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Cardi B, Bad Bunny & J Balvin - I Like It [Official Music Video]

Cardi B
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Cardi B, Bad Bunny & J Balvin - I Like It from Cardi B's Debut Album Invasion of Privacy available now!
Stream/Download: CardiB.lnk.to/IOPAY

INVASION OF PRIVACY merchandise available here: smarturl.it/BardiGangMerchYT
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Director - Eif Rivera
Executive Producer - Kareem Johnson
Video Commissioner/VP Video Production - Emmanuelle Cuny-Diop
Associate Director, Video Administration - Lily F Thrall
Assistant, Video Production - Trevor Joseph Newton




29-May, 2018

Cardi BI Like ItInvasion of PrivacyBad BunnyJ BalvinBronxNew YorkRapHip HopBodak YellowBartier Cardi8zSRkr1nQNwCardiBardiiAeYPfrXwk4#1 BillboardXXXTentacion



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Nik Nik
Nik Nik 15 daqiqa oldin
uzvid.com/video/video-hxBO2F4XLYk.html My voice from India 🇮🇳😊
AdyVenom 17 daqiqa oldin
lol what is this shit?4 mil retards at least on earth...we re going 2 hell
Georgi Lousie
Georgi Lousie 25 daqiqa oldin
Love you cardi
Markus Eskildsen
Markus Eskildsen 25 daqiqa oldin
Cardi B: I like it Lil Pump: I love it tf?
LuLu Lu Lu
LuLu Lu Lu 31 daqiqa oldin
Estaba a favor de niky hasta que escuche esta cancion, A LA MRD NIKY ARRIBA CARDY
Arife Erol
Arife Erol 35 daqiqa oldin
im obsessed with this song
give me my money
give me my money 37 daqiqa oldin
We all know that all the dislikes are Nicki Minaj fans. Smh, if you are Nicki Minaj why you here literally you are giving Cardi money. Lmao. SHUSH NOW.
삐라짱 37 daqiqa oldin
I’ve been loving Cardi for so long. Her voice, rap style, songs, looks and eventually everything. But the way she acted to Nicki our queen was so disappointing. Migos too. How could they be so rude and disrespectful I cant never understand.
jose ortiz
jose ortiz 47 daqiqa oldin
That Eddie guerrero reference from bad bunny 😭😢❤️❤️ R.I.P Eddie y que viva la RAZA!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️
Passig Toloza_
Passig Toloza_ 54 daqiqa oldin
que mierda es chambea.....
honeyhoneycomb Soat oldin
Keven V
Keven V Soat oldin
You gotta believe me when I tell you I don't like that
max henrnandez
max henrnandez Soat oldin
without bad bunny the song would be good
Kelson Silva ✅☑
GAMERROYALE 1.0 Soat oldin
Niki minaj?
dianna._.alvarez Soat oldin
I SAID I LIKE IT LIKE THAT BITCHHHHH jk my moms ganna kill me
MoNa LiSa
MoNa LiSa Soat oldin
C Ardi A mazing R really D Aring I Mazinggggg
Raj Bohra
Raj Bohra Soat oldin
MoNa LiSa I for idiot
Hanzo Hasashi
Hanzo Hasashi Soat oldin
I love this song and the wy you rap
MoNa LiSa
MoNa LiSa Soat oldin
I thought that green thing on her neck was a beard
Mosaaadak Tried
Mosaaadak Tried Soat oldin
I don’t understand anything after “I like it like that”
pumpernickle nicklepumper
Hang yourself
Hugo Cervantes
Hugo Cervantes Soat oldin
En la canción se escucha como una burra en celo? O es solo mi imaginación?
Show Yourself Strong Entertainment
