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Carly Rae Jepsen - Party For One

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Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Party For One” is available now!
Directed by: Bardia Zeinali
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Music video by Carly Rae Jepsen performing Party For One.
© 2015 School Boy/Interscope Records
© 2015 604 Records for Canada only




1-Noy, 2018




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Day Will Come
Day Will Come 16 daqiqa oldin
It was cute but one day I want her to snap & come through like baddest Bitch.
David Czech83
David Czech83 4 soat oldin
Carly nice Woman 😍😊🤙👍
Devon Satchell
Devon Satchell 9 soat oldin
Is this the same girl who had Tom Hanks in a video once???
Daiane Ferreira
Daiane Ferreira Kun oldin
Que lacre foi esse mesmo mulher?! 👏👏👏👏👌
8bit Cosmonaut
8bit Cosmonaut Kun oldin
I have to be honest. I dislike this song.
murmeli pummi 69 smurffi
Se ei sulkenut ovea
Rose Virginia Butler
This music video is pretty awesome. :D
khxlia khxlia
khxlia khxlia 2 kun oldin
Ayyy bread face
Jaina Bad
Jaina Bad 2 kun oldin
Saucy. Boi
Saucy. Boi 3 kun oldin
Carly Rae changed so much since call me maybe
roberto pareja muñoz
Omg shes still alive
LewkatJoey !
LewkatJoey ! 3 kun oldin
Late the party for one! 👋🏼 But, has anyone told you that they remind you of a young Fairuza Balk? I adore her and think she is strong, beautiful awesome just like you, keep working that message girl! 💜
Jessica T
Jessica T 3 kun oldin
Blonde Carly scares me
Joe Shimwell
Joe Shimwell 3 kun oldin
I really love this song, it took me a couple listens but its really great, so much better the bravado of most other modern pop
Александр 3 kun oldin
Ебанутый клип
Faye O Reilly
Faye O Reilly 4 kun oldin
the amount of blatant product placement in this is astonishing
Christopher Bennett
Okay, so this song is about jackin' it after a breakup? Bold move. Nice. *Makin' love to myself, b e a t i n' my m e a t*
Alessandro Flora
Alessandro Flora 5 kun oldin
2019 national anthem 🏳️‍🌈
XXX 5 kun oldin
One Hit Wonder
Damn Man
Damn Man 5 kun oldin
Just came to see if she,s still alive
Costanza Destro
Costanza Destro 5 kun oldin
00:00-00:21... Chopin 😻
Japanese Massage
Japanese Massage 5 kun oldin
i love the gay man, so funny
Adam Briones
Adam Briones 5 kun oldin
Braless queen.
A Blue Turkey
A Blue Turkey 6 kun oldin
this is how to make a quality music video
DJ Amber
DJ Amber 6 kun oldin
This song portraits my present exactely. Nothing more underrated than making love with yourself and being alone.
FrozenRoxas 6 kun oldin
I can't decide if this is uplifting or depressing
Kyana Mccoy
Kyana Mccoy 6 kun oldin
2:40 , is that what i think it is? Is that a dildo?
Phil Bruce
Phil Bruce 6 kun oldin
Are we not yet in an age where female popstars can make music videos without having to wear thier underwear?! Now that they've rebranded it as "empowering" it's fine?
あう 6 kun oldin
The House
The House 6 kun oldin
the guy who have the spaghetti in his bathtub is fucking disgusting
cli260 7 kun oldin
30 years from now she'll be remembered as a "call me maybe" one-hit wonder and kids will be like "THAT was the music back then?"
sandy santafe
sandy santafe 7 kun oldin
super cool ,i love it!!
HKS MC 7 kun oldin
Wow! What a cute song and video. Love your music style and sound now with your songs Miss Carly Rae Jepsen. 😊.
Germán Fernández
Germán Fernández 8 kun oldin
i really need to know the gay guy's name.
André Vinicius
André Vinicius 8 kun oldin
Vir pelo "não sabia"
xLeon Gaming
xLeon Gaming 8 kun oldin
Jeri 8 kun oldin
I always come back to her music😍
S1DLSSS GT 8 kun oldin
Im really really really really love you
김정현 9 kun oldin
Call me maybe
tjNswitch tjNswitch
weak sauce track #appropriationGimmic
Xeno Phobia
Xeno Phobia 9 kun oldin
Watched this to check up on Carly Rae Jepsen it’s weird
あや. 10 kun oldin
Cammy the Real queen
Oh meh god she looks so different from the song call me maybe wthhhhh
MisterQuizzz 10 kun oldin
It's a silly video, I didn't expect that from Carly Rae Jepsen... It's amazing and well-done, I'm surprised and I love her even more! Carly Rae Jepsen is the princess of pop. ❤️
C G 10 kun oldin
Love this song
TomFilmsDigital 11 kun oldin
carly rae jepsen is so fucking hot lol
Spaizboy X
Spaizboy X 11 kun oldin
Good Time
Darren Danger
Darren Danger 11 kun oldin
Proof that even an attractive girl can't pull off tighty whiteys!
UNIHOEE 11 kun oldin
Am I the only one that gets this song? It's empowerment
UNIHOEE 11 kun oldin
Sick 😍😍