Can Trump Supporters And Immigrants See Eye To Eye?

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Trump supporters and immigrants come together to find middle ground. Together, they discuss President Trump's immigration policies and media bias in portraying both sides. SUBSCRIBE for more! 👉bit.ly/SUBSCRIBEjubilee 👈
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4-Mar, 2018



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Big Potato
Big Potato 27 daqiqa oldin
7:20 does that face look familiar?
Big Potato
Big Potato 29 daqiqa oldin
I eat the same type of yogurt as a person of color so I’m not racist
Vivi _Mochi
Vivi _Mochi 33 daqiqa oldin
They might have all your documents but sometimes last minute they say no which is more horrible because you been trying to get into the US for a long time and in the end they just wasted your time
Vivi _Mochi
Vivi _Mochi 41 daqiqa oldin
Yeah you work hard to elect a presidents but immigrants to even get a word in that maybe next time we can think how it can affect both sides next time.
Widyong 58 daqiqa oldin
It doesn't like other jubilee's videos, it's steamy
Dale Xz
Dale Xz Soat oldin
Lemmie just say this...... Immigrants swore oath to our great nation immigrants did the process legally not ILLEGALLY!! so this should have been illegal vs trump supporters. Im ok with immigrants and glad they came but ILLEGALS ARE DIFFERENT!!
Emma Lusty
Emma Lusty Soat oldin
hey guys remember when people wanted to actually come to america
Butters Stotch
Butters Stotch 28 daqiqa oldin
People still do.
Adrain Zaldivar
Adrain Zaldivar Soat oldin
Illegal immigration is an issue, change my mind
Mushi Mushi
Mushi Mushi 2 soat oldin
Can we talk about the Latina? She was trying her hardest to avoid fighting
Retro Bit Baby RBB
Retro Bit Baby RBB 3 soat oldin
The vets don't get help here no way regardless of illegal immigration. The country doesn't try to help the people who fought for them. They are on the streets of VA all the time. My mom helps feed the homeless which may include vets. That's the most we can do What do y'all do?
Rar Ted
Rar Ted 5 soat oldin
The bad thing is that people generalize everything and assume everyone is the same so they attack people that are productive members of society but they believe that they are some lazy criminals that steal their jobs
lee norton
lee norton 5 soat oldin
'ye-mAn' get this yogurt woman away oml
ROSE QUEEN 5 soat oldin
13:59 I just earned a whole new respect for this lady👏👏
ROSE QUEEN 5 soat oldin
The only thing that should be sorted by color...................... *Is laundry!*
Ring Collector
Ring Collector 7 soat oldin
Wow this comment section is filled with people who don’t know anything about politics 🤦‍♂️
Ria Srivastava
Ria Srivastava 10 soat oldin
“no one should have to explain, muslim, christian, jewish, none of the above, what they are to you. but muslims have to continuously defend not only their religion, but their humanity.” q u e e n
joshuaduttjd 12 soat oldin
As soon as the immigrants starting getting owned they say were avoiding the subject an can we not go into religion when they brought in religion first, morons 😂
ASMR MWAH 13 soat oldin
I’m not against immigrants but illegal immigration is not ok.
Anita Bytyqi
Anita Bytyqi 15 soat oldin
i actually cried when they hugged. why cant we be nice to each other...
Butters Stotch
Butters Stotch 27 daqiqa oldin
Because the world is cold
KH Is the best
KH Is the best 16 soat oldin
How could they not know that guy in the pink was Donald trump 😂😂😂
györgy lukacs
györgy lukacs 16 soat oldin
It's not why they are bombing yemen because of the jihadists. It's about petrol, oil. Us always feeds the beast in the backyard of its neighbor. Then claims the right to "defend" their country. 30 years ago the tool was 'democracy'. US has so much blood on its hands. And not only Us, england, france, italy, spain, portugal. God damn imperialists...
Kiana roberts
Kiana roberts 20 soat oldin
These real ?
