Can Voters and Non-Voters See Eye to Eye?

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5-Okt, 2018



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Cris Bowman
Cris Bowman 23 soat oldin
Our government wasn't supposed to work, quite the opposite. They didn't want it to gain too much power. That's why it sucks. It sucks so you can have certain freedoms.
samantha b
samantha b 2 kun oldin
i’m so proud to be from minnesota :’) the guy from mn is such a beautiful soul
RandomWeeb 4 kun oldin
If you don’t vote ,don’t complain about the outcome
sesshonuyasha 5 kun oldin
been voting Against both republican and demorcratic parties faithfully since 2004, not even staying with a particular party (Green, Libertatian, Constitutiional) actually selcting candidates on their stances........smh.... just waiting on the rest of y'all
MrSayonara88 6 kun oldin
Ha, at the end the asian dude was about to hug the muslim girl and she just stood there...you can hear him say "i'm so sorry i['m so sorry" XD
Jin Kazama
Jin Kazama 6 kun oldin
How about people who in to politics and people like myself who aren't interested in it?
Tfue 2.0 Gaming
Tfue 2.0 Gaming 7 kun oldin
I’ve never once seen any major differences that affect my life with each new president. If you have let me know. Am I alone here?
sunlitekid01 9 kun oldin
You cannot complain about the "system" while not taking a part in it. What does non voting do exactly? You are saying that you do not wish to be represented. Well if you are not willing to vote then you cannot complain that you are not represented. DEMOCRACY = PARTICIPATION. 1 vote = 1 voice.
Averyl Cobb
Averyl Cobb 10 kun oldin
If you don’t like lesser of two evils, like literally the point is you choose whose better. If you didn’t vote to do anything you’re not gonna change anything. They sound whiny about the fact in reality there’s division
Strax 10 kun oldin
So you have a "Vote non-vote" debate and no one really insist on the fact that it isn't really the majority that win. Or the fact that your not voting the week-end... As a European I don't get it...
Treesuh 11 kun oldin
I know that Italy is a republic but I know how corrupt a multi-party system gets and it makes me nervous thinking about going down that road. A three-party system is okay but that easily turns into more and then it becomes who can strongman, buy out and hide behind the most candidates.
Datz nunayabeeznus
Datz nunayabeeznus 11 kun oldin
Damn red hair, stop crying lol
Alex Zumock
Alex Zumock 11 kun oldin
When the woman says that we don’t have a true democracy she is speaking the truth because we as Americans live in a constitutional republic not a democracy.
Cjfjdjdd 11 kun oldin
*do Muslims vs. islamaphobic people*
Open DebaterTM
Open DebaterTM 11 kun oldin
I wish being a good Samaritan impacted who gets to make laws, but it doesn't. People need to realize that while our options aren't always great, voting is ALWAYS better than not because you will at least have some power over what kind of crazy is in office.
David Dove
David Dove 13 kun oldin
Only 40-60% of voters actually turn out to vote and that doesn't bother politicians at all. Non-voters simply don't matter to them. The only way that non-voting will ever matter is if most, like 90% don't vote.
Georges Blondeau-Andrews
And the Muslim lady....u came into someone’s country, don’t expect the country to adapt to u, u have to adapt to IT
Georges Blondeau-Andrews
The us was and is not a democracy it’s was never built to be one
Diana Nielson
Diana Nielson 16 kun oldin
I only recently turned eighteen. Am I afraid to vote? Yeah, I'm scared I won't know enough about the issues or the candidates. Am I going to vote anyway? Absolutely. Why? Because using the rights I've been given is an expression of my integrity. Even if my vote is only a drop of clean water in the politically corrupt bucket, I'll know I had the integrity to add that drop. In the case of presidential elections (because that's the only kind people seem to talk about, even though it's only one of many in America at many different levels), I'm going to research all available parties, not just conspiracy theorist Republicans and crazy sjw Democrats. And if I don't like any of the options, I'll use my grandmother's tactic: write in a name of someone I'd actually support as president, like an ancestor or a prophet or a past president. There are more colors in the rainbow than just red and blue!
Tip Aly
Tip Aly 16 kun oldin
Weeeeellllll, that’s because our votes are tallied by the golden equation of that electoral moment. When I was shown 12 different methods used to determine election results, and how different the results were from one another, I felt queasy.