This girl would have murdered this shit. No shade uzvid.com/video/video-aRyNgt8w8d0.html
breathin 2 soat oldin
of course all Mexicans are supporting cardi after what happened
Özgür Taraktaş
Özgür Taraktaş 2 soat oldin
I like it!!!!!
acttually cardi b
acttually cardi b 2 soat oldin
"Nicki is shaking rn"
AGOLF TWITTLER 2 soat oldin
RIP ENGLISH. VIVA LA ESPANIO. Sorry, my English is too bad.
RealGama Jenna6
RealGama Jenna6 3 soat oldin
When u hear all the garbage on the radio and then u hear this... U can see the difference! Ladies and gentlemen this is talent! You go girl #CardiB is running NY right now
Oliwier Dzagodus
Oliwier Dzagodus 3 soat oldin
slucham slucham
Irene sosm
Irene sosm 3 soat oldin
This song makes me wanna like something I hated the most
ashok kumar chinta
ashok kumar chinta 3 soat oldin
When i compare between this song and PERFECT...gosh..why am i still alive...??
HeidiDeBunny Queen
HeidiDeBunny Queen 3 soat oldin
I keep singing this i love it
seth Trottier
seth Trottier 3 soat oldin
Do people actually like Cardi B?
Simeon Heznandez
Simeon Heznandez 3 soat oldin
Watch Amanda cerny it better
Asiia Lee
Asiia Lee 3 soat oldin
Nothing against Nicki Minaj but I'm rocking with Cardi B 😍😘
Asiia Lee
Asiia Lee 3 soat oldin
Yesica Sanchez Ortiz
todos artistas que participaron son buenos
Jaredraws _
Jaredraws _ 3 soat oldin
When you realize that this song is STOLEN
Rukhsana Zaidi
Rukhsana Zaidi 3 soat oldin
Good times before Cardi got bodied by Nicki. RIP Cardi’s career. One less dumb hoe in the industry. Good riddance !!!
Evelin Shey sheyla
Evelin Shey sheyla 3 soat oldin
no me Gusta.. esta Fea musica no se por q esta radioo
Hayleen Briceno
Hayleen Briceno 3 soat oldin
2 best song #I like like 😍😍
s3oud -PS
s3oud -PS 3 soat oldin
Eating halal 😂😂
Isaiah DAMAN12
Isaiah DAMAN12 4 soat oldin
I like rocks up in my socks
Jonathan Paredes
Jonathan Paredes 4 soat oldin
Carlos Demaestri torres
Cardi B es hermosa q mujeeeeerrrr
Jesse Toscano
Jesse Toscano 4 soat oldin
Cardi b, viene a destrozar con todo, a la Nicky Minaj con su gran talento 😁
Astra Stars
Astra Stars 4 soat oldin
Oh he's so handsome what's his name? Me: Draco Malfoy, J-Hope, Lloyd Garmadon, Cole Sprouse, Tom Holland, Finn Wolfhard, Jimin, Jay(From iKon)
Susana Bravo
Susana Bravo 4 soat oldin
Cardi B & Jbalvin parts are the best ones, Bad Bunny doesn't even rap properly & I can't understand a word
Pedro Chavez
Pedro Chavez 4 soat oldin
Amo esta Musica xD, 😘😘
Braden Abbott
Braden Abbott 4 soat oldin
Bad Bunny is ugly as sin 🤮
Chad Chaddock
Chad Chaddock 4 soat oldin
Dirty hoe that sucks at music😂
My Pur3 Sh0tz
My Pur3 Sh0tz 4 soat oldin
Honestly this song had the best beat I've heard in a Long time?
Said Benali
Said Benali 4 soat oldin
Fjkfkfkfkk Mxkkfmkrkrkf
LOVE yuo😍😍
Jorge Estrada
Jorge Estrada 4 soat oldin
Cardi B😍 The Queen👑
Katelynn Nguyen
Katelynn Nguyen 4 soat oldin
When she talks to fast you can't sing along with her 😣😣😣
Jim009911 4 soat oldin
So she just brags about being a prostitute. Literally. That's it. And people listen to this. This is what the world is now.
