Can You Be In Love With Multiple People?

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Is it possible to love more than one person? What roles do jealousy and attraction play in relationships? What makes a relationship work? We brought polyamorous and monogamous people together to discuss their beliefs on love. SUBSCRIBE for more! 👉bit.ly/SUBSCRIBEjubilee 👈
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22-Apr, 2018



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Wifelirious Soat oldin
I hate how the poly side kept comparing friends to partners, like that’s not the same. They didn’t have strong points
lily monroy
lily monroy 13 soat oldin
Monogamy in functional sense makes sense but it's not inherently easy. I mean i respect people with other relationships. But made respect to red hair girl I agree with her the most
bmx687 13 soat oldin
Chick I'm orange: "I have a primary partner that I share bills with..." Christ, the dude is a cuck. That black chick also needs to calm down.
bmx687 13 soat oldin
We all know why Myra is poly. Who would tie the knot with that whale?
Meme Morgue
Meme Morgue Kun oldin
That landwhale probably doesn’t have one man.
Maestrul Gamer
Maestrul Gamer Kun oldin
A relationship should be about quality,not quantity!!!That's why monogamy is better!!!
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden Kun oldin
If that guy says "authentic" one more time I hope everyone else kicks him in the nuts.
ghada almagerhy
ghada almagerhy Kun oldin
1+1=3 👍
Soultana Tsianakas
Sorry but I’m confused why have 3 different people, 1 give u love, 1 give u sex and one 1 friendship when u can wait for someone that will give u all 3, like stop being selfish, greedy ass people
Smooth Shaven Balls
🔴2019 headed towards ALL POLY✔👀
Jessie Huskey
Jessie Huskey 2 kun oldin
They should definitely consider doing a middle ground with asexual and sexual people. Ace people often have a different perspective on love, attraction, and fulfilling relationships. Ace representation could really add to a conversation like this.
C. R
C. R 2 kun oldin
"Never attracted to another person," one person. Is he asexual? *I admit, in monogamous relationships I have wanted partners like him, however I could never be that partner myself and cannot see monogamy as an option for me at this time. Don't want to sleep with the world, just want to love a soul without expectation outside of honesty, respect, and trust.
Gaston Gourmand
Gaston Gourmand Kun oldin
But hesitation, awkward conversation! Running on low expectation! Every siren that I was ignoring, I'm payin' for it!
Jessica Ward
Jessica Ward 2 kun oldin
There’s nothing beautiful about jealousy😒
Anthony Duran
Anthony Duran 8 soat oldin
Jessica Ward to an extent
Kar3n 2 kun oldin
I think a so... If u can hate people at the same time. U can love at the same time. Some people never live ur heart. And even when is over u can't erase the feelings from passed memories and experiences. U can love people differently in different ways.
Unique Gaming
Unique Gaming 2 kun oldin
I'm Pansexual and polyamorous and when I say this I was like *Oh MeR gErD iM bEiNg RePrEsEnTeD bY sOmEtHiNg*
3COI 2 kun oldin
This was great! I don't think I'm built for polyamory, but I REALLY REALLY like that they brought up that every person should be a complete person on their own. A monogamous relationship should be 1 + 1 = (at least) 3 but I think a lot of us are trained, to our extreme detriment, to view it as 1 + 1 = 1.
LaroonDynasty 2 kun oldin
Also, the red head is Leliana from Dragon Age
LaroonDynasty 2 kun oldin
This is helping with self discovery. My only concern is just saying I’m poly and people thinking that I’m just out for poon. I resonate strongly with the friend example. I get really close to friends. And I hate jealousy. I hate being jealous. I don’t want my bond to be at risk because someone else seems interesting to my partner.
Eunique Woods
Eunique Woods 2 kun oldin
I love how everyone listened and voiced their opinion
Ondine Ariel
Ondine Ariel 2 kun oldin
I don't think we as a human race are either polyamorous or monogamous, I think it depends on an individual.
julianna banfe
julianna banfe Kun oldin
MrFlux Pavilion
MrFlux Pavilion 2 kun oldin
i can understand both sides but i rather give my all to one and not split it between multiple. IMO.
Polyamory and Monogamy is like everything else: everything isn't for everybody. And that's that.
