Can Scientists and Religious Leaders See Eye to Eye?

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Scientists and religious leaders come together to find middle ground in exploring their worldviews.
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16-Dek, 2018



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Jubilee 3 oy oldin
Middle Ground is back!! Thanks everyone for watching this highly requested episode. As always, we are not saying science and religion necessarily have to exclude each other - there are religious scientists out there! Instead, we are exploring two sides that society often pits against each other in hopes of finding middle ground #radicalempathy. Let us know in the comments below what future episodes you'd like to see!
rain Alaska
rain Alaska 2 kun oldin
Diversity is making America weaker.......stop the agenda. ..you attacked us for voting for President Trump! You are banished! Leave America
Kids Animals
Kids Animals 24 kun oldin
Scarlett Murphy
I really want to do a version of this with teenagers rather than adults. I would love to do this.
mollkatless Oy oldin
Why was Don the paleontologist/geologist talking about order in the universe with his scientist hat on? He is as much a lay person in cosmology as any of the other panelists? It had a little of that creepy bill nye (who doesn't have a degree in any scientific discipline) don't question me, I'm a SCIENTIST feel
Showtime Oy oldin
I love Team Science! Religious Leaders move a side.
FelixLeeMendelssohn 7 soat oldin
4:07 - 4:27 Placebo probably...
TheWarriorLP16 7 soat oldin
Damn, this pastor is such a nice guy👏
Gary Chrome
Gary Chrome 15 soat oldin
The only thing that pops in my head if I'm in a table with these type of people smoosh together " Owh Fun Mang "
My Argument
My Argument 19 soat oldin
There are dozens of religions with different Gods, different writings, different beliefs, and different histories with no real confirmation that any of it truly exists. When it comes to science however, there's the scientific method, and many subcategories of science that follow it. It's been proven, tested, written down, and tested again so we all know it's there. For me, it just seems a diseased way of thinking. Why go based on faith when you can go based on facts? There's a reason there's so many Gods in the world, people become afraid when they don't know, so we make up stories to feel better.
ML MakeZZM 20 soat oldin
How about Georges Henri Laimatre? (idk what is the real spelling)
Anthony D
Anthony D 20 soat oldin
Why isn’t there an Anthropologist representing the Scientists tho... ?
C H I Ł Ł 22 soat oldin
I came down to the comments expecting a war. But... it’s not so bad... people are actually being civilized
yuanita arianti
yuanita arianti Kun oldin
It will be more interesting if a muslim scholar get involved too.
Amit Nitzan
Amit Nitzan Kun oldin
It was one of the best conversations i heard in a long time. They are all respect the others and their opinions, talk politly.... beautifull to hear❤❤
Matthew Biggin
Matthew Biggin Kun oldin
So god healed that child’s shoulder because you asked but leaves millions around the world to suffer horrible deaths.... god must only love American children
Megan Simpson
Megan Simpson Kun oldin
1:55 people have made the world sloppy
Megan Simpson
Megan Simpson Kun oldin
Maksie0 true.
Maksie0 Kun oldin
People didn't invent earthquakes, or sinkholes, or tornadoes, or flesh-eating viruses, or eating holes that double as breathing holes so you can choke on your food.
Jeanelle Ediso
Jeanelle Ediso Kun oldin
I just want to talk to either the pastor or the monk.
Dany Tri Kusuma
Dany Tri Kusuma Kun oldin
Flat Earth vs Astronout Please
Jamesfloatyhead YT
although im not religious, i can respect people who are.
Morgan Brown
Morgan Brown Kun oldin
The rabbi woman is radiating passive aggression
zisforzoo16 2 kun oldin
I’m a Christian and I believe in science, I don’t believe that the two have to be mutually exclusive...also what I love about this series, and this episode specifically is that we’re all people, and that we’re not some evil monster when we disagree with one another.
Emma Padgett
Emma Padgett 2 kun oldin
I ❤️loved that pastor he’s so sweet! Btw~ god made eve and Adam the first man and woman and in the Bible god made bright vivid fruits 🍉 🍒🍇🍓🥝🥥🥑🍊 and bright plants and amazing beautiful animals 🦊🐱🐶🐹🐨🐼🐯🦁..! So as the times go by we are the ones making it sloppy it us not god..!
Maksie0 Kun oldin
Adam and Eve are fictional.
