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Worried this isn't funny and people will think I'm a doof after watching the video. Thankfully I disabled the comments.
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8-Noy, 2016



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Alejandro Zamora
this video had me rofl
Prathamesh Sundaram
I thought comments were disabled.
Chief Grief
Chief Grief Oy oldin
Who in the actual fuck captioned this.
Gerardo Perez
Gerardo Perez 2 oy oldin
*oh shit muscle memory*
darkjarhead1 2 oy oldin
"So do we hate this guy yet?"
Juppie902 2 oy oldin
*types p into search bar intensifies* Also why not use sony vegas for rendering & editing?
Soc Virnyl Estela
oh shit muscle memory
marius jakubonis
marius jakubonis 2 oy oldin
Its like writing a master thesis
Seagull 2 oy oldin
"a distinction I myself can no longer make" I know how you feel, my entire life is a shitpost
manny frias
manny frias 2 oy oldin
i wish i were as clever as you wtf
The Steadfast Duelist
0:44 *I have the same problem*
Alec Flores
Alec Flores 3 oy oldin
“Ooo shit.... muscle memory...” Most funny laidback UZvidr I’ve come across so far
Jack Bruce
Jack Bruce 3 oy oldin
“Muscle memory”
Jothebballman 4 oy oldin
This guy is a genius.
SomeoneDraws 420
SomeoneDraws 420 4 oy oldin
Casually explained:sponsored by photoshop!
Finn Hollowbread
Finn Hollowbread 4 oy oldin
‘Ah shit muscle memory’ ahahahhaah
Dont trust me I am a troll
dude ur a fuckin legend don't stop
Lauren Schuessler
I am impressed :')
Lauren Schuessler
You are funny
Influence Productions
Fluffy 5 oy oldin
"Oh shit, muscle memory."
CoVeReD iN bLoOd
CoVeReD iN bLoOd 5 oy oldin
pornography is sin. Masturbation too. most of us failed. so confess to Jesus and get salvation today. ask Jesus to come in to your heart. follow him
Tomás Jonsson
Tomás Jonsson 5 oy oldin
This is so meta.
SugarClass 5 oy oldin
3:26 My life lmfao. 10/10
Skeptic 5 oy oldin
I just do some research on Wikipedi oh shit muscle memory
Brendan Wilson
Brendan Wilson 6 oy oldin
You sound like ben from simplynailogical
Rasool Abeditabar
how are u so good at making videos?
UsefullPig 6 oy oldin
"I use after effects to put the pictures and audio together" 😱
YeboiGabe 6 oy oldin
0:44 I do this shit too tbh
Eric Herbeck
Eric Herbeck 6 oy oldin
Favorite UZvid channel!!!
DumbTerminal 6 oy oldin
The "ah shit, muscle memory" killed me so hard xD
Cody Brahs
Cody Brahs 6 oy oldin
Ah shit muscle memory 🤣
RCoverC 6 oy oldin
He’s not text-to-speech?
Hello Stranger
Hello Stranger 6 oy oldin
0:45-0:48 relatable
Joseph P
Joseph P 6 oy oldin
I love you.
Mac Hand
Mac Hand 6 oy oldin
I love how it auto filled pornhub
Street S W A T
Street S W A T 6 oy oldin
went back and watched ur first video... not impressed lol
PunniZ !
PunniZ ! 7 oy oldin
"...must have been at least 3 or 4 hours" "Usually it took me 40 or 50 hours per video.." XDDD SO TRUE XDDD
Aakoo7 7 oy oldin
*O* So for this video...
Danylo Korotin
Danylo Korotin 7 oy oldin
Yo im not tryna hate but you're gonna have a much better time editing this in Premiere instead of AfterFX. The latter is best for short animations and graphics but like its ass when ur putting the whole vid together.
lol us897
lol us897 7 oy oldin
Comments are disabled for this video
SarahJ3w3l 7 oy oldin
"I didn't decide anything. Its just the best that I can do"
steef4000000 8 oy oldin
damm man if he is based on you then your life is so relatble that its funny and sad at the same time like for almost all of us
sympul 8 oy oldin
Tony Lopez
Tony Lopez 8 oy oldin
"Muscle Memory"
maverickM249 8 oy oldin
S e l f L o a t h i n g
- _ LIR _ -
- _ LIR _ - 8 oy oldin
I love your sense of humor
Maokawaii 8 oy oldin
"Usually wiki- ah shit *muscle memory* "
Galaxy Gaming
Galaxy Gaming 8 oy oldin
Why is this guy make everything just so depressing
Uncomfortable Introvert
The last "joke" was relatable. Help.
