Can Voters and Non-Voters See Eye to Eye?

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5-Okt, 2018

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Lauren Crean
Lauren Crean 6 soat oldin
would love to see these videos about 3 times longer
Lurch685 11 soat oldin
Too many people have the power to vote as it is.
Swagbrother21 Kun oldin
When you thought his name was derrick ross
Katy Temple
Katy Temple 2 kun oldin
MORE PLEASE! I love these!
Tane Curtze
Tane Curtze 2 kun oldin
When the muslim woman said the US wasn’t a true democracy I was shook, like are you living under a rock, when you actually need examples of bad democracies *dictatorships* have a little sight of all countries bellow the US. I firmly believe calling the US non democratic is truly ignorant given the actual or past situation of other countries. That my problem with a lot of people in the US, I’ve only been to Miami but from what I’ve seen they can barely locate themselves on the map. Look up countries like Venezuela, Argentina since Perón, Cuba, Chile from 1973, THOSE are bad democracies.
Spiral Journey
Spiral Journey 2 kun oldin
Well done. Thank you. (Derrick Brose brought me here)
Steven Marleyy
Steven Marleyy 3 kun oldin
Reality is created by the mind. We can change reality by changing our mind - Plato
Lucy Anderson
Lucy Anderson 4 kun oldin
If you ever come to Ireland you should go to the Northern Ireland border and do unionists vs. nationalists🇮🇪
dope 4 kun oldin
what the asian dude said... for real.
Bontle Bing
Bontle Bing 5 kun oldin
Something Ive always been curious about is PROFESSIONAL DANCERS VS. VIDEO VIXENS / TWERKERS/ STRPPERS
Emily rose
Emily rose 5 kun oldin
the Muslim lady reminds me of kash's wife (Linda) from shameless lol
Alyssa Jones
Alyssa Jones 5 kun oldin
@ Asian guy, you don't have to tell people who you vote for or your opinions
Dakota C
Dakota C 5 kun oldin
My thing is... This is what we have to work with. The only way to change it is to vote. If only we had the utopian world where we could do what we wanted. This government is so deep rooted in this freaking country it's not going to change.
LunyLucky 5 kun oldin
I literally just clicked because of how amazing that Muslim woman's look is
Nick 5 kun oldin
I didn’t know Richard Hendricks was a filmmaker. I thought he was working for Pied Piper still.
SimplyFreshdew 6 kun oldin
Lol at how I saw a Donald trump ad before watching this 😭😭😂😂
Delilah Concepcion
Delilah Concepcion 7 kun oldin
Look at the world reevaluate everything where we are standing now and how everything is you really think your vote matters? People with higher power and money have the say in everything you cant change the system dude in the green shirt is well educated and knows whats up
Lets Be Real
Lets Be Real 8 kun oldin
These people are all very rational
Dennis Engelen
Dennis Engelen 8 kun oldin
These titles are false, you should name it: Can AMERICAN Voters and Non-Voters See Eye to Eye?
Detective Rick Burwitz
If you don't vote. Just stop
yuckluck2 10 kun oldin
In 2018, FL voters voted on over a dozen legislation. Amendment 4 was passed and felons got the right to vote again. My coworkers just registered yesterday after not having their voting rights for years. In 2016, FL voters legalized medical marijuana.The democratic process works for you if you put effort in
JamesHLanier 4 kun oldin
It's really baffling though. Floridians voted in favor of left leaning policy down the ballot, but when it came to actual politicians, the Republicans won. How do they deal with that separation?
Ken M23
Ken M23 10 kun oldin
Non-voters don't deserve rights.
Lucas Ryan
Lucas Ryan 11 kun oldin
Did that guy actually just say he didn't vote independent because his family and friends told him it would be a wasted vote? What kind of backwards thinking is that? So not only is he giving in to peer pressure and then saying "it's not real democracy" but also, where he could have 'wasted his vote' by voting for the independent that he actually liked (y'know, as if you live in a democracy...), instead he just wastes his vote by not voting AT ALL.