DiBBagE 2 kun oldin
Wtf that red head talking about studying murderers but a volcanologist is a person who studues volcanoes
s xoxxuxx
s xoxxuxx 2 kun oldin
9:20 😂 their reactions I swear Rabbi: I’m like totally zen *points at monk Volcanologist: *blinks Paleontologist: *turns to monk like oh no she didn’t Pastor: *is still smiling but like inwardly :oooo Chemist: *awkward smile Monk: *nods but bish what
Mike Yuan
Mike Yuan 2 kun oldin
big yikes
RoninCisMe 2 kun oldin
If you don’t know anything about DMT or ayahuasca anything you try to argue disproving the supernatural is invalid
Natoli U
Natoli U 2 kun oldin
a muslim sheikh in this would be so interesting hmm
Ana R.
Ana R. 3 kun oldin
Jess and Don seem so intelligent and interesting, I'd love to sit down and discuss science things with them
Laura Padilla
Laura Padilla 3 kun oldin
I think you were lacking a psychologist there! They are scientists too
Isam AbdulWahab Ahmed Nagi
smh you should know islam has science miracles... like the explanation of a embryo in Quran mentione in 6th century.. shda got a muslim scholar. I have a good freind named suliman hani you guys should sometime inv. world famous and currently in harvard. find him on his website which is his name or ask "icd" mosque in detroit
Sh! Sch?
Sh! Sch? 3 kun oldin
I really want a journal of mistakes now...
Do Not Reply
Do Not Reply 3 kun oldin
Whoa hold up why is the Buddhist guy even here? There's literally nothing in Buddhism that would put them at odds with science, NONE.
Ahmadgazzy 3 kun oldin
its nice to see a more light hearted episode once in a while.
CRINGE LORD9000 3 kun oldin
Do people know that the Big Bang theory was invented by a Christian priest I have proof too
Matthew St Pierre
Matthew St Pierre 4 kun oldin
I was waiting for them all to smoke DMT
Randy Cok
Randy Cok 4 kun oldin
Do all scientists is an atheist
Local Asbestos Removal
ps just because someone Nice doesnt mean they are Correct and have the absolute truth ..
Local Asbestos Removal
love bruce lee he my saviour
haikal ahmad nasaruddin
why the pastor look like joseph seed?
Anjelica Lowe
Anjelica Lowe 4 kun oldin
I love this series!!! Keep making more videos like this, they're amazing
Daemoncles RatHeir
Daemoncles RatHeir 5 kun oldin
The Secret Sects and Books of Religious and Occultist Orders: I declare, that it is written in the books of religion, and especially of those secret sects of it, that to establish a religion there need be written various writings of spirit world, of things unknowable, unforeseeable, and untold, of strange compounds, and of the species of the animal kingdom, the celestial heavens and stars, questions of the soul, of other worlds and beings, mathematics, musical spheres, or of the eternal nature of humans, as these are most mysterious to a man and not seeable and ungraspable, especially to the unhealthy or those ridden with addiction. These writings are generously helped with a backing of important or historical figures. The writings must be of a formal sounding nature and bear the dates of history and references to other similar materials. The mysterious, thus, is unprovable and eternal and cannot be disquieted and those with even a small grasp of their orders cannot bear the separation of their understandings, and that only the healthy and sane, or those of an inner circle, may guess at their lack of substantiation and mysticism. The world has received a dangerous and articulate chain-letter, which is both grounded, and substantiated in history, and even those who have writ their own or who have glimpsed their writings and manuals cannot stop its progression, and as an army of Gets, or Glimpses, or Fresdeins, or Neophytes, cannot stand as a whole or entirety, to untell its orders, and that even writings in the Vatican or of the God of Judaism, known or unknown, hold themselves to this basic and not benign key and that those who have written of it nature, or witnessed its passing and high grounds cannot deny its reticence and knowing. -RatHeir 3/2019, The USA.
liters love per-day
5:15 'science is not allowed to even consider the supernatural'.. is supernatural and metaphysical different? I studied psychology and sometimes we called things which cannot be seen yet as supernatural such as brain wave, energy, aura, etc. there's so many mysteries that need to be unfold by science, but I believe science and religion are like yin yang. need one another.
Tensu Asakura
Tensu Asakura 5 kun oldin
What's sloppy about the world?
Ethen G.
Ethen G. 5 kun oldin
The Rabbi isn’t mature enough for this video.
What does the Rabbi even believe in?
paxpacis2 5 kun oldin
Notice how there's no catholic priest there because they wouldn't fight with scientists
Blonde TapperWare
Blonde TapperWare 2 kun oldin
I dont think anyone is "fighting" with the scientists
Rachel Rose
Rachel Rose 5 kun oldin
Woah is that Jake hurwitz from jake and amir😂
Steven Brisee
Steven Brisee 5 kun oldin
Jess Phoenix should have been elected....