Juul van Geleuken
Juul van Geleuken 3 kun oldin
Just a thought as to why monogamy could be considered natural instead of a taught thing: I think that in relationships we try to find something that resembles or brings us back to the very first relationship that we ever had: the one with our parents. We had one relationship with a male energy and one with a female energy. I believe in balance and yin yang so I think that later in life we tend to find one partner, since we for example only had 1 mother when we were little. We are still the same as when we were kids, and are looking for the connection that we lostwith our mom as we leave her safety.
Amanda 3 kun oldin
Anyone know Alia’s social media ?
Super 1
Super 1 3 kun oldin
Can you make a middle ground video between, couples or people who want KIDS vs those who don't want KIDS?
Johanna Piard
Johanna Piard 3 kun oldin
Reading through the comments I'm seeing a lot of people criticizing Shan's "monogamous relationships are easy" statement. I have never had a boyfriend so I don't know how I feel about the polygamous vs. monogamous debate. She was not saying that monogamy is easy. I do think that she is right in saying that because polygamous relationships are given little to know consideration in popular discourse due to the monogamous/heteronormative ideology we've been conditioned to follow. Other variations of relationships or ways of interacting with other human beings can be seen as "queer" and unthinkable because we are formed to think that way. While I do not think that I will be polygamous, I do think that I've been conditioned to think that way, if I wasn't than maybe I would feel differently about it. The whole purpose of this discussion is to give a medium to those who look at things differently therefore those who watch who may feel that way can see that they aren't alone. I found the polygamous people compelling, relatable and their points should definitely be considered.
Tommy K
Tommy K 3 kun oldin
I like how the monogamous guy is being worshipped in the comments when he basically lied about not being attracted to anyone else while in a relationship. Come on guys, where the hell are you living? We are human. He could have at least been honest with that instead of trying to keep up the perfect dude charade lol
Nose Trade
Nose Trade 3 kun oldin
I personally think it is possible to have a good polyamorous relationship HOWEVER I believe sharing your soul with multiple people will never give you the depth that sharing it with one person COULD have potential for. Also I believe you it is POSSIBLE to not find other people attractive if you are deeply and intimately connected with that one person. I have experienced it. It's like you notice the persons aesthetic but don't feel chemically drawn to it. To me, being attracted to someone else is something different than just noticing that someone has good features.
Erika Jane Carpio
Erika Jane Carpio 3 kun oldin
Thank you for having this kind of conversation because personally it's enlightening and makes me more open to other people's thoughts and perspectives.
Dissident 3 kun oldin
More like "Conceited people that like themselves vs people that found true love or know what it looks like" Take out your whisky/vodka and drink for the following words : "Myself" "I" "Me" "We" "Authentic"
50shades for3
50shades for3 4 kun oldin
We've been in a triple relationship for over 3 years and absolutely love it! Would totally recommend it if you haven't tried it yet. Cheers!
Gaston Gourmand
Gaston Gourmand 2 kun oldin
No. You're slipping into the lava! You're tryna keep from going under! I'm turning the temperature hotter! You're burnin' up, burnin' up for me, baby!
Awakening Utopia
Awakening Utopia 4 kun oldin
Has anyone ever consider the theory that this may be in our genes. Just like some animals can only have 1 partner and die when their partner dies. I personally would not be able to give myself to multiple people, and I don't like having many friends either. I was not made for it. I'm also an introvert and I like to focus on one thing at a time. I love to put all my energy in one thing, knowing it will give me the rewards for my hard work and patience back. But if other people feel like they can share everything with everyone, thats alright. It's not a debate about what's better or worse, it is just different.
Sherry lazdinsh
Sherry lazdinsh 4 kun oldin
I'm 32 and have been with my husband since I was 19 and married just over a decade. It has never crossed my mind to ever share my life, or bed with anyone but my husband. I don't think I could ever share with someone else what I share with my husband. I feel so blessed to have him.💓 Tho I don't "get" poly relationships I can understand why some people have chosen that life.
eat a steak.
eat a steak. 4 kun oldin
Mono and poly there is no right or wrong. Simply a preference.
Sheridan Aiava
Sheridan Aiava 4 kun oldin
Don’t mind this comment, just another person reading all the arguments cause I have nothing better to do.