Hannah Avila
Hannah Avila 11 kun oldin
0:42 perfect time as she said 42
Hannah Avila
Hannah Avila 11 kun oldin
0:47 Guy in background: don’t mind me, just passing through
Local Dreamer
Local Dreamer 11 kun oldin
2 party systems in my opinion and research are the best. Better than a one party system, for obvious reasons. Better than a multi party system for reasons being: they’re more expensive to run, views are less moderate since the parties have to listen to a bigger crowd, it can provide too MANY choices, it can form coalition government (which tends to be more unstable), and although I believe minorities should have a say, that is to a fault. The majority should have the bigger say in most cases, that’s why we have a democratic republic in the first place, so the government can be ruled by the people in the first place. With a multiparty system, the country can be too divided and overpower majority to an extreme fault.
MOTF Zach 11 kun oldin
The 2016 election is a whole different animal, but I just do NOT understand why you WOULDN’T vote. This is the one middle ground where I legitimately don’t understand the side that I disagree with. All of the non-voters make points I can get behind, but none of the problems they’re talking about can be fixed by not voting.
Mohamad Jouzou
Mohamad Jouzou 12 kun oldin
Israel is not a legitimate state.
JamesHLanier 4 kun oldin
I don't know why you posted this comment here, but I'm really glad you did.
Jderelz 12 kun oldin
4:38 the woman says she doesn't think we have a true democracy----of course not! We are a democratic republic, meaning we ELECT people to vote on our behalf!
Eise Bracht
Eise Bracht 12 kun oldin
7:12 what?
Ty Matthews
Ty Matthews 13 kun oldin
I wish they would of said, "I believe in the electoral college system".
Tuhtorrii Suhtorrii
Tuhtorrii Suhtorrii 14 kun oldin
If you don't vote you have no right to complain
James Kidd
James Kidd 14 kun oldin
A 2 party system is the only way elections can work. If there were more than 2 different parties it would be a complete and total mess. At the end of the day, 50% of the people will be happy with the outcome and 50% won't. No matter how many parties are added, not everyone will be happy in the end.
Kira Moss
Kira Moss 14 kun oldin
It makes me sad that people who have the vote don’t vote as a politics student I see it from a logistical point of view if you don’t vote the government loses legitimacy which is not a good thing
Joseph Dahdouh
Joseph Dahdouh 14 kun oldin
12:30 when the Muslim women said that when you keep doing the same thing that you where doing nothing will change well she was referring to if you vote like you did before, the same thing will recur, but that actually must be used against non-voting for if you ignore voting and you keep non-voting them you will be the one that will not impact a certain change
JENTHINKSO 15 kun oldin
No one was satisfied with the candidates of 2016? How many voted in the primary?
Antoinette Orozco
Antoinette Orozco 15 kun oldin
America has the lowest voting turn outs because of these fucks
Nick Orlando
Nick Orlando 16 kun oldin
I think if you choose to not vote than you should not have the right to complain. Doesn’t matter if you are left or right.
Tamu Audwodia
Tamu Audwodia 16 kun oldin
Like China, Brazil, Nigeria and India, the United States is too big for a nation. Yes, it has the states in place with small tweaks on certain rights and laws, but it needs to be more than that. The country simply has too many people, and generally just too big to be under one government. The chance of having more than half unsatisfied is too high. Having is chopped up more, weather it would be 50 new countries or 5, who knows? I'm not saying the United States shouldn't be one country, but I think there should be more parties that have more power in the States themselves and the various counties. The chance of satisfaction is simply higher.
Tamu Audwodia
Tamu Audwodia 16 kun oldin
6:00 good choice. Though the United States has major problems, and you need to stay to fix and make it better. Brazil also have major problems, that are more often worse than in the US. Brazil is going to be fixed by the Brazilians eventually, at least we can hope so, and the United States can be fixed by the Americans.
JamesHLanier 4 kun oldin
"Brazil is going to be fixed by the Brazilians eventually" They'll have to topple a literal fascist first.
Sydney Eckberg
Sydney Eckberg 17 kun oldin
wohoo go minnesota
CorruptVisionz 18 kun oldin
The gay guys facial expressions are me
mike mikey
mike mikey 19 kun oldin
parliamentary systems such as UK, Canada and Australia are much better than the 2-party system in US. US president is often unpopular and has too much power
JamesHLanier 4 kun oldin
For real. The last two Republican presidents lost the popular vote.
