Can Trump Supporters And Immigrants See Eye To Eye?

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Trump supporters and immigrants come together to find middle ground. Together, they discuss President Trump's immigration policies and media bias in portraying both sides. SUBSCRIBE for more! 👉bit.ly/SUBSCRIBEjubilee 👈
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4-Mar, 2018

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Kookie TaeChim
Kookie TaeChim Soat oldin
That muslim guy is very very very cute.
Angst Loss
Angst Loss 2 soat oldin
That blonde chick is way too dense to be taken seriously, she couldn't keep her trap shut for long enough to allow the others to finish their sentences. She didn't know what she was talking about during the whole conversation.
thisisashtina 3 soat oldin
omg the blonde trump supporter guy sounds so much like Trump that i cried omg
ausha siddique
ausha siddique 3 soat oldin
Wow it must be so hard for the white lady, being a trump supporter and all.... damn i wish that white privilege would kick in ..... oh wait, that IS the white privilege
ThatSchoolgirl 4 soat oldin
You mean liberal immigrants?
Nabilah Rahmadita
Nabilah Rahmadita 4 soat oldin
yogurt, cookie jar, t-shirt: you now knew what level of stupidity she's at
WriteroftheTime 5 soat oldin
So ur bombing the certain people that did bad things, but U can't just section off the innocent bystanders that get hit too. T h a t m a k e s s e n c e
Ryan Walker
Ryan Walker 6 soat oldin
Man brought out the ariens today lol
Anonymous Researcher
12:38 "You shouldn't question religion" Always Ask Questions Always be a skeptic Use doubt as a guide Anything and everything can be questioned, and rightfully so
Sofia Almeida
Sofia Almeida 7 soat oldin
Ahahahahahahah “nobody in my county treats people like that” ... like you would know... I think racism is getting better but denying there’s any racism in a whole county is just delusional
Jendoubi Nour
Jendoubi Nour 7 soat oldin
" muslims have to contiously defend their religion and humanity. " She brings a really good point here.
Unknown 9 soat oldin
The lady in the hijab was speaking pure truth she stated clear points that were all true and she challenged other people’s opinions without sounding ignorant
James No
James No 9 soat oldin
The white woman literally makes no sense at all smh First she says that she doesn't take general criticism personally, but when the muslim woman said the election of Trump felt like a slap in the face, "she took offense". Moreover, she mentioned she elected Trump to enforce her freedom of speech (wud?), and _one sentence later_ she suddenly fears this presidency, because she _loses_ exactly that? Whatchu talkin' bout??? Edit: *You cannot understand everything of ones background just by eating the same Yogurt!!!*
Marianne Morales
Marianne Morales 10 soat oldin
The blonde lady should just be mute the whole video
Marianne Morales
Marianne Morales 10 soat oldin
9:52 was trynna be right and sound like her and him were on the same page . She also doesnt let him talk cause she feels she has to talk every f-ing minute
Sarah Tobail
Sarah Tobail 11 soat oldin
10:40 "ItS NoT A MuSliM BaN" Really cause two-thirds of the banned countries are muslim countries... what a coincidence
Marianne Morales
Marianne Morales 11 soat oldin
The blonde lady was trynna play the victim
Luna Skye
Luna Skye 11 soat oldin
As a muslim woman, I've gone my whole life dealing with islamophobia and racism, I just don't know what life is like without suffering from discrimination. I simply don't think suffering discrimination your entire life can be equated to choosing yogurt -.-
0 o 0
0 o 0 12 soat oldin
5:36 had me laughing so bad 😂😂😂😂
ari c
ari c 12 soat oldin
People nowadays have no respect towards others. We all come from different backgrounds. We all believe in different things. But at the end of the day, we all bleed the same. We all connect to one another. That blonde girl, was so disrespectful by talking over the muslim woman. It angers me, at me how she was playing the victim, when all she really is, is nothing. The Muslim woman, the man, and the immigrant girl, shower nothing but respect, they didn't talk over the trump supports, they listened to them, and they spoke their minds. The only one our of the 3 trump supporters who at least showed some respect, was the man with black hair. Immigration can be somthing dangerous, considering so many people end up dying, but if you look at it from their point of view, they have reasons to want to come to America. I don't like Donald Trump, but at the same time I get why he wants to build the wall. But why build a wall that'll take years to build, when he's stopping people from trying to make a better life? When they hope to make themselves better? That Mexican woman, was so respectful towards those Trump supporters, trying to tell them to change the subject about religion. 