Can We Split a Bullet With a Knife???

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"Club Diver" by Kevin MacLeod from incompetech.com.
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18-Yan, 2019



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Daane Mest
Daane Mest 2 kun oldin
best knife promotion ive ever seen. "lets shoot the knife with guns.... shut up and take my money"
Nolan Pham
Nolan Pham 3 kun oldin
Really Matt, please, get a high speed camera
michael angelo duran
Lito Lapid
Wolf And The Dove
Wolf And The Dove 4 kun oldin
I have a knife and I think it'd be cool if you guys made some I have a belt buckle that separates to a knife if you want pictures of the one I have ask and I'll give you my e-mail or what ever works best.
Gonzo Crew
Gonzo Crew 5 kun oldin
You never tell
James Lebourgeois
James Lebourgeois 5 kun oldin
Lol dude your awesome!!!
Malachi The Reaper
Malachi The Reaper 5 kun oldin
Switch blades
JR Salas
JR Salas 5 kun oldin
How about a OTF!?
Fried Cheburike
Fried Cheburike 6 kun oldin
Bayonets mate, you need bayonets
Jev Ruckman Rodriguez
handshake failed so much
uncharted7again black king
Yo mr demolition lol u should talk to the slow mo guys that's on UZvid maybe one day yall could hook up fr fr
Siddesh Gannu
Siddesh Gannu 7 kun oldin
Matt, you need a better slow mo camera
Andrew zamora
Andrew zamora 7 kun oldin
Matt, i would be ecstatic to design a out the front knife for your line. Let me know if you're interested
barbarynpk 2
barbarynpk 2 7 kun oldin
5:04 the bullet has a foreskin
PointBlank 7 kun oldin
Are they American made
Malachi Peterson
Malachi Peterson 7 kun oldin
Why is mat un sheathing the knives and lunkers putting them back in 🤯🤯🤯🤯 mat should know better
Colin Landorf
Colin Landorf 7 kun oldin
U should do butterfly knives
Xi_DowZz 7 kun oldin
You need to make a video with the slow motion guys @demolitionranch
Alexander Schwietert
U should do otf's
G&GFactoryMade 9 kun oldin
lunkers copying you
gingerjames21 boi
gingerjames21 boi 9 kun oldin
So ur saying a wad 38. For the SandW is UNCIRCUMCISED?
TIGS_BrOthErs !
TIGS_BrOthErs ! 9 kun oldin
Do u sell to the uk
daniel ernandes
daniel ernandes 10 kun oldin
You only put slow motion on epic shots
beau price
beau price 10 kun oldin
Where was the 50 cal?
Nicolaj Bauer
Nicolaj Bauer 10 kun oldin
dont worry a gopro can fall from a 45 ft dam and stil record
G Walter Murphy
G Walter Murphy 8 kun oldin
you a fan of How Ridiculous? #44club
Joe Volvo
Joe Volvo 13 kun oldin
Where are the knives made?
Jim Gerritsen
Jim Gerritsen 13 kun oldin
Do it again but collab with @theslomoguys
Arthur Chung
Arthur Chung 14 kun oldin
Damn if only butterfly knives were legal I'd love to see the ones you'd make
John Allwyn
John Allwyn 15 kun oldin
dude get a proper slo-mo cam man -.-
MrGlocksrfun 15 kun oldin
How do you not have a good high speed camera by now?
Bugzee’s Passion
Bugzee’s Passion 16 kun oldin
Enemy 12 clock 25m lol
Bugzee’s Passion
Bugzee’s Passion 16 kun oldin
😍 any chance of out the front blades 👏🏽👏🏽 #hawaiifan
Willisthehy 16 kun oldin
Omg I love this guy I wish he did more story’s tho
Grits and Glamour
Grits and Glamour 16 kun oldin
I really wanted to the the lead after getting cut
Steep Gradient
Steep Gradient 17 kun oldin
You guys need better high speed cameras to actually capture the bullet's impact.
Dinky 888
Dinky 888 18 kun oldin
How about shooting a bullet with a bullet
Oleksii 18 kun oldin
Wow. Really cool video. And I'm proud for my country's knives.
massassin 89
massassin 89 21 kun oldin
You guys should make Kerambits
Никита Глуховский
Why knife which you showed first with fixed blade has Ukrainian symbol on it ?
Carlos Cortez
Carlos Cortez 21 kun oldin
Who had to double check it was demolition ranch and not off the ranch lol
Grayson Fuller
Grayson Fuller 21 kun oldin
Can you pit a knife on a ww2 gun😢
Jdive Sevenine
Jdive Sevenine 22 kun oldin
Artem K
Artem K 24 kun oldin
Ну вообще шикарно, Мэт стал барыжить дешевыми ножами китайского производства, но под своим именем... Нужны пруфы? А ножи Smith & Wesson видели? U'R doing it right, Matt. looks like urine stroke your brain again?
Shady Gaming
Shady Gaming 24 kun oldin
dude in the first shot the bullet did split, you can see the hit on the orange thing
Dallas Van Winkle
Dallas Van Winkle 25 kun oldin
Damn, kind of fucked up to do that to someone who probably has PTSD from combat. Cool vid though.