Eric P
Eric P 19 kun oldin
Voting doesn’t matter, because if it did, they wouldn’t let us do it.
Jose Castillo
Jose Castillo 19 kun oldin
Its funny to think that over the centuries the US was symbolized as the best democratic nation in the world... And that is simply not true at least anymore
Jose Castillo
Jose Castillo 19 kun oldin
Its time for some new diverse parties... The system is old... People now think in multiple ways.... I think a two party system is as bad as a one party system.... But in the end no matter how miniscule our democratic power is to change politics.... It still counts... Unfortunately oligarchal-esque systems like the electoral college are being used to limit our power to slim to none. If I would give a percentage to our current "power" it will be no higher than 20%.
Cassie's Universe
Cassie's Universe 19 kun oldin
David Wagner
David Wagner 20 kun oldin
“I don’t believe that we live in a true democracy” Ding ding ding We live in a representative republic, that’s the point
Taylor Lex
Taylor Lex 9 kun oldin
No we live in a representative democracy. Although our system acts more like an oligarchy.
JamesHLanier 17 kun oldin
Which is a form of democracy, but even that's a stretch. The representation certainly isn't fair or equal.
Sam 88
Sam 88 20 kun oldin
"Change starts with the bottom" That's an illusion, with every revolution, change is headed by small factions who seek to associate themselves with the masses, but are not in fact 'the bottom'. They are a small group of pioneering individuals who penetrate the weaknesses of the current system to make use of the power up for grabs. The collective masses, i.e the bottom, do not start the change, but in the general confusion become become part of it. However, in democratic societies power IS distributed amongst the masses, but can only come into effect once it is directed by the government.
da streets part 3
da streets part 3 20 kun oldin
that woman with the head piece looks like a star wars character
KaiBaek ExoNctBts
KaiBaek ExoNctBts 20 kun oldin
Can you do atheists and christians
wig flew sis
wig flew sis 20 kun oldin
Oh my gosh, I'm from the same town as the Andrew guy and that makes me so happy that they brought someone from such a small town💘💖💞💕💞💛💚💜💗💓💘💖💞💓❤💙💗💙❤💙💚💛💜💕💘💖💞💛💚💛
isabell gates
isabell gates 21 kun oldin
shes 42! damn black Really dont crack
jimbo5770 21 kun oldin
That smile from the gay guy when the black women kept on talking about bottom :D
Uh Oh
Uh Oh 21 kun oldin
Can blind people and non blind see eye to eye? No because blind people can’t see
Ella Salaam
Ella Salaam 21 kun oldin
I don't vote but always have wanted to. Seeing the comments and this video, definitely changed my opinion.
Castizo 21 kun oldin
*Moves to Brazil* "I am gonna stay here, I don't want go back to the US where right wing fascism is rampant over there!" *Bolsanaro gets elected*
Grimm Excelsior
Grimm Excelsior 22 kun oldin
Ugh these people are clueless. No, your votes don’t matter. You are one in millions going to the point. That is exactly why you need to vote, to be part of a cause. Also they shouldn’t complain about the two candidates. Clinton was an infinitely more qualified candidate then Trump. Also, since they decided that they wouldn’t voice their opinions in the polls, they have no right to complain about those candidates.
Parallaxis 22 kun oldin
Look at every presidency and tell me the policies didn't reflect the side that won. That is why you vote.
Hydrolord 22 kun oldin
I'm sick of these conspiracy theories about how the US government chooses its own leaders and rigs all the elections in their favor. That may be true in parts of the world, and the US isn't perfect at keeping elections fair. But at the end of the day, the "rigging" is never anywhere near as great as people think it is. Hillary Clinton beat Bernie Sanders because she outperformed him in the majority of the primaries. If you wanted Bernie Sanders to win, you should have voted. Election officials aren't throwing away your votes. There's no conspiracy. Get out and vote.
Rebecca Yacoub
Rebecca Yacoub 22 kun oldin
Christians vs Muslims
JoshuaNW 22 kun oldin
Probably my favorite group. Very respectful and mindful of each other’s choices and opinions, well spoken individuals.