Katie Denmark
Katie Denmark 4 kun oldin
I’m all about consent. So if both partners want to have an open relationship, it’s fine to date or have a casual relationship with other people.,
ana esquivel
ana esquivel 4 kun oldin
JUST FYI !! humans ARE NATURALLY polyamorous. Like we are, regardless of our opinions and preferences it is in pur nature.
Gaston Gourmand
Gaston Gourmand 2 kun oldin
No. Lost in the cracks of the earthquake! Your body's moving into retrograde! You're feeling loose, feeling untamed! And I'm the dynamite in your chains!
Kirsten Alyssa
Kirsten Alyssa 5 kun oldin
When that woman said “1+1=3” in a relationship, my heart just stopped. I really needed to hear that after my recent breakup. I needed to know that I am still whole.
Kitty Coon
Kitty Coon 5 kun oldin
The poly guy seems like a dirt bag who just wants to be a player and sleep around 🤮 yuck
Isaiah Cordero
Isaiah Cordero 5 kun oldin
Why did they bring a whale?
Paulina Diaz
Paulina Diaz 5 kun oldin
Ughhhh I wish I could get into one of these middle ground episodes... but I’m catholic and i believe that sex is just for procreation so I definitely don’t consider that as a priority in a relationship. Also I think being in a polyamorist relationship is greedy. If one person doesn’t satisfy you then find a new one if your in a relationship but like how someone else kisses you then teach your “primary” partner how to do that. It’s like going to a restaurant and ordering 5 different plates because you like small aspects of each. It’s too much. I also think that animals are naturally polyamorist and I do think that at one point polyamory was rooted in our barbaric ways but we have evolved. I did like when that girl in the orange shirt said she would definitely switch to the other side because I thought it was great self awareness and would have been hypocritical if she didn’t
Fussy Puss
Fussy Puss 5 kun oldin
Great discussion on polyamory
PhilVce 5 kun oldin
I love myself & being a spiritual guy I love everyone too.. I believe that you can meet new people and have fun and love them for who they are and not "couples concepts", I believe in energy. Good Vibess ya'll 🖖 (ego sucks)
Roshni Ali
Roshni Ali 5 kun oldin
Open Relationships would drive me crrrraaazyy
Brie DElia
Brie DElia 5 kun oldin
whoa. interesting
Leanne Marie
Leanne Marie 6 kun oldin
In the end you die alone... do what you want all in love. Spread love you free spirits. ✌🏻
Gaston Gourmand
Gaston Gourmand 2 kun oldin
But I don't like my mind right now, stacking up problems that is so unnecessary! Wish that I could slow things down, I should let go but there's comfort in the panic!
Leann Djohari
Leann Djohari 6 kun oldin
love and possession
Melou 6 kun oldin
....My thing is, how much are we willing to accept until we cross the line in a way that can't be reversed? Some things make sense. Other things, not so much. It's like every year some big controversial belief is being forced down people's throat. It was at the middle of last year where I saw polyamory really blowing up. Now they're talking about it on the radio, a lot of people on IG put it in their bio's now, and UZvid keeps recommending it to me. Personally not my cup of tea, but to each his or her own. I'm just afraid that one day we'll accept something that's going to hurt us all in the end. Like what will it be next year? Pedophiles trying to explain why it's okay to be a pedophile? Don't even say, "oh, we'll never accept that...😒" because being gay and transgender used to be taboo and now a lot of people are accepting it. There are even a few states in the US where bestiality is legal. Just think for a second.
Lil Fix
Lil Fix 6 kun oldin
HAHAH!! Her reaction at 14:46 was perfectly in sync with my thoughts !! 😂👌
Alice Sullivan
Alice Sullivan 6 kun oldin
I feel like when I was in an open relationship I was constantly having these arguments with people in monogamous relationships so this was really interesting to watch
Halima Gonzalez
Halima Gonzalez 6 kun oldin
so coming from a polygamous marriage, I can see how you can form a relationship with more than one person, but it's not equal because you love that person for different reasons. Marriage fails mostly because of financial issues. I still beg to question how many people who actually stay married are with each other because they actually love each other or because it's convenient.
