Casually Explained: Evolution V - Millennials vs Baby Boomers

Casually Explained
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Last in the evolution series for a while! Also please credit me if you make a global warming themed battle royale. Find me here too:




29-Iyn, 2018



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Jake B
Jake B 23 daqiqa oldin
People who choose carefully what they where waste money here's a tip just press the random button
How do I raise my stats I'm still stuck in the tutorial and they never taught me.
ohronl 3 kun oldin
*LVL. 18 here*
Hunter Davis
Hunter Davis 3 kun oldin
As one of the low levels, not even through the tutorial, I can say beyond reasonable doubt, We need communism lololol 🤣🤣🤣💯💯💯💯👌👌✔💯
Robert Martin
Robert Martin 3 kun oldin
Also the Vietnam map pack generally included a shitty experience where you had a high probability of taking heavy damage, getting killed, and probably seeing fellow guild members die during quests (and not get respawned). You also got the experience of being the target of ridicule and contempt if you managed to survive long enough to come home because you were fighting in a high-level quest that basically no one except assholes liked. On top of that, you may well be homeless now, and not taken care of by a government that makes a lot of noise about respecting the troops, but doesn't actually give two shits about you.
Salute 5 kun oldin
The devs should just stop being so damned greedy
Andrew Duska
Andrew Duska 6 kun oldin
My last play through I got killed during the tutorial
Emperor Ampora
Emperor Ampora 6 kun oldin
oooooh, sounds like someone's been smitten by TierZoo's format. it's okay, i understand that feeling.
Vid Police
Vid Police 6 kun oldin
Hey please help me! My season pass expired and now I don't have a house. What do I do?
aR0ttenBANANA96 7 kun oldin
I don't und3rstanf why we kee0 talking about baby boomers when none of our parents are baby boomers. Can't even say I've ev3r talked to one.
Vinicius Rodrigues
Vinicius Rodrigues 7 kun oldin
I think some servers should recive a buff. I mean, in africa and some places of asia and SA servers there aren't a lot of baby boomers anymore and the millenials doesn't have access of some new features such as memes, or even basic ones such as water or food. The devs should just increase the amount of money every country recive by a billion, that should make the servers more balanced, since the highly desenvolved ones would recive the money but already have a lot of it while the not so advanced ones could use it to come closer to the other servers.
_B r a n d o n_J e a n_
La chancla = 999Atk + 160 damage over time
Knightwalker The Second
What about mental health? Its gotten worse and worse...
Christy Sanchez
Christy Sanchez 7 kun oldin
Honey is a great extension, I use it all the time
lovingAcheerio 8 kun oldin
I’ve a modded version of the game it’s great
BlackStar Senpai
BlackStar Senpai 8 kun oldin
I'm gonna reset because I messed up a bunch of my quest, maybe I'll respawn somewhere with better rng.
MaxUniverse 8 kun oldin
"you don't put pinneapple of pizza..." Gordon Ramsey
Big Statue Boi
Big Statue Boi 8 kun oldin
Now this is epic
Pyrotechnic Parakeet
i downloaded hax
CTStyles31 9 kun oldin
Fax nudes?
Sawyer Morgan
Sawyer Morgan 12 kun oldin
Could you do a video on the new Gen Z class
TythePotential 12 kun oldin
I just want weed ✌️
Vendetta 14 kun oldin
ALM3 14 kun oldin
As a player that had to move from south american servers to American servers around my lvl 12 is pretty sad to see that most players in na servers just care about bonus rewards instead of hapiness
Lava Mage
Lava Mage 14 kun oldin
So when he says okay Google it triggers Google assistant thanks lol
Hank 14 kun oldin
Is this what Bobby has been looking at? I tell you hwut, players these days.
Matthew Espinoza
Matthew Espinoza 15 kun oldin
That old school RuneScape damage animation lol.
Jacob Long
Jacob Long 15 kun oldin
*distant drum set* *getting closer and closer* *guitar joins in* *ohshit.jpeg* “Some folks are born made to wave the flag Ooh, they're red, white and blue “
TheRealGreenAutumn 15 kun oldin
Liek bimeo geme
Thomas S
Thomas S 16 kun oldin
When you said "OK Google" my phone beeped... This was clearly a low-key insult you had planned out to let me know I talk as monotone and emotionless as you. Thanks.
William Szweda
William Szweda 16 kun oldin
New meta to fix the emotionally crippled debuff find a mid level person with a phycolgical class
chi jey chu
chi jey chu 16 kun oldin
Increase the max level cap free for everyone and restrict new player to join until new map expension are out.
