Can You REALLY Kick Out a Car Windshield?

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Have you ever wondered how you would escape from a locked car? Today we're testing several different methods for breaking through car windows- which one will work the best?
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This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Have fun, but always think ahead, and remember that every project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK.
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9-Fev, 2019



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Staleon Everett
Staleon Everett 14 soat oldin
At 1:50 I seen something
Absolute Archer
Absolute Archer 17 soat oldin
You guys should of destroyed the rest of the car.
Absolute Archer
Absolute Archer 17 soat oldin
I had a weird dream that my car went in the water and I thought,"This is how I'm gonna die." Then I woke up and questioned myself.
Johnny Aguilera
Johnny Aguilera Kun oldin
U just showed so many people how to brake into a car
Rachel Matheny
Rachel Matheny Kun oldin
For the passenger side window I would have liked down and kicked it.
Ajinkya Karnataki
I know this is a bit late, but at 1:50, a TKOR logo appears.
Corey 2 kun oldin
apparently you can use the head rest to break the window, you pull it out and use the metal bits to hit the window
Tyvir Hopes
Tyvir Hopes 3 kun oldin
Cuber 9611
Cuber 9611 3 kun oldin
Michele Louise
Michele Louise 3 kun oldin
They treat the axe at the start like nobody else keeps on in the car I do. We go camping a lot so I have one in my car
Crystal Barrientez
Crystal Barrientez 4 kun oldin
if you don't want to watch the sponsor you can skip to 9:22
Odell Emberton
Odell Emberton 5 kun oldin
You're actually suppose to take out your head rest and use it to break the window, they are designed that way for a reason. All head rests have long pointy metal on them. Just take it off with a push of a button ;)
Pain Rikudō
Pain Rikudō 5 kun oldin
4:37 flitetest
rob kev
rob kev 5 kun oldin
I wonder who does the little animations 🤔
Dianna A.
Dianna A. 5 kun oldin
Can you do it without breaking any thing is in the car because I don't want to break any thing in the car
Lloyde magpantay
Lloyde magpantay 6 kun oldin
Sherry glass can break in large chunks tempered glass made in side windows for cars can break up into small pebbles if you hit a tiny rock with a point laminated glass is the windshield so if you heated it will not break because there's a piece of plastic holding to glass
Closer Pro
Closer Pro 8 kun oldin
Why did they get rid of the audio at 4:40 I wanted to hear their reactions!
has far
has far 8 kun oldin
Can you break the windshield easier with the punch
salem naji
salem naji 8 kun oldin
لعنه عليكم أنتم والطنافس ذي
Jamie Ryals
Jamie Ryals 9 kun oldin
I don’t know why but I saw a king of random logo... like if saw it for poor me ;-; 😭😭😭
hillbilly deluxe
hillbilly deluxe 10 kun oldin
I live in south ga I carry a youth sized single shot 20 gauge if I absolutely had to I’m getting out the dang car lol and 90% of my knives have a glass breaker on them
Art Jack
Art Jack 10 kun oldin
Or u can stab it *sees it*oh nvm
Said Daauud
Said Daauud 11 kun oldin
10:13 felt like smashing the like button
Lolopmaster 11 kun oldin
That car is gonna have insurance
Miles Remmel
Miles Remmel 13 kun oldin
1:51 flash of a TKIR logo. It’s in every video.
Miles Remmel
Miles Remmel 13 kun oldin
naomi carrol
naomi carrol 13 kun oldin
Jason Kentjana
Jason Kentjana 13 kun oldin
I thought the metal part of the headrest is meant to break the windows
Dallen Miller
Dallen Miller 14 kun oldin
Seems like when my baseball flew right at the windshield it broke A LOT easier
Malcolm Buehler
Malcolm Buehler 14 kun oldin
the intro vid is from this. the intro vid they have been using for almost a year
Cole Davis
Cole Davis 14 kun oldin
U could also just roll down the window
Jeylani Sayed
Jeylani Sayed 15 kun oldin
jack mullan
jack mullan 16 kun oldin
You could also use the head rest if it removable and get the prong parts and ram it into the edge of a side window
coonus1 16 kun oldin
Reminds me of Pineapple Express scene with Franco 😂
Eigil Zeuthen
Eigil Zeuthen 16 kun oldin
Let's be honest. We all want to do that
Cdwcdw Hi
Cdwcdw Hi 18 kun oldin
Yet my sister cracked the wind shield by accident by just putting her foot up
Wufflatious 18 kun oldin
i dont know why but there is something SO satisfying about that windshield getting warped...