Rahul N Singh tomar
You shouldve bring hindu leader like sadhguru. It would've be more better
Kaotic xKarnage
Kaotic xKarnage 5 kun oldin
Im a little salty no one walked over to the "science can answer moral questions" one. Not enough people have read "The Moral Landscape".
Walt Muraca
Walt Muraca 5 kun oldin
"I'm not afraid of death, I'm afraid of dying." That distinction has never really occurred to me before, and I completely agree with that statement.
Andria Gaming
Andria Gaming 5 kun oldin
I thot I see hijabi woman in thumbnail
silentgypsy 5 kun oldin
What I would love to see more than anything in the world would be a discussion between doctors and naturopaths or traditional healers.
Andrew Cole
Andrew Cole 5 kun oldin
The jew was clearly not an Orthodox Jew. She's what the Bible would call a Sadducee, who were lightly Jewish that traded religion for more political power. They're also referred to as Hellenistic Jews. Had a class devoted to that at college -- was very interesting.
minervaeiou 5 kun oldin
"There are things my beliefs cannot explain" and all the scientists remained standing? Come on, that is just arrogance.
atheistfromaustria 5 kun oldin
*One religion was deliberately forgotten by this leftist feelgood channel in order not to hurt any feelings... It is a religion that says their leader got to heaven on a flying horse 1400 years ago - To me this sounds like this stone age religion (that still practises stoning today) would hugely benefit from a discussion! But better choose a jew, a christian and a buddhist - at least they won't exercise fatwas and are not using bombs or knives...*
Ellie Gee
Ellie Gee 6 kun oldin
Im afraid of dying not death too.
Caleb Rivera
Caleb Rivera 6 kun oldin
Yeah dogs don’t go to heaven they don’t even go to hell they go nowhere they don’t have a soul or spirit they don’t know right from wrong
Caleb Rivera
Caleb Rivera 6 kun oldin
The world is how it is because of humans not God but God has a plan for this world read Revelations in the Bible you’ll see Gods plans
The Combat Wombat
The Combat Wombat 6 kun oldin
If we were created, I reckon Elon Musk has a good concept of how
JohnnyNismo 6 kun oldin
Put a quantum physicist in the room with these people and they'll make them all question their beliefs.
HannaH _
HannaH _ 6 kun oldin
Oh gosh I'm an atheist in love with a pastor lol
Kyle Jarrett Miller
i can just hear all the arguments in the comments
B Al
B Al 6 kun oldin
Okay the rabbi girl is probably the most contradicting one??? Also, for: "There are things that my beliefs cannot explain" I'm sorry but you are not a real scientists if you believe your theories explain everything. I'm a scientists myself but all these wanna be scientist are close minded and think they are superior, this is NOT what science is.
its_a_trab 6 kun oldin
Yesterday’s magic is today’s science, boom religion busted
its_a_trab 6 kun oldin
Superstition, superstition and placebo
inluvwithglitter 6 kun oldin
WOOO chemistry!
Sara X
Sara X 6 kun oldin
Sure I believe in the Big Bang But who caused the bang
Lazsalzari Romnzevroskki
MAN! That Pastor was SEXY!! My body feels sinful now, dangit!!!
Oh Wowow
Oh Wowow 6 kun oldin
He is though
Marky Mark
Marky Mark 6 kun oldin
God bless that buddist minister! An angel among us I swear.......what an amazing soul bless that man.
OliVeee Yasss
OliVeee Yasss 7 kun oldin
Where does Amy get her teeth straightened omg I need those teeth
Tamerlan K
Tamerlan K 7 kun oldin
Scientists vs Muslims, as an ex-muslim, there are a lot of things I would be curious to hear the conversation about. I think we should criticise Islam too in the Western society, because as I can see, there is a silence regardless islamic topics and that's unfair toward those two religious (christianity and judaism) you always speak in such a project. Thank you:)
Br777 7 kun oldin
This is definitely one of the best ones. Although the intro made it seem worse. I like how none of them shut down others beliefs or explanations, they simply explained their perspective and all respected each others.
hannah bananana
hannah bananana 8 kun oldin
how about pro gun vs gun control
The Slow Lane TV
The Slow Lane TV 8 kun oldin
The pastor and the buddhist dude are cool
Raúl Antunez
Raúl Antunez 8 kun oldin
Whats a rabbi
fernanda sophia
fernanda sophia 8 kun oldin
Red shirt lady needs to chill..
Rachael Robinson
Rachael Robinson 8 kun oldin
This really separates the two groups however scientists can have faith too
Yasam Farooq
Yasam Farooq 8 kun oldin
No Muslim there? People forgot or is it they dont want to remember?