Lindsay love
Lindsay love 22 soat oldin
That old dude looks like Donald Trump's uncle
Lili Lira-Munoz
Lili Lira-Munoz 22 soat oldin
Anyone know who that voice was. Idk... I think it was someone behind the camera.
Lucas Pedrosa
Lucas Pedrosa 23 soat oldin
bruh is this in florida? she mentioned my county... i’m not proud of florida... we as latinos should’ve known better...
The Life of 6 Speds
The Life of 6 Speds 23 soat oldin
That Muslim lady is annoying meee
The Life of 6 Speds
The Life of 6 Speds 23 soat oldin
I love that blonde lady
Hagen Kun oldin
Chuck Norris😂
nora steffen
nora steffen Kun oldin
Every time that blonde lady talks I loose twenty brain cells
Omole Musah-Eroje
Guy in the black shirt is basically saying if you're coming to the US from a from a different culture you are automatically a threat to US culture. What a huge assumption to make!
samuel escobar
samuel escobar Kun oldin
Im a trump supporter
Luke T.
Luke T. Kun oldin
This might be the scariest comment section.
Mushi Mushi
Mushi Mushi 2 soat oldin
Luke T. 80% of it is about Yogurt. 15% is about how much they love the Muslim woman. The rest is about how much the blonde guy looks like trump
Blonde lady, just because you're not seeing something happening does NOT mean it is not present.
Hé Lojueë
Hé Lojueë Kun oldin
Was it Gooseberry and cinnamon yogurt?
Mushi Mushi
Mushi Mushi 2 soat oldin
Hé Lojueë I was thinking the classic vanilla 🤔
N - 内哈
N - 内哈 Kun oldin
You know what's so funny? They are all immigrants or have roots from immigrants unless they are Native Americans.
N - 内哈 no because they would have immigrated when there was no nation
Aisha Abdikarim
Aisha Abdikarim Kun oldin
Please I am the middle ground here. I am a white American Muslim. My dad is Trump supporter and my mom married one lol. I would LOVE to be on this show talking to Islamophobic people.
Aisha Abdikarim
Aisha Abdikarim Kun oldin
+Gaston Gourmand Hey Gourmand.. my kids love the wild kratts..
Gaston Gourmand
Gaston Gourmand Kun oldin
Whoa oh, ehh...I've been waiting! I've been waiting up, 'cause I can't enough, oh! I feel I'm fading! But when I fall apart, your need sews my heart, oh!
Aisha xx
Aisha xx Kun oldin
The guy in the orange shirt be looking like trump
JaM EvolvE
JaM EvolvE Kun oldin
She says “our citizens” and “our soldiers” like American soldiers aren’t of different ethnicities lol does she think Americans are only white? Explains a lot.
JaM EvolvE no, citizens whatever the race but not illegals
Magic Bro 23
Magic Bro 23 Kun oldin
How tf do you want illegal immigrants
Raquelyn xoxo
Raquelyn xoxo Kun oldin
Trump is just as i quote an "alien" or whatever he calls us but natives were the first on this land right so what make us immigrants different then Trump or these trump supporters?
You don’t know what immigrant means. The USA was never a nation when most people immigrated there so they can’t be immigrants and Trump didn’t immigrate
Gaston Gourmand
Gaston Gourmand Kun oldin
Well you only see the light when it's burning low! Only miss the sun the when it starts to snow! Only know you love me when you let me go! Only know you've been high when you're feeling low! Only hate the road when you're missing home! Only know you love me when you let me go!
Jackson DelaCruz
I respect the Mexican woman she has a good outlook
Mushi Mushi
Mushi Mushi 2 soat oldin
Jackson DelaCruz finally someone noticed
Derrick Barnes
Derrick Barnes Kun oldin
so many generalizations... back up your damn claims
Felix Reyes
Felix Reyes Kun oldin
“I’m such a victim because I’m a trump supporter” *cries in white privilege*
White privilege doesn’t exist u gimp
Gaston Gourmand
Gaston Gourmand Kun oldin
No. Why you acting vain for my love, vain for my love? When you got everything that I want! Why you acting vain for my blood, vain for my blood? When you got everything that I want! It's hard to miss you when you are always on the tip of my tongue now! I feel like I'm looking for something, something that'll never come, oh!
