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The filling for this blueberry pie with ginger will be loose when it comes out of the oven, but as long as you let it rest for the full 4 hours, it will firm beautifully.

Get the recipe: www.bonappetit.com/recipe/blueberry-ginger-double-crust-pie
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Carla Makes Blueberry-Ginger Pie | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit

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10-Iyl, 2018

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Carla Music
Carla Music 4 oy oldin
Anyone can make a pieI For real! And if you think you might have HotHands™, blast the AC, make sure the butter is really, really cold before you start, and put on some chill music. Get it, "chill"?
James Haynes
James Haynes 13 kun oldin
cut the butter into i tbsp chunks and put it in the freezer for ~15 minutes and then use a pastry cutter to mix it into the flour and it will come out perfect every time. even if you have hot hands
Shirley He
Shirley He 28 kun oldin
hothands TRADEMARK
serisafj8 Oy oldin
Put ya hands in the snow n dry em off
Rita Warner
Rita Warner Oy oldin
I just made your pie crust! Mines a little more moist than yours is though... Maybe I have hot hands? 😂
erinleighdo Oy oldin
Can't wait to make this! Also, what is this nail polish color?? So vibrant and fun!
Juanfra Ncisco
Juanfra Ncisco 6 soat oldin
holly mowlie i really want this
Cindy Barg
Cindy Barg 8 soat oldin
Carla Makes Nail Polish Pie
Donna Lambton
Donna Lambton 18 soat oldin
Hello, just a question: if you leave the pie to cool overnight, in the words of Mary Berry "soggy bottom"? I don't think it would matter-it would still taste amazing!!
Alain Durkae
Alain Durkae 19 soat oldin
*M* *O* *I* *S* *T*
Morgan Jarvis
Morgan Jarvis Kun oldin
How dare you ruin a delicious blueberry pie with ginger
Maria Pia
Maria Pia Kun oldin
You're the absolute best! You have lovely energy and really move me to try and practice my skills!
dorkultra Kun oldin
i want to hear more about this giant snake
B_Potassio 2 kun oldin
carla is casually hilarious, I love her
solana G
solana G 2 kun oldin
No, wet is worst
atomly 2 kun oldin
There's a snake on my deck!
Keith Hopkins
Keith Hopkins 2 kun oldin
Carla, you're overtaking Brad as my favorite presenter at Bon Appétit. Love watching and listening to you.
Michael Mc
Michael Mc 3 kun oldin
I make such a good pie I love my pie..
E. E. Waterman
E. E. Waterman 3 kun oldin
All right. I love all the Bon Appetit personalities. But I've been completely converted to Team Carla. She's the best! Thanks for the down to earth, non-threatening instruction. I'm baking a god-damned pie for Thanksgiving this year!
Tal Drevensek
Tal Drevensek 4 kun oldin
Moist is not that bad, moisten is.
JisooLovelyz MinaTwice
The hot hands guy from cooking class is also mentioned in a how to make pies of Tasty. You can't seem to distinguish what is true in the internet nowadays
xhandhele 6 kun oldin
Can you use mint instead of ginger and still get the same results, but with a different flavor?
Daniel Peter
Daniel Peter 8 kun oldin
Can you like a video twice? This had me laughing sooooo hard
Sam Asher
Sam Asher 9 kun oldin
okay I wasn't gonna make a pie today but guess it's decided
rosemaries69 9 kun oldin
Everything seems perfect, but you didn't say how much flour approximately. You said you eyeball the butter, but could we also have an approximate quantity? We beginners need information. What if my dough is too little and I can't make a double crust? Since you mentioned how many tablespoons you added to the dough, I don't get why you didn't mention the previous things.
alifia !
alifia ! 9 kun oldin
people with hot hands are great with breads bc they encourage the yeast to ferment though right?
Tyler Karvonen
Tyler Karvonen 10 kun oldin
I could literally watch Carla tell us how to wash a car.... I just lover her!
Cody Smith
Cody Smith 10 kun oldin
Why no blind bake on the crust?
hellistina 10 kun oldin
the music at 9:25 cracked me up
Estie Diel
Estie Diel 11 kun oldin
is this Dean Winchester porn?
Sabour Mustafa
Sabour Mustafa 13 kun oldin
You’re gonna bleep that out right??