2:00 what he said, got me thinking. The media portrays others as the bad guys, but what are Americans? Americans (most of them not all) don't like change, don't like having people that are different. I take offense to what the blonde man and woman were saying. First, they tried changing everything to match religion towards the end when that had nothing to do with what they were there for. Second, the blonde lady, tried getting "something by" by saying she had black neighbors. Third, they could've shown the same amount of respect as those wonderful immigrants were giving them. I understand, both of the groups, but I agree with what the immigrants were trying to get by the supporters. They were respectful people, they got what they had to say out in a non disrespectful way. I hope those beautiful immigrants, are doing great today. Keep in mind, this is just my opinion, but that blonde guy, really needs a course in school about how to respect others who are different. Being different isn't anything bad, it's amazing because you're not equal to others. He was so disrespectful talking about the bombing. That had nothing to do with the whole conversation. Most whites, can't respect others who look different, who act different. When we're all the same. We all have families, we all bleed, we all have things that connect us in the nationality way. I'm sorry if some of you take offense as to what I was trying to get by, but most trump supporters just act without thinking and it gets me angry. We all breathe the same air.
wintersoul 13 soat oldin
I get that this video is old, but the blond lady is the legit definition of facepalm.
Uvuvwevwev Rakaraka
Uvuvwevwev Rakaraka 14 soat oldin
Now I regret voting for trump
Alishhaa Alishhaa
Alishhaa Alishhaa 14 soat oldin
The blonde lady thinks the world revolves around her .
Jerilyn 15 soat oldin
Jackie Fungal
Jackie Fungal 15 soat oldin
Why does every time one of the immigrants starts making good points the trump supporters start cutting them off? And always saying that they’re wrong about something or redefining what there saying. Especially that one lady!! She keeps interrupting!!! Sorry lady but let them talk lol
Conshell 123
Conshell 123 16 soat oldin
The female trump supporter should let the immigrants talk
G.Becket t
G.Becket t 17 soat oldin
These comments have given me faith in humanity again
dyashveer 17 soat oldin
if u r justifying bombing yemen in order to eliminate jihadists... you r also making the normal and happy lives to regular people hell.. forcing them to take refuge because of what u started in the first place. Now imagine the same thing other countries would have done to USA in the name of terrorism and helping, i bet u'd also be running to take refuge in safe countries as well and being blamed of something you had no part in. That's when u can understand the hardship such people go through.
Yusuf Gazi
Yusuf Gazi 17 soat oldin
The 2 white Trump supporters need slaps
Yusuf Gazi
Yusuf Gazi 17 soat oldin
11:50 Homophobic stuff
Yusuf Gazi
Yusuf Gazi 17 soat oldin
Oh no
Evan Bono coolly
Evan Bono coolly 17 soat oldin
It’s like night and day of ignorance and intelligence
Evan Bono coolly
Evan Bono coolly 17 soat oldin
“I don’t believe in bombing anyone” - a pure saint
Alex David
Alex David 18 soat oldin
I'm an immagrant but I am a trump supporter
Foxy Squad
Foxy Squad 20 soat oldin
Hi trump supporters I wrote a letter to trump in the 5th grade and I got a letter back and he thinks I'm wrong to be telling him why dreamers shouldn't leave
Rafael Perez-Barron
Rafael Perez-Barron 20 soat oldin
smøl beans
smøl beans 22 soat oldin
Many of you claim those trump supporters are ignorant but look at what you’re saying... some of you are being ignorant too. I’m not even on either sides. I have mixed feelings about this.
Morgan Bingham
Morgan Bingham 23 soat oldin
Build the wall and make America great again!
