Casually Explained: Breaking The Ice

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"He who can, does. He who cannot, teaches"
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1-Noy, 2016



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my dick fell off
my dick fell off 5 kun oldin
just say this : "It's been a while, I know I shouldn't have kept you waiting, but I'm here now..."
Pirate Modz
Pirate Modz 5 kun oldin
If I like a girl..... I tell myself..... Let's be real.... There is no way she likes you. 🙃
Hardil Takhar
Hardil Takhar 6 kun oldin
So uh, I’ve only ever been in relationships where the girl has asked me out or something like that, still don’t have the confidence to go and break the ice with anyone I like though
Sophia Qiu
Sophia Qiu 8 kun oldin
Jeppe Tørnblad
Jeppe Tørnblad 11 kun oldin
I think that Nothing usually happens if you dont overcome your fear of for example talking to your crush and take risks by for example talking with your crush,
Kaleb Bruwer
Kaleb Bruwer 12 kun oldin
0:33 The left one?
Nick G.
Nick G. 13 kun oldin
My go-to icebreaker is an ice saw. Nothing -cuts- breaks ice betting than an ice saw.
Keep Calm And Atoz
Keep Calm And Atoz 13 kun oldin
This dude must be macking babes in the second. This guy dont know the game.. HE IS THE GAME
my first crappy video Billy
I get asked out by gay guys all the time. And the cute girls are usually weird but I cut them a break because they might have sex with me.
Cappy 15 kun oldin
I love how it always seems like you're gonna give away a message but you don't XD
steverico 15 kun oldin
Fuck off I claimed Natalie second season of Gay of Thrones
Tyler Davis
Tyler Davis 16 kun oldin
This dude if god damn hilarious
Eli 16 kun oldin
"You probably won't catch a response the first time because you forgot to breathe and might be having an aneurysm." I've never laughed so hard in my entire life.
Vendetta 16 kun oldin
He's telling it how it is
J Squad Vlogs
J Squad Vlogs 16 kun oldin
All I got from this was to buy a puppy
Jared Foster
Jared Foster 16 kun oldin
The best icebreaker I ever heard a girl asked me at a bar "whats the worst thing youve ever done". To this day im not sure if she was an idiot or an officer of the law but its now my go to because its hilarious.
Тимур Маз
Тимур Маз 18 kun oldin
3:00 Your Mom
BROWNIEFIER 26 kun oldin
3:02 you're welcome
Stephanie Joanna
Stephanie Joanna 28 kun oldin
I asked a guy for his phone number. He gave it to me a week later.
how_yall doin
how_yall doin Oy oldin
You gotta do a crossover with Sam onellas academy
YO! Oy oldin
I love watching your "casually explained"-videos and crying at the same time
Lord Bean
Lord Bean Oy oldin
Don’t worry about me ego it already broke
Daniel LaRosse
Who is the first guy at 0:05 ?