Manolo Campos
Manolo Campos 19 kun oldin
The glass pebbles are still very dangerous. One time one of those got stuck in my toe
D_Mango YT
D_Mango YT 19 kun oldin
What if you didn't have gloves or a helmet? Please reply if you know TKOR
Paige Akaiti
Paige Akaiti 21 kun oldin
Ummm .... I think it is more easier to get in that to GET OUT! but OKAY?
LanaG63 21 kun oldin
Does anyone know if Calli and Nate are dating/married or just friends?
Jay Sparks
Jay Sparks 21 kun oldin
Robert Stewart
Victoria Nee
Victoria Nee 23 kun oldin
“Kick towards an edge” as he keeps kicking the middle 😂
IMM - 11 kun oldin
Victoria Nee Lol 😂 that’s funny
XtraRC 24 kun oldin
*inspired by Mr.Beast*
Kai Waldrop
Kai Waldrop 25 kun oldin
His fly is open
Laashayan Naidoo
Laashayan Naidoo 25 kun oldin
Just do what we do in South Africa for smash and grab take an iron and bend it into a T shape and hold the long part and hit with the flat part
DirtBike Girl 1
DirtBike Girl 1 25 kun oldin
The head rest is designed so in an accident yo get the steel and stab the glass to break
Timothy 26 kun oldin
Best advice. I've had to kick my own window out after rolling my car. Dosent matter what shoes you are wearing, boots are better yes. But position yourself so when your leg meets the window it should be just a little over 3\4 extended. Aim for the highest point of stress. On side windows its near the top of the door on big ones it is the center. Do a light test kick to see how you meet the window. You want the heel to make contact with the glass and use a full fallow through. Try to pretend the window isn't there and you should be able to do it in one kick. These guys are doping it as a demonstration, it is a lot more awkward when you are upside down and covered In debris. Also be sure to smash out the edges with whatever tool you used or with a rag of some sort to ensure you are not crawling in glass.
Lord Big bird
Lord Big bird 27 kun oldin
Matt K
Matt K 27 kun oldin
I was always told to take the headrest out and use those little metal rods that attach it to the seat to shatter the glass
HeavenCanWait7 27 kun oldin
Ah the beauty of toughened glass shattering. Wouldn't want to be going through a single or double glazed bit of glass with no laminate though.
matayo helseth
matayo helseth 28 kun oldin
Most cars have heard rests that can be removed. If you do it is made of a metal spike so u can weaken the passenger or windshield to break it
Joe Kaed kai Fam
Joe Kaed kai Fam 28 kun oldin
Kiss my 💩
Finle Y
Finle Y 28 kun oldin
You have to put the steeringwheel down and sit a little closer to the window
Frederick Owen
Frederick Owen 29 kun oldin
How about if your drowning/flouding
Jonathan Medeiros
Jonathan Medeiros 29 kun oldin
I know that if you really need to get out in an emergency situation, take your headrest out and use the metal poles as a jab for the window. That is actually part of its design.
Michele Louise
Michele Louise 3 kun oldin
What if the seats are decapitated and you can't remove the headrest
Michelle Xiong
Michelle Xiong 29 kun oldin
It was so funny when he was hitting the window
rap tap
rap tap 29 kun oldin
Anyone else pause at 7:56 to see the info
Calvin Burton
Calvin Burton Oy oldin
What if my windshield was bulletproof
Hailey Cornett
Hailey Cornett 28 kun oldin
It wont go well
Aurorious Oy oldin
TKOR reminds me of MythBusters in this video
DarkZ DeadeyeZ
You should have tried pulling down the backseats and going through the trunk
Jose Alvez
Jose Alvez Oy oldin
It shows you card number
Olga Litvinsky
well I am going to get this punch thingy for sure
Intars Matisans
I got a hacker in my device
Ava Smith
Ava Smith Oy oldin
Or you can call 911.