Aiko-Chan Kun oldin
I love they way they were clam with those people I feel like I would have exploded but yet people then would look at me different soooo I really dunno
dark southpaw
dark southpaw Kun oldin
sashtina (clothing line girl) “i am in fear for my life” she’s acting like she doesn’t live in a white picket fence suburban neighborhood she’s a hell of a lot safer as a white female than an immigrant muslim male of color who did nothing to her to deserve deportation. imagine that shirt of hers being her skin, something she can never take off. that’s what it’s like to be a person of color. “i have black neighbors” a classic get out of jail free card.
First Last
First Last Kun oldin
Why is it no one ever answered about what the Koran says. Is it really as nuts as everyone says or is it not true. Every video no one ever talks about it. I want to know what Muslims really believe in. Do they want all Americans dead? WTH?
Ethan Crisp
Ethan Crisp 2 kun oldin
If you are a legal immigrant America would be happy to take you as a citizen and if you don’t have a criminal background.All Americans ask is that you go through the process legally. All legal Americans have to pay taxes and illegal immigrants don’t.
A Banana Milk
A Banana Milk 2 kun oldin
6:18 I hate the sound that women makes. She’s marching over there all high and mighty. Like sorry hunny that we wanted to live. Sorry that people are trying to escape the war and horrible things happening in our countries.
A Banana Milk
A Banana Milk 2 kun oldin
5:05 “just because I have a different political view, I’m the enemy” Um sweetie maybe it’s because your political view is racist.
Gaston Gourmand
Gaston Gourmand Kun oldin
No. I think we're close enough, I wanna lock on your love, baby! Now I got you in my space! I'm latching onto you! Na na! Want you shackled in my embrace! I'm latching onto you! Na na!
A Banana Milk
A Banana Milk 2 kun oldin
I have so much to say on this topic but I’m not going to type it out cause it’d literally be an essay.
Sarah Elizabeth
Sarah Elizabeth 2 kun oldin
I want to be friends with Kifah, she seems like an amazing person.
5Gonza5 2 kun oldin
11:32 I love how Ken (the blonde trump supporter) said what the other 2 pro trump guys didn’t have the balls to say Respect
5Gonza5 10 soat oldin
Nadia Alhamali He isn’t assuming anything, did you hear the explanation he sayed anyway 🤦‍♀️
Nadia Alhamali
Nadia Alhamali 10 soat oldin
Respect? For what exactly....assuming things about the Muslim religion? Smh🤦🏻‍♀️
M 2 kun oldin
Blonde white trump supporter: What about What about What about What about Whataboutism.
Rosezetter Hill
Rosezetter Hill 2 kun oldin
I have one question.... WAS THAT YOGURT GOOD BECAUSE U MAKIN UP ALL DIS TALK*inhales* k I'm done
Rosezetter Hill
Rosezetter Hill 2 kun oldin
This woman ...
Rosezetter Hill
Rosezetter Hill 2 kun oldin
COVERTCA 2 kun oldin
They should’ve also had a Canadian or Australian immigrant lol
Sarah Simmerman
Sarah Simmerman 2 kun oldin
America should be a place where everyone feels loved, respected, and safe. I respect your beliefs, I respect your opinion, as long as you do the same.
UY Scuti
UY Scuti 2 kun oldin
-next day- trump supporters become a religion
barelyvvisible 2 kun oldin
an eye to an eye can blind the world
lilah m
lilah m 2 kun oldin
can the trump lady speak up please. my volume is all the way up lmao.
Cande Hg
Cande Hg 2 kun oldin
She feel like an enemy in her own country, but she don't know that being agree with Trump's politics she's an enemy of many people in differents countries which suffer because of US' politics.
wyatt wanders
wyatt wanders 2 kun oldin
11:36 might not sound so eloquent. But he made a damn good point about Islam.
jess bev
jess bev 2 kun oldin
OH it's OK everyone she's not racist, she eats the same yogurt as black, Mexican and Muslim people. Its fine.
