Cantu Review // $16 Curly Hair Routine

Penny Tovar
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Today I review Cantu shampoo, Cantu Conditioner, and Cantu Custard. They are from the line Cantu Shea Butter for Natural Hair. This curly hair routine cost $16 total! These curly hair products are sulfate free, silicone free, and super cheap.
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17-Yan, 2018

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Anna 18 soat oldin
Guuurl, you look gorgeous with this beautiful curly hair,
Lyzette Vega
Lyzette Vega 8 kun oldin
I love your reviews, they help this broke/clueless girl a whole lot!
我SKYGROUND 8 kun oldin
So I need to get 2 of the long bottle ?
Eunoia Ville
Eunoia Ville 9 kun oldin
marry me?
Brown Gamer
Brown Gamer 16 kun oldin
What dose this do for your hair
Jonas Jiang
Jonas Jiang 29 kun oldin
Nice vid. Thanks :)
Abi Caterina
Abi Caterina Oy oldin
Can u comment on shampoos like pantene,sunsilk,himalaya,....i dont remember other names gah! Etc.
Luz R Ortiz
Luz R Ortiz Oy oldin
did the custard ever flake?
Renee Sharday
Renee Sharday Oy oldin
Great vid! Just uploaded a cantu review do check it out x
Natalie Avelar
Hey I use cantu but just the curling cream and I was wondering if you could try it out bc I want to make is good but I just want your feedback. the product is called "Coconut curling cream" so I want to know if is a good product or not thank you.
Nora Oy oldin
ORS olive oil
BadHair Day
BadHair Day Oy oldin
This biatch @1:53
Valerie Luna
Valerie Luna 2 oy oldin
Is this you natural hair or is it permed and is your hair already curly or the products make it curly?
muskan bagri
muskan bagri 2 oy oldin
Please review arata hair cream and gel.pleaseeeeeeeeeee
Cristina Maria
Cristina Maria 2 oy oldin
Best cantu product is cantu curl activator cream. Soft hold, no IPA and is like 5 bucks!
Yasmin Reyes
Yasmin Reyes 2 oy oldin
Try mrs. Jessie’s :)
Alondra Garcia
Alondra Garcia 2 oy oldin
I’m probably late here, but have you tried the activator? Is it actually good?
21tomboy/h2ovanoss /NAV
The second ingredient says sulfonate for the shampoo!!!
Jessica R
Jessica R 2 oy oldin
Today I just bought the cantu cream
Divina1218 3 oy oldin
Omg! Here in Panama just the shampoo is $10 it’s insane 😔
Joey_ Breezy
Joey_ Breezy 3 oy oldin
This video is really satisfying 😍
Emma Philomena
Emma Philomena 3 oy oldin
I think the fragrance of this products is too much. Like 3rd ingredients in the custard... No wonder it smells so strong. I don't like this, might be why it's slightly drying
John Wick
John Wick 3 oy oldin
can you review coco and eve
Wenwen 3 oy oldin
ive tried the cantu curl activator cream and even though i dont put alot in it, it makes my hair crunchy
Wenwen 3 oy oldin
i just love all your videos! i love that you keep your vids under 5 minutes and dont talk for 10 minutes before hand like ALOT of ppl do, and its great that you post the ingredients to keep your loyal followers (like me) informed....A BIG THANKS!!!
Kløver Holiday
Kløver Holiday 3 oy oldin
Is that real hair!? Omg 🤩
sonyag5 3 oy oldin
I lovveee Cantu!!!
Emma Shantell
Emma Shantell 3 oy oldin
Omg yassssss Queen 👑
Karla Rodriguez
Karla Rodriguez 3 oy oldin
Could you review The Mane Choice. I use the Lemande Mask and my hair turnt pretty good. Im not sure if its new because i dont see much reviews
Lacey Moberg
Lacey Moberg 4 oy oldin
Review pineapple curls by Pacifica
Penny Tovar
Penny Tovar 4 oy oldin
Already have ;)
Abigail Pińero
Abigail Pińero 4 oy oldin
Can u try pink hair products
Lupita Melendez
Lupita Melendez 4 oy oldin
Wait can people with straight hair can get these results too?
Lupita Melendez
Lupita Melendez 4 oy oldin
+Penny Tovar oh okee thank you! <3!
Penny Tovar
Penny Tovar 4 oy oldin
No, it only enhances natural curls :3
Cynthia Baltazar
Cynthia Baltazar 4 oy oldin
Do you wash the conditioner out? I'm new to this
hiyab demoz
hiyab demoz 4 oy oldin
haiii did you wash out the conditioner ?