Jessica Blue
Jessica Blue Kun oldin
“I know how you feel” -blond lady who literally can blend in with a group of people and no one assumes she’s a trump supporter unless she’s wearing trump merch
William Fuendeling
At 4:37 when you want to elect a president that will enforce the constitution so u vote for a Russian puppet that only knows about money, treason and misbehaving to enforce your constitution or the people of America, but if you had more than 3 brain cells you would listen to trump and know he doesn’t do what he says he will, and know he is extremely racist across all classes and towards all minorities of the US and even the US’s legal immigrants that are citizens
Cupcakes Sprinkles
This conversation is so triggering
Evan Robinson
Evan Robinson Kun oldin
Jeeze the blond lady is reeeaaaall bad like oooof say what you want about Trump supporters but just ooof
Alex Fortner
Alex Fortner Kun oldin
Kaylee Belle
Kaylee Belle Kun oldin
when she said that you cant't love someone else when you don't love yourself, that is very not true.
Mieng The Cat
Mieng The Cat Kun oldin
That guy looks and talks like Trump
Crazy Violin
Crazy Violin Kun oldin
"Power becomes scary in hands of horrible people." "I was scared when trump became president." Stop. Just stop. He won, get over it. Hes this awesome president.
Emmarose Laake
Emmarose Laake Kun oldin
Love trump
KawaiiCoolOcean Aj
Plot twist! The blonde lady is Donald Trump! Edit: She is so self-centered and she needs a wall built around her.
Jenn Warner
Jenn Warner Kun oldin
I loooooooove MIDDLE ground!!💞
jnelson Kun oldin
I lost my first amendment free speech, no you didn't. I lost my right to freedom of religion. No you didn't. Just because people yell at you and disagree doesnt take your rights away.
RIMA SIKKA Kun oldin
Why tf is the Blonde lady playing the victim.
RIMA SIKKA Kun oldin
Wow guys they are alike becuz of their Yogurt preference.
RIMA SIKKA Kun oldin
Wth is this Blonde lady talking about.
BingBong Hafu
BingBong Hafu Kun oldin
What if trump supporters are immigrants? Like my mom
BingBong Hafu
BingBong Hafu Kun oldin
Exactly! Trump supporters and legal immigrants aren't opposites of each other, it just depends on opinion of the immigrant.
Avatar Kun oldin
BingBong Hafu Trump supporters are not against immigrants. They’re against criminals! My mom is an immigrant citizen and a trump supporter
Alexa Rivera
Alexa Rivera Kun oldin
To be fair years ago Mexico built a wall against America but they did that because America was trying to take over their country and make Texas their own. Sooooooo 🇲🇽
Avatar Kun oldin
Alexa Rivera The US can pretty much do whatever they want, whenever they want!
Drew Austin
Drew Austin Kun oldin
It’s weird that they try to compare immigrants and trump supporters being discriminated against considering only one made a choice.
Colton Garrett
Colton Garrett Kun oldin
I love how the Muslim girl defended the white lady, saying the media does portray Trump supporters as bad... HOW DARE YOU PEOPLE IN THE COMMENT SECTION BE BIASED. That white lady told in front of the whole world that she loves people of all race and ethnicity... HOW DARE YOU BE BIASED LIKE THAT... THAT MUSLIM LADY DEFENDED HER AND SAW THE TRUTH IN US TRUMP SUPPORTERS, I LOVE THAT LADY! I LOVE THAT MUSLIM LADY! WE ARENT BAD PEOPLE... JUST MAKE SURE YOU KNOCK ON MY DOOR BEFORE YOU COME IN... WE’LL HAVE SOME TEA...
Grace Jones
Grace Jones Kun oldin
Here's the thing that I wish liberals and leftists would understand because it is commonly misconstrued. The vast majority of conservatives are NOT against immigrants at all. Most of us could care less and we think it's great when they contribute to society as a whole. The problem that we have is when they cross the border ILLEGALLY and tax payer dollars are helping them instead of going to the American citizens. It's one thing if you seek asylum or live under the radar. It's a whole other thing when you start to live off of welfare, healthcare and take up jobs. Unfortunately, we are living in a country where some states demand more out of their citizens' pockets to aid people who should not be there in the first place. I mean no disrespect by this but I just can't understand why some feel the need to demonize those who want to focus on the good of America first.