Ryan Scott
Ryan Scott 13 kun oldin
I like how they very cleverly attempted to hide that Carla took a bite from her slice of pie. But I saw the spoon. Hahaha
Vedant kale
Vedant kale 13 kun oldin
So much random talk talk talk talk!!! Please just talk about the recipe and end it quickly please so we can get on with our lives.
YaN8XiaojiE 13 kun oldin
I was thinking about the penguins and then you said the penguins and somehow I felt I could make this.
Juliette Prevost
Juliette Prevost 15 kun oldin
Everything Carla touches turns to gold 😃 I'm looking for pie recipes for Thanksgiving and OMG I can only imagine how this will taste
Jarrod0067 15 kun oldin
That pie makes me moist
key key
key key 19 kun oldin
im making this at xmas
Noir 22 kun oldin
2:55 Kim Jung-Un just dropped a nuke Me: Oh lemme put dat dough in the freezer first
Johnny C
Johnny C 24 kun oldin
It’s funny how not liking the word “moist” has become popular...
Anna Milam
Anna Milam 25 kun oldin
can I just say that when I need that mom/teacher/love of my life vibe, I immediately go to a video starring Carla. she’s homey, she’s wise, she’s just a normal, curly haired, bangin’ lady with an aptitude for food and stuff. I love that she’s not perfect. I love that she’s humble and she loves food. it all shows. I love Carla. I will be purchasing her cook book. I support women in cooking who are living their lives and creating relatable content.
spiceandmice 25 kun oldin
Carla was certainly having a day.
eljefe1989 25 kun oldin
Why do people freak put with the word "moist"? I'm serious, can anyone tell me?
Alexandra Cirulis
Alexandra Cirulis 26 kun oldin
can Carla be my mother? I know im 28 and its impossible but she is so comforting. Like can she hold me during a thunderstorm and make me grilled pizzas to calm my nerves? carla. be my mom.
Panda Dude
Panda Dude Oy oldin
I understand there’s a recipe in the descriptions but seriously no amounts?
Just8Ate Oy oldin
Your right I’m not a pie maker but you have encouraged me to try. I hope it comes out like yours. (It seems like it might take 3 days to make this and so weekend plans it is)
Abbey Erb
Abbey Erb Oy oldin
Oof. As someone who works at a farm stand and bakes pies all day, this whole video is soooo cringe worthy! No offense buuuttttt if you use crisco instead of butter in the dough and add water after mixing those together it will be much smoother and you don’t have to worry about it melting, also with the water and crisco you won’t get as many cracks in the side of the dough because it will be well moistened. I agree though by turning the dough every couple of rolls works great! You can also just flower it when it is all rolled out and fold it on itself into a half circle and pick it up with your hand and the dough spatula and then put it in the pie plate. It is much much more efficient that way!!
Nadine Hamadeh
I don’t like you attitude. Bye
MasterLagoz Oy oldin
Mothereffing snakes on my mothereffing deck!
Chucky chuck
Chucky chuck Oy oldin
It's not pie dough it's pâte sucrée.
Amanda A
Amanda A Oy oldin
for hot hands just dip them into some ice or very cold water before handling the dough. Might be annoying but it will keep the temp down long enough to handle the dough for a while.
1111 99900
1111 99900 Oy oldin
That's exactly how I've made pie dough and I thought I was diy-ing it lol. I didn't know I was doing it right this whole time..
orivalx Oy oldin
I dont get the moist hate, it never bothered me
gross Oy oldin
anyone see a mario face in that grated lemon
Teneille Lewis
Can you do a gluten free pie video??
WitchCrafts and AltarTalks
I love how the majority of working with the dough is bullying it Pushing it around to make the dough Hit the dough with the stick Pinch it It's practically middle school
Dina Nemri
Dina Nemri Oy oldin
Carla my dear, I have a date planned this weekend that is centralized around this Blueberry pie. Wish us luck!!
Brad King
Brad King Oy oldin
Dough fjords
Satia Lynch
Satia Lynch Oy oldin
can we get like the measurements for the ingredients?
Mary Stroudensbourg
I really should’ve watched this back before I made my first attempt at pie. She literally mentioned all the things that went wrong when I did it and mentioned how to prevent it. 🤦🏻‍♀️
Luciano Barrantes Pozzo
the last step i always mess up. i can never wait til it cools down
NewFiegirl Holly
You made the perfect pie😇
NewFiegirl Holly
That was amazing. I just finished! !😃 I love your depth! Bravo
NewFiegirl Holly
Fisher. .😆
Grumpy Pentagon
I have hot hands and a hot kitchen (35°C). My butter melts in the food processor. I have made pie multiple times and the only reason it doesn't turn into a brick is bc it absorbs some moisture from the filling
DevInvest Oy oldin
Hydrated.. perhaps,,instead of moist?