Trinity Moon
Trinity Moon 17 kun oldin
Derrick is beautiful. ✨
Alec Buttner
Alec Buttner 17 kun oldin
They should have a regular video like this and then an extended version that you can access that has the discussions more in depth. I find it very hard for them to fully explain their opinions within 15 minutes.
SAVAGEtay 19 kun oldin
I have yet to hear 1 good reason NOT to vote. Even if you dont feel like it does anything, the benefits for the chance that it DOES do something far outweigh the cons of if it doesn't do anything. If you dont agree with the system (which I get, I think the system is horrible) how is abstaining a vote going to change anything?
willum321 21 kun oldin
Why where there no veterans on this debate
Chase Pond
Chase Pond 21 kun oldin
It's funny how Renata doesn't like the leadership of this country but yet doesn't want to do anything to change that. If you're not going to vote, you can't complain about the current situation in the government.
Please enter a name
Please enter a name 22 kun oldin
The electoral system a joke
DorienWKS // WildKAT
I don't vote, never will vote. Politics aren't real, they divide, and make us animals.
Niki91-HR 23 kun oldin
My friend is non voter and I can't even talk with her about politics... also because she doesn't like the topic that much...but also I don't want to hear her complaining about stuff. Because I believe the only ones who can complain are those who vote. You vote for someone you believe could change things for better and if they don't do stuff what they promised I think that it is my right as a voter to complain about a certain situation in my country. If you can vote I think you should do it... people who don't have that right , that is a completely other situation and I can't say anything against people like this.
Eeyore Milne
Eeyore Milne 24 kun oldin
Like I’m sorry but people who don’t vote, I hate you. It’s your democratic responsibility to. To take democracy for granted is just so spoiled. (I guess it’s different in the us than Sweden where I live but still)
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden 24 kun oldin
"I vote every single day" except for when those votes are actually tallied and shape his community, city, county, and country.
Pink Chihuha
Pink Chihuha 24 kun oldin
You should do non-binary/trans people/ gender fluid people and religious leaders would be really interesting
Michael McClelland
Michael McClelland 24 kun oldin
Shannon Morgan
Shannon Morgan 24 kun oldin
Please do Proud Boys vs Feminist MEN
Sammy 25 kun oldin
"I don't think we have a true democracy" She's completely ignorant to the fact that we DON'T have a true democracy, we have a federal republic.
Jennavieve&Natalie E
Dude you should have stayed in Brazil! Cuz that countries doing amazing 🤣🤣
Stephanie Watson
Stephanie Watson 25 kun oldin
I dont feel like anything was accomplished.
Austin Thatcher
Austin Thatcher 25 kun oldin
Brazil is the gold standard, no one can argue that
Namjoonsmoonchild 25 kun oldin
I think both sides are valid, but in reality, your vote does not matter. It never has. It’s the governments way of making you think you have a say, but you really don’t. I still think people should vote though.
no one
no one 26 kun oldin
Where do they film these videos? I'm assuming California?
PinkDiamondz 26 kun oldin
This is so respectful.
Elise Brown
Elise Brown 26 kun oldin
The guy at 2;08 reacted a little too much lmao
Unsettling La
Unsettling La 28 kun oldin
Plz make the videos longer!!!
LillacStudios 28 kun oldin
When some people stop to vote it degrades rights for everyone. Voting takes WORK and I will admit I myself have not always done the work necessary. It starts locally. People used to have so much more local power with their votes in the US but people stopped paying attention. They started making it harder to know when votes were happening or meetings were happening and people STOPPED paying attention. US voters could have put a stop to walmart with their votes. They had that much control at one point in time but they didn't. It was deemed too much work and politicians took note of that. So they do what they can to exhaust people, to make things seem impossible, to make it seem to hard and difficult. They intentionally make you feel your vote doesn't matter with the presidency. It is designed that way so when city managers are appointed you don't say "oh, I didn't vote for that". When that appointed city manager appoints other officials in charge of zoning or water no one stops to ask "wait, did I ask for this?". Then when those appointed people make choices that hurt the local economy such as starting a long consruction job where they block off small businesses for months on end and the new walmart in town has easy access no one blinks a lash. They just start shopping at walmart. This is how they changed our economy. They slowly infiltrate places they think you will not pay attention and work against you. And you have every power to stop it. There are people who are actively seeking to legally take your rights away because it's far easier to steal from the calf when it's asleep than when it's wide awake. They have attacked your working rights to the point even when our economy is booming it is an employer market. People need to wake up and pay attention.
