Can This Chef Recreate My Childhood Cookie? • Tasty

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"Maybe one day Rie, when you and I are eighty years old, we'll just make cookies together."
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10-Fev, 2019



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SK Vlogs
SK Vlogs Soat oldin
This shows that Rie is the boss
ChimChim Kook
ChimChim Kook Soat oldin
I love how Rie always says "Alright." when another Tasty member makes a pun 😂😂😂
bob theman
bob theman 14 soat oldin
I would love to try the cookies but I’m allergic to pineapples witch is sad bc when I was younger I wasn’t allergic but when I got older I ended up getting allergic 😢
Sorgutentarer 16 soat oldin
What is this QUIET food processor? My kenwood screams like it's being beheaded by ISIS whenever I use it at the lowest setting.
Mrs Din
Mrs Din 16 soat oldin
I hope they give the recipe for pie crust as well 😁😁😁. Came here for hari raya or lebaran prep...
Phoenix Griffin
Phoenix Griffin 17 soat oldin
If i can just be 1/2 as good as rie at cooking then i will have succeeded in life.
Hafiz Izwan
Hafiz Izwan 18 soat oldin
pineapple tart, Eid must have cookies
Heiwa 21 soat oldin
6:01 well Rie is japanese alright
samantha sng
samantha sng Kun oldin
Purdy Family
Purdy Family Kun oldin
My name is gladdus and I love iladus
maruf siddique
maruf siddique Kun oldin
It's simple. I see Rie, I click. Never disappointed!
Eli Hocking
Eli Hocking Kun oldin
omg the sound at 6:48
Sans dad
Sans dad Kun oldin
11:02 *YAAAS,*
Jazzy Op
Jazzy Op Kun oldin
Is it just me or does it seem like the chef dosent like Nikki ?
Jonathan Aguilar
It’s a egg I think :3
Zian Ripley
Zian Ripley Kun oldin
I want to try those tarts... you may ask then get them it's not so hard that's the problem... I'm allergic to pineapple... always have been always will be 😢
noob philosopher
noob philosopher 2 kun oldin
Is this nastar🤔??
Gabrial Pahor
Gabrial Pahor 2 kun oldin
Why does the ookie when in a cartoon forn it kinda looks like a basket ball
Mahira Arguello
Mahira Arguello 2 kun oldin
Don’t touch too much
Fracto Manic
Fracto Manic 2 kun oldin
no offense it could just be Ries personality but i she being a bit sarcastic
Cionna Skinner
Cionna Skinner 2 kun oldin
I like the cookie cutter song🤗
Aboudy AlAshhab
Aboudy AlAshhab 2 kun oldin
Rie vs mom. The average battle
SereneStar 2 kun oldin
Is just me or is rie such a mom. I feel like she is such a mom. I want her to be my mom. X3
Syifa Yasfani
Syifa Yasfani 2 kun oldin
i think it taste like nastar
Soobin’s Dimples
Soobin’s Dimples 2 kun oldin
i’m singaporean but i’m not familiar with the strings of dough
jocko302 2 kun oldin
Rie: Once you’re done, make it Niki: Fancy? Rie: No.
Lumi Nariel
Lumi Nariel 2 kun oldin
I seriously want to see Rie and Nikki in more Singaporean videos trying Auntie recipes :D
banana kiwi
banana kiwi 3 kun oldin
i mean u can search on youtube for a recipe but ok
blink satki
blink satki 3 kun oldin
Turtle Cow
Turtle Cow 3 kun oldin
Nikki, you can find pineapple tarts in asian supermarkets in Virginia
MirageHobos 3 kun oldin
Rie has the cutest laugh ever. It just makes me wanna hug her
sjuzhet 3 kun oldin
is there a recipe somewhere or what
Undercover Weeb
Undercover Weeb 3 kun oldin
This is that story: Nikkis born in America Nikki: I'm born in Singapore what the fu-
Natya Bunga
Natya Bunga 3 kun oldin
It may taste like Nastar here we make in Indonesia.
_____yiya _____
_____yiya _____ 3 kun oldin
I’ll visit you😂
Ana Nurjanah
Ana Nurjanah 4 kun oldin
In indonesia we called that 'nastar' it's really famous and so delicious.
Yasmina Benali
Yasmina Benali 4 kun oldin
Why didn't they have his aunty teach her how to make these tarts??? Since she knows how to make them.
The Nerfinoid
The Nerfinoid 4 kun oldin
Lol I’m from Singapore and the dough is much much thicker than that and the pineapple is much browned than that but it does look more artistic. So idc
UKARMA 2002 4 kun oldin
5:56 ya ya ya ya All the talking really gettin' on my nerves you used to hate on me but now the tables turned
The Nerfinoid
The Nerfinoid 4 kun oldin
The Nerfinoid
The Nerfinoid 4 kun oldin
The Nerfinoid
The Nerfinoid 4 kun oldin
The Nerfinoid
The Nerfinoid 4 kun oldin
The Nerfinoid
The Nerfinoid 4 kun oldin
amar aiman
amar aiman 4 kun oldin
Letak minyak sapi.
Mischa Arumugam
Mischa Arumugam 4 kun oldin
I love pineapple tarts too
Mischa Arumugam
Mischa Arumugam 4 kun oldin
I am from SG born
LogyDTV 5 kun oldin
7:25 final solution
Soccer Player not playing soccer
I thought she was going to start crying when she tasted them bc it reminded her of home
Caroline Gee
Caroline Gee 5 kun oldin
Jan Marc Padigos
Jan Marc Padigos 5 kun oldin
Niki's reaction when the cookies they created were finished was priceless. That was just me when someone gives me a gift.
