Can You Guess How Much Makeup People Wear?

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We're shook.
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4-Okt, 2017

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M Sammy
M Sammy 17 kun oldin
Moisturizer and serum count as makeup?
Annalee Grace
Annalee Grace 3 oy oldin
i wear like 30 different things lmao
Max Hellsing
Max Hellsing 3 oy oldin
Imagine wasting so much time to apply 18 products to end up looking like you're wearing nothing at all.
Orange Julius
Orange Julius 4 oy oldin
Freddie and I are twinning 😂😘
J C 4 oy oldin
I honestly didn't know there were that many different types of makeup. All I use is eyeshadow and eyeliner.
Greta Nelson
Greta Nelson 4 oy oldin
exactly 1 year ago
caeee029 5 oy oldin
Why did they count skincare as makeup?? Those aren’t the same. Lol. If they wanted to consider those makeup, they should have included facewash, toothpaste, lol.
Savanna Southern
Savanna Southern 5 oy oldin
The title should be to guess how many products are on their face😒
Almog Luzon
Almog Luzon 5 oy oldin
Serum and mositurizer dosent count as makeup ignorant bitches
Kelly Northlake
Kelly Northlake 6 oy oldin
I didn’t know I wore makeup until I saw this video... moisturizer :|
Neal Sabo
Neal Sabo 6 oy oldin
This video they were also filming the school uniform video that was almost like 1 years ago!
Tania R.
Tania R. 6 oy oldin
I only use 5, foundation, powder, mascara, eyeliner and lipstick ✨
caseyyy 6 oy oldin
How tf can you tell if someone's wearing 3 eyeshadows or 3 mascaras?
Happy & Healthy
Happy & Healthy 6 oy oldin
I don't understand why they use so many products. I just put on lotion if I remember then I just go to work lol. 🤣😁
Emily Shu
Emily Shu 7 oy oldin
Toner, serum, and moistruizer are skincare though
Meg's Life
Meg's Life 7 oy oldin
Cissy defos had some liner on. But they didn't put it ???
Michelle Chan
Michelle Chan 7 oy oldin
technically sunscreen, moisturizer and some other products that were mentioned are not makeup, but skincare.....in my opinion
hot tea
hot tea 7 oy oldin
who else got mad that they had to guess each eyeshadow color
Key's World
Key's World 7 oy oldin
What lip color is Sheridan wearing????? Dupes pleaseeeeeee
Yazmine Pizanis
Yazmine Pizanis 7 oy oldin
Cissy uses lots ok products but has very textured skin
Selene Blackburn
Selene Blackburn 8 oy oldin
Oh Freddie!!!!
Alara Altun
Alara Altun 8 oy oldin
How can they tell serum or moisturizer ????
Notti 8 oy oldin
Since when is sun screen and moisturizer makeup thooo unfair
Darcy Robinson
Darcy Robinson 8 oy oldin
skincare is not makeup sooooooooo...?
I Eat Salt
I Eat Salt 8 oy oldin
Sheridan is the definition of natural makeup
AmericusEmmett 8 oy oldin
Nice clickbaity thumbnail for ya
Taiga M
Taiga M 8 oy oldin
they shouldnt have counted skincare, but since they did they shouldve titled the video "how many face products do people wear"
thien huong tran
thien huong tran 8 oy oldin
How do we suppose to know if they're wearing suncreen?
lllamalia 9 oy oldin
The moral of this video is that Freddie is a perfect human
Nasa 9 oy oldin
sharan jade
sharan jade 10 oy oldin
Is this the time when they were doing the school uniform challenge thing.......
Dark Angel
Dark Angel 10 oy oldin
Moisturizer and things like that aren’t makeup products. They’re skincare products lmao.
Tas Nim
Tas Nim 10 oy oldin
I guess almost all right
suzanne haazen
suzanne haazen 10 oy oldin
That must have been the week they had 2 wear the school uniforms only just realised that lol
Ilana Mecroci
Ilana Mecroci 10 oy oldin
Skincare: Moisturizer, Dark circle cream, hydrating gel Makeup: primer, green color corrector, orange color corrector, foundation, concealer, powder, eyebrow pencil, bronzer, blush, eyeshadow (3-7), black eyeliner, brown eyeliner, nude eyeliner, mascara (2), highlighter, lip liner, lipstick, setting spray (2) So not including skincare i use between 22-26 products but including skincare it’s 25-29 products
Liya Saffura
Liya Saffura 10 oy oldin
this is stupid - different eyeshadows can be considered as one product.
Troi Kioko
Troi Kioko 10 oy oldin
umm Freddie, we need to talk about what moisturizer you use! Her skin is flawless!!
Ashleigh Louise Alice
why counting moisturiser and PER eyeshadow.. seems stupid
CrazyGirlForever 10 oy oldin
1:12 it says 14 but it’s 13 count it.
Summer Dais
Summer Dais 10 oy oldin
Today I wore 1) gel oil 2) CC cream 3) blush 1 4) blush 2 5) eyeshadow 1 6) eyeshadow 2 7) eyeshadow 3 8) eyebrow gel clear 9) eyebrow pencil 10) lip exfoliator 11) lip gloss 12) mascara 13) translucent powder 14) setting spray 15) oops, and highlighter It really adds up.
