M. when I wrote this and my professor would scold the hell out of me for using that interchangeably.
TBat87 5 kun oldin
The existence of a god isn't a scientific theory, it's a hypothesis
Meeroy Yenkins
Meeroy Yenkins 7 kun oldin
Lol I love the pastor he is so happy and smiley
Honey Amber
Honey Amber 7 kun oldin
.........The absolute worst Rabbi....😪
omar elmokhtar bouabboune
i really want to contact the pastor
Maddi Smith
Maddi Smith 7 kun oldin
I really enjoyed this episode, I found it informative and interesting! It’s always important to see into the lives and experiences of others to try and understand them. Thank you for making these videos!
Jaden Hassan
Jaden Hassan 7 kun oldin
hold up, how come they didnt include a muslim or imam