Adam Hoke
Adam Hoke 2 kun oldin
This whole video is cringe
karina ferguson
karina ferguson 2 kun oldin
all these privileged white people are so blind to what latinos and blacks and muslims, etc go through, im so angry at their ignorance.
B. Kasper
B. Kasper 2 kun oldin
So you’re saying there are no Mexican, Black, or Middle Eastern Trump supporters? Because there are a lot of them.
HonokeeDraws 2 kun oldin
I want to be there as an American Indian
ZAHRA ABUKAR 3 kun oldin
They only have a different view because they arent immagrinats
ZAHRA ABUKAR 3 kun oldin
I dont get how they think that immigrants dont suffer as much as whites. Doesnt make sense at all
Aaron Frazier
Aaron Frazier 3 kun oldin
Trump didn't call Mexicans criminals he called some illegal immigrants criminals
Bridget Kelly
Bridget Kelly 3 kun oldin
i saw this and was disgusted that it was even a question. trump supporters LOVE immigants... just as long as they come in legally.
james isfan
james isfan 3 kun oldin
Don't get me wrong I love immigrants all kinds, They bring so much color to a nation by bringing different types of cultures, foods etc. Myself being born in an immigrant family being the first generation actually born in the USA was actually eye opening to how much different we are from people here but I love America so much I will put this country before anything My dad coming from Romania in the 80s when he was 18 started with absolutely nothing in his pocket. He worked his way up from being a maintenance man in a pretty ghetto Apartment complex in South Chicago and through his time there he faced a good amount of racism and hate for being an immigrant, People would call him honky, kick his car, key his car, tell him to go back on the boat from where came. But my dad never took advantage of the Welfare system, he worked hard and now living in Phoenix, Arizona he owns a multi million dollar granite,tile business he started from the ground up. As a libertarian the thing I don't like is how people do take advantage of our nation off the backs of the Hard working tax payer while they get nothing in return. Immigrants are the back bone of this country BUT ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS are not there's a difference
james isfan
james isfan 3 kun oldin
In my opinion sharing your culture and Spreading it out as much as possible is so beautiful but at the end of they day you need to realize That you're an American and America comes first no matter what
Nekii 3 kun oldin
Don’t white people have the highest crime rate ???
Nekii 3 kun oldin
“I’m getting death threats” Maybe stop doing that ?
KeyKeywh vu
KeyKeywh vu 3 kun oldin
Imagine arguing with Trump supporters 🤦🏾‍♀😬
Gaston Gourmand
Gaston Gourmand 3 kun oldin
But you love me. If you gave me a chance, I would take it! It's a shot in the dark, but I'll make it! Know with all of your heart, you can't shame me! When I am with you, there's no place I'd rather be!
Awakening Utopia
Awakening Utopia 3 kun oldin
This is painful to watch lol
A .A
A .A 3 kun oldin
Everyone starts speaks out for and defends their religion but NO ONE speaks out for ALL THE INNOCENT SIKHS that were killed because of Islam and the stupidity seen in the video.
qasem alhamzi
qasem alhamzi 3 kun oldin
im from yemen and why the hech are they bombing yemen what about the good people
ilyass-_-Gaming 3 kun oldin
15:10 she didn't say good bye she just walked away 😂😂😂
ilyass-_-Gaming 😂😂
spawnymint 3 kun oldin
I love how the Mexican girl really mediated the argument towards the end and brought everyone to the "middle ground". Both sides are misunderstood and they were there to talk about their true feelings and what they were wrong about.
zxcmqw 3 kun oldin
Great series. I wish the Trump supporters would take the time to learn about their government's involvement in dividing countries since World War II. Their involvement in Chile, Middle East, South Korea, Vietnam, Israel created conflict. With Syria their lack of involvement since the 80s has caused a large influx of refugees. Re Pedophilia: Look at at all of the Catholic priests who've been jailed.
not smart
not smart 3 kun oldin
What if I don't eat the same yogurt as you do?