Brad Kramer
Brad Kramer 16 kun oldin
Is this a Tier Zoo video?
DatGuyAegis 16 kun oldin
Honestly the devs for this game lost me at the Trump Update in the US region
TeddyB3AR 16 kun oldin
Yea except that the millennials unfortunately got the school shooter glitch
DAYASHII 16 kun oldin
I wonder if z geners should be split into two player bases of neo millennials and hype beasts
DAYASHII 16 kun oldin
TBH electric type cars aren't as good as gas type cars because gas types sound better
5500 16 kun oldin
Bluey 17 kun oldin
how do I turn off global warming
Wuggy Foot
Wuggy Foot 17 kun oldin
When he said OK Google my phone actually lit up 🤣👌🏿🖖🖖🤡💯
SHDU Studios
SHDU Studios 17 kun oldin
You forgot to mention the latest generation update.
maxie fuqua
maxie fuqua 18 kun oldin
My biggest issue with the devs is the apparent time limit on obtaining new skills. If you're not already WELL into your profession by level 25, then you're kinda fucked. Sure, you CAN go out get new skills, but who has the time and money for that? Especially those that would have the need to get new skills. It's kind of a self fulfilling prophecy.
baked potatoes
baked potatoes 19 kun oldin
"And some players just want weed" Lmao
Gabriel Palombo
Gabriel Palombo 20 kun oldin
Baby boomers access to better jobs was easier. Nowadays everyone have information and education as a vanilla pack. So the competition is harder. At my father’s time, to be a deputy, you just needed a comendation, at my time, a ton of tests.
Amber 20 kun oldin
I'm sorry but anyone younger than 24 or 25 is too young to be a Millennial. I don't understand why any source would say a person born in the late 90s-00s is a Millennial. They've really only known technology. How can you compare that to someone who didn't buy their first phone or computer until near the end of high school or entering college (with their own money)?
e2- woah
e2- woah 22 kun oldin
Lmfao wow you are brilliant. Thank you for entertaining me for the past few years.
braden7180 25 kun oldin
The worst mistake any generation can make is writing off the wisdom of those who came before them, thinking themselves more in tune with reality than those who've lived it longer. No amount of analysis, hedging, or complaining will ever change that.
Alex Kay
Alex Kay 26 kun oldin
I'm a millennial and my mom definitely used the wooden spoon on me 😭
McKenzy Smith
McKenzy Smith 26 kun oldin
Boomer players also had less difficulty in the puzzle mission grind of the early levels. Most players don't realize how much of an info dump there was shortly after boomers left these school maps. The DNA structure lore was only added in the mid 50s and the boomers were not required to know or understand it to pass these missions. Content like this has been slowly built up in early levels without spreading them out into later game or making them optional. In fact, school missions have started beginning at earlier and earlier levels for some gamers.
Robel Yacob
Robel Yacob 26 kun oldin
How about the Generation X game mode. We're having an update all the time.
Dudemyguy 26 kun oldin
*Gen Z tears*
Johan Jacobs
Johan Jacobs 26 kun oldin
Both millennials and boomers are trash tbh
Austracy 26 kun oldin
Taking damage raises defence, plus its all nonlethal (hopefully).
TeaInTheMorning4929 27 kun oldin
I managed to find an apprenticeship quest that gives me the same buff as the trade school dlc but without buying the dlc or paying microtransactions
Bailey Nichols
Bailey Nichols 27 kun oldin
When you said "okay Google" my phone was listening to you
TeaInTheMorning4929 27 kun oldin
Theres a gamebreaking bug for my character that prevents me from getting rid for the virgin cripple.
TM87 27 kun oldin
Tier Zoo but with people?
sol porter
sol porter 27 kun oldin
Gen z ftw
Robert Hornsby
Robert Hornsby 27 kun oldin
Lol when you said "ok google" at 4:30, my Google Assistant started
MoonFairy929 28 kun oldin
I LOVE this analogy!!!