Sydney Zaricor
Sydney Zaricor 10 oy oldin
I got 3 people Hahah
:.Lizzy .:
:.Lizzy .: 10 oy oldin
There are some weird Johny johny ads now on you tube
Mae Jallores
Mae Jallores 10 oy oldin
I dont think Skincare ( such as moisturizers etc ) shouldnt be included or considered as make up
Grace Dickinson
Grace Dickinson 11 oy oldin
freddies my fave
wite gurle
wite gurle 11 oy oldin
she was wearing 13 not 14 areyoudum
Anna G
Anna G 11 oy oldin
only one I got right was Lindsay probably because I watched her everyday makeup routine vid
Briana Anderson
Briana Anderson 11 oy oldin
When was serum and moisturizer considered makeup
Bijou Loveless
Bijou Loveless 11 oy oldin
I wouldnt count setting spray
MaryAnne Achieng
MaryAnne Achieng 11 oy oldin
isn't that dude from Clevver?
nausheen siddiqi
nausheen siddiqi 11 oy oldin
2:41 when you run out of people
losers only
losers only 11 oy oldin
That drake in the background tho
Chandra Wagner
Chandra Wagner 11 oy oldin
How many products does Devin have on??? (Ps Sheridan, 18?? She looks so natural!)
sebastian sings
sebastian sings 11 oy oldin
Lydia Ronia
Lydia Ronia 11 oy oldin
Chrissy had 13 not 14???
pink diamonds
pink diamonds 11 oy oldin
Linsday is so beautiful ❤
Waldemar Sojka
Waldemar Sojka 11 oy oldin
The uniform challenge
zomb34n Yil oldin
can devin please cosplay as atomic blonde :D
Luke Thomas
Luke Thomas Yil oldin
"Lipstick, clearly." Shaaaaaaaaade
Riti Aggarwal
Riti Aggarwal Yil oldin
Freddie is so beautiful already OMG!
Riti Aggarwal
Riti Aggarwal Yil oldin
But I thought Sheridan looked natural... but then I realized that 'natural' makeup usually takes way more time and products to achieve. Proof: all the makeup tutorials out there.
lihanam 786
lihanam 786 Yil oldin
I normally wear two: sunscreen and lip tint/balm. Sometimes mascara if I’m feeling fancy lol
Piqachu V&BTS ARMY 92
Freeeeeeddie the perfect skin
Megha Singhania
Megha Singhania Yil oldin
I wear more than 18!! My pic says it all!!
3auka88 Yil oldin
Wow 🙈 I only use moisturiser and tinted lipbalm.... Thanks to mircobladed eyebrows, eyelashes extensions and permanent make up 😹
Tessa DAlton
Tessa DAlton Yil oldin
For 18 products Sheridan is good
Noelle Metrunec
Noelle Metrunec Yil oldin
They filmed this during the We Wore School Uniforms Video!
Michele Graney
Michele Graney Yil oldin
Y’all moisturizer is NOT makeup 😂
ruby rydinghood
ruby rydinghood Yil oldin
Things that aren't visible should not count. That kind of ruins the video. Who can "see" moisturizer or setting spray?
AlumniArmy Yil oldin
The woman with the 18 Products is the Queen of the „no make up - make up look“ 😂
Julia H
Julia H Yil oldin
and here I am, owning exactly 3 pieces of makeup 😂
Abigail Scott
Abigail Scott Yil oldin
Outside return anymore bit physically very while pitcher firmly.
Calvin Ruysch
Calvin Ruysch Yil oldin
Fund mostly chain finish cat segment duck long freedom now death.
Pia Cordes
Pia Cordes Yil oldin
Freddie can truly say „I am Beyoncé, always“
Leyna Venzke
Leyna Venzke Yil oldin
This is why I don't wear makeup
Juliannah Bolli
Juliannah Bolli Yil oldin
Skin care and makeup are different
Xoddie Yil oldin
Still waiting for someone to come on buzzfeed who slays there makeup
Hessed3712 Yil oldin
What the heck is serum!? All of these girls don’t need all of this makeup! They are all pretty! Freddie is the only one who knows what’s up! This is making me angry.
Lisa David
Lisa David Yil oldin
I don't think mosturizer is considered makeup
I can’t get over how drop dead gorgeous Sheridan is 😍😩 they’re all beautiful 😍‼️
0:28 What kinda highlighter looks like that?
Katarina Reyentovich
How tf you supposed to tell a person wearing moisturizer, sunscreen or primer? Thats not even considered makeup its just prep.
Jaebum's Smile
Jaebum's Smile Yil oldin
Skin care is NOT makeup.
Huria Ali
Huria Ali Yil oldin
Moisturizer do not count
proclaim 1121
proclaim 1121 Yil oldin
Can Sheridan teach us this no makeup makeup look because it is FLAWLESS.
Kenzie Girl
Kenzie Girl Yil oldin
Freddie be slaying😍😍 also this was filmed during the school uniform vid👍
Helen Engelke
Helen Engelke Yil oldin
Freddie is sooo naturally gorgeous!!
Slim Shady
Slim Shady Yil oldin
1:21 she looks exactly like paige from brataley
nicca rip
nicca rip Yil oldin
Y'all ain't even good at makeup, stop making makeup videos
Tillie & Camille
These girls live by that setting spray!
Alexa Adams
Alexa Adams Yil oldin
I tell my parents “skincare is not makeup” so they pay for my skincare. I really don’t consider sunscreen and moisturizer or even a serum to be makeup though. I pay for my makeup except if it’s given as a present.
Natasa Filipovic
Freddie is 💣💣
Tifany Coffee
Tifany Coffee Yil oldin
1:11 i count 13 not 14
Chims Chams
Chims Chams Yil oldin
I only got the last one right
Mariah Saleem
Mariah Saleem Yil oldin
Omg the guy at 2:52 lowkey looks like andrew from the chainsmokers
Claudia Estrada
Claudia Estrada Yil oldin
Omg Freddie is so natural and adorable
SopHazeee Yil oldin
I use like... *cough* 20 *cough*
roseisobelme Yil oldin
For Cissy, it said she had 15, but I can only count 14?
Z J Yil oldin
I got Lindsay right
Z J Yil oldin
Okay but skincare is not makeup
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