Maximus Aurelio
Geno Geno
Geno Geno Oy oldin
My go to: Just don't give a damn shit be chill af😂
That fucking squirrel
Abel Soto
Abel Soto Oy oldin
* *
* * Oy oldin
Is it a good idea to send this to someone as an icebreaker? Yes, I’m serious 🧐😬
Jacob Kon
Jacob Kon Oy oldin
It's OK to be socially retarded. and before you SJWs show up to shit on my post, en francais, en retard is literally "late". The other day I realized that almost every girl i slept with or any friends I kept in my circle was from someone else's actions, I had been living a reactive life... So I resolved to be more proactive. Stole some chica from the bar, never knew her name, and never saw her again. Realized that I wasn't really giving myself enough credit and that if I stopped self-loathing that I'd be super happy. So I did. Happy MLK day boyz
Sami YoGames
Sami YoGames Oy oldin
2:13 Logan Paul would like to know your location
MENTALITY 89 2 oy oldin
cudnt put info
MENTALITY 89 2 oy oldin
dnt knw shud trust
MENTALITY 89 2 oy oldin
tryin not get scam
Hell Smoke
Hell Smoke 2 oy oldin
Is engineering worth it? Thought about taking it
X-01 Unknown
X-01 Unknown 2 oy oldin
There is a big contradiction in this video and I want to offer some wisdom so that Casually Explained’s 1.9 mill subscribers don’t get stuck acting out this self defeating and absolutely misinformed cycle. Guys especially, listen up. He asks “what would a not weird person do?”. A non-weird person would act normal. Normal means exactly the same things as regular, ordinary, typical, average, standard and unexceptional. The opposite of normal is unique. This should be common knowledge to all native English speakers. Now the contradiction comes when he suggests that you “sit right and wait for the alcohol to give you a personality.”. If you were weird then you already had one. Let me ask you all, since when has getting drunk ever made you significantly better at anything? Sure you might be having more fun at the bar if you’re drunk, but it’s only because your perception and judgement are inhibited become more like a disability. You thought you danced like Michael Jackson that night, but your dancing really looked like an opossum as it gets squished beneath a tire. You thought you sang karaoke like Robert Plant but you really sounded like a nail was driven through your shoe on every line. You shouldn’t avoid having fun and doing your own thing no matter what it looks like to others, you may even have made their night with laughter. That’s always a win! But getting tipsy or drunk is only boosting your fun meter while reducing your ability to do anything else above the skill level of sitting, “walking” and breathing, and even those can be failed once you’ve taken enough time to “get a personality”. He is essentially suggesting you drink until you forget yourself and that absence should be replaced with someone who is loud and fake. Assuming you actually do like this girl at the bar or club, then you want her to show interest in you so you can ask her out. If she says yes, what happens when the time comes to go o that date and you aren’t the “personality” that she agreed to go out with? Get drunk again? What about the second date? Get drunk again so she will never know who you are or what you’re like? You surprisingly fall in love and want to be with her forever and you must drink to be the mask that you made. Congratulations, you’ve become a full fledged alcoholic who will die early of liver failure. The word “weird” in this video should be substituted with “creepy” since the examples he gave represent that well. Being weird makes you unique, being unique makes you exotic and offers a certain special magnetism to it because it’s generally refreshing amongst the sea of average, normal people. What’s important is achieving some self confidence and embracing what’s unique about you so that you can present it in a fun or sophisticated way. You don’t have to pretend to be someone else. It will just make you miserable and lonely even if you do get the girl. Don’t be creepy but absolutely be unique! Be weird and interesting! It’s what separates you from the herd and what will land you in a relationship that is actually worth being in. Cheers to the weirds!
Antonian 2 oy oldin
This is the most relateable video I have ever seen
hugo valls sabater
“your mom”
one tome plz
one tome plz 2 oy oldin
What is self astiam
one tome plz
one tome plz 2 oy oldin
She looks like my real hot sister sweet home Alabama were they sky are blu
EdgyName.ExE 2 oy oldin
This man is the human embodyment of sarcasm
Elijah The Big Boi Meme Man
This man is the human embodyment of sarcasm
m7md for games
m7md for games 2 oy oldin
Think of what not wierd person do
Stefan Brockelbank
Actual wholesome ending for once ;D
~NekoIDreamZz~ 2 oy oldin
Gay guy 1:2 Girls That's my stats I'm 21 btw and would consider myself as 6/10
Tony Pan
Tony Pan 2 oy oldin
This guy gets it.
240pixel 2 oy oldin
Casually struck up a conversation about dogs with a girl in Florida beach. Fast forward 2 months and we are a couple lol. Wasn't as hard. If I can do it. So can you!
John Kessler
John Kessler 2 oy oldin
No gay guys have hit on you? I figured they would like stick figures.
Insert Channel Name
1:22 I don’t get the joke here
Hannex *_*
Hannex *_* 2 oy oldin
He wrote it in the script and now hes regretting it
Kevin Mahaffey
Kevin Mahaffey 2 oy oldin
I would guess that women don't want to approach guys because they, like men, are scared to be rejected. Women are just people. They are not some foreign alien species.
Kekes 2 oy oldin
What If I have been aproached by both gay guys and a couple of girls, one girl used to be really into me but she was a bit of a freak and I have had sex but still feel like utter useless worthles shit?