Gaston Gourmand
Gaston Gourmand 2 kun oldin
You told me not to cry when you were gone...but the feeling's overwhelming, it's much too strong...can I lay by your side? Next to yoooouuu? Yoooouuu! And make sure you're alright! I'll take care of yooouuuu! I don't wanna be here if I can't be with you tonight!
Captain OKZ
Captain OKZ 6 kun oldin
To EACH their OWN. Live how you want, do not impose your views on others. End of.
Hashtag Addictt
Hashtag Addictt 6 kun oldin
I only clicked because I saw Shan. . .
blank blank
blank blank 7 kun oldin
No cap idc who u are, if ur with multiple people ur a garbage person, a slut and a manwhore. Just cheat🤷‍♂️🤣
Nightcore Natalie
Nightcore Natalie 7 kun oldin
The black girl with the blinding nose highlight had really good points and explained her points thoroughly. Though I didn't agree with her. This also goes for the red haired girl I loved her points.
Nightcore Natalie
Nightcore Natalie 7 kun oldin
People use terms like "friends" and "love" really lightly, especially in Western Culture where saying "I love you" barely means anything anymore.
Nightcore Natalie
Nightcore Natalie 7 kun oldin
I think people use the term "love" very lightly.
Tea Tea
Tea Tea 7 kun oldin
I get very jealous when my best friend hangs out with other people other than me
Nichole Jones
Nichole Jones 7 kun oldin
I thought I wanted an open relationship but I hated it. Hate monogamy too tho so I guess I’ll just be asexual 😂😂😂😂😂
Amber M
Amber M 5 kun oldin
Why did you hate the open relationship?
I love my cat777
I love my cat777 6 kun oldin
Yeepp, totally agreee, 😂😂😂😂😂 being asexual at least allows me to be happy with myself and enjoy it 😊😊
Dominant Shark Squad
spaceheroes 8 kun oldin
Everyone in this video is so attractive
BAZE 8 kun oldin
Let me take a stab in the dark, in the polyamorous bunch the guy is gay, the larger lady loves getting plowed by multiple black dudes and the other lady lives with either a cuck or he doesn't care what she does as long as hes getting his nut busted.
Tien Tran
Tien Tran 9 kun oldin
The guy reading the questions sounds like a nerdy asian guy
Anniw Siatras
Anniw Siatras 9 kun oldin
As someone who dated a guy who was into polygamy it's not great for self estimate. Although he wasn't a good guy in general. He was abusive physically and mentally. He constantly compared me to other's and make me feel worthless. Telling me one day he would have a second girlfriend and that if i wasn't doing the things he wanted I would be his second hand girl and not his first. yanno what though. If you're all ok with polygamy then go for it, be you. Just like don't try to force it upon someone who's not really ok with it. Just like with anything else. I think everyone should do what they please as long as it is doing no actual harm. otherwise this was an interesting conversion to hear. p.s Not all polygamist are abusive like my ex. Most would probably mention that they are a polygamist from the start, my ex did not.
Dead pool
Dead pool 9 kun oldin
Who's here after kissa sins started to shoot porn!?
Mirna 9 kun oldin
Monogamy is a set of rules set through million of years??? How dude it's biological it's not a social construct
Medd0ws 9 kun oldin
The black girl says jealousy is wrong but cheating isn't
Medd0ws 9 kun oldin
Polyamory is a mental illness.
Medd0ws 9 kun oldin
Polyamory is a mental illness. I will go to my grave believing this, proudly.
Medd0ws 9 kun oldin
I don't respect polyamory, and here's why. Polyamory is a choice, not something you're born with like a sexual identity. I'm sure 99% of people in relationships still find themselves occasionally attracted to other people. The difference between a monogamous person and a polyamorous person is that the monogamous person commits, sacrifices, and has self control to stick with one person. The polyamorous person is less concerned with "relationship" than with satisfying their personal needs , having their cake and eating it too.
Medd0ws 9 kun oldin
Polyamory is destructive to society. It's frowned upon for the same reason murder is outlawed.
Medd0ws 9 kun oldin
I genuinely hate polyamory, and I'm proud. Love is love? Hate is hate. Equally justified.