The senate
The senate Oy oldin
Use a shotgun.
sophie papakyriakou
Next time blow up a car
shadow wolf
shadow wolf Oy oldin
When we had a car accident my head hit the wind Shield and made a huge crack on it, but my head didn't have any damage😁
Binh boc thanh
This is why u should never skip leg day
dorothy bowman
what happend to the other guy
Gracean Maslog
*last pass left the group*
Corrupt_KRYZ Oy oldin
What a week pathetic man
Supreme Gamer
Supreme Gamer Oy oldin
Ok so u guys are doing all that to break a windshield when I broke many in abandon cars and side windows also if u did get in a crash the wind shield would already be compromised
Omair Usmani
Omair Usmani Oy oldin
That is Mike Heck's car. How dare you guys!
Fortnite Lover
Omair Usmani yes from the middle
LIZarid man
LIZarid man Oy oldin
police use a type of punch to get into car windows
dasavage lebbs
What the fridge nuggets what did the car windshield do to you
Cheff Oy oldin
**wears helmet while breaking glass **no eye protection
Stance R Us
Stance R Us Oy oldin
You guys should try spark plug to glass
8-Bit Chef
8-Bit Chef Oy oldin
Another thing you could have tried is using the metal prongs from the seat headrest. One of them is intentionally more pointed than the other to help break windows.
Patrick Davis
Patrick Davis Oy oldin
Tara in the word terrible you said my name
Slimey Toys
Slimey Toys Oy oldin
Pi day anyone 3/14/19
im_not_a_cannibal ok
dang car windows are weak
Dragon Vlogs
Dragon Vlogs Oy oldin
Nate you’re fly was down lol
fanclub narwall
8:04 u see the info of the card XD
fanclub narwall
fanclub narwall 25 kun oldin
Jason Voorhees get some guuci flops👌
Jason Voorhees
fanclub narwall QUICK SCREENSHOT
Time Oy oldin
You can also use your headrest as something to smash out the windows because that's another reason they designed it for emergency purposes
Marieke Zuidhoek
Eeeeeeemmmm in the Netherlands every car has a tool to cut the buckle AND to break the window in 1 sec......... just so you know
random stuf
random stuf Oy oldin
Mike Bergmans
Mike Bergmans Oy oldin
Mike Bergmans
Mike Bergmans Oy oldin
goed gezegd
Was that your card number.??? And what if you forget your dash lane password.
Mark van Driel
I know a idea. Open the door.
molly mccrory
molly mccrory Oy oldin
you can also take the top of your seet and just hit the window with it
HALO2565 Oy oldin
at 11:45 there is a slight flash of what I would say a spark. Can someone please tell me why that happens?
Alfie Lappin
Alfie Lappin Oy oldin
You could just elbow it
Tiffany Fontenot
Ur supposed to use the head of a seat
David Ortiz
David Ortiz Oy oldin
If you ever get spark plugs removed or changed keep what’s the tip because it’s made of diamond it will easily shatter the glass
JmSavage BDK
JmSavage BDK Oy oldin
This video is a copy of mythbusters
Avdax7 Sl
Avdax7 Sl Oy oldin
if you were in a car scash your legs would be probably broken
Giorgio Cappelletto
TKOR forever
FaZe FF2659
FaZe FF2659 Oy oldin
Home Of Speed
Home Of Speed Oy oldin
Its harder in real life than in the movies
kody tancreto
kody tancreto Oy oldin
or you can just do to steps open the door and walk out...
cruz torres
cruz torres Oy oldin
what else u could do is unlock the door
Akm Potato
Akm Potato Oy oldin
What u could do is call the cops Unless ur under water or something
Galaxy Bird
Galaxy Bird Oy oldin
Then you’re dead either way
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