MurderOfMack plays
Lol muscle memory
Abdul Manan Ch
Abdul Manan Ch 8 oy oldin
0:45 "muscle memory" 😂
CROSS CO 8 oy oldin
"OH SHIT MUSCLE MEMORY" fucking got me
Uzumaki Naruto
Uzumaki Naruto 9 oy oldin
"Muscle memory " 😂😂😂
Gmone Glare
Gmone Glare 9 oy oldin
Muscle memory 😂😂
origami unicorn
origami unicorn 9 oy oldin
So guys, Do we hate him yet?
Shayan Eshghi
Shayan Eshghi 9 oy oldin
Wait, I thought comments were disabled...
trendon 9 oy oldin
Join my oxygen giveaway
Kim J
Kim J 9 oy oldin
Azar K.
Azar K. 9 oy oldin
All your videos are comedy... Let's say Caesium.
oldcracker 10 oy oldin
2:47 i thought you were gonna say 45 minutes.
Voltaire 10 oy oldin
You should have disabled likes and dislikes
Gizio 10 oy oldin
*Worried this isn't funny and people will think I'm a doof after watching the video. Thankfully I disabled the comments.* em yeah totally.
Nick Bultman
Nick Bultman 10 oy oldin
Anyone else think the female stick figure is sexy
Žan Luka Tkalec
Žan Luka Tkalec 10 oy oldin
"Muscle memory" hahaha
Ahmed Mughal
Ahmed Mughal 10 oy oldin
I like how in this fake world you are so natural
MrAlen61 11 oy oldin
0:46 my life
AsianOtakuGuy 11 oy oldin
"Ah shit, muscle memory..."
tori jackson
tori jackson 11 oy oldin
He’s such an Aquarius it kills me. The never ending sarcasm gets me every time. I love your content dude.
Ape X
Ape X 11 oy oldin
"Muscle memory"
Hecklindarn 11 oy oldin
"Worried this isn't funny and people will think I'm a doof after watching the video. Thankfully I disabled the comments."
Lucas Randolph
Lucas Randolph 11 oy oldin
"I figired out thats because i dont know what im doing" story of my life
Liam Taylor
Liam Taylor 11 oy oldin
Don't worry, you have yet to impress us. You'll get there Maybe
Slow Bloomer
Slow Bloomer 11 oy oldin
*pulls up pornhub* "ah shit...muscle memory"
Abel Aguirre
Abel Aguirre Yil oldin
Casually explained- Logan paul
slightxchaos Yil oldin
This is casually one of the best UZvid channels.
20killershot Yil oldin
He sounds exactly like one of my coworkers but my coworker is a baby he’s only 18 and I’m assuming CE is at least late 20’s.
Cloro Yil oldin
He is American-Lite
darkarchon Yil oldin
"If there is anything I believe in is to always try to take a compliment 'cause you never know which one might be your first." Fantastic.
Sentible Yil oldin
I love this fucking channel 😂😂 i didn't do anything at school today other than watch all the videos on this channel people would look back at me like I'm crazy becuase I was trying so hard not to laugh in class but I couldn't keep quiet
Arseniy Yavorśkyi
I found this channel and now I'm cursed forever.
Iced_Mocha_1 Yil oldin
The porn hub joke was on key
eric rydberg
eric rydberg Yil oldin
Ur cute
LOLC2k Yil oldin
Will u pee in my nosistry?
HayPntik Yil oldin
Very funny guy indeed :D
Martijn Yil oldin
"O Shit muscle memory" Casually explained 2k17
Laura A
Laura A Yil oldin
U r great
James Wright
James Wright Yil oldin
*Damn muscle memory*
Halcylion Yil oldin
good thing you disabled the comments. All these trolls must really lower your morale with their unfunny jokes. Penis.
Davi Dei
Davi Dei Yil oldin
Perhaps you should try being a comedian I like your dead pan delivery where your sarcastic and sounding serious but I know your joking
B . D
B . D Yil oldin
Muscle memory 🤣
Beep Badapup
Beep Badapup Yil oldin
0:46 I like that when you type p, it immediately suggests pornhub! ;)
Praise the Sun!
Praise the Sun! Yil oldin
What software you use for editing videos?
Neurofied Yamato
3:33, omg I'm dying, great ending!
Kwoky Yil oldin
Muscle memory :D
Mark Arbuckle
Mark Arbuckle Yil oldin
Investments explained, dividends explained, ice cream explained
Equites Yil oldin
I want to make love to your voice, no homo tho
Max Clone
Max Clone Yil oldin
There made Casually
Josiah C
Josiah C Yil oldin
You're so fricken funny I don't get how you do it every time haha
Dol Mon
Dol Mon Yil oldin
Why is your narration so sad and apathetic?
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