Stupid Patata
Stupid Patata 5 kun oldin
Is it just me or the animation at the beginning was really well done?
Just Another Fandomer
Niki and Rie have such an awesome dynamic together!
bust down
bust down 6 kun oldin
it was really fun to watch because my mom knows the recipe and I’m waiting for some right now😂😂🤪
Tiamara Stewart
Tiamara Stewart 4 kun oldin
bust down. is it accurate?
shivani kalra
shivani kalra 6 kun oldin
omg niki is from singapore?! high fiveeeee!! and yes, pineapple tarts are BAE!!!!
suesoosu 7 kun oldin
I just had those yesterday, night. Guilty pleasure of mine. :9
Sweet Girlss
Sweet Girlss 7 kun oldin
In Indonesia called NASTAR
Anthony Sorto
Anthony Sorto 7 kun oldin
I swear Nikki is so irritating
jerry sneed
jerry sneed 8 kun oldin
Later in life: the grandmas that track each other down and make cookies together
Anthony Ford
Anthony Ford 8 kun oldin
I can just imagine the judge if Rie were to face Alvin in a cook off
Iris x
Iris x 9 kun oldin
They are so much fun together
Evathe 101
Evathe 101 9 kun oldin
Lol 😂 why are you so good at this? Rie: because I payed a lot of money to go to colenary school
Chibbi Kibbi
Chibbi Kibbi 9 kun oldin
I love pineapple tarts!!!
Jessica Chin
Jessica Chin 9 kun oldin
I love lunar year so much and the way Niki described the pineapple tart and the chinese traditional sounds in the background .... oh my i miss my hometown and family 😔😭
FAMKE HAAGSMA 9 kun oldin
We all knew This was easy for Rie
Comet Wolf
Comet Wolf 9 kun oldin
4:43 omg did anyone catched Rie's face
•Oxy Pom•
•Oxy Pom• 9 kun oldin
Rie is the platform of Tasty
Draw with Wildenchant
I am from Singapore!!! Who else?!!
Haroon Akhterzai
Haroon Akhterzai 10 kun oldin
Rie can we add Cinamon powder instead of Cinamon stick
Rachelle Girard
Rachelle Girard 10 kun oldin
Itsye. AsianKid
Itsye. AsianKid 10 kun oldin
I would be crying if I was her tbh
sarah beara
sarah beara 10 kun oldin
Ok I just have one question... why doesn't she just ask her relatives in Singapore for the recipe?
MiszzMiszz 10 kun oldin
i love their dynamics, they seem to be so different but get along very well
Keishī's Soul
Keishī's Soul 10 kun oldin
9:05 SANS?
Thrivvng -
Thrivvng - 10 kun oldin
I live in Singapore and it looks so accurate 😂
Kappa Pride
Kappa Pride 11 kun oldin
I will always eat the pineapple filling then the pastry HAHA the pastry is so good :)
Ahh girl
Monika Ricks
Monika Ricks 11 kun oldin
Make a giant one
Linh Hoàng
Linh Hoàng 11 kun oldin
I wonder instead of pineapple if we can use other fruit: blueberries or strawberries ?
cutekittens6 11 kun oldin
Ay yo nikki sea fam what up
Flow3r Gurl
Flow3r Gurl 11 kun oldin
Thought the cookies look like footballs
Bushra soudagar
Bushra soudagar 11 kun oldin
Old lady cookie plan 😂😂😂😂
Alviona Dennita
Alviona Dennita 12 kun oldin
In indonesia its called nastar but different shape
Megan Vargas
Megan Vargas 12 kun oldin
I love how rie was like yeah, yeah, yeah. Omg I died
UnicornGachaXD 4692
UnicornGachaXD 4692 12 kun oldin
This looks good yum yum yummy yum good good goody good food food foody food
Alex Saunders
Alex Saunders 12 kun oldin
When you realise the final solution was the holocaust
Alexis Tresvan
Alexis Tresvan 13 kun oldin
I think the cookie base she's thinking of is like a short bread
priscilla sigauke
priscilla sigauke 13 kun oldin
Zuun 13 kun oldin
I just realised that they are talking about nastar 😂😂 it doesnt look like that in my country tho
Pris Quesada
Pris Quesada 13 kun oldin
Pris Quesada
Pris Quesada 13 kun oldin
"Who am I? ' oke " "Oke-" I LOVE RIE
Maryan Wassabi
Maryan Wassabi 13 kun oldin
I love how Rie took a small bite of one cookie, and Niki just ate the whole thing. That is soo me.
Jasmyne Marko
Jasmyne Marko 13 kun oldin
Can you guys make pavlova?
Febrianti Wulan Dini
It's called nastar in Indonesia
My Banana 우유
My Banana 우유 13 kun oldin
Am I the only one that thought they were singing that song "strawberry milk- okey" the LA LA LA LA LA OKEY 👌
Qinthara Afni
Qinthara Afni 14 kun oldin
ini mah nastar
Pranjal Karanjkar
Pranjal Karanjkar 14 kun oldin
divide this recipe by 3 and it makes one baking sheet. they also taste amazing
Roses AreRed
Roses AreRed 14 kun oldin
I understand you eventho i live in Singapore already
Andy Delmonico
Andy Delmonico 15 kun oldin
Rie's disgust reaction Is to cute
Farrah Aziz
Farrah Aziz 15 kun oldin
Kue nastar
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