Casually Explained: Evolution V - Millennials vs Baby Boomers

Casually Explained
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Last in the evolution series for a while! Also please credit me if you make a global warming themed battle royale. Find me here too:




29-Iyn, 2018

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comeatmebro. Soat oldin
"It just works"
Deano14397 Kun oldin
Battle royale lol
Pocket Monkey
Pocket Monkey Kun oldin
Why is there a fortnite bush on the thumbnail
Phantom4Flyer 2 kun oldin
GradeA is back
Local OnPC
Local OnPC 2 kun oldin
3:06 myfreecams is lit tho
Mr. Muffin
Mr. Muffin 2 kun oldin
This game sounds fun how do u play it tho?
Otto is not My real Name
Generation X is not even in this game. What the heck? 🐮💩
DJ Kevgeez
DJ Kevgeez 4 kun oldin
Mala Singh
Mala Singh 4 kun oldin
How do I download this game.
Animinations 5 kun oldin
If only this game was free-to-play
Jakub Cesarz Dakos
Jakub Cesarz Dakos 6 kun oldin
At least on the map I'm playing College DLC is actually free. On the other hand it gives lower bonuses and you have to face players that developed extra antisocial skill during Soviet occupation patch
one tome plz
one tome plz 6 kun oldin
A spanking is a mercy for me
Avi Vexus
Avi Vexus 6 kun oldin
I like honey.. it works well..
yuiz nerd
yuiz nerd 6 kun oldin
you triggered my phone by saying okay google lmao
dastinger46 7 kun oldin
Love the RuneScape references in this video, brings back great memories
Donovan Siers
Donovan Siers 7 kun oldin
4:30 Thank me later
Calvin Phelps
Calvin Phelps 7 kun oldin
Why don't the devs just
DiabloTek Power Supply
Lmao the abyssal whip
Ali107 8 kun oldin
*When it takes 18 years to complete a tutorial...* Me: You know, I am something of a scientist myself.
Bryan F
Bryan F 9 kun oldin
This video is awesome. Love the metaphors. Some players just want weed!
Arys Okami
Arys Okami 9 kun oldin
The current tutorial leves are completely broken, they don't teach you stuff that it's on the game!? What's the point of a tutorial if they dont teach you basic mechanics of the game?? Also every update the game just gets harder, they think if they keep making the game harder will keep up the meta, that just make it so broken and noob-raper, that's why there's hardly any high level millenials with a good build. Needles to say, other servers and maps are becoming completely pvp where they used to be design for trading or quest fetching. They are not even good free for all, just another battle royale
nicholas dean
nicholas dean 10 kun oldin
So this guy is a baby boomer? 0:20 Surprising because I don't know any baby boomers that know how to use the internet... PS gen z is the best
Machiel Kroes
Machiel Kroes 10 kun oldin
~NekoIDreamZz~ 10 kun oldin
😂 i'm one of those players who just needs their weed :)
Juppie902 10 kun oldin
Oh my god i love how he calls everyone hosts and mods and players... what expansion is 1990-2000 ? I started right in the middle but idk the name of it
EpsilonDevil 11 kun oldin
And some players just want weed. Never a truer statement spoken
dope boi swoley
dope boi swoley 11 kun oldin
You don't need honey to save money on pizza, just tell the phone guy you know Phil. Also quality pizza places don't use codes and such we have specialist. Just ask for the daily special if there isn't one for that day just get a half peperoni have extra cheese. Substitute perperoni for pineapple when needed they are rarley fresh but the canned stuff is just as good as salty ronis. Great videos dude keep it up.
dope boi swoley
dope boi swoley 11 kun oldin
A trick I use is order a 14 cheese buy my own pineapple ask for the pizza undercooked preheat my oven to 450 top the pizza my self and poof you saved money on pizza and you control the pineapple
Neki 12 kun oldin
I just read the patch notes for 20.1.9 and it has a new skill called “wall building”. It’s an expensive skill but once we hit 99 the mods assure us it will be worth it
Mutant Spartacus
Mutant Spartacus 12 kun oldin
Wait something just hit me... do boomers and country hicks think comments on online chats are news? They aren't, we don't work for MSN or CNN, we say these things the same way you say them in casual conversation. Take your own advice to immigrants, if you dont like it, get the fuck out.
Mutant Spartacus
Mutant Spartacus 12 kun oldin
I think millenials haven't ever had people try to kill them, that's why they think the trumpanzees are joking about their 4th reich. They aren't.
Não Consigo Pensar Em Um Nome
Is it normal to be a millenial and act like a boomer?
Kat 13 kun oldin
anyone know when the devs will add pvp?
ED8 14 kun oldin
This was gold. Made me want to play WOW
240pixel 14 kun oldin