Yasam Farooq
Yasam Farooq 7 kun oldin
Oh well, ill just be here praying to the 1 God of Abraham, Noah , Moses, Jesus, Muhammed , Soloman, David etc.. The demon kind, The angels, the universes , life in grave, Day of judgement, heaven and hell . Its okay if nobody wants us, May we some day come togother and serve the poor and the oppressed.
Yo 7 kun oldin
Nobody wants them, come on.
vante N
vante N 8 kun oldin
Peter 8 kun oldin
A priest, a rabbi and an atheist walk into a bar. The priest said "Jesus!" The rabbi said "Dear Moses!" The atheist said "Ouch!" I'll see myself out.
Brylee Dean
Brylee Dean 8 kun oldin
Rabbi: [pointing at the monk] Yeahh, like some days I’m totally zen... Monk: girl did you really just point at me and say zen
VelcroPockets 8 kun oldin
2 religious people and 4 atheists
I’m becoming a lawyer to sue min yoongi
the munk has such beautiful eyes
Adam K. Alexander
Adam K. Alexander 9 kun oldin
maybe you can include a muslim leader in this meeting so that the conversation would be more interesting! *flies away*
Beatriz Espinosa
Beatriz Espinosa 9 kun oldin
I love these videos but Im getting frustrated that there really is no middle ground and nobody convinces anybody of anything. I get we should come together and be able to discuss things in a rational manner but, at the same time there is no point when each side is stuck in their beliefs and there are no changes.
Albert Jackson
Albert Jackson 9 kun oldin
If a person believes the universe is only 6,000 years and evolution is not real, then, you are dealing with ignorance and maybe stupidity.
A M 10 kun oldin
The woman in the red shirt was kinda rude
Noe Horowitz
Noe Horowitz 10 kun oldin
Just so people know, that woman is not a"rabbi" she represents a tiny minority
Issy Tai
Issy Tai 10 kun oldin
4:27 placebo. placebo is a powerful force.
JustMeElenaMarie 3 kun oldin
Issy Tai Exactly what I thought lol
Paull Ly
Paull Ly 10 kun oldin
we need someone that's a computer engineer that say if we can create universes we see in gaming, wouldn't that suggest our world could have possible be created too?
Maksie0 9 kun oldin
Diego Trujillo
Diego Trujillo 10 kun oldin
The rabbi is barely religious
Braddon Schulze
Braddon Schulze 10 kun oldin
God is the biggest false assumption ever made
Braddon Schulze
Braddon Schulze 3 kun oldin
I don't "believe" in science , I accept the reliable of the scientific method and it as a tool for helping humanity understand itself and nature
fittja 145
fittja 145 3 kun oldin
+Braddon Schulze well beliving in scientist and government isnt a lazy thing? bible has prediceted things scientist cant, the government is hiding so much truth from us yet people belive in them
Braddon Schulze
Braddon Schulze 3 kun oldin
Ok, ok , joking a side , I think that saying God or some other supernatural cause is the answer to questions in life is just lazy thinking
fittja 145
fittja 145 3 kun oldin
+Braddon Schulze im trying to have a conversation but clearly ur just a troll who makes a comment then dont like to answer
Braddon Schulze
Braddon Schulze 3 kun oldin
Lmao! That is funny!
Strax 10 kun oldin
So a Rabbi who doesn't believe the world was created, not in the after life.... I don't get it.
Alexander 1011
Alexander 1011 10 kun oldin
What's the anti-thesis to a Volcanologist? A Scientologist xDDDD
BRUGAR 10 kun oldin
Yeah if religious nutjobs would stop believing in superstitions
Brisx 10 kun oldin
A Sheikh would be dominating in these discussions
J M 11 kun oldin
godel incompleteness
Raska The Slaanesh
Raska The Slaanesh 11 kun oldin
Is there something my scientific believes cant explain ? Yes, they are and many, but it cant explain it, yet. The big thing is the *yet* In my opinion, science CAN explain moral values. It can explain why murder is wrong and its simple .... Murder means society is losing a member that was performing in a society, so society as a whole is less effective thanks to it. It was a huge deal in prehistoric era. We came deeper along the years. They are human being and robbing them of the little time they have to enjoy is wrong, because of things that makes us human, like sympathy....
Aditya Bharti
Aditya Bharti 11 kun oldin
That Buddhist man was talking shits which he didn't even know
Mikey the Robloxian
Mikey the Robloxian 11 kun oldin
Don is a paleontologist. Does that remind you of someone? I know someone who called a paleontologist Ron.... But actually.. His name was Ross!
Heather Uman
Heather Uman 11 kun oldin
This conversation was actually very positive and they all seemed quite respectful. It was so nice and uplifting to see!
David 11 kun oldin
It's a shame that anyone can call himself a rabbi these days.... Feminist bish
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