Julian Baxter
Julian Baxter 22 kun oldin
In Australia, voting is compulsory. No one complains about that.
Can We Get 10,000 Subs With No Videos
"and i am gay" yeah we know
MYATHEPOTATO 22 kun oldin
I like caleb.
Jay Winter
Jay Winter 22 kun oldin
America is not a direct democracy by design, we're a constitutional republic, both the oldest one today and the longest lasting one since the dissolution of the Roman Republic. I do agree that the two party system is largely broken as is, but parliamentary style democracies have their own issues that can be just as destructive to the governments functionality, governments persisting without an elected leader because of a failure to form a functioning coalition is one of many examples. When it comes to democracies, you have to pick your poison, because the alternatives, socialism/communism or anarchy, have proven to be exponentially worse.
JamesHLanier 17 kun oldin
Wait why do you think socialism and democracy are incompatible?
A.m P.m
A.m P.m 22 kun oldin
Have everyone forgotten about the independent party???
Allen Peden
Allen Peden 22 kun oldin
It is rather disappointing these young people have lost any sense of history. (More than what a particular president makes up on social media !!!). Look back to the struggles and the lives lost in order for each of us to have the right to walk into a ballot booth to vote your conscience. Look back at Adolf Hitler’s rise to power in post WW I Germany (1920’s to 1940’s) and see how a group about the same size as the number of participants in your video debate members rose to to an insane mob of killers. Individuals can and do change the world! I do sincerely hope the “non-voters” band together and vote in 2020 for truth and fundamental human rights. -ALLEN
Cinnamon Wilson
Cinnamon Wilson 22 kun oldin
It's so understandable that people vote for the ones who couldn't. But it's also understandable that people who dont just believe that nothing will truly change. Like I agree with the guy by voting as a person and changing the world just by being humble and genuine. Cuz that's really the biggest impact of how to change people.
Tech Game
Tech Game 24 kun oldin
Government has nothing to do with religion that's why we have separation of state and religion law, government just can't make a law just like what the religion has because it's conflict and not all people are Muslim, Christian, budhhist, the others are even agnostic and athiest.
Complex Ez
Complex Ez 24 kun oldin
Well it's either Vote or go to Taco Tuesday
Alma Reyes
Alma Reyes 24 kun oldin
iMean itsArt
iMean itsArt 25 kun oldin
beautiful people omg.. it's so refreshing and heart warming when you watch people of opposing opinions and beliefs come together so peacefully and share their thoughts with each other. I respect them all and I respect Jubilee: Middle Ground. I love this series.
Liran Piade
Liran Piade 25 kun oldin
"I believe my vote matters because I'm a woman and we didn't have that right" The question wasn't whether you deserve the ability to vote, the answer is yes. The question is whether your vote makes an actual difference. I intend on voting (beyond the fact that it's a legal requirement to vote here), because why the heck not? You don't need to be very political. All you need to do is go to the poll and cast a ticket. It's very easy, physically. If you don't care, just vote and forget about it until the next elections. It's not dishonest if you admit it. However, voting here in Australia matters far more than the United States. We don't have an electoral college, and unlike the United States, where if I was a voter from Texas, my vote would go to the Republican party regardless of whether I vote democratic, Republican, or don't vote. Australia's voting system is much better (and if you really insist on not voting, which... Why not? How could it possibly hurt? You can always cast an empty ticket here). Either way, if you want to cause change in your environment through non governmental means, that's fine, but voting won't prevent you from doing that.
Cole Carson
Cole Carson 26 kun oldin
This ain't an argument, if you wanna vote, vote, if you don't wanna vote, don't vote
dopecutie3x 26 kun oldin
they should have done this after the election
Daniel Duckmeister
Daniel Duckmeister 26 kun oldin
Alt-Right versus New Left
Demiurge Shadow
Demiurge Shadow 26 kun oldin
You're votes dont count. Gerrymandering and electoral college. Thats IF they are even literally counting your votes. And even if it did count. Do you really think we are going to fix the corruption?