Alexa Osorio
Alexa Osorio 4 soat oldin
Zelenne Damais
Zelenne Damais 5 soat oldin
Zelenne Damais
Zelenne Damais 5 soat oldin
OH He's sO hAndsome What hiS nAme yea🎵🎶🎶❤😌
Zelenne Damais
Zelenne Damais 5 soat oldin
capt blueturtle
capt blueturtle 5 soat oldin
3:33 FIRE🔥
Elijah Williams
Elijah Williams 5 soat oldin
Gold digger
GODFallout15 5 soat oldin
God she is fucking ugly
Arianna Monsivais
Arianna Monsivais 5 soat oldin
Cardi b's tongue is so long it's amazing
Major Investment
Major Investment 5 soat oldin
Mim your fan
Vivian Blair
Vivian Blair 5 soat oldin
I like food:)
Amy Gonzalez
Amy Gonzalez 5 soat oldin
I like cardi b and nicki
piña marina
piña marina 5 soat oldin
No se porque me gusta esto si no veo a las bunny
Sophia Saldana
Sophia Saldana 5 soat oldin
for some reason cardie looks like Liza koshy in this video
Creed 5 soat oldin
wow 1:25
Allie Peters
Allie Peters 5 soat oldin
Entonces no te gusta las gueras?🤔🤣
El militar
El militar 5 soat oldin
Viva mecxico
Andrea C
Andrea C 5 soat oldin
Cardi B es super fea
Micilene Aquino
Micilene Aquino 5 soat oldin
A beautiful kiss has taken a kiss from Brasil and the world I love you I hope to collaborate with @pabllovittar I'm not so good in english. @iamcardb ❤
Hilda Garcia tancun
Hilda Garcia tancun 5 soat oldin
En ve de venezolanas vise dicho peruanas ya que los de Venezuela están que hacen nuestro país Venezuela 2
Hilda Garcia tancun
Hilda Garcia tancun 5 soat oldin
September 2018✓?
Marilu Vaghun Gomez
Marilu Vaghun Gomez 5 soat oldin
I Love bad bunny
GEAMPIER Vaque 5 soat oldin
K chucha dira
lmentrix HD
lmentrix HD 5 soat oldin
Thanks bad bunny you screw it again ...
Celina Patiño
Celina Patiño 5 soat oldin
Genial 😎😎😎
Santi Ruiz
Santi Ruiz 5 soat oldin
Me gusta j balvin
colombiana papa ajjajajaja like si eres colombi@
Santiago Hoyos
Santiago Hoyos 5 soat oldin
😎😎 like xd
Fernanda Moraga
Fernanda Moraga 5 soat oldin
lucia 3.8
lucia 3.8 5 soat oldin
Y las bolivianas bad bunny
janethini rraguilar
janethini rraguilar 5 soat oldin
Amo esta canción esta pegazosa me encanta
Martin Larsen
Martin Larsen 5 soat oldin
Bad bunnys part 🔥🔥
America Michell
America Michell 5 soat oldin
I like it
josep montoya
josep montoya 5 soat oldin
Que viva la Raza latina
CM 95
CM 95 6 soat oldin
servicio Yaima
servicio Yaima 6 soat oldin
la mejor canción del mundo
Guadalupe Aguirre
Guadalupe Aguirre 6 soat oldin
Guadalupe Aguirre
Guadalupe Aguirre 6 soat oldin
sistet😍😍😍😍😍😚😙😚😙😁😁😁😁😀😉😉😉😉niky munog suke dek gays
Aylin Flores
Aylin Flores 6 soat oldin
Chambean chambean pero no jalan, tu compra to la jordan bobo a mi me la regalan like si te gusta mas la parte de bad bunny
yess 6 soat oldin
how do people enjoy bad bunny’s voice??
Sebasd2018 6 soat oldin
Like si en el minuto 2:03 pensaste algo prevertido
Daniel Espinal
Daniel Espinal 6 soat oldin
Cardi b eso fue dominicana
Alexandra Katalina
Alexandra Katalina 6 soat oldin
Cashundra Cooper
Cashundra Cooper 6 soat oldin
I run this shit like cardi o
Bebe rose B
Bebe rose B 6 soat oldin
I ❤️ cardie
Nathaly Estefania Araque Cedeño
I like Cardi B
La Modelo
25 kun oldin