I’ve been asked out by girls three times that I can remember. 1 time I said yes 2 times no thanks let’s just be friends. I’m ugly but not that thirsty. At least not yet check back in 5 years when I’ve started balding.
Zackery Toler
Zackery Toler 2 oy oldin
I’ve been asked out by more gay guys than girls....
I fucking love these
Realegendz 2 oy oldin
Me "hey when do you get off" Girl I like "11:00" Me "ok cool ill get off at 11 too" Girl "wtf why" me "do you want to go out with me tonight?" Girl "you're weird" can I get an F in the chat boys?
CliccBait Dániel Seres
You are a bad engineer if you just keep thinking what would happen if... You gotta make it small and test it if it works out and eventually you will find the perfect way to approach women
Kaos Xtrem
Kaos Xtrem 3 oy oldin
Rejection is gods protection
Zayac the_Engineer
I'm fifteen and I feel like I'm being friendzoned by every girl in existence, so my actions are as good as nothing. Soooo... I just sit at home playing video games all the free time! And feel kinda awesome and shitty at the same time.
Matt B
Matt B 3 oy oldin
When you treat this video like a comedic joke, but then realize how accurate and deep it is because it is the painful truth with no sugar coating. :'(
Destiny 18
Destiny 18 3 oy oldin
Damn I guess I am always drunk 😂
I fit in that 95% I guess
Billz 3 oy oldin
I’ve had more gay men ask me out than straight girls and I’m a straight man
MaximusRex 3 oy oldin
The only time girls approach u is when their friends do it first but u can never tell if they're serious or just screwing with u
What I do for success with girls is I just never talk to that person And then want to kill my self every night
WebX 4 oy oldin
It *is* a shit double-standard though. Like of COURSE women are going to be approached too often and of COURSE some guys are going to take rejection a lot more seriously than they should, when all of the pressure is on them. I can't understand why a woman would want to reinforce this, as basically all the issues they face in the dating world stem from this particular pressure. I'd say over half the the girls I've dated initiated in some way and I almost always stayed friends or became friends with girls I turned down. But there's another secret here: I'd say as long as you are interacting with people with no intention on actively seeking out a date, then girls often *do* initiate, but it's usually in indirect signs since there is still pressure against them being blunt. But yeah, just a message to the girls. Guys pretty much never get compliments. Girls don't give them to us. Guys don't give them to us. And many guys end up creating fictional egos in order to cope with this total lack of feedback. Not surprisingly those egos are fragile, yes. We're in a constant state of "nobody would love me unless I'm useful". I don't know what the solution would be, but taking the pressure off would be a good first start.
Wes Lou
Wes Lou 4 oy oldin
I dont try at all. And I shoot them down on the rare occasion that they hit on me
Zdeněk 4 oy oldin
If you approach someone just show her your snapping skill. It's lit, mate.
Folie Deux
Folie Deux 4 oy oldin
Rejection is -part of- my life
Kyle Reich
Kyle Reich 4 oy oldin
Hey, girls approach me all the time... it's usually to either tell me about their boyfriend or ask me what I think about how things are going in her relationship with her boyfriend, or to complain about her boyfriend, or to say she broke up with her boyfriend and wishes more guys where like me, or to say how glad she is to have me as a friend because I helped her through her breakup until she got a new boyfriend, or to tell me where she is on her menstrual cycle. Primarily the second, second-to-last, and last ones though; especially the last one. (no idea why they all keep telling me about it)
Manuel Garcia Jr
Manuel Garcia Jr 4 oy oldin
Been approached by 4 gay men and 2 woman. Don't dig the 2:1 ratio but it's something.
Locan 4 oy oldin
Hey Casually Explained, would you like to get a coffee with me? -there you go. now you got asked out by at least one gay guy :)
Shanahan Gaming
Shanahan Gaming 4 oy oldin
But what if I'm really attractive, famous AND have a puppy... I mean... I'm not... But what if...
RemiF 4 oy oldin
This is going to give me the balls to ask out my crush Tuesday. Thanks.