Lauryn Perry
Lauryn Perry 26 kun oldin
People do realize that The United States of America is an “indirect democracy” or “representative democracy,” We as American citizens vote for people who we think are going to best represent our ideas and beliefs.
Wicked Nikki
Wicked Nikki 26 kun oldin
Do these people realize there were THREE parties during the election?? Everyone forgets about libertarians...yes it was the lesser of two evils but guess what? There was a third party this time. Stop just going by what the regular media says and do some research on your own!
PornHubChairman 26 kun oldin
I just don't get it. If you have the right to vote then use that right. Doesn't matter if you don't believe in the system, but at the very least use the small part of you that does believe and vote. There's really no excuse not to vote if you can vote.
NeverEnding Superiority
In Australia voting is mandatory, or you get fined.
LF F 26 kun oldin
All i know is that i can influence the way my local criminal justice system works through my vote, and that should be reason enough to go the booth. we can choose our candidates through interacting with them and other politicians, we can tell them what policies are important to us, and we can choose a candidate in the election. From local to State to federal these elections are extremely important. a handful of votes can change a district which can change the state (red/blue). You are not going to convince me that that’s not important. I think every single one of those people who are liberal would prefer Hillary instead of trump whether or not you also prefer hillary its true that she probably more correctly aligns with their beliefs and it’s just ridiculous to me that they don’t realize how important it is to push for that even if it is the lesser of two evils
ZanesGaming 27 kun oldin
the real tea here is that america will always try to be "traditional" which means there will probably always be just a centrist and globalist system. they try hard to exclude libertarians as well. votes don't really matter because in the end it's just the electoral college that will be deciding, and it's just another corrupt counterpart of the american government 🤷
Brian Osler
Brian Osler 27 kun oldin
I live in Nebraska which is about as red as it gets. When it comes to national politics, I don’t believe my vote matters. If I vote Republican, my district will go Republican. If I vote Democrat, my district will go Republican. If I vote Libertarian, Green, or any other party, my district will go Republican. If I don’t vote, my district will go Republican. I do believe my vote matters on local issues, but that’s it.
greer Barnes
greer Barnes 28 kun oldin
Great vidddddd
Jeffertron Larsen
Jeffertron Larsen 28 kun oldin
My first opportunity to vote was either for Trump or Clinton. Neither deserved my vote so I obstained.
blackfemme 28 kun oldin
With gerrymandering and voter suppression by republicans voting is basically useless
Pixel Bytes
Pixel Bytes 29 kun oldin
I remember hearing back in 2012 about a service where kids can commission a volunteer to vote for them and i can't stop thinking if that's ok and if it legal.
Unbox therapy fan #1 Yes
I don’t believe in same sex marriage
xlovlies 29 kun oldin
derrick is so smart damnn
Jnah Ahha
Jnah Ahha Oy oldin
The truth is the system is not just going to change out of thin air by wanting it to and by not voting. The system changes by voting for people who will change the system. When you don’t vote, you don’t have a say. Not voting doesn’t help anyone
queen Queen
queen Queen Oy oldin
She's not 42 WHATTT
Name Change.
Name Change. Oy oldin
😢 If I weren't already a voter I would be after this.
Cadamoxya_ Oy oldin
The guy with the long hair talks about change through people's minds, which is great to a point. You change their minds, more people agree with you, great - then what? You have all these people who want the same thing, and then what? If none of them vote, nothing will change and none of those ideas get into the government. I get what he's trying to say, but short of forced takeover/revolution, the only way for those ideas you've now changed everyone's minds to won't change anything unless they're voted into power.
KrayKray Insane
Yea we’re not a true democracy we’re a democratic republic.
hannah Oy oldin
why’d the muslim not hug the asian guy but hugged everyone else? that’s ridiculous
Cameron Champine
Listen head-wrap, we aren't a true democracy, it wasn't meant to be. Democracies die.
Greg Dundee
Greg Dundee Oy oldin
In Australia if u don't vote you get fined! It's Complusary
Ryan Kirzner
Ryan Kirzner Oy oldin
Three words, Constitutional Civic Duty. We have a duty as citizens to vote. That’s the simple truth.