Can the 76ers make a serious playoff run? | Jalen & Jacoby

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Jalen Rose of Jalen & Jacoby breaks down how Philadelphia 76ers head coach Brett Brown can properly utilize Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons and Jimmy Butler in order to be successful in the 2018-19 NBA playoffs after Jimmy Butler challenged Brown's offensive system.
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7-Yan, 2019

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Brandon Troy
Brandon Troy 6 kun oldin
Raptors are scary good right now!!!
Baby Boy
Baby Boy 6 kun oldin
Philly has 3 a Allstars.. Luxury problems.
Jayy Macc
Jayy Macc 6 kun oldin
Philly most likely seeing Indiana in the first round. They might be able to win that series but once round two hit its over 😂😂😂💯💯
Pretty sure this all turned out to be bullshit
Y Gui
Y Gui 7 kun oldin
They're going to give embiid and Simmons the max before giving it to butler. Hes going to cry again. Its minnesota all over again lol
クズケン 7 kun oldin
Jimmy Butler is a big dog
Bo Rood
Bo Rood 7 kun oldin
Philly is 18-5 with Butler. And one of those losses was the first game when he wasn't acclimated. You could say they've been the best team in the league since they got him.
Jaycob Delacruz
Jaycob Delacruz 7 kun oldin
Butler... Such a diva
TJ The 90s KID
TJ The 90s KID 7 kun oldin
Ben Simmons becoming a better shooter would help tremendously
William Jackson
William Jackson 7 kun oldin
No. But simply because if you think you're a contender under the luxury tax you're fucking ridiculous. You'll never see a championship team under the luxury tax.
anzatzi 7 kun oldin
Bad fit lineups always minimized by commentators. Simmon',s shooting is a fatal flaw. No sign of improvement.
We Are The 99
We Are The 99 7 kun oldin
Buttler i know you work hard but shut the fuck up. You are not MJ or Magic or LBJ. You are just an all star. And Ben needs to shoot, ASAP. Midrange for start. Easiest shot in basketball. His game would improve by leaps and bounds.
D. Fu-Ski
D. Fu-Ski 7 kun oldin
What is there to love about Brett Brown, he is holding the Sixers back because he will not allow the Sixers to improve. He knows that if he allows better bench players to get established on the roster his favorite player TJ McConnell will be on the bench or off the team. This is old school basketball from a terrible time in the NBA, but no one in sports media will call it as it is. McConnell is the catalyst of the Sixers failures in the playoffs, he doesn't bring enough, and he is a target for elite players. I'm not sure but it seems that Sixers ownership uses TJ to appease part of the fanbase that needs to see themselves on the floor. But you can't do both win and appease. This will be my last year of being a season ticket holder, because the Sixers organization is terrible in more ways than I can take, bad enough they never follow through on what they say, but not trying to win titles because you have to appease a part of you fanbase that doesn't put winning first, is a waste of my time and money.
Dude, are you high? Have you been watching the games? TJ is a spark plug and brings tremendous energy off the bench. Not only does he fit the role really well, he's been a full court defensive freight train. He has forced so many turnovers and got steals by guarding the back court on the in -bound pass. He flashes the key and collapses the defence and usually sets up a great offensive set as result. I also think BB is a great coach - he sets up really intelligent plays for the players. Their biggest downfall and usually where a subsequent loss follows, is due to missing shots. The 76ers are one of the better defensive teams in the league; which Brown usually capitalises on. On another note, I can't stand these changeable fans. The 'process' isn't an immediate outcome; they still have another 5 years of the plan left. Getting Butler in for example, wasn't to make the team an immediate contender for the championship, but to have a good defensive leader who can inspire the young team. Everything will fall into place in time, hence the plan.
Louie Ramirez
Louie Ramirez 8 kun oldin
Is it me or does Jalen look smacked as hell 😂😂
David Chandler
David Chandler 8 kun oldin
none of these guys might not mak the allstar team in west , simmons aint allstar
Jeremiah Davis
Jeremiah Davis 8 kun oldin
Jimmy wants to win, man. Why doesn't anyone understand that. He's not going to shut up just for a paycheck. He wants to win at all costs and doesn't want himself or the people around him to get comfortable or complacent.
Epic Z Highlights
Epic Z Highlights 8 kun oldin
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Verify 8 kun oldin
as a raptors fan, the celtics have the best team in the east talent wise, but i believe philly is not at the same level as raptors, celtics, and bucks rn
Arvin B
Arvin B 8 kun oldin
Simmons needs a shot. You can’t have a guy out there that you can just outright ignore 15 feet out. Makes life impossible
Adam Illowsky
Adam Illowsky 8 kun oldin
"Serious" as in it is possible that they make it to the Eastern conference championship but they are not a better team than the Bucs or Raptors. Probably not as good as the pacers and probably not as good as the celtics especially if gordon hayward improves from his injury as he has been. They're a good team and should probably be better, shame jimmy butler hasn't turned out to be the game changer that he thinks he is
Zac Trejo
Zac Trejo 8 kun oldin
Id rather score all my points as 2s and have a 60+ fg% rather then shoot 15 3s and hit 7 of them
Jack Flashh
Jack Flashh 8 kun oldin
Come to Lakers Jimmy...