Dr.4c Kun oldin
I believe a lot of Trump supporters have absolutely no idea how difficult it is to get a visa let alone a green card or citizenship. They must think you apply and wait 5 to 7 business days. When some people can be waiting for 10 years before they’re ever considered. I wish someone would have said that it is a Muslim ban because the religion of most countries that were banned were..... exactly.
peachy Kun oldin
“The reason we’re bombing Yemen is to *s a v e t h e p e o p l e”*
purple potato
purple potato Kun oldin
Does anyone know the hijabi girls @?
Ellie Moore
Ellie Moore Kun oldin
why does the blonde lady have to be so patronising
rhea waterfall
rhea waterfall Kun oldin
Immigrants speaking with monkeys basically.
nash 4133
nash 4133 Kun oldin
I always wondered what happend to Ken after the streetfighter tournament...
Jenny Cheuk
Jenny Cheuk Kun oldin
Unless you are Native American, we are all immigrants...
Alden Alden
Alden Alden Kun oldin
Giggity x Gamer
Giggity x Gamer Kun oldin
12:40 you shouldn't question someone's religion when determining if we should accept them into the country? What if some crazy religion tells you to murder people who don't agree with you and you won't renounce that? I feel like that's a valid reason not to accept someone
Viktor Muller
Viktor Muller Kun oldin
if everyone has empty balls, enough money to have fun booze and sex good food (gigs if you smoke) attend the interest group of his beliefs where he would get educated in his passion and does not interfere with any other interest group ... what would be the outcome of that? Happy person that does not care about no bullsh.t what Trump or anybody else says ... I can say for Trump few things everybody I know supports him ok, I am also not opposed to him but there are certain things that he does wrong very wrong, he publishes nonsense on social media (like me when I drink too much) he interferes with everything too much and also he does not take salary? and give it to the charity? So? why the f...k would he need few hundred thousand dollars? He is a freakin billionaire he piss on 100k bucks, but he also stands for his opinion and that is really rare.
Viktor Muller
Viktor Muller Kun oldin
Summerian king, established the true law 4000 years ago , now it is just addition that uneducated "leaders and lawyers" added to it
Amna Tasneem
Amna Tasneem Kun oldin
What does trump hate muslim for?
Amna Tasneem
Amna Tasneem Kun oldin
+Pac Tu i forgot the a😫
Pac Tu
Pac Tu Kun oldin
cause they can't spell like you...
Sara Rezvani
Sara Rezvani Kun oldin
That white woman want’s to play the victim sooooooooo bad when she’s really not.
Viktor Muller
Viktor Muller Kun oldin
to the race problem? mixed women are the best looking
Viktor Muller
Viktor Muller Kun oldin
+Pac Tu cant argue with that swedish are sexy, but I also like slightly tanned Brazilian or any other, man I want to travel the world taste the food, booze, learn about culture and last but not least have sex with the local chicks (as many as possible) :D :D this is what I consider the thing that is important ... political bullsh.t and the so called representatives mean sh.t for me ... I would like to go to Singapore, Las Vegas, New York, Istanbul to huge city on a big party with chicks :D
Pac Tu
Pac Tu Kun oldin
White women are hotter pure...
Viktor Muller
Viktor Muller Kun oldin
and by the way I see a hot mexican muslim and blonde girl three beautiful women ... and those three guys may go home you are a disturbance in the view :D :D
Viktor Muller
Viktor Muller Kun oldin
See here also applies the ancient wisdom be semi open, semi aware, be aware of your beliefs do not force your opinion on other people race religion has nothing to do with that just common sense, anyway everyone has rights to believe in what they want .. basically said love everyone help everyone but be ready to raise a weapon and fight, accept everybody but be aware dont judge people be SEMI suspicious ... centrist best way
Paige Tyler
Paige Tyler Kun oldin
she made a clothing line for maga i- like who has that much time on their hands? 🤣
Paige Tyler
Paige Tyler Kun oldin
the blonde lady needs to go somewhere, maybe pick her kids up from soccer practice 😌
Mama Kyle
Mama Kyle 2 kun oldin
I wish this could just happen much more often. Where people can sit with someone with the opposite opinions and try to understand or learn about said opposite opinions. Listening with empathy is such a lost trait.
katie castillo
katie castillo 2 kun oldin
i can’t stand the blonde lady talking to them like they’re uneducated children and she def thinks she’s spitting pure facts smh
e p i p h a n y
e p i p h a n y 2 kun oldin
"We EaT tHE sAmE YoGuRtH" Wow, you ended racism honey.
