Carson Lueders - Have You Always (Official Music Video)

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Carson Lueders - Have You Always (Official Music Video)
Directed by Chris Lowe and Ian Hotchkiss in association with Suite 7 Productions
Song Written by Carson Lueders & OneInThe4Rest
Song Produced by OneInThe4Rest & Ashley Valentine
Mixed & Mastered by Mike Gonsolin
Lead girl/Actress: Meika Woollard
Have You Always available in stores now!

BUY HERE: fanlink.to/carsonluedershaveyoualways

Official Website: www.carsonlueders.com
Instagram: instagram.com/carsonlueders
Twitter: twitter.com/carsonlueders
Facebook: facebook.com/TheCarsonLueders

It’s been way too long,
feels like two years or something
What you got going on,
what you been up to lately
To be honest with you I’ve been thinking bout you daily (daily lately)
To be honest with you I’ve been thinking what it would sound like
If I called you baby (if I called you my baby)
And I don’t mind telling you
all my deepest secrets,
and I don’t mind spending on you, long as you keep it between us
You can have it your way,
give me all your time
promise you’ll get mine
If you let me take you away, (away)
Baby don’t change
when l have you always
You can have it your way,
staring deep in your eyes
and l won’t give up till you
Let me take you away
Baby don’t change
when l have you always
You don’t need nobody else,
I need you to myself
Can I be honest it’s perfect timing
(oh ah)
You don’t even talk much
I want to talk witcha,
Two seater my coupe
ain’t gotta walk witcha,
Put it all on the line I wanna cuff
I can’t even lie
To be honest with you
I’ve been thinking
what it would sound like
if I called you baby (if I called you my baby)
You can have it your way,
give me all your time promise
you’ll get mine
If you let me take you away, (away)
Baby don’t change
when l have you always
You can have it your way,
staring deep in your eyes
and l won’t give up till you
Let me take you away
Baby don’t change
when l have you always
Baby you shine bright,
you’re like a shooting star in the daylight
And you might not do
everything perfect but it’s just right
These feelings we keep facing
This trust we never breaking
Girl it’s all your way,
long as you keep it between us
You can have it your way,
give me all your time
promise you’ll get mine
If you let me take you away, (away)
Baby don’t change
when l have you always
You can have it your way,
staring deep in your eyes
and l won’t give up till you
Let me take you away
Baby don’t change
when l have you always