Diana Snow
Diana Snow 5 oy oldin
I like these, I also like Curls and As I Am. White girl who prefers some of the ethnic hair products. My hair texture is slightly less thick than yours and a bit more wavy than curly.
Luna Lovegood
Luna Lovegood 5 oy oldin
The Cantu leave in conditioner is really good.
Taisha Andre
Taisha Andre 5 oy oldin
Can yall help me I need a new shampoo and conditioner can yall name some good, healthy ones it would be so helpful
Ziegler Mackenzie
Can u review not your mothers
Diana Martinez
Diana Martinez 6 oy oldin
Thx for the video I was thinking of buying but wasn't sure if I were Guna like it..I'm sure it'll work miracles on my kids hair
Lenora Reid
Lenora Reid 6 oy oldin
virgin hair fertilizer
AmourMilllie 6 oy oldin
Can you do creme of nature
Emma S
Emma S 6 oy oldin
Your hair is so pretty😻😻
Bria King
Bria King 6 oy oldin
When I looked at the thumbnail her penny’s hair still looked really good it just looked a little dry and frizzzy
Sherifa Ghoneim
Sherifa Ghoneim 6 oy oldin
Please please do a review on the Umberto Giannini line
Carmey Love
Carmey Love 6 oy oldin
Bella curls
Michaela McDonald
An you review love, beauty and planet
ariana moonlight
ariana moonlight 7 oy oldin
I used the shampoo and conditioner and then I applied the curl activator cream to my soaking wet hair. I know I'm not suppose to do that but it worked. It made my hair bouncy, shiny, and frizz free.
Sunny Abraha
Sunny Abraha 7 oy oldin
Carols daughter pleaseeee
Kassy HG
Kassy HG 7 oy oldin
CAN YOU DO A REVIEW ON "Cantu Shea Butter for Natural Hair DEEP TREATMENT MASQUE"Thanks!
Eleanore Rigby
Eleanore Rigby 7 oy oldin
I don't like the shampoo, I use all natural bar shampoo if I'm using anything. I love the conditioner it's my main conditioner, I also the leave in conditioner. I need a gel with them to define my curls but it really helped switching to Cantu for conditioner since CG approved conditioners are usually so expensive
Kashara Lashawn
Kashara Lashawn 7 oy oldin
Can you please try out the not your mothers way to grow products
RadHero345 7 oy oldin
How do you finger comb your hair so easily?! It is so hard for me i have to spend like 10 minutes with my comb!
Elba Lizarraga
Elba Lizarraga 7 oy oldin
Did you rinse out the conditioner? I couldn’t tell if you did or not
Destiny Williams!!!
My Cantu hair products are more expensive where I live😢 luckily, my momma can afford it😁
Sarah Wilkerson
Sarah Wilkerson 7 oy oldin
Hi can you use more than one styles on your hair?
Esmeralda Rodriguez
I went out and bought these products. The only thing I swapped was the styler, I used Cantu’s kid curly cream styler. I loved the initial results. After using them for about a month I suddenly began to get dandruff. My hair also became very limp, it wasn’t curling like it used to. My ends were split and tangling all the time. My hair had become super dry and damaged. This had never happened to me before with Shea Moisture. I had to cut quite a bit of length off.
Dani David
Dani David 7 oy oldin
I like your low voice, you should sing!
Anavilante Roch
Anavilante Roch 7 oy oldin
I'm not the fan of Sodium C14-16 olefin sulfonate =\
Victoria Perales
Victoria Perales 7 oy oldin
Can you review the main n tail products
Vanessa Gil
Vanessa Gil 7 oy oldin
Is mixed chicks stuff any good?
Rini S
Rini S 7 oy oldin
Try african pride shea miracle moisture intense bouncy curls pudding
Susanne LaCorte
Susanne LaCorte 7 oy oldin
Wow your curls look beautiful!!
Sophie Kamler
Sophie Kamler 8 oy oldin
You're a doll! The second ingredient of the shampoo is a sulfate though. I think that might be why it seemed so strong for a "sulfate free" shampoo.
Rohini Kadam
Rohini Kadam 8 oy oldin
I have done starightening to my hairs 1.5years ago and now it's too damaged becoz of straightening can you please advise how to make straightening hair back to normal
liam in a banana suit
Cantu never worked for me
marisadaniela6 8 oy oldin
Went to target last night, got overwhelmed by all the choices. So THANK YOUUUU, I needed this. Also, you're soooo cute!