Xo. Josellyynn
Xo. Josellyynn 2 kun oldin
Bro I’m heated 🙄
Amber Morgan
Amber Morgan 2 kun oldin
The lady with the blonde hair and the ClOtHiNg LiNe needs to stop being so disrespectful.
EyFmS 2 kun oldin
I think we have find the solution to racism.......yogurt.
EyFmS 5 soat oldin
+Pac Tu Ohh I'm sure you like that white "yogurt"...
Pac Tu
Pac Tu Kun oldin
White yogurt is the best.
IRL Australia
IRL Australia 2 kun oldin
how are you the enemy in your own country if the person you support is your president? if him being elected is the reason you feel like you’re under attack (even though it’s probably just your ignorance), why’d you vote for him then lmao
Panda TaeTae
Panda TaeTae 2 kun oldin
I hate it when people interrupt me.
Austin Moore
Austin Moore 2 kun oldin
The Muslim girl said that she was scared when Trump was elected... She also said she is legal... Sooo there is nothing to be afraid of whatsoever, just making an excuse to victimize herself, fuckin baby
Rãna Gonçalves
Rãna Gonçalves 2 kun oldin
Cadê a legenda em português? Poxa
Austin Moore
Austin Moore 2 kun oldin
Sensitive fuckin city-slickers
Andrew King
Andrew King 2 kun oldin
Obama started the war in Yemen. Slaughtered multiple thousands of innocent people through drone strikes. Helped fund and weaponize "moderate rebels " who literally became ISIS. Overthrew Gaddafi..... But, NPC media say Trump bad so NPC people say Trump bad! Simple.
Infinite Life
Infinite Life 2 kun oldin
Anybody here in 2019?
PoutineVaccine 2 kun oldin
Infinite Life no. Go away.
Andrew King
Andrew King 2 kun oldin
The immigrant were all hesitant because they knew right from the jump that it's not true! (Media question) next question"i was scared" and what happened?? Nothing! very irrational fear ,no?
Gretchen R
Gretchen R 2 kun oldin
It doesn't matter because they're ALL crazy Californians
Lauren G
Lauren G 2 kun oldin
11:39 now I know you’ll get mad at me and then her face
msimera89 2 kun oldin
At some point they were all immigrants...probably even illegal ones. Forgetting where they came from...Oh and it's interesting how they believe bombing Yemen is to save people WOW..someone is obviously not educating themselves. USA is after oil and power, it is as simple as that. As soon as people acknowledge that as a fact, the sooner things will become clearer. While we're here discussing about putting up a wall, how long it should be and what color...someone out there is plotting..
Jason TruckinAround
The Latina made us looks less educated than what we really are.
Alejandra Abad
Alejandra Abad 2 kun oldin
EyFmS 2 kun oldin
Hey who wouldn't want some D.U in their environment? Makes kids grow stronger.
Aji Priambodo
Aji Priambodo 2 kun oldin
Im support the Mexican girl to bring the topic back and make wise decision ✌
Enrique 2 kun oldin
she’s pulling the victim card sooo hard *white maga girl *
Devin D
Devin D 2 kun oldin
bunch of unemployed people trying to act dignified talking like news reporters lol.
Kali Satterfield
Kali Satterfield 2 kun oldin
Still don't understand that the founding fathers based the constitution off white needs and desires. The constitution was not intended to be all inclusive if the authors of it saw blacks as non humans, chattel.
Taylor Owens
Taylor Owens 2 kun oldin
The male trump supporter with the orange hair mentioned the 166 places where bad things were supported, and you see the Muslims never denied it 😐. I’m just saying