Ak iraa
Ak iraa 28 kun oldin
People who don‘t use their right to vote in a democracy where their ancestors literally died to provide this right are idiots, period.
DDub04 28 kun oldin
We should have a three/four party system. It should be whoever gets the least amount of electoral votes should be dropped, and do this until one candidate gets a majority of the electoral votes. Put the candidates on debates, give them TV spots, do a whole campaign of “vote with who you want, not who you think will win”
mystage11 28 kun oldin
It’s not good to settle with a vote that is less threatening . I have not seen anyone worth voting for .
Bojun Choi
Bojun Choi Oy oldin
gerrymandering can render votes useless
Adriana Sipsey
People feel as though their votes don’t matter because although we are voting the majority still rules out everyone else leaving your opinion invalid at the end because it didn’t change anything ultimately ...voting is really like a popularity contest and there aren’t enough candidates for us to find someone who actually satisfies all or at least majority of our wants/needs
Złota Baba
Złota Baba Oy oldin
this was productive
myBatteryDied Oy oldin
im not american. but the party i vote got 0,2% votes last time. i vote them bc they represent me the most. so i dont get why americans feel like they can only vote republican or democrat. (maybe the systhem is diffferent idk). the reason you have a two party system is that you only vote for two parties
firewolf7000 Oy oldin
Does no one get the point of the third party? It has had a significant impact in America since our government is based on majority votes not who has the most. The third party can prevent one of the two parties from gaining a majority when it is neck and neck. This forces the two parties to adopt and discuss the concerns of the third party. It has been a while since I was in government, but it seems people don't understand what makes our voting system great. It's not a true democracy as many of our founding fathers were against, but a republic.
Commie Squid
Commie Squid Oy oldin
Lesser evilism as an argument for voting is one of the many things wrong with politics and in the long term means a fundamentally unstable political system that can implode easily under the right conditions. If there's no one you want to vote for, don't vote. That in itself is sending a message and you have every right to complain and state your opinion, even if it's unpopular.
My issue with Derrick is that he's an activist, but how does he plan to make the changes that he's advocating for if he doesn't vote? Policies in this country aren't changed by the public. They're changed by the representatives that we elect.
Tyler Woo
Tyler Woo Oy oldin
If voting changed anything, it would be illegal
Latrell Perry Perry
The lesser of two evils is still evil but it was the devil you knew (Hilary) vs the devil you thought you knew but you have no idea (trump)
Nancy Saqr
Nancy Saqr Oy oldin
melodie chan
melodie chan Oy oldin
My professor stressed the importance of young people voting. He gave us a great example of why voting is important. His example was about a bill being passed in the state of Louisiana (where we live) and this bill would force out elderly people from government funded nursing homes. The bill was killed in 3 days because THE OLD PEOPLE VOTE. The elderly vote no matter what (usually) and the governor of our state knew he would lose those 30,000 plus votes. But when it comes to rising prices in college and less government money for students, nothing will change because young people tend to not vote. The government is not scared if you have no impact on them. So please vote!
Not A word
Not A word Oy oldin
Do they know basic civics the electoral college doesn’t do jack except look at the states majority vote and pick that majority If that system is corrupted y’all can decide but that is what they do it’s not that complicated
Nick Remley
Nick Remley Oy oldin
The United States of America is not a democracy we are a republic.