Pewdepie Jr
Pewdepie Jr 26 kun oldin
You can try to cut a gun with a knife
Dakidd Jesse
Dakidd Jesse 26 kun oldin
U need to buy a phantom one of those slow mo camera
bitch lasagna
bitch lasagna 27 kun oldin
*best way to sell your products ever*
vienie dog chatman
vienie dog chatman 27 kun oldin
dude i'm going to get your skif sturdy next month also love your site will order soon and order more and more and more I love knives
D 90
D 90 28 kun oldin
All your gun awesome
Neeraj Yadav
Neeraj Yadav 29 kun oldin
Thank me later uzvid.com/video/video-YskVs5VyqHk.html
Foxenbro Oy oldin
You should name the pimp gun Maria
Steve Michalak
Steve Michalak 29 kun oldin
"From where you're kneeling looks like an 18 carat run of bad luck"
EmeraldRogue Oy oldin
He should make Karambits
Riley McGowen
Riley McGowen Oy oldin
check it out i got demolition ranch on urban dictionary www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Demolition%20ranch
Юрій Кияниця
OOOOOO! Ukrainian knifes! Thank you! Glory to Ukraine! Glory to heroes!
aldrinmations Oy oldin
Can you make a butterfly knife
Tristan Glenn
Tristan Glenn Oy oldin
The merch link is broken...
Alex DeCost
Alex DeCost Oy oldin
Did Dey split?
Jeff Campbell
Jeff Campbell Oy oldin
I went to your website and your prices are really good for these types of knives.
What do you use to edit?
What's the difference between the killer whale and aggressor?
Corbyn Marcy
Corbyn Marcy Oy oldin
Totally still sharp ouch! ... just cut my finger
ReDrUm235 Oy oldin
My mom won’t let me get the knives ☹️
IKillJoffrey Oy oldin
where is your end slogan
well, rob was air assault, airborne, i cant tell what the third tattoo on his arm was, he was definitely a badass
kaxan1407 Oy oldin
I watch your video in russian language because my english is not god. Your video fun and interested, you realy cool men. Respect, from russia
Jalen Caldwell
Rob thought he was bout to get shot by his friend at the end
destrojer124 Oy oldin
Sad that they don't have butterfly knifes, i would've gotten it in a hearth beat. Doesn't mean i won't get knife from them, still will get one.
Odin Veratyr
Odin Veratyr Oy oldin
Never Fear Anything. Love that wrap.
John Meredith
John Meredith Oy oldin
You and lunkers haven't been in any vidioes together are you to still friends
Terry Large
Terry Large Oy oldin
Dude the Smith and wesson model 52 you're using in this video is awesome! I have one aswell! It was my grandfather's!
Dave Verner
Dave Verner Oy oldin
Boys...Combo vid with Forged in Fire.
bacon _0fduty
bacon _0fduty Oy oldin
The intro lol
Jonah Landrum
Jonah Landrum Oy oldin
yall should make tri fold knives
Damian Mathis
Damian Mathis Oy oldin
You need a phantom slow-mo camera really bad
Вау , навіть є український ніж , це круто 1:25 😋
Derek Vance
Derek Vance Oy oldin
I guess youre not carrying those cool fixed blades anymore. sad day
Nos King
Nos King Oy oldin
You should build a fixed blade that the 50cal can’t go through!!! A true demoRanch blade 🤫 if you do don’t forget the one that helped you become a billionaire!
TheYabuk Oy oldin
Buy a better slow mo cam since you can afford all these guns you can afford a solid slow mo cam XD
U need slower slowmo
Phil Connor
Phil Connor Oy oldin
I bought one of the knives, which I really like but I can't get it to open with one hand and a flip. Any clues? Thanks Matt..
Albert Carrillo
Yes .Yes We Can
Mark Janosky
Mark Janosky Oy oldin
I low key almost dropped out because I hear off the ranch
бодя Oy oldin
Greetings from Ukraine
Anthony Garcia
Lmao redo it but invite the Slow Mo guys
Sheila Yvette
Sheila Yvette Oy oldin
What's your website called
2009stevecry Oy oldin
Ptsd just triggered
UntoldLies Oy oldin
engravings give you no tactical advantage on the battlefield
1:28 ukraine😂
True Dat
True Dat Oy oldin
Should have gotten a HITORI HANZO blade for the video.
Jesse Pyro
Jesse Pyro Oy oldin
Surem8 Ight
Surem8 Ight Oy oldin
Wtf why does m24 only knock a lvl 2 helmet off then lol?
Coolmatt Coolmatt
Look up tc on core 98 it is a 500 magnum rifle
guy in crocks with socks
you realy need to invest in a phantom slowmo camera
Илья Латкин
Like in Indian films :-D
Bartimus Trashwalker
My edc is the CRKT M21-14SFG
John F.
John F. 2 oy oldin
Please invest in a high end slow mo camera!! Would love to see the shots you take at 10,000+ frames!! Talk to Smarter Everyday or Gavin from Slow Mo Guys/ Rooster Teeth, or even the Backyard Scientist.. Anyway keep up the vids! Cool stuff!
SCGunDog 2 oy oldin
Matt should definitely partner with the Slo-Mo Guys for more science-y stuff like this. Anyone agree?
Oliver Ong
Oliver Ong 2 oy oldin
Some one already did that a long time ago. uzvid.com/video/video-mraK-zRfWL0.html
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