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David Dobrik
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I surprise the boys with a fun treat and we try some tricks!
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10-Yan, 2019



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David Dobrik
David Dobrik 2 oy oldin
All behind the scenes stuff of vlogs on my Instagram: instagram.com/Daviddobrik
Abby Dudley
Abby Dudley 29 kun oldin
did you just heart your own comment
Skylar Mackenzie
+Goldie Locks that's what I said!🤣
ant man0706
ant man0706 Oy oldin
Is Todd gay
Goldie Locks
Goldie Locks Oy oldin
Love how david loves his own comment
Frezzy X
Frezzy X Oy oldin
You have the same jacket as my dad
Elizabeth McFarland
Elizabeth McFarland 11 soat oldin
David and Natili were wearing the same jacket the whole time 😂
Robert Raccoon 15 R
Robert Raccoon 15 R 21 soat oldin
I wonder how many ex girlfriends Dom has
Antho Sandwich
Antho Sandwich 21 soat oldin
How did Scott have a boot on in one clip but then the next it was off
Jad Animi
Jad Animi Kun oldin
Ella Roberts
Ella Roberts Kun oldin
Are Jason and Trisha back together? X
Marlene Lopez
Marlene Lopez Kun oldin
I’m dead when the cards are getting thrown to the cups and how josh was standing with a big smile it makes me laugh idky(Ik this doesn’t make sense)
Levi Face
Levi Face Kun oldin
Poor scott 😂😂❤️
Studio Blue
Studio Blue Kun oldin
I love Todd’s laugh 😂♥️
Seth Carico
Seth Carico Kun oldin
Oh shit he came to my elementary school.... I caught one of his cards..
Julianna Miano
Julianna Miano Kun oldin
Did Todd and Corina beak up!!?!?!?!?!? Sry I’m behind
Mr. Floyd’s record is a lie
Anyone else see that sick ass bike at 1:03 ???
Cassandra Lauziere
3:24 Poor Scotty has a boot and now he gets it thrown at his back and pee pee😂😂
AllAsDee 2 kun oldin
That cock hit shoulda been Josh😂😂😂😂
Nassima Hmimid
Nassima Hmimid 2 kun oldin
Why this vd only 4:20!!!
Kaylee Talbert
Kaylee Talbert 2 kun oldin
does the dog work at chuck e. cheese ?
Karma Christiansen
Karma Christiansen 2 kun oldin
I like house Scotty Was the only one to get hi in the balls
Kevin Sanchez
Kevin Sanchez 3 kun oldin
Who is shorter Scott or David?
KitKat 3 kun oldin
At 3:52 Josh did that laugh he does in Ice Age 😂
Daud Khan
Daud Khan 3 kun oldin
1:58 Natalie and David are wearing the same sweater
lily cook
lily cook 3 kun oldin
Scott is everything
Zupus’ Vlogs
Zupus’ Vlogs 4 kun oldin
I didn’t get what Corinna said about Todd
Patrick Kelly
Patrick Kelly 4 kun oldin
4:14 David sounds so Slovakian saying "Dog!" lol like Josh doing a Slovakian voice impression
lexi bear
lexi bear 4 kun oldin
2:12 David
Becky Swookies
Becky Swookies 4 kun oldin
If David was serious when he said Natalie has a lot of clout then I wonder how he knows??? Welcome back to conspiracy theories with David’s fans
the one and the only Jonathan horn
I met him before
JustAComment 5 kun oldin
2:02 why isnt anyone Talking about this?
sanam bhuiya
sanam bhuiya 5 kun oldin
my heart when jeff tried to play off the cierra joke omg
Ava Kun oldin
What did he say, I couldn’t hear him.
Flamingo is Best
Flamingo is Best 5 kun oldin
I don’t like how Scott is always getting abuses
Get glammed with cam
Is it sad that I would hook up with dom
Leydis Marie
Leydis Marie 6 kun oldin
I truly do love Trisha 🥰
Hey It's Hayli
Hey It's Hayli 6 kun oldin
Loved how David acted concerned when Scott fell to the ground but doesn't help him and just goes to the camera
Allison Smith
Allison Smith 6 kun oldin
let me just say the card thrower came to my school when i was in middle school and did a show for us and when i saw this video i literally freaked 😂😂
Miguel Teofilo
Miguel Teofilo 6 kun oldin
3:41 David’s face
Eva Ramos
Eva Ramos 7 kun oldin
2:09 how does he know???!!!😂😂😂😏😏🤔
Damian Ramos
Damian Ramos 7 kun oldin
The video ends on 4:20
Teoh Kai Zhi
Teoh Kai Zhi 7 kun oldin
Human husky
Brianne Miranda
Brianne Miranda 7 kun oldin
oh my fucking God 0.56 I am dieing that and the fosters r my favorite show ever but was it callie or madiana
Nelly Brya
Nelly Brya 8 kun oldin
I just new that would happen to Scotty
Emily Stromboe
Emily Stromboe 8 kun oldin
3:46 take a look at Toddy and David I dont know why but i find it cute
jwatwater 8 kun oldin
Guy: Damn Daniel. Natalie: Oh. SAME
unknown unknown
unknown unknown 9 kun oldin
Bro don't kill me Josh at the end with a cup looks like a mii
gray schlosser
gray schlosser 9 kun oldin
when Scott gets hit in the nutz and todds laugh. lol
Vianca Ortiz
Vianca Ortiz 9 kun oldin
3:51 their laughs😂💀😂💀
Colin Miller
Colin Miller 9 kun oldin
Why does tod have nail polish 3:31
Belle Vie _
Belle Vie _ 10 kun oldin
I am begging someone who can edit to edit 2:41 with a car running over Trisha. Please
Amaan Siddiqui
Amaan Siddiqui 10 kun oldin
Ignacio Padilla
Ignacio Padilla 10 kun oldin
Who is Jeff’s ex
MissScarlet Emily
MissScarlet Emily 11 kun oldin
I always feel so bad for Scott in David Dobrik’s videos
Sam M
Sam M 13 kun oldin
i started binging his vlogs at 11 and now its 4 am david i hate you for making such quality content
i love 5sos betch
i love 5sos betch 13 kun oldin
I'm still wondering who that guy was at 1:53 lmao
Cory and Marienda
Cory and Marienda 14 kun oldin
monika eric
monika eric 14 kun oldin
"i KnoW yoUr gaMeS dAviD"💀💀💀💀💀
Zach Braunstein
Zach Braunstein 15 kun oldin
Scott was so confident
Eldon Allen
Eldon Allen 16 kun oldin
4:20 when your mom said she’ll get you a happy meal
j wadsen
j wadsen 17 kun oldin
3:52 did anyone else had the elf laugh or is it just me?