4-Avg, 2018

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Fikrlar 6 786
BBJ 4 soat oldin
Im*e*il , what you have done ? , show a little respect
Z3RØ xXMODZxx 3 kun oldin
Why yall think his handsome lmao his ugly
ROSY CHICKS 5 kun oldin
You are my celebrity crush but you kiss a girl😭😭😭😭😭😭
Aria Lane
Aria Lane 7 kun oldin
his songs are amazing
Zyrel Jennings
Zyrel Jennings 10 kun oldin
You are so Hot and handsome
Luna Anderson
Luna Anderson 11 kun oldin
my celeb crush just came out with a new song love you Carson
Co Modz
Co Modz 12 kun oldin
Justin Bieber left the chat
C G 12 kun oldin
Omg i actually laughed
Anda's Review
Anda's Review 12 kun oldin
You sound like justin beber!!
Denisa Șandru
Denisa Șandru 12 kun oldin
So cute
Aishah Mahmood
Aishah Mahmood 14 kun oldin
That kiss that everyone was talking about thinking it was annie at 2:43
Y.K. - Vlogs -
Y.K. - Vlogs - 14 kun oldin
Tbh the girl tho. . .At first I was shooked because her nose was like. . .You know upppppp No offense Ehehe
HASSANGAMING YT 15 kun oldin
Wtf this is soo cringe 😂🤣
Luna Anderson
Luna Anderson 15 kun oldin
such a good song keep up the good work
Sherly Lim
Sherly Lim 17 kun oldin
מיכל עמרוסי
Chloe Abellard
Chloe Abellard 19 kun oldin
carson is older than loren grey. he's growing up so fast
Chloe Abellard
Chloe Abellard 13 kun oldin
+himeka himeka I know righ
himeka himeka
himeka himeka 13 kun oldin
But loren looks mature when carson looks like about 13-15 yo
Chloe Abellard
Chloe Abellard 19 kun oldin
she is so pretty
Josh King
Josh King 20 kun oldin
I love the girl looks like my sister
rüya 20 kun oldin
Ellie Richard
Ellie Richard 21 kun oldin
It's like this Me: Oh my gosh he's so cute! Wait, HE KISSED HER!?!?!
Wareesha Imran
Wareesha Imran 21 kun oldin
how old is carson?
Hailey Payne
Hailey Payne 21 kun oldin
If you guys are dating I ship it
MYA SALAZAR plays 21 kun oldin
new song have you always that song congratulations so cute coming soon crush youtuber annie leblanc
Mary Joy Tullao
Mary Joy Tullao 21 kun oldin
I wish this is annie hahah
Isabelsg0jes cgasrcie
Amzaing Song Carson James Lueders i like such an sweet song!!
Marcos Insaurralde
Marcos Insaurralde 22 kun oldin
Jade Holmes
Jade Holmes 24 kun oldin
can you actually drive a car
حً ـمِـوُدُيّ آلَفُخٌـ مِـ
Carson seems young like 14 years old since he is 17😞
BladeLancer 28 kun oldin
How old is this kid?
blaze boi
blaze boi 28 kun oldin
Zahide 10 kun oldin
blaze boi watch his acoustic covers
Maria Bela
Maria Bela 28 kun oldin
Oh damn... He is too young for she !
Jade Holmes
Jade Holmes 29 kun oldin
you have a really good voice Carson
Kathia Morhe
Kathia Morhe 29 kun oldin
yo solo vine a ver a Meika ❤️
Eric Marr
Eric Marr 29 kun oldin
Love it
Caro Pachuau
Caro Pachuau Oy oldin
OMG!!!!! 😲😲😲😲😲😲
Dikina Poludore
In my opinion, his voice sounds a little like Justin Bieber's voice
Cheyanne LeCamp
so proud of you!!💕
Zuheilee Alvarez
Last I checked I likened him
Charles Funderburk
0:19 carson has ring on his ring finger
Aaliyah Wilson
I ❤the song @carsonlueders ❤🖤💙❤🖤💙
Yasmin Alshareef
I❤️your song
MissDy Yana
MissDy Yana Oy oldin
Gosshhh he kiss Meika Wollard🙊
sourav azad
sourav azad Oy oldin
Is it JB. As like as jb.
Ann Luong
Ann Luong Oy oldin
Ann Luong
Ann Luong Oy oldin
That is not fair why carson have a girlfriend not me I want to be kiss I don't have any boyfriend at all 😭😭😭😭😭😭😿
Jakai Bellofatto
Carson is sooooooooooooooo hot 😚😍🥰😘😚😍🥰😘 I blush every time I see his face
Maria Popovici
Your like 13 and driving....naughty naughty
Laith Aljibory
William frankie miller ....R.I.P
Rosabella Rodriguez
R s that er er ad
نوره كيوت نوره كيوت
هاي شنو الكاميرا نفس مالتي
Yudhi Hermanto
Im jealous 😟
Kentrel Harris
And it's a girl just using her brother phone
Kentrel Harris
I love you and I love your voice and your music
Ashley Arguello
I love your music's so i am a big fan
BLACK _bone
BLACK _bone Oy oldin
he is SO cute!😍
Breanna Bonds
Breanna Bonds Oy oldin
Can I does Kevin whenever you break up with this
Lula carba
Lula carba Oy oldin
😺 Like si seguía escuchando en 2019
fahd el-tarras
I thought you were Ave’s boyfriend
Magic Argel
Magic Argel Oy oldin
You are so hot😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘💏
Magic Argel
Magic Argel Oy oldin
My name is maedore
Royalty MSP
Royalty MSP Oy oldin
Are you17 years old ?
krishnai kawa
krishnai kawa Oy oldin
This song is sooo good i think i broke the replay button🤣😍
Joana Prado Prado
You're dating Meika?
Immajo G
Immajo G Oy oldin
He have 17 and she 13/14 wtf the kisss 🤬
Salao Hidanovic
I feel like Carson could make a good song with Chris Brown 🙌
Rune Oy oldin
now - you took back as message - was it dangerous (against me)
Rune Oy oldin
10 years in prison! for what??
Rune Oy oldin
1 smoke a doctor was over me - what do you - what do you
Vinzz Shawn
Vinzz Shawn Oy oldin
Jamia Booth
Jamia Booth Oy oldin
How. Was. School. Carson
Kristy K
Kristy K Oy oldin
She looks like Jenny Morrison so much 😂
مكياج وتسريحات
مكياج وتسريحات
Anonymous No horbidamos
Omg Carson u don't sooooo great omg I'm love with is song😍😍😎😎keep doing what ur doing
Melissa Chapa
Melissa Chapa Oy oldin
Frikin love this song
Araceli Rubio
Araceli Rubio Oy oldin
Why did they kisss nooo
TeamRoblox Mary Treasa playz
I can't believe that he actually kids that girl. By the way watch my vi
Ivor Roberts
Ivor Roberts Oy oldin
Carson Lueders is such a lucky bastard
Emilly Baggio
Emilly Baggio Oy oldin
Brasil ?
علي جوكر
Tatapen kamensa
Rune Oy oldin
Carson 1-2-3 i make fun of you because i think you're weak. And i think so...
Аквамарин Алекс
Мне одной кажется что у него лицо как у мелкого?
Karmelek Xx
Karmelek Xx Oy oldin
Poland 🇵🇱❤️🇵🇱❤️
Kileigha Belk
Kileigha Belk Oy oldin
You can really sing Carson Lueders I like yo now even though I am only 10 years old😘😘😘
Jaziyah Miller
It’s weird he’s so attracted to each girl that be in his music videos
Liza ramadhani
I like this song
Meegan Yves
Meegan Yves Oy oldin
Daisy Fraychineaud
Hey Carson you should do you and Annie
OMGia Oy oldin
You should go on tour
Alisha Perez
Alisha Perez Oy oldin
Carson kissed a girl I want him with annie lol nevermind
Amel Bae
Amel Bae Oy oldin
johnny is the best
Alyssa Tony
Alyssa Tony Oy oldin
This is my fav song of his 😍😍
Donia Hutchinson
My fav too
aubrey Viray
aubrey Viray Oy oldin
Selina Mercedes
They look so cute together
Regina Mendez
Regina Mendez Oy oldin
I LOVE Carson Lueders, he's the best
Roq Alsaidi
Roq Alsaidi Oy oldin
I like i lpv3 you so much 😍😍😍
braeds bailey
braeds bailey Oy oldin
awwww i ship but carsannie is cuter x
Soso Mowanis
Soso Mowanis Oy oldin
Maybe it's not him that is kissing. Maybe it's another person cuz they are black when they are "kissing" or just they are not kissing everything is possible!!
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