Xenar Xandre
Xenar Xandre 28 kun oldin
Soltaar 29 kun oldin
I just want weed
Lucas Oy oldin
I'm a simple guy, i just want weed
Cheybat Oy oldin
Old people use ellipses like how we use commas, there's the secret
Lone Krow
Lone Krow Oy oldin
I just want to make a reasonable amount of money doing something I love. But I’ll have to do something I don’t love (2 to 4 year College DLC or 2 year Tech/Trade school and some minimum wage job to receive small funds and small xp boosts) in order to reach that. Thank goodness my school supports the A+ Battle Pass allowing you the first 2 years of the College DLC for free, long enough to get my Associates Degree or get something from a Tech or Trade school. From then on I can either use the funds gathered in two years time to pay my way to the last 2 years of College, or go on and begin my mid game with starting my career. I’m only level 18 and do not have a job at the second. I am contemplating working as a delivery driver to deliver pizza. Good money, and I’ve only had 2 car “accidents”. The first time I was pulling into my parking spot and the lady on my right tried to pull out at the same time I’m pulling in, meaning her front left side of her car collided with the right side (passenger seat) of my car. I had a dent, her insurance covered it as it was not my fault. Second incident I was driving (this basically is my fault) and I’m trying to make a left turn. I’m at a stop, and I have a yellow arrow, I see I have about 5 to 6 seconds to turn before the oncoming traffic would pass (I’m normally a very cautious driver but I was in a hurry) and I pressed the gas, and I guess my tire(s) was on a thin slice of ice. So I accelerated at a reasonable speed to turn somewhat quickly as not to halt traffic and such, and my car slid and drifted almost hitting the front of a bus that was on the left side where I was turning (they were in the right lane, probably going straight, it was a 4 way intersection) and I regain control as the tail of my car whips back and I am still accelerating and press the brake but it’s too late and we hit a curb in front of us as we are airborne and land (thank God) on a large pile of ice in a Wal Greens parking lot. If it weren’t for the pile of ice stopping us, we would have landed still going and probably break through the front sliding doors of the Wal Greens store based on our speed and me still braking heavily. I learned not to have your foot on the gas when you lose control. Thanks Life. I had to shell out $300 for repairs and tires. Thank God I’m all right and the expense weren’t more expensive.
deedee kay
deedee kay Oy oldin
04:56 i just want my own small piece of land with a couple of animals and a small green house.
rajit kumar
rajit kumar Oy oldin
"Grinding for XP" I AM DEAD
Ryan Taylor
Ryan Taylor Oy oldin
Have you tried the parenthood DLC? I like to think of it as playing on nightmare mode.
Harrowed Hermit
Why don't the devs just kill me
Jonas Müller
Jonas Müller Oy oldin
Pineapple on a pizza... one less subscriber11!
HaleyHalcyon - Gaming Channel
/r/outside is leaking
ThirdWheelin Oy oldin
My dad and I have a 50 year age gap. I just started drinking legally, and he just realized he will never figure out how to change his Facebook photo in this lifetime.
Marshmelloww Oy oldin
Wait are the mods god?
Darian LaPierre
When he said "Okay Google" my google assistant popped up...
NO Oy oldin
Genz vs Baby Boomers
Juba Productions
Guy is a genius
bcount1 Oy oldin
this is fking gold
Mary Rachel
Mary Rachel Oy oldin
The Gen Z generation tho...what the hell. The tutorial is way harder to complete
6FT Oy oldin
I love your runescape references so much lmao
BIG SHAQ ! Oy oldin
When will they add a food dlc for africa?
Court Beckius
Court Beckius 26 kun oldin
As soon as the players there learn how to F.T. and realize that they don't have to stay on that server!
Andreus Triant
While the millennials and baby boomers fight it out the secret super power of gen Z rises from the shadows with things like - internet access at the date of birth - exposer to memes for the entire play through - none fear death due to them wanting to die anyways - longest access to tech compared to generations before
Francis Slagley
Omg i just got the co-op joke😂
Jase Oy oldin
Can't we just do a bad karma run?
Gam Jam
Gam Jam Oy oldin
What's before Baby Boomers?
Kevin S
Kevin S Oy oldin
Nice lampshading on the Honey portion! Well done.
I wonder what the Gen Z meta will look like.
Chris Comstock
I just want weed
My childhood, you (blank)... ya take damage
Aaaa Bbbb
Aaaa Bbbb Oy oldin
What the duck
TheOFFman Oy oldin
I heard some people are bugged so they can take damage from words
Michael Smith
Michael Smith Oy oldin
I spawned in for the weed
TerraWasHere Oy oldin
The devs need to fix the the school DLC it's way too buggy
slice 1
slice 1 Oy oldin
Wipe the server and start over !
king in yellow hastur
Albert Wesker
Albert Wesker Oy oldin
I just want weed
ErkTV Oy oldin
still a genius video idea lmaoo
You've definitely played WoW
Tyrone Oy oldin
I guess you could say... that's how mafia works
Sadb0is Oy oldin
captain crunch
As a gen z I think I've dealt with spoon the flyswatter and a belt
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