Can You REALLY Kick Out a Car Windshield?

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Have you ever wondered how you would escape from a locked car? Today we're testing several different methods for breaking through car windows- which one will work the best?
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9-Fev, 2019

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I would recommend you wear boots
Frederic Ampia
Frederic Ampia Soat oldin
Don’t do this with your parents car
Candi Soda
Candi Soda Soat oldin
In an emergency, you want to get out fast though O.o..
Oli Gurteen
Oli Gurteen Soat oldin
Why didn't you open the door on the first attempt it only broke down.
Danj126 2 soat oldin
These are the most unsatisfying kicks ive ever seen
gucci 2 soat oldin
What if you have flip flops when you kick the window
Jayden LT
Jayden LT 2 soat oldin
But if ur in the water wait for the water to fill up the car then open the door/unbuckle your seat belt
Melissa Krupp
Melissa Krupp 3 soat oldin
My mom used to keep a full size hammer in her car instead of buying one of those survival axe kits with the mini axe and seatbelt cutter.
FJX2000 Productions
FJX2000 Productions 3 soat oldin
Nice Daft Punk reference 😉😂
Sebastian Ruby
Sebastian Ruby 4 soat oldin
What happend to the original king of random?
Cody G02
Cody G02 4 soat oldin
I've also heard that if you take the head rests out then you can use the metal on them
MixZ Dalamix
MixZ Dalamix 4 soat oldin
3:32 close your eyes
Fotis Kokkinos
Fotis Kokkinos 5 soat oldin
That was very useful thank you
Gerard rodriguez
Gerard rodriguez 6 soat oldin
File test!!!! Do so,etching together jaja I saw the Jacket jajaj
Jessica Lyles
Jessica Lyles 7 soat oldin
Do not try this at home
CallMe0ri 7 soat oldin
כזה חנון
MR SPORTY TRUCKER 7 soat oldin
You know there is a thing called a door handle and u pull it and the door opens!
SS Skits
SS Skits 7 soat oldin
my duuude your done you showed your credit card information
Gaming Dragon
Gaming Dragon 8 soat oldin
Is stewrobo007 a real email
okandrew42903 8 soat oldin
What an absolute moronic test....
zakovb bronchi
zakovb bronchi 8 soat oldin
It looks like a bullit
Low key._alonna Harris
You could use a spark plug Throw the spark bit at the window and it shadders
Hunter Standridge
Hunter Standridge 9 soat oldin
It's a Saturn graveyard.
Hunter Standridge
Hunter Standridge 9 soat oldin
Poor Saturn Sl.
Indignant 1
Indignant 1 10 soat oldin
Just open the door, you don’t need power to open the door
Prime Optimal
Prime Optimal 11 soat oldin
Reveals credit card number* WHOOOOPS
imentxx 14 soat oldin
imagine if we are on an accident and our leg.hands broke. my question is, how would peeps do that when their leg are broken?
Can we get 1k without videos ?
8:03 she leaked her credit card info xD
Bloby Fuller
Bloby Fuller 15 soat oldin
Does she know how to hold an axe
Jo_Cat 16 soat oldin
Jo_Cat 16 soat oldin
Brendan Bush
Brendan Bush 18 soat oldin
Most steering wheels should be able to lower
Mr. Blake
Mr. Blake 18 soat oldin
You guys do realize that you showed a credit card number
Adish Palakkal
Adish Palakkal 19 soat oldin
As far as I know the headrests are made removable so that we can use it to break glass. Should have tried that too...!
jjcrazytheboss 19 soat oldin
lol in the beggining where they broke the windsheild : Its twins
cade 19 soat oldin
don't like this
JohnX 20 soat oldin
Gta5 in real life
C Molloy
C Molloy 20 soat oldin
JohnX 21 soat oldin
Arisen Terror215
Arisen Terror215 21 soat oldin
Did anyone catch that they put there credit card info in there
Matt M
Matt M 21 soat oldin
im pretty sure with adrenaline running through your system in an emergency it would be easier
Jennifer and Camden Jones
But if your car breaks down just use the door
R34GTRKING 22 soat oldin
Another tip is if you grab the head rest from the seat and use the 2 Bars/prongs that hold the headrest in the seat and you hit a window it will break it.
Mr Noll
Mr Noll 22 soat oldin
Pull off the head rest. The poles holding it in are pointed just for that purpose to break out the side window
Alex Jimenez
Alex Jimenez 23 soat oldin
1:50 is a thing
Chris White
Chris White 23 soat oldin
Did u know u can use the head rest as a thing to break the window
Spencer De
Spencer De Kun oldin
He said I haven’t tried breaking the window and I’m like well nobody really has right??