Lauren Snell
Lauren Snell Oy oldin
I’m just interested in how the non-voters justify it
nicolondoner Oy oldin
I originally come from Switzerland, now live in the UK. Swiss citizens are asked to vote on any topic (could be immigration reform or adding an extra week of holiday) 4 times a year, and we have 11 parties represented in parliament. Any citizen can create a new law that, if it gathers enough signatures, will be put to the vote. Coming from that background, I believe in voting 100% percent. I am extremely proud of this system, which gives a voice to every single one of us on any piece of legislation. However, I do understand the disillusion Americans and British people can feel with their voting system. Both systems are similar in the sense that your vote will only count in either your state or constituency, and there are only two parties that really matter. The American parties baffle me by how wide their ideological range is. I think it is time to split both parties. Have Trump and friends create a new far right party, and Bernie, Warren and others create a socialist party. And some high profile Democrats could join the Greens as well to raise their profile a bit. This would help people vote for parties that are closer to their beliefs. But for this to work, BOTH parties have to do it, or we'll end up with the same problem as in the UK, where the left is fragmented into a few smaller parties, but not the right, which seems to gives it a bit of an advantage. And that's not democracy either.
AT Star
AT Star Oy oldin
In India in elections we have an option called NOTA which means None of The Above... We press that button if we don't like any other party
AT Star
AT Star Oy oldin
In India in elections we have an option called NOTA which means None of The Above... We press that button if we don't like any other party
Nate Klug
Nate Klug Oy oldin
Why is it always Democrat’s in these videos?
Pernell Adams
Pernell Adams Oy oldin
Lol voting is for losers 😂 I’m joking vote if you want I’m not going to because I just don’t care
Nope No
Nope No Oy oldin
How is she over 40?! She looks phenom
Tabitha Alethea
like i don't trust the government at all right... corruption around the world. but collectively, votes do matter... every vote not made is one less person speaking out against the corruption. it's soul crushing to feel like you vote but nothing changes, but eventually it will. and is it really worth the risk not to?
Alex von K
Alex von K Oy oldin
Everything the non-voters say is true, but it’s still not a good enough reason to not vote.
The_IntrovArt Oy oldin
I have no problem with people not voting, I wouldn’t recommend it, but it really wouldn’t bother me. However, if you do not vote then you cannot complain about who becomes president.
naya b
naya b Oy oldin
if this many people say their votes don’t matter, then they won’t. if every single person in america who could vote voted, each and every person’s vote would matter.
LEFT4BASS Oy oldin
I liked the ponytail guy. I liked them all, even the ones I disagreed with. I think the ponytail guy spoke to me though.
LEFT4BASS Oy oldin
I didn’t vote in the last election because I realized that our system is set up in a way that makes it near impossible for third parties or independents to win. If too many people vote libertarian, democrats win, and if too many people vote green, republicans win. This is why people vote for lesser of two evils. Because if you don’t, it splits the vote and lets the greater evil win. Even the beloved Teddy Roosevelt couldn’t beat the system. When he ran third party, he took so many votes from Taft that the democrats won in a landslide, despite being less popular. There are voting systems that take care of this problem (google alternative vote), but republicans and democrats aren’t going to be too keen on overhauling the system that’s kept them in power for the last 150 years straight. The vast majority of Americans didn’t vote for Donald Trump. Same for Clinton. Both were wildly unpopular candidates and one of them won. That should tell us something is wrong with our elections. Only 55% of Americans identify as republican or democrat, but nearly every member of congress belongs to these parties. For the many of us who don’t belong to one of the two major parties, voting largely excludes us. Also, only parties that get a certain percentage of the vote in one election receive government funding for the next one, meaning that our tax dollars are going toward making sure the major parties begin with a leg up on us.
Cristian Buritica
*I be flossin*
Hannah Wallace
10:45 about, interesting small government is a fantasy? I strongly feel as if voting is necessary in this society but also, in order to function as free people, a society where government does not heavily affect citizens lives is necessary.
Lessa Manzambi
I understand everything I just love the way the girl with the scarf scarf it's really beautiful
JoelKeys Oy oldin
"A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where 51 percent of the people may take away the rights of the other 49." - Thomas Jefferson We don't live in a true democracy, because true democracy is pure evil.
Elizabeth Jones
Talisa Mae.. oof
Elyse F
Elyse F Oy oldin
Hmm. To the non-voters out there..when you don't vote you are basically giving voters a larger percentage of the decision making power. My vote matters even more because you did not vote. I get a larger piece of the decision making pie if there are less voters. I feel like nonvoters will only vote if they are nearly 100% happy with their chosen option. It's kind of a cop out or a naive way to go through life.
joshua Oy oldin
wait a minute, is that Todd Howard??!