Destany Cunningham
Destany Cunningham 9 kun oldin
I am the same way. I feel guilt if i look at another person and feel attraction. I always have to tell my partner if i have experienced that specific feeling or i feel like i have kept something from him. Its annoying at times to have a huge concience.. but at the same time, it helps me have zero regret and to he a better version of myself
wendy guadalupe
wendy guadalupe 9 kun oldin
I do think poliamorous is possible but everyone needs to set boundaries, expectations and everything else, and in the top of everything remember that everything needs to be discussed. I've been in both kind of relationships and for me the best experiences has been those in wich I allowed my partner to be open in every aspect and I felt way more connected than that if I'd been to discard their opinions feelings and at the end their treat characters
mason62100 9 kun oldin
I think a lot of people are confusing poly relationships with open relationships. Lol
mason62100 7 kun oldin
+Meighan G A poly relationship is a relationship with multiple people that can be an open relationship or not. An open relationship means you can do things, generally sex, with someone outside of the relationship.
Meighan G
Meighan G 7 kun oldin
mason62100 please explain
Jasmine Tígre
Jasmine Tígre 10 kun oldin
Lust is what it is.
karthik rox
karthik rox 10 kun oldin
I'm okay with polyamorous people as long as they are open about this side of themselves as early as possible in a relationship. It should definately be mentioned before sex and ideally in the first few dates because the other person deserves the right to know what he's getting himself into and if he wants a monogamous relationship then this would be a disservice to him . Also , he might want to avoid STDs in which case, it might be a statistical advantage for the person as well
P J 10 kun oldin
Before watching the video i am going to guess the big girl is in a polysomething relationship
P J 10 kun oldin
I was right
Monica Rodriguez
Monica Rodriguez 10 kun oldin
I'm monogamous but watching tanas video made me understand polyamory lol I think it's completely fine and okay as long as every party is happy
Jacqueline Bravo-Trujillo
3:54 Love yourself !!!!!!! Any army?
Angg Voagg
Angg Voagg 10 kun oldin
..I have never Been single. 15 years old to today 35 but have never been able to stay “true” to one girl but I have kept the same 3 ladies with me.. threw the years.. yea they know bout each other even know each other but as long as I do what I need to do it don’t seem to be a problem..and I am territorial..and so is one of them lol much more so then me but all is good I think I’m both I luvvvvv my girl. .chic..😀
Angg Voagg
Angg Voagg 10 kun oldin
taЊa N.
taЊa N. 10 kun oldin
For me, i can't imagine poly as this "ranked" relationship, having a primary partner etc. If two person love me (very unlikely LMAO) and i love them both, and they love each other in a way too, than that's fine to me. If all three of us are willing to step into a relationship and share our lives between each other, that's ok to me. I believe you can be in love with multiple people. But i think there's different kinds of polyamory relationship. I don't know much about poly so i can't really say anything useful. This is mainly how i would imagine a poly relationship, if i were to ever find myself in one. I mean, the more the better am i right lmao Besides i was never really in love, more in love with the idea of love, so these topics always make my brain worked up lol
Just An Insomniac
Just An Insomniac 10 kun oldin
What about asexuality?
Tsubahi 10 kun oldin
You would be spreading your emotional feelings/resources thin if you have more than one partner (and children, too!)
Jerry 10 kun oldin
I don't believe there's a right or wrong either way. The only right way is the way that makes you happy as an individual. Ppl need to keep their "normal" out of other's lives altogether. Relax and enjoy life.
dannyka jolyanne
dannyka jolyanne 10 kun oldin
Im for the open relationship but not for the polyamorous.. or maybe it's just because I had never been in love with more than one person at the same time, but I can get excited by multiples peoples even when Im in love. I dont considered myself polyamorous but I feel that I can but it just not happen lol. I truly believe that jealousy is a kind of mental disorder. Hate me for this, that's how I am.
Reika Makoto
Reika Makoto 10 kun oldin
Just because most people have more than one friend doesn't mean that it is a point that supports polygamy. No man is an island. We need to socialize and that results from our day to day lives. Human interaction is inevitable when we meet people in schools, workplaces, and even in our own homes. Partners and friends as a result of socializing aren't exactly the same. People build stronger and more *intimate* bonds with their partners. People in a relationship are more open and honest to each other. They also commit to each other, hoping to share a future together.