Eric Morgan
Eric Morgan 3 kun oldin
Just because someone is anti ILLEGAL immigration, does NOT mean they are racist.
DubLMGaming 3 kun oldin
Literally Trump is just not allowing ILLEGAL immigration. How is this such a controversial topic? It's illegal for a reason. People just twist the stories and say he hates ALL immigrants and any form of immigration when it's just that he doesn't like ILLEGAL immigration. Come on, do your research people!
Rafael Andrade
Rafael Andrade 3 kun oldin
trump supporters are a joke
Gaston Gourmand
Gaston Gourmand 3 kun oldin
No. You see me rollin', you hatin'! You're patrolling and tryna catch me ridin' dirty! Tryna catch me ridin' dirty! Tryna catch me ridin' dirty! Tryna catch me ridin' dirty!
Sit Still
Sit Still 3 kun oldin
My favourite part is when that Maga lady said she feels discriminated against when she wears her Maga gear but when the other girl says same, now you know what it's like she counters with but I don't see that.🤦 Just because you don't see something doesn't mean it doesn't happen
The Mickey Squad
The Mickey Squad 3 kun oldin
Some of the questions the Trump Supporters didn’t even think, because they didn’t have the education of everything surrounding it, they have only been informed by biased sources.
Gaston Gourmand
Gaston Gourmand 3 kun oldin
No. Raise my hands, paint my spirit gold! And bow my head, keep my heart slow! 'Cause I will wait, I will wait for you! And I will wait, I will wait for you!
The Mickey Squad
The Mickey Squad 3 kun oldin
Do I like because of how everyone else was handling the situation? Or do I dislike because of the (annoying) blonde lady?
Gaston Gourmand
Gaston Gourmand 3 kun oldin
No, you loved her. So break your step, and relent! You forgave, but you won't forget! Know what you've seen, and this with less! Now in some way, shake the excess!
Sckoux Da Sckoux
Sckoux Da Sckoux 3 kun oldin
The problem here is that the people don't listen to the people. I feel as if people on both sides would actually listen to one another they would learn something.
NoobGod132 3 kun oldin
I see a lot of liberals beating trump supporters and way less the other end
Diana Ruth
Diana Ruth 3 kun oldin
The Qu’ran doesn’t praise or preach the violence even if you don’t believe it. I did a whole project on the Qu’ran and it’s like the Christian Bible. There is barely a difference.
Abubakr goda
Abubakr goda 3 kun oldin
I just think it has nothing to do with religion. I absolutely hate it when people group a small amount of criminals and extremists into the whole group and ruin the whole thing. When people see Muslim extremists who dont actually follow Islam may I add, they think that all muslims are extremists. It makes me so mad.
ViVe TV 3 kun oldin
“I have Black and Muslim neighbors.” That doesn’t mean you like them or aren’t racist. Also, if you think Trump supporters have it bad, then I don’t think you actually live in this country!
Gaston Gourmand
Gaston Gourmand 3 kun oldin
No. You're out of touch, you're out of love! I'll pick you up when you're getting down! And out of all these things you've done, I think I love you better now!
Inevitable Farewell
Aw I like the Mexican and Moslem girl. You go, girls!
Tommee Bear
Tommee Bear 2 kun oldin
Inevitable Farewell Yassss 🤩👏🏼🤪
Inevitable Farewell
Oh okay the orange shirt man suddenly brought religion, that's the worst thing in debate, man.
Inevitable Farewell
SirRanksAlot 4 kun oldin
In America the protection of American citizens should come first. Our tax dollars shouldn’t go to unemployed immigrants, instead they should be going to unemployed American vets.
Hadi Farhan
Hadi Farhan 4 kun oldin
Is it me or does the oranges hair guy sound like trump🤣
Morgane McKay
Morgane McKay 4 kun oldin
Ummmmmmm wtf is this YOGURT analogy this girl i swear
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