Midnight Ninja
Midnight Ninja 8 kun oldin
Won't make the conference finals, pass
sir lancelot
sir lancelot 8 kun oldin
Simmons sucks. Embid is misused and jimmy got an big ego. Sixers are a joke with lots of potential.
Meechy P
Meechy P 8 kun oldin
The 76ers are in such a tough spot lol no way it’s going to work with Simmons and Embidd they just don’t get along, I’d personally revolve the team around Butler & Embidd 😂 trade Simmons for some people that can ACTUALLY shoot
Cail Beats
Cail Beats 8 kun oldin
Go listen to what brett brown and jimmy Butler said they said nothing is wrong lol. Stop making up false shit
PG13 8 kun oldin
Tor, Ind, Mil, Bos, Phi in that order
Jeremy 8 kun oldin
Pascal Siakam is the real deal. MIP by far.
World2154 8 kun oldin
The Sixers need to determine do they have a Simmons-Embiid-Butler problem, or do they have a Brett Brown problem? A big part of me thinks it's more the latter. These guys have complimentary games that shouldn't clash with each other.
World2154 8 kun oldin
+John Spaulding Ben definitely needs to develop at least a midrange game but overall their skills are complimentary. No one is forcing Embiid to shoot 3's. He does so on his own out of frustration when he's not getting the ball in the post and that's clearly a Brett Brown problem.
John Spaulding
John Spaulding 8 kun oldin
World2154 i don’t think Simmons and Embiid are good compliments. Embiid is one of the best post players in years, but he is forced to shoot more outside jumpers because Simmons is a far worse shooter than Embiid. he won’t even attempt them.
JohnnyCannaSeed 8 kun oldin
I hate this guy he steals other people's story and opinions has no knowledge in basketball. why is he even talking about the game? Just trying to make money off the blacks. Typical white Nazis
michael kamara
michael kamara 8 kun oldin
Zhaire Smith Remember That Name
Lee Cambell
Lee Cambell 8 kun oldin
Everybody that's been paying attention knows that Billy has been out coach and most of the games especially in the playoffs. He was a good coach when they were tanking now that they're not he's not the coach for them
廖俊翔 8 kun oldin
Until Ben Simmons grows a respectable jump shot, he’s heavily overrated. A smooth perimeter shot is not an easy thing to develop.
Tyler Holt
Tyler Holt 8 kun oldin
+Sparkling Hes shooting 58% and the defense knows exactly what hes doing. Thats extremely impressive.
Sparkling 8 kun oldin
+Tyler Holt He is certainly not unstoppable. When the opposing team knows you can't shoot jump shots, it's easier to game plan against him.
Tyler Holt
Tyler Holt 8 kun oldin
Hes unstoppable. I think hes doing just fine.
Cameron Armstrong Music
76ers are not a threat. Raptors, Bucks, Pacers, and Celtics are all better
404 8 kun oldin
Why is Jalen rose sounding like he can't read well, but they're still making him read a teleprompter
Bot Fool
Bot Fool 8 kun oldin
Ok wtf literally a week ago y’all were like “ what’s wrong with the 76ers?” And now y’all trying to say they could maybe make a serious playoff run. I’m confused.
Adrian Kenton
Adrian Kenton 8 kun oldin
Sixers will be 1st round exit
aka_novio 8 kun oldin
I'd trade Butler tbh (Would have traded him the day he got to Philly to be even more honest)
Suhai7890 9 kun oldin
Reddick lowkey better than Simmons in my opinion, until Simmons gets a jump shot or reddick gets Alzheimer’s 😂
Hugh Jassel
Hugh Jassel 9 kun oldin
Did Jalen age 20 years since the last video I saw?
Tim Sweeney
Tim Sweeney 9 kun oldin
I’m not tryna hate but how is Simmons an all star? He’s basically averaging the same as last year.
Tyler Holt
Tyler Holt 8 kun oldin
+Delonte West have you watched him? He gives people wide open looks all the time.