What about Gen Z?
Ninth Gate
Ninth Gate 14 kun oldin
>fax nudes Had me right there
The Anything Goes Channel
This is teir zoo
Jose Pedro Edwards
Jose Pedro Edwards 14 kun oldin
Hauntoki 15 kun oldin
fucking boomers
emo_coconut666 15 kun oldin
I’m still waiting for the post apocalyptic update.
Noam Moran
Noam Moran 15 kun oldin
Existential dread btw
Super Sloth Games
Super Sloth Games 16 kun oldin
This reminds me of TeirZoo
TheMonk Wiz
TheMonk Wiz 16 kun oldin
But honey saved you $34.71 on that pizza not $33.06
Whirligig 16 kun oldin
elie abi char
elie abi char 16 kun oldin
Barbarian Aggressor
Barbarian Aggressor 18 kun oldin
So... Anybody have any tips on what perks to invest in with the upcoming 20.1.9 patch?
Matthew Marcum
Matthew Marcum 19 kun oldin
Millenials are the weakest and worst generation yet
Brandon R
Brandon R 19 kun oldin
This MMO looks cool! Where can I sign up?
James 20 kun oldin
DPI Stanley
DPI Stanley 20 kun oldin
Huh, my title reads "Casually Explained: Evolution V - Snake People vs Baby Boomers", but in the video, you speak of millennials. Pls help
Tragic Life
Tragic Life 22 kun oldin
Lol this is hilarious
The Steadfast Duelist
*After level 18 I haven't been grinding ingame currency and spent the last two years playing minigames.*
m mc
m mc 22 kun oldin
shout out to osrs
M.S.Piranha Plant Advanced
This video increased my INT stat
Tyler Ott
Tyler Ott 24 kun oldin
You forgot about the glitch in social security and how millennials are unable to unlock it in the future
jerseysoxfan 24 kun oldin
"And some players just want weed." I fuckn lost it with that one
demskies 25 kun oldin
Where can I buy the Game Genie for this game?
Purpleslimevsgaming 1
As a young person myself I don't feel the way you feel my dad would get out his belt
Jamaican MecrazyYT
Jamaican MecrazyYT 29 kun oldin
I thoroughly enjoyed this video, because of the lingo.
Matt Ryan
Matt Ryan 29 kun oldin
Global warming is a hoax.
NagatoXPXIN Oy oldin
The SJW Clan is a cancer to my illnois western server.
Hyperionic Oy oldin
im gonna be lv 30 in january.
lil nem0
lil nem0 Oy oldin
There's a way to get exp and dollars but you need to have the "drug dealer" game pass
Dylan Jones
Dylan Jones Oy oldin
True dat
Mr Temporal
Mr Temporal Oy oldin
1:11 if you're mom is Latina, La Chancla is the deadliest thing. It deals a massive amount of damage.
The Grand Greefer
Jokes on you kids I was abused as a kid
Gary Michael
Gary Michael Oy oldin
OOOOR We could accept the fact that human labor due to technological unemployment is irrelevant and would should instead adapt to our advancements in technology by remove the need for monetary exchange using Automation and Autonomous technologies to provide all good and services to all the world people without cost or servitude. We would us this opportunity to change the world in ways never before possible we achieve actually world peace . Its not science fiction anymore Machines will replace human labor and if we try to hang on to outdated concepts when machines can produce and provide in abundance we are asking for future generations to face hardship No Jobs No Money But Plenty of Abundance
Gary Michael
Gary Michael Oy oldin
Where are all these REWARDS we Millennials are So called Receiving?
chazcat124 24 kun oldin
That's a good question...
kibblefit Oy oldin
This dudes wit is incredible.
MeetAndWhine Oy oldin
There is NO OBJECTIVE LOOK at either!
Gregory Marxen
Straight up, some animations are straight out of Old RuneScape haha
Malik Johnson
Malik Johnson Oy oldin
Cant wait to game end
Dan Martinez
Dan Martinez Oy oldin
I was stuck playing the campaign for 18 years, now I'm trying the multiplayer and I don't know what to do. pls help
Jakub Cesarz Dakos
Jakub Cesarz Dakos 6 kun oldin
Try to find the suicide button
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ Oy oldin
If you're blaming someone else for your problems you're a spiritual infant and deserve any misery you find.
Herman Mathisen
Can someone tell me the name of a good mmorpg?
Amir Halperin
Amir Halperin Oy oldin
The dev for the American server is literally Hitler.
Subscribe to this channel for literally no reason
As a millennial this is ridiculously inaccurate and pretentious wtf
The Elders
The Elders Oy oldin
As a millenial, this is extremely accurate.
Beck Barnhardt
The devs need to make more acid
snikwad003 Oy oldin
This is amazing
PNatale42 Oy oldin
The boomers are responsible to everything. They raised this weak ass generation
Jesse van Mourik
never tried co-op, anyone got some tutorials?
kshamwhizzle Oy oldin
woohoo birth control and memes vs being able to buy a house on a high school education. and yes, climate change disaster is a thing I legit worry about on