WasabiKitKat 4 oy oldin
I’m a girl and want to be an engineer... don’t know if engineering school sounds great or horrible, because I also have extremely bad social anxiety.
Billy Kid
Billy Kid 4 oy oldin
Sad times
hunnimoonlight 4 oy oldin
im a girl and honestly i relate to this to what the fuck
bmarshy2303 4 oy oldin
It’s worrying that everything he says is true
frank Frank
frank Frank 4 oy oldin
I quit drinking a year ago so I'm basically fucked.
Hayten l
Hayten l 4 oy oldin
I can hear the dread and sadness coming from his voice and from the video itself. because I have the same feelings.
Jonny Franklin
Jonny Franklin 4 oy oldin
Omg you are amazing
Manimations 5 oy oldin
I don’t understand how it’s so difficult to break the ice when the other person is so hot. Like seriously, the ice they’re inside should’ve melted by now.
Samer Samara
Samer Samara 5 oy oldin
i wish there was a casually explained but from a woman’s point of view so we could actually benefit from knowing how they think but hey at least this is relatable..
Marie C
Marie C 5 oy oldin
Sometimes I text this guy that I like. He told me he appreciates me for talking to him at all. Most guys don't text at all. Now I'm just going to keep approaching him until I die.
Logan F.
Logan F. 5 oy oldin
Or just get Tinder lol
Pi Napple Guy
Pi Napple Guy 5 oy oldin
Ok, quick question, what WOULD a not weird person say? Just out of curiosity
Hero of Kush
Hero of Kush 5 oy oldin
Walked up to a girl said hi I’m James. want to hang out? we did was going good, until I told her my real name
RoseColoredIris 5 oy oldin
3:10 I feel personally attacked.
C1utch R6
C1utch R6 5 oy oldin
3:03 “your mom” 😂😂😂
Tony Thomas
Tony Thomas 5 oy oldin
My love life summed up to a phrase is "beggars can be choosers." I went 0 for 2. To be fair, the first one was long distance, but the other one was a bet based off of real feelings.
Vesten ziRnis
Vesten ziRnis 5 oy oldin
Honest and good advice on the internet? WTF!? I didn't even hear a single "One simple trick the experts don't want you to know!"!
Tommuli Haudankaivaja
umm am i too weird cuz i have been rejected 20 times in 3 years(life is sad)
Richard Cheshire
Richard Cheshire 5 oy oldin
3:24 describes exactly how I met my girlfriend 😂
MageBurger 5 oy oldin
Casually Explained: "Why would I even write that?" Me: "Why did I even think that?"
Akemi M.
Akemi M. 6 oy oldin
I'm in love with how your brain works
alex from the 6
alex from the 6 6 oy oldin
3:06 to 3:16 is facts
【Hirotara】 6 oy oldin
This youtube channel is basically my spirit animal in general
Leo OD
Leo OD 6 oy oldin
thank you for sharing my natalie dormer obsession, but bear in mind i might have to kill you a little further down the line.
papa towel
papa towel 6 oy oldin
Beautiful ending
Aly Homewood
Aly Homewood 6 oy oldin
Waait hold on. Is he bi or some kinda queer? Cus I just... It's... I dunno. I know it doesn't rly matter but I'm just interested and find it funny that apparently everyone of the ytbers I watch just casually turns out to be lgbtq+... Well prbly not everyone... But yeah. Like... It's prbly not sth I need to know but... I WANNA AND THANKS :) (yeah. I'm rambling...)
FlightForOne 6 oy oldin
My ice breaker is usually stuttering something about anime followed by a self deprecating dig... so far I’ve found neither one to be the correct response to “Welcome to Taco Bell, what can I get you?” But if you still want to get on the gay guy scoreboard... 👋🏼 Hi... Soul Eater is the best anime.... and my Video Game Addiction is real..... lol... 😎🌈😶
FlappyCat2000 6 oy oldin
I had a legit like 6 month plan to get with this girl and I came across as weird and stalkery at first but eventually it actually worked but then she moved
I'm David Hasselhoff
Me but unironically
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