This black women is too affected by emotions she didn’t even live through the time of slavery. And there is no racism in the government but there is racism in everyone. Edit: she thought the government is unfair to minorities but she’s wrong
Jay Sutherland
Really good discussion
Astrix Jpeg
Astrix Jpeg Oy oldin
People have died for you’re right to vote, so why wouldn’t you use it?
extra Oy oldin
Some people cannot vote, don't believe their vote counts (in presidential elections specifically) or do not have any interest in politics.
Ewan Elliot
Ewan Elliot Oy oldin
where are the conservatives? hmmmm diversity
Isabelle Goodrow
i do not understand what Derrick is trying to say! He says wants to the government to "get out of the way" but also wants people to vote and to legalize gay marriage... how can either of those things be done without government???
Isabelle Goodrow
3:58 me too andrew, me too
crystal fumes
crystal fumes Oy oldin
In France we can vote "blank" if you don't want to vote for any of the candidates. It is not taken in consideration in the final results yes, but I hope it is one day
mozak plesa
mozak plesa Oy oldin
in the us, we have an "other" option.
KingJoel Gaming
Man a lot of people really do live in fantasy land yea government get out the way and let people do whatever they want ok lets see how that goes also if you don't vote don't complain people who don't vote imo are selfish because they believe their vote doesn't matter there specific views are not being catered to so its f everybody else i'm not voting. every vote matters
Revulsion Oy oldin
If you don’t vote, you have no right to complain about who is or isn’t elected, nor do you have a right to complain about things that need to change. If you cant do the small part in voting, your opinion holds no value.
Drew Shannon
Drew Shannon Oy oldin
It's surprising that people have this misconception that America is a democracy. I thought everyone learned in school we are a Republic; similar to democracy but still different. Also, Caleb is one of the most reasonable people I've seen on this show.
William Eckman
Democratic Republic not Democracy 😑
Im MexicanPyro
When the black lady uses the race card🙄🙄
Hannah Marie
Hannah Marie Oy oldin
Stop bringing in just millennials or people under 35, let some older people share their opinions too they have more experience on this earth so they know more and/or are wiser
n wo
n wo 22 kun oldin
Hannah Marie one of the ladies is 42🙄
Kassie R
Kassie R Oy oldin
If your a woman who doesn’t vote just remember women died to have this right
deadly zebra
deadly zebra Oy oldin
Democratic REPUBLIC... America in not a democracy people
TheVertical92 Oy oldin
I vote, but not because i believe it will change something. I vote just for the Chance it could make a Difference...to be able to say "I didnt vote for this evil Party" Like the Guy said: I vote every Day with my Money. Im glad i have more Choice than Muricans
Dan B
Dan B Oy oldin
The idea of not even trying, by not voting, defeats the whole point of democracy and doesn’t really hold up as a logical argument. You have a fundamental right that you’re not using if you don’t vote, even if you don’t believe in the system you’re vote is going toward the point of voting is to use your influence is to help make the system better, and changing it so your vote does count. You can’t justifiably have issue with literally everything if you didn’t take part in the function we’ve created to make the world liveable.
Keep Walking
Keep Walking Oy oldin
I get that you feel like what's the point of voting it won't matter anyway or won't make a difference and all that but it actually CAN make a difference cuz you never know so why not just vote? if your vote didn't change anything ok but if it did change something that's a damn benefit, if you don't vote it's the same as your vote not having an effect at all but if you do vote there's still that chance it might just matter and make a big difference so simply voting won't cause any disadvantages for you and might even benefit you, it's like that saying 'it's always gonna be a no if you don't ask' something along those lines
Al Pal
Al Pal Oy oldin
Depends. Voting for the president? No, I don't do that. It's a waste if my time. My vote does not matter in the presidential election due to the electoral college. But voting for state senators? Yep, I think voting for state senator is important because our votes directly affect the outcome.
Aaliyah Marie
Aaliyah Marie Oy oldin
I hate the two-party system. Didn’t George Washington himself say not to do just specifically that? I am in favor of the electoral college. It means that the most heavily populated cities don’t get more of a say than those of us in more rural areas of the country.
Austin Weichman
Him saying he is gay is the least surprising news in the video
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