Lily Xo
Lily Xo 17 kun oldin
How do you know that David? ;)
JAPETHEONE 18 kun oldin
funniest vlogs on youtube.
Zachary Banasiak
Zachary Banasiak 18 kun oldin
Dog at the end seemed nervous lol
Mauricio Hernandez
Mauricio Hernandez 18 kun oldin
Scotty had protection
Sophia Ledyard
Sophia Ledyard 19 kun oldin
Why is poor Scott always the one to be hurt 😞
lilly reee
lilly reee 19 kun oldin
can we just peep that sexy bike in the background at 1:02
Huzaifa Ahmed
Huzaifa Ahmed 19 kun oldin
Who is here after Dude Perfect trick shots video
Noel Cay
Noel Cay 19 kun oldin
2:02 ummmm how would you know that david?!?
Cristian 720
Cristian 720 19 kun oldin
0:05 doms mouth lol
Aly 19 kun oldin
Leon Van
Leon Van 19 kun oldin
3:23 if you pay attention you can clearly see that the card didnt even hit scotty
Callie Keeton
Callie Keeton 20 kun oldin
I would let Jeff go down on me he's a hot piece of ass
Lily Collins
Lily Collins 21 kun oldin
Why do you always abuse Scott 😂he’s my favorite 😂😂
AP Renown
AP Renown 21 kun oldin
Too much scotty
_愛Monkey_Beans愛 _
3:40 Look at David being a little pussy XD
_愛Monkey_Beans愛 _
3:40 Look at David being a little pussy XD
Maya Miller
Maya Miller 21 kun oldin
am i the only one who noticed but Todd’s nails were painted
W0LFB01 22 kun oldin
when David holds on to Todd. David we know your gay so stop and come out 3:40
Emily Ramirez
Emily Ramirez 22 kun oldin
love the fact that everbody felt scotts pain
Monce Rodriguez
Monce Rodriguez 22 kun oldin
trish was right about that jeff is hotter than tod 🤤🥵
bellaa 22 kun oldin
i knew he was gonna throw it at scott’s dick and i feel so bad smh
Piffster6226 23 kun oldin
69 69
69 69 23 kun oldin
How does david know that natalie has a lot of clout
Abigail Avila
Abigail Avila 24 kun oldin
RIP Trisha
44_gormz_44 24 kun oldin
Am I dumb or is anyone else confused about the dog
chea puu
chea puu 24 kun oldin
i have a son i have a son i have a son 3:43
Emma Tran
Emma Tran 24 kun oldin
I hear Josh going " I have a son, I have a son" Then after Scotty gets hit all I can think is "Scotty will never have a son, scotty will never have a son"
V capri
V capri 24 kun oldin
Why are Todd's nails painted
mylie kamdyn
mylie kamdyn 25 kun oldin
damn daniel
Bts Potato
Bts Potato 25 kun oldin
dam daniel
Trisha McEl
Trisha McEl 25 kun oldin
Josh’s face when the cup is on his head is everything
Adorablechristina 28
3:48 David and toddy 🥴😂
DeLayna Harvey
DeLayna Harvey 25 kun oldin
Holy crap I just realized that card thrower guy Rick came to my school like in 5th grade and put on a magic show xD
DatIs Cool
DatIs Cool 25 kun oldin
I love how when Scott got hit in the no no place,David didn’t run to help Scott but instead he ran to his camera to film Scott!😂😂😂😂
Madison Mariah
Madison Mariah 25 kun oldin
todd screaming with an apple in his mouth, ten out of ten
Jovany Romero
Jovany Romero 25 kun oldin
Honestly Josh looks like original Josh from Drake n josh
I.dont. know.anymore
the chlamydia sign got me lol
I.dont. know.anymore
the chlamydia sign got me lol
Traci Craig
Traci Craig 26 kun oldin
scott is the rlly the only one that gets hurt in these situations lol
Steph R.
Steph R. 26 kun oldin
I’m dead😭💀 I had to rewatch this a month later bc it was so funny specially when it seemed like David felt Scott’s pain. 😂( 3:51 )
angelina 26 kun oldin
Melissa Jean-baptiste
Guys it ended at 4:20 "Hey what's up you guys yes"
Maximum Mus
Maximum Mus 26 kun oldin
Oh yeah yeah
Namfon Xaykeo
Namfon Xaykeo 26 kun oldin
Scott is cuter than Jeff or todd
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