DevInvest Oy oldin
402 people have hot hands
Melissa Pizarro
I suddenly felt joy when i saw this pie making😁 🥧
M Oy oldin
AFNacapella Oy oldin
regarding "hot hands", couldn't you either put your mixing bowl in a larger bowl with ice or do it in the walk in?
Cris Torres
Cris Torres Oy oldin
Lmao i love her! 😂
lunameowl Oy oldin
Words aren't bad it's what a person connects with them! ;)
Gisselle Marie Fernandez
I have been inspired. I'm making pie ASAP. Thank you Carla!
Mitchell Davies
Just love Carla so much!!! always makes cooking fun and exciting!
saumya p
saumya p Oy oldin
I love Carla
Mea Oy oldin
I actually used this recipe, only I switched out the blueberries to peaches and it was a-mea-zing. I also added some basil and it really nicely balanced out the sweetness of the peaches and ugh, it was just so good :P
Art The Great
Art The Great Oy oldin
I’m a Jehovah witness and yes go put it in the freezer. Because if the conversation gets interesting your dough is going to mess up
Art The Great
Art The Great 3 kun oldin
Trinity Capers 😆
Trinity Capers
Trinity Capers 3 kun oldin
Art The Great Hi Art! If I came to the door and found out the HH was making this pie; I would try to get invited in😋 lol!
DrMario Pepper
Yes! I making this and the coconut cream pie
Tom Roddy
Tom Roddy Oy oldin
elizah 753
elizah 753 Oy oldin
Phoebe Bouffey vibes when she started swearing LOL she’s the best
Josh Brown
Josh Brown Oy oldin
carla is so blunt and genuine, i love it
Ricardo Basjan
Loosy goosey! 😁
Sisipho Bronwyn
I have frozen berries - how should I prepare them ?
Robin Tompkins
Is there a adequate substitute for starch as I really detest it in pies and cobblers?
Alicorn wannabe
I must be really sweet because I'm brown too
Elusive Creature
Carla's really funny! 😂 love her!
Jessa Villegas
Maybe im too hungry or that pie looks so damn delicious but I LOVE YOU NOW CARLA
ivy d
ivy d Oy oldin
The color of my dreams
yorocco1 2 oy oldin
"You're gonna edit that out, right?" Lol!
Brand1n N
Brand1n N 2 oy oldin
Clara is like everyone’s cool aunt
mylonelyweekend 2 oy oldin
Has anyone seen Claire's Blueberry Pie in her recent Instagram post? It looks so much better than this.
alex -
alex - 2 oy oldin
Carla is like your friend’s really funny mom who always has great stories
tatiana 🌸
tatiana 🌸 2 oy oldin
But does anyone know what's on her nails? Love the pie and love you nail color 😏💜
phalla khann
phalla khann 2 oy oldin
Carla is the type of person everyone needs in their life.
Ana Gutierrez
Ana Gutierrez 2 oy oldin
I made the crust following Carla’s instructions- best pie crust ever. Than you ma’am
WillMarcC 2 oy oldin
Hydrated, liquidity, liquified, or spongy.
C Y 2 oy oldin
jesus !!!
Morgan Norris
Morgan Norris 2 oy oldin
Carla you are frickin awesome and funny
koner king
koner king 2 oy oldin
"Put the thing into the thing"
J 2 oy oldin
nail polish? food safety?
deartotheheart 2 oy oldin
Love your approach to not only pies but cooking, it takes the pressure away and makes me want to try instead of being afraid of messing up
Mike Glanfield
Mike Glanfield 2 oy oldin
I baked my blueberry pie for one and a half hours at 350F and it came out way overcooked and was very disappointed! My mother said 45 minutes maximum should easily be enough with uncooked shortcrust pastry. Do you follow your own cooking instructions please because it doesn't seem like it?
Anita Thomas
Anita Thomas 2 oy oldin
Ohoooo Don't Bleep Carla....she absolutely right Moist is a lovely word...lol
Donagh Marnane
Donagh Marnane 2 oy oldin
Is it important to use a glass dish or is metal ok?
J G 2 oy oldin
Mike Ingram
Mike Ingram 2 oy oldin
Your humour is great Carla :D