Can Teens & Parents See Eye to Eye?

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Teens and their parents come together to discuss their relationships with technology and each other.
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9-Yan, 2019

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FernandaWritesStories 6 daqiqa oldin
Transgender and cisgender people see eye to eye
Annette S
Annette S 13 daqiqa oldin
Uhhhh what are these perfect kids that fly planes and build robots? The people I go to school with vape in the bathrooms, have niche meme accounts, want to be MUAs, and of course many who are doing 5 APs at a time. They need a broader group of 3 kids and not their parents/guardians since it’s so much harder to be honest.
Madison Riden
Madison Riden 5 soat oldin
People who say, “oh they could have picked normal kids”......those are normal high school kids now. With the colleges being more competitive to get into and with expectations being a lot higher, high schoolers have an insane amount of pressure to stand out and be special. In high school, I was in 7 clubs, marching band, theater, etc etc, because I knew that I needed scholarship money to go to school and that I needed to stand out to get into college. (I also think this is why depression and anxiety has increased in high schoolers as well.) So, I see these kids as normal high schoolers; all three of them are perusing their passions in high school, with the aim that it’ll make them stand out.
Isaac Bamba
Isaac Bamba 5 soat oldin
That ebony Mom is pretty bruh
Ema Sar
Ema Sar 7 soat oldin
Or some middle ground on the forced sterilization of Native American women in the US that is still happening to others today. I love ur videos, I think they’re great discussions that people definitely need to have, But it’s very disappointing to see no representation whatsoever for my people
Ema Sar
Ema Sar 8 soat oldin
Can we get some middle ground with native Americans and everything happening in Canada?? Or how DAPL went down in North Dakota I think it’s an extremely important discussion to have, being Native American myself and I’d love to hear it.
princessnessa yurr
princessnessa yurr 8 soat oldin
I feel bad for fanny nobody laughed with her
Jacob Carrasco
Jacob Carrasco 9 soat oldin
The older you are, the more experienced you are but, you DO NOT become wiser AT ALL. Wisdom comes from one’s self decision and life not from age.
KickinButterfly 10 soat oldin
You should do introverts and extroverts
juhos3000 11 soat oldin
Metal heads vs anti metal music people??????
Dale Boxsell
Dale Boxsell 14 soat oldin
Not today’s teen because they think they know everything they are the definition of know nothing know it all’s.
Legendary_tortoise O5
Legendary_tortoise O5 15 soat oldin
Isn’t a fanny someone’s buttocks or female private parts
Ni kuro
Ni kuro 16 soat oldin
If I see the dad irl I’ll just cry
RATEDRsensei 17 soat oldin
"39 + 1" 😐 "I'm not going to say my age....I'm 40" 😐 Grow up please
sugwrsky 20 soat oldin
this kids don't seem to know much ....... ps . really you bring these kids who have everything in, can't you see other kids "teens" might see things way more clearly or differently ?
sugwrsky 20 soat oldin
this kids don't seem to know much ....... ps . really you bring these kids who have everything in, can't you see other kids "teens" might see things way more clearly or differently ?
Lalo Gonzalez
Lalo Gonzalez 22 soat oldin
Why was the British people the only people with the good stuff
Lauren Pulver
Lauren Pulver 23 soat oldin
Damn Tessa Brooks really went platinum blonde and stopped getting the spray tans 👀
J M 23 soat oldin
Mateo is such a gem
Kelby Sinaloa
Kelby Sinaloa Kun oldin
This is gonna be interesting
circuswannabe Kun oldin
Gimme an airplane and I’ll be an angel to though.. but on a real note I’m tryna be a better kid mostly for religious reasons ya know any of you Christians may understand me on that one. Its hard to listen to your parents sometimes.
adriana bonura
adriana bonura Kun oldin
yall need to do an episode with stan twitter vs locals
Martha Elizabeth
*My African parents would never!*
Silver play button with no videos
Cant they do normal teen like were the EdGe LoRd 101 ?!?!?!?!