Delonte West
Delonte West 9 kun oldin
+nmessai215 why you ask such stupid question? jokic makes it easy for everybody on the court meanwhile simmons is a offensive liability!
nmessai215 9 kun oldin
He almost has the same averages as Jokic. Jokic is averaging 18ppg, 7.5 assists and 10 rebs. Simmons 16.5ppg, 8.0 assists and 9.2 rebs. And he's the 4th scoring option on the team, Jokic is the 1st. People consider Jokic an all star, so what's different with Simmons
Conley D
Conley D 9 kun oldin
Tim Sweeney he’s not.Dont know why ppl claim him as one
BR Rider
BR Rider 9 kun oldin
They make me think of the CP3 Clippers..loaded with talent..could never really mesh well enough to be a contender.
Jax Ace
Jax Ace 9 kun oldin
Sixers are just a weird team. Heavily talented but the two guys embiid and butler need to work on their egos b4 it affects this team which can be very very dangerous in the playoffs. On the other hand Ben Simmons needs an ego so he can start shooting lol, just a very weird team, but watch out if they figure it out.
Worthy 78
Worthy 78 9 kun oldin
They don't have enough veteran leadership coming off the bench, stand up wing defenders and shooters are a big void as well.
Delvon thefutureisourtv BBall academy Matthew
Look the only way Jimmy can fit with the sixers, he should become set shooter
? 5 kun oldin
And then who goes to work in the clutch?
Bisayan_Tek 9 kun oldin
nobody's bothered who is that rat in the sixers locker room handing out manufactured drama for the media to feast on?
Armourshipping isEternal
76ers will lose to the Raptors in 6 in the Eastern Conference Finals. Calling it right now.
R 9 kun oldin
With their current coach? Nope.
Bastardson OfJefferson
This is fake news. Propagated by ESPN. BS. Hey Jalen Detroit sucks!
Ian Sookram
Ian Sookram 9 kun oldin
Jimmy Butler is the black Bart Simpson .... Troublemaker .
chiraq Davis
chiraq Davis 9 kun oldin
Elton brand need to get them another shooter is plain and simple
steven whiters
steven whiters 9 kun oldin
Hell no Simmons a fatal flow and bench is suspect
Bo Rood
Bo Rood 9 kun oldin
Philly is 17-5 with Butler in the lineup.
2 nifty
2 nifty 8 kun oldin
George Washington against bums
George Washington
George Washington 9 kun oldin
And 3-0 w/0 so good both ways
Ognjen Ogi
Ognjen Ogi 9 kun oldin
This Jacobe guy has extra chromosome
Benjamin Puljak
Benjamin Puljak 9 kun oldin
Ognjen Ogi why
Cardi B
Cardi B 9 kun oldin
They wont be my Raptors
Benzo Curry
Benzo Curry 9 kun oldin
I believe Jimmy really might do something in playoffs.. And upset some people dreams
Keke*from* Shtcago
Keke*from* Shtcago 9 kun oldin
Hmm maybe but not this year. Embiid and Simmons keep getting better every year, so one day they’ll be even better, if they stick together. Idk who cares anyway whoever shoots the best will win 😂 the NBA is weak now a days.
032090 9 kun oldin
“Can the 76ers make the playoffs?” “I don’t know but let me tell you about the Raptors...”
360 Crazy
360 Crazy 9 kun oldin
Told you.
Nathaniel Lashley
Nathaniel Lashley 9 kun oldin
Jimmy needs to take a page out of kawhi's book. We have no idea what that man is thinking 90% of the time.
starboi klem
starboi klem 7 kun oldin
Ha ha ha ha haa (kawhi laughing)
Isaiah Kyuga
Isaiah Kyuga 9 kun oldin
Nathaniel Lashley lol
Noah Ware
Noah Ware 9 kun oldin
Damn Jimmy They Let U leave And still bs
Kevin Hart
Kevin Hart 9 kun oldin
A run yes.... a championship NO
Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian 9 kun oldin
If Simmons can develop a jump shot then yes
Butt Juice
Butt Juice 9 kun oldin
Sixers winning the chip if you don't like it fuck you
james moye
james moye 9 kun oldin
Their games don't fit at all I can't give them the edge over the pacers or Bucks. Their a 1st round exit if the playoffs started today FS
CJ Ware III 9 kun oldin
They better than the Pacers. And in a 7 game series w/the Bucks im sorry im picking the 76ers. Dont know if Bucks can make a strong run in the playoffs if they face 76ers, Raptors or the Celtics.
Devin Harris
Devin Harris 9 kun oldin
james moye yes because the bucks have proved so much by getting eliminated in the first round two years in a row😂
CPGoat #3
CPGoat #3 9 kun oldin
Is simmons hitting shots? Theres ur answer. The better he shoots, the farther they'll go.
Soprano king
Soprano king 9 kun oldin
Yeah it's cool we don't need no love we'll get it out the mudd #NETS
Anthony Serfass
Anthony Serfass 9 kun oldin
I kinda get the feeling the sixers are gonna get bounced in the first or second round. I think the raptors would beat them, and the bucks and celtics both have a shot at beating them. They have virtually no shooting outside of Reddick, which is a problem in today's game.
shel i
shel i 9 kun oldin
Working it out. Go Sixers.