My name is Human
My name is Human 10 kun oldin
But you only have one *best* friend. You can have more than one I guess but theres still that special one. It's not the sammeee
kaliman buda
kaliman buda 11 kun oldin
nobody is happy having one single person to love ... just as nobody is happy having one single pair of shoes to wear...attachment causes jealousy... let´s love one another.. but let us not fall in the trap of attachment ... control ,,and possession
Gaston Gourmand
Gaston Gourmand 2 kun oldin
Too much light in this window...don't wake me up! Only coffee, no sugar...inside my cup! If I wake and you're here still...give me a kiss! I was deep in this dreaming...about your lips!
Shayeli Sarker
Shayeli Sarker 11 kun oldin
Thank you God for giving me a man like that monogamous guy. I am blessed.
Emily Garcia
Emily Garcia 11 kun oldin
Amazing thing about this is, they all aren't wrong. They all, each individual is speaking their own truth. I admire such openness and honesty everyone is contributing to each topic of discussion.
Mikey the Robloxian
Mikey the Robloxian 11 kun oldin
Why can't we just all be lobsters? Phoebe Buffay says lobsters mate for life! Edit: although if you're in a bad relationship or you don't have a great connection with them, they aren't your lobster!
HANA STM 11 kun oldin
First world countries are just normalized mental sicknesses .
HANA STM 11 kun oldin
With these videos , why don't you gather killers and victims together to see how killers adore killing people...
Pia TWD 11 kun oldin
jeez, if you can’t commit - stay single
Hannah R.
Hannah R. 11 kun oldin
What if you can’t have sex?
Vanessa Alvarado
Vanessa Alvarado 11 kun oldin
I don’t think it matters how many people you love, what matters is that all involved feel comfortable and loved and secure. Maybe being poly is for you if the idea of getting another partner excites you and makes you feel more loved and comfortable, maybe it’s not for you if you become insecure and feel unloved, I’m more comfortable being In my monogamous relationship because it makes me feel comfortable and loved and as long as that’s how you feel then the choice is yours
Some Random Guy
Some Random Guy 5 kun oldin
I talk of families being destroyed and you completely dismissed it. What a world we live in.
Some Random Guy
Some Random Guy 5 kun oldin
You wouldn't know the truth if it shoved two fingers up your ass. Nice to know you're so superficial it shall benefit you immensely. Screw unity amirite?
Vanessa Alvarado
Vanessa Alvarado 5 kun oldin
Some Random Guy oh I’m sorry, I didnt realize I was talking to some conspiracy theorist, watch that slope your walkin down cause it’s getting slippery
Some Random Guy
Some Random Guy 5 kun oldin
The side of politics (The left, no I don't support neither side because it's all social engineering to tear people apart) that supports lgbt, transgender, polyamourous relationships etc. Will eventually normalise incest, bestiality and pedophillia. Infact they're doing it now! So you can act naive and sympathetic. But it will not work without some formal decency. The only thing that polyamourous relationships do is destroy the chances of having a family and that's something EVERYONE should have.
Vanessa Alvarado
Vanessa Alvarado 5 kun oldin
Some Random Guy it ends with reason, there’s no practical reason to touch kids or get your sister pregnant, those are mental illnesses that are looked down Upon by our culture and will never be allowed by reasonable people
Ana Julia Franco
Ana Julia Franco 11 kun oldin
Okay, but you know that if you don't have a strong connection with your friends they are probably not your friends, right? I mean, if you can't fully trust and rely on them, if you can tell them everything, if they're not with you at all times I don't think you're truly friends. But maybe some people just have a low standard for friendship lol And about moving in together... there are roommates, girl. Just because you live with someone doesn't mean you know more about each other. The point of the polyamorous guy it's really important. About having a best friend and other friends and in polyamorous relationships it's having a primary partner and other partners. It was really well put.
Naia Meyers
Naia Meyers 12 kun oldin
Let’s just end it here. Who the hyuck cares
Anna133199 11 kun oldin
There are 13K comments. Obviously a lot of people care. Useless comment.
Noyoucannothavemywifipassword !
That poly guy is soo pretentious 😂
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