Noelia Correa
Noelia Correa 8 oy oldin
Cantu vs ogx
gigi curls
gigi curls 8 oy oldin
Glad she made this video. I just bought the cantu deep conditioner and rle hope it works
Brooke Cantu
Brooke Cantu 8 oy oldin
I’m Cantu⬇️
Jessica Jung
Jessica Jung 8 oy oldin
John Frieda Frizz ease pleasseeeeeeee
Karen Reyes
Karen Reyes 8 oy oldin
Did this cause any flakes in your hair?😂I’m just sitting in the aisle at Walmart tempted to buy this but not sure if this product was good
Habiba Khan
Habiba Khan 8 oy oldin
Cantu is amazing IG- Habiba_khan1001
Chazy Minoda
Chazy Minoda 8 oy oldin
Could you review Hives Rocher?
Laura Moses
Laura Moses 8 oy oldin
CurlyPenny can you review the Asiam line of products please?????
lol wolf134
lol wolf134 8 oy oldin
Review Cantu lol
Love Forever
Love Forever 9 oy oldin
i love cantu
Lauren Thomas
Lauren Thomas 9 oy oldin
I found a deep conditioner from Cantu with dimethicone in it.
SC BoyMom
SC BoyMom 9 oy oldin
Yeah, just moved, rearranging budget, so I think I’m going to do Cantu until my budget allows for my KC and DevaCurl again. Simple and cheap is what I’m looking for right now!!
Brianna Fuentes
Brianna Fuentes 9 oy oldin
Can you review taliah waajid products pls.
Golden Yonis
Golden Yonis 9 oy oldin
4.99 $ ??? What in my area the retail is 18.99 all the product Cantu 😥
Shai K
Shai K 9 oy oldin
Doggy doodoo lol
Faizat Ahmed
Faizat Ahmed 9 oy oldin
pls do u shop for product online if u do pls can u tell me the name
Deirdre C
Deirdre C 9 oy oldin
You should have tried the Cantu leave in conditioning repair cream before the custard. It makes your hair even softer underneath any styler. Great video! I like just found you, I'm subscribing! 💕
cloud campos
cloud campos 9 oy oldin
your hair texture is what i always dreamt of ! so beautiful ! ( i have the ringlet type )
Ashley Wolfhard
Ashley Wolfhard 9 oy oldin
I LITTERLY begged my mom to buy me these 3 products. Im back from Target now ima test it. CANT wait to see the results :) EDIT= My curls came out good. I LOVE the conditioner. But 1 problem. The custard made it SOO hard for my hair to air dry. It litterly toke like 4 hours. Thank goodness i had no were to urgently go in those hour's. But still good products :) 3/5
menna yasser
menna yasser 9 oy oldin
Could you review shea moisture JBCO line?
Lauralye Lopez
Lauralye Lopez 9 oy oldin
Wait so did she wash out the conditioner??
Sparkle With Sprinkles
I bought the Activator and Cream you used today. I wanted to get the Mask but it isn't the same FREE formula as the other items I was very disappointed.
Olivia Marie
Olivia Marie 10 oy oldin
I use the Cantu Deep Conditioner and it works pretty well on my hair.
Janae _
Janae _ 10 oy oldin
review ors monoi oil products please
Annie Vu
Annie Vu 10 oy oldin
Can you use this for permed hair
AV T.V. 10 oy oldin
Can you review suave or Pantene products?
C VMA 10 oy oldin
I always want to try the most expensive hair products when Cantu has always been in my face (you can get their products everywhere) and for some reason I avoid it! 😣
Michelle 10 oy oldin
I got Cantu products and they had sulfate!!!
Michelle 10 oy oldin
I need to begin checking the ingredients but thank you Penny!
Penny Tovar
Penny Tovar 10 oy oldin
Not all of their products are sulfate free, this line is
Alice Alice
Alice Alice 10 oy oldin
The custard has canola oil :-0
isabelle domingue
isabelle domingue 10 oy oldin
Lol what $16 for all that ? It’s like $25 for one bottle in australia
Jada floyd05
Jada floyd05 10 oy oldin
A hairdresser recommended this to me! I can’t wait to try it!
Jessica Sanchez
Jessica Sanchez 10 oy oldin
Can I use the Cantu custard for my transitioning journey ?
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