Pre Law
Pre Law 9 kun oldin
Has that Aaliyah poster always been positioned that way? Maybe I'm over thinking
Benjamin Puljak
Benjamin Puljak 9 kun oldin
nobody cares
free smoke
free smoke 9 kun oldin
i respect jalen rose's opinions and now i see the raptors have his respect as well. it looked like it was hard for him to admit they're the class of the class of the east. however, i noticed that he didn't mention that they are the team to come out the east. he's sticking to his guns, as i am with the raptors, for the celtics. so as long as the celtics make the playoffs with a healthy kyrie available, i won't count them out as a serious threat.
Me 9 kun oldin
I watched the Bucks and they use the Greek freak like a big man. He don't handle the ball like Ben Simmons. They have capable point guards in Bledsoe, Hill and Broderick whatever his name is. Sixers don't have that. The sixers are big man heavy. That why Ben gets in Embiid way. The rookies are either to green (shamet) or the veterans too old ( Chandler n Amir). Not enough 6'6-6'9 3&d guys. Oops we traded two for butler. The Sixers roster is good enough for a tough loss in second round. The sixers have to choose between Embiid or Ben Simmons. Because if you give Ben a max with Embiid there you never going get a good combo guard with the left over salary. But hey what do I know I'm just a arm chair GM.
? 5 kun oldin
+Lil Bibby this really like Simmons 3rd year
? 5 kun oldin
Brogdon can play 1 or 2 and can defend 1-3
Thomas Dauphan
Thomas Dauphan 7 kun oldin
These old talking heads act like Phila been 2gether for Years --- they won 10 games just 2 or 3 seasons ago - Simmons 22 & Embiid is 24 & they got some incredible young talent & Butler is a stud Brown needs to run Iso's w/ Embiid & Butler in a P&R....... This Phila team is a Monster in the coming years ----Great young teams Battle - that's how U get better but Phila got more talent that ANY team in the NBA not named Golden State
ruber diaz
ruber diaz 8 kun oldin
I"Ooops we trade two for Butler" really? , since when is Dario a 3 & D guy? He is not a 3 but an unathletic 4 who has forgotten this season how to shoot 3's and cannot defend his own shadow.
Me 8 kun oldin
+Ricky Figueroa don't get rid of him til next feb
Me 9 kun oldin
Jalen Rose didn't say anything.
Nathaniel Baxter
Nathaniel Baxter 9 kun oldin
He rarely does.
Mehardeep Padda
Mehardeep Padda 9 kun oldin
Raptors, Bucks and Celtics better than philly. Idek if philly is better than pacers
S Shin
S Shin 7 kun oldin
They need a Kevin Durant
starboi klem
starboi klem 7 kun oldin
Philly is 17-5 with jimmy in the lineup
Lil Bibby
Lil Bibby 7 kun oldin
Flloyd Hall 2 YEARS AGO!! Lol What does that prove tho ? How long you niggas gonna hold on to that bum ass ECF game that y’all choked away. Pacers made the ECF the year b4 that so fucking what lol that don’t make y’all the best team in the east nigga u gotta wait and see
Flloyd Hall
Flloyd Hall 7 kun oldin
+Lil Bibby Come correct Raptors made it to the ECF.
Giannis Antetokounmpo
Lee Shelvin r u a dumbass
Marius Tataru
Marius Tataru 9 kun oldin
Locker room cancer
Duane Crooms
Duane Crooms 9 kun oldin
Brett Brown is doing horrible job coaching . How is jj redick getting the last shot , on Christmas Day ?? End of discussion
Hakim Jefferson
Hakim Jefferson 9 kun oldin
First world problems. Lmao great phrase for our issues #Sixers
Noor Smadhi
Noor Smadhi 9 kun oldin
Use me as a juul button
Carolina Howard
Carolina Howard 9 kun oldin
No Ben Simmons can’t Shot the ball 🏀💯 76ers aren’t a Good team ❕
Carolina Howard
Carolina Howard 9 soat oldin
Tyler Holt ok Lil Dick 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Carolina Howard
Carolina Howard 9 soat oldin
JustCallMeRock well ur a real bitch 💋
Carolina Howard
Carolina Howard 9 soat oldin
Benjamin Puljak ok and ur just Gay
JustCallMeRock 8 kun oldin
Your not a real women lol
Tyler Holt
Tyler Holt 8 kun oldin
Well 58% from the field says otherwise
Nerd Ins1ght
Nerd Ins1ght 9 kun oldin
First comment. ESPN do the most😤🤦🏿‍♂️