Sitara m
Sitara m Kun oldin
Who else feels that these videos are getting worse and worse 🙃🙃🙃
Gwen B
Gwen B Kun oldin
Anyone recognize Isabella from OUAT??? She was young zelena 😍
Wabbo Kun oldin
big up UK
Sombra Kun oldin
“Teens boys” Ha! If only you knew
Abbi Kun oldin
Umm wth is this??... 2:56 He was disappointed in his friends because they added him to an Instagram group that no parents could see...😂 These kids are way too innocent for this discussion...😤🤦‍♀️
merry clift
merry clift Kun oldin
whats wrong with these kids lmao,, my mums never looking at my snap wtf
Don’t use their parents. That defeats the point they’re just gonna do everything they want to hear
Kideto Hellfire Mibu
We need things like this on the big island
faith Marie
faith Marie Kun oldin
39+1 LMAO
7 OUAT Addicts
7 OUAT Addicts Kun oldin
Isabella from OUAT! So awesome seeing her in a Jubilee video 😊
DJay Kun oldin
"and I built roblox" lmaoo
marnie hughes-ritchie
everyone here is so odd, get normal teens or better yet poor teens with stranger parents
Dumb Ass Kid
Dumb Ass Kid 2 kun oldin
You have no idea how much I masturbate.
SkyJacob99 2 kun oldin
"i GoT RiD oF iT"
lightbombs 2 kun oldin
M D 2 kun oldin
Do strippers and parents
Kitty Girls
Kitty Girls 2 kun oldin
Why is the blonde girl Billie Elish? 😂
Bryan Abrego
Bryan Abrego 2 kun oldin
Depression, anxiety, suicide is up, all because they’re actually being researched now lol, and they are classified as illnesses, this stuff has always been here. The awareness was not
babycakes 2 kun oldin
hi im jared i’m nineteen
Iroc Life
Iroc Life 2 kun oldin
I’ve grown into who I am but you act like a little girl when asked your age
Bailey Smith
Bailey Smith 2 kun oldin
No dirt. Not satisfied. This needs a do-over. I also think it should be like a three part series with lower middle and upper class.
Ashley Masako
Ashley Masako 2 kun oldin
loved this episode!
Jean P Mosquera
Jean P Mosquera 2 kun oldin
Very cool episode. So far my favorite amongst all this season. I look forward to more Middle Ground.
Aylin Esquives
Aylin Esquives 2 kun oldin
Well this was boring
Jai Roux
Jai Roux 2 kun oldin
Wish This One Had More Diversity
Itgel N
Itgel N 2 kun oldin
The teens do not represent the teens at all. They are all prodigies, majority are not like that . Plz remake the video with teens from different backgrounds and maybe the parents and the teens shouldn't be related to being more heated discussions.
hellsrider's 2 kun oldin
Your not there to be their friend your there to be their mom/dad teach them right from wrong good from bad you have consequences for any actions decisions you make good or bad. Not teaching them from a built in baby sitter with a 72 in screen and a bag of potatoe chips.
Nob the Knave
Nob the Knave 2 kun oldin
Why would they have to? Until they are 18 they have one choice: Obey. After 18 they have two choices: 1: Continue to obey or 2: Leave When does "Seeing eye to eye." ever enter the picture?
DY5T3CTiC 2 kun oldin
??? 39 + 1?
Ace Star
Ace Star 2 kun oldin
14 year old making a documentary Me eating popcorn shouting at my screen
Liz Bluestar
Liz Bluestar 2 kun oldin
Can u do people who believe in climate change and those who don't?
Clinton Cook
Clinton Cook 2 kun oldin
The problem with doing this is what is the ration of successful children to those who are still working at their local department store? Successful children are more well rounded as compared to those who are lucky to be able to hold down a job. I work at Walmart and we had roughly 10 people get fired in a 3 day period of time across two departments. I think at least half of them were, either, still in high school or just getting out.
Hi There
Hi There 3 kun oldin
wait if they walk forward it means they agree right
Osayande Imasuen
Osayande Imasuen 3 kun oldin
This is not a accurate representation of actual teenagers 😂😂😂js
Girl of Many Vloggities
Taylor kinda looks like Billie Eilish.
Girl of Many Vloggities
When Fanny laughed as she said she wasn’t going to say her age at 0:36, I felt uncomfortable.
Girl of Many Vloggities
I wonder if Isabella and her mom were laughing at Fanny’s name considering they’re British and I, as an American, know what that means.
Tommy Brown
Tommy Brown 3 kun oldin
isabella is gorgeous
Shnook 3 kun oldin
It would be real cool to see you guys do "Can Incels and Women See Eye to Eye?". Or something involving Incels.
Grimmer2006 3 kun oldin
I have a hard time believing that Elizabeth the film director is only 40, she looks much older.
Naimá Kat
Naimá Kat 3 kun oldin
Should’ve Did This Without They’re Parents 🙄
Lily Rose
Lily Rose 3 kun oldin
Tanner Pratt
Tanner Pratt 3 kun oldin
Is no one going to talk about how beautiful Mateo's mother is
ayMOVES 3 kun oldin
I feel like kids r both more AND less innocent nowadays. We're safer b/c we're not out + about as much but the stuff we see online may be cause for concern if we don't know what we're doing
Liz Martinez
Liz Martinez 3 kun oldin
I lowkey wish they had brought like bad teens kinda
ashley leeps
ashley leeps 3 kun oldin
it would be so cool with random like w/o their actual parents because they wouldn't have connections with the peopl
Stefani 3 kun oldin
LOL Mateo learned to lie to his mother a long time ago
Aku Tenshi
Aku Tenshi 3 kun oldin
Just do a pro-vaccine vs anti vaxxer pleaseeeeeee
Lemonade Jade
Lemonade Jade 3 kun oldin
Am I the only one who thinks the thumbnail girl looks like Anne Marie
s rose
s rose 3 kun oldin
wait... did that dad say that he regrets having kids??? low key
Nicholas Prastakos
Nicholas Prastakos 3 kun oldin
These are not your average teens. You have only picked a certain type of teenagers. Personally im 16 years old and i dont feel like my point of view was stated at the video, I actually feel misrepresented.
Tanei Rivero
Tanei Rivero 3 kun oldin
Well I’m a horrible kid 😭
Cel3stial 3 kun oldin
Anti-vaccine vs Pro-vaccines??
Lindsay Sorensen
Lindsay Sorensen 3 kun oldin
I saw Taylor in the thumbnail and thought "Marcia Marcia Marcia" lol
Paris Siripavaket
Paris Siripavaket 3 kun oldin
I second parent's who believe in corporal punishment vs those who don't.
Shattered Molecule
Shattered Molecule 3 kun oldin
The stereotypes the parents had about teens were overwhelming.
SS Robs
SS Robs 3 kun oldin
39+1 I hate you already.
cherry cola
cherry cola 3 kun oldin
"Well i got instagram and all my friends added me on the account" "I thought you didnt have instagram?" *sweats* "Oh i deleted it"
claudiarose_xo 3 kun oldin
People wanting kids vs those who dont feel that desire Or Cultural Appropriation vs appreciation
Precious Mtuwa
Precious Mtuwa Kun oldin
claudiarose_xo Omg yessss!!
Carlos Gillon
Carlos Gillon 3 kun oldin
the dad literally said his kids are keeping him from being happy lol
Ramzeis777 3 kun oldin
That first question just shows you that teens think they know everything.
ur mom
ur mom 3 kun oldin
so pure
VETTE 3 kun oldin
These kids aint your normal teenagers
Andrew H.
Andrew H. 4 kun oldin
Give me a break",is up! Everything is up.
Sam Milligan
Sam Milligan 4 kun oldin
You all should put a wall/blinder in the middle so the two sides can’t see each other walking up
Alana Malingagio
Alana Malingagio 4 kun oldin
make a video that is based completely on the generational gap. Rather than labeling it as teens and their parents, title it treating teens/new generation people as people, and adults as people of the same respect. The generational gap and talking about how our new generation will evolve in similar and in different ways than previous generations is important and is rarely brought to topic of conversation. Especially because depression some people may see things like depression and suicide to be topics that shouldn't be talked about, but the newer generation almost uses it as a trend. Also in music, the old generations shut off the radio every time they hear a bad word and don't focus on the message of good music of the new generation now that hip hop is popular.
Ugly Games
Ugly Games 4 kun oldin
kids should beat their parents
Ugly Games
Ugly Games 4 kun oldin
hi I’m Steve and I main meta knight in smash
Best Username Ever Omg
should've asked the fucked up foregin parents. that video would've been really intense.
S5 GamerDroid 5
S5 GamerDroid 5 4 kun oldin
Can we get Gamers vs Non-Gamers
Allyson McGowan
Allyson McGowan 4 kun oldin
High school dropouts and teachers/ graduates, and talk about how important the stuff they teach you in school is actually used
Yara Chaya
Yara Chaya 4 kun oldin
Celebrities & paparazzi would be so cool
Brooke Boden
Brooke Boden 4 kun oldin
Others need to be people from different backgrounds not ones who build robots and fly planes. I wanna see relatable people
Wendy Ojogho
Wendy Ojogho 4 kun oldin
That bald dude was completely coming for the teens I bet he has teen kids who he’s just messed up in the raising department
Zoe McLean
Zoe McLean 4 kun oldin
i really liked the dad. he’s the type of guy id like to have as a father figure.
Christian Roy
Christian Roy 4 kun oldin
“How was your day” “Good” - every kid in america