Connor Bjernudd
Connor Bjernudd Kun oldin
What is this myth busters?
the Most MLG Jellybean
Um glass is stronger on the sides, the middle is the weakest. Not the other way around
Leprakotic Kun oldin
Or you could’ve used the door
berb Kun oldin
whats your sensitivity and resourcepack? thank you
Ida-Maree Sherman
1:50 flashy flashy slash how i flashy flashy flash
Ida-Maree Sherman
i meant flash not slash whoops :P
aleco0 Kun oldin
3:04 close your eyes and enjoy ;)
jlmr88 Kun oldin
At 11:45 the punch makes a small spark. How about a super slow mo close up of something like that
you may not die in the crash but........YOU WILL while trying to kick the windshield by wasting your ENERGY (just listen to them after tho)
subscribe to pewdiepie
1:51 secret logo
LunamariaHawke Kun oldin
Can you do one underwater? I would like to know how hard is it to kick and break the windscreen underwater.
Taylor AADT
Taylor AADT Kun oldin
lol his fly is down
Askejm Kun oldin
3:46 Look at all the glass shes getting down her pants. Ouch
wemo tard
wemo tard Kun oldin
I’m 13 and I got into a car crash about 3 months ago and I just punched out my windows with my hoodie around my fist
Marc Jeremaiah Adlong
the only problem is when your windows in your car is bulletproof
Kentkenny Kun oldin
kids do not try this at home and your parent's car
Joshua Rose
Joshua Rose Kun oldin
I cannot stand her. She is absolutely annoying.
Mario Nunez
Mario Nunez Kun oldin
What happened to the short guy
Syong 1237
Syong 1237 Kun oldin
she has a flitetest jacket
Aqua Kun oldin
Just carry a spark plug, it works just as well if not better, its the way a lot of junkies break into cars too.
Alexander pentz
Alexander pentz Kun oldin
wow they are week
Baby Ramen
Baby Ramen Kun oldin
I put that info of the credit or debit card and it worked I didn’t buy anything and you should fix this part because it shows his address
Derpz :P
Derpz :P Kun oldin
How to break into a car 😂
Carmyn Mabon
Carmyn Mabon Kun oldin
This feels like mythbusters... I love it
derpy chicken
derpy chicken Kun oldin
The first test Is so satisfyingly awesome!
I just subscribed because you guys, are SAVAGES! Yall are just amazing. haha lol. c:
BIG BIRD Kun oldin
Carlos Solis
Carlos Solis Kun oldin
I mean i could break the windows with my fist done it before lmao I feel like they aren't hitting as hard as they can bc someone way younger can be mr. one punch man
cassidy lynn
cassidy lynn Kun oldin
anyone else notice the 8 & 3 in tkor logos? anyone know what they’re for? 1:27
Arif Alif Ahmad
Arif Alif Ahmad Kun oldin
Next video: How to fixed cracked Car Windshield. using DIY and various store products.
my fun stuff hehe
When u break the side Windows u are supposed to use the head of the seats that is why they are made to come off
Dead Gaming
Dead Gaming Kun oldin
A hammer would be better than a screw driver or how could hold the screw driver and hammer it into the window
i have a hammer in my car
Ash Flexum
Ash Flexum Kun oldin
Missed out on the opportunity to call yourself Dafter Punk smh
pigeon Kun oldin
3:33 *EHHH* OwO
Hunter Wright
Hunter Wright 2 kun oldin
Joshua Tellis
Joshua Tellis 2 kun oldin
You could just use the head rests
Josiah McElroy
Josiah McElroy 2 kun oldin
How is she related to them
Tuan To
Tuan To 2 kun oldin
I wish I did that
Leaqruff Vigil
Leaqruff Vigil 2 kun oldin
If your car broken down open the door, the door would still work
SLAYER-GAMES 2 kun oldin
Until someone hacks dashlane
Oliver Brandon
Oliver Brandon 2 kun oldin
Should've used a snap on screwdriver, guaranteed to break the window in one try
Golden Mobile
Golden Mobile 2 kun oldin
Finally someone punched the glass
Chris Garcia
Chris Garcia 2 kun oldin
3:31 close your eyes and play
JustthePug //////Gaming
Did anyone see the captions at 7:50-7:53.
KainaX122 2 kun oldin
Duuuuuude. I WANT that shirt Nate's wearing!
Hunter Wright
Hunter Wright Kun oldin
KainaX122 how bout her flite test merch
Tor2sn0rt RBLX
Tor2sn0rt RBLX 2 kun oldin
Or you could just unwind the window
Carlos-Adrian Andrade
My dad does because he is a macanic
EC Motion
EC Motion 2 kun oldin
what if dashlane got hacked
FDG 2 kun oldin
the head restraint metal bars are tapered so they are used to break out windows in an emergency
Cutter Bratton
Cutter Bratton 2 kun oldin
Was that Pewdiepie’s chair?
Dakota Reeves
Dakota Reeves 2 kun oldin
Why didn't you use a headrest?
Nathaniel Ring
Nathaniel Ring 2 kun oldin
I noticed the flite test gear she's wearing. You guys should do some crazy project with them
Phuc Huynh
Phuc Huynh 2 kun oldin
In an emergency, I believe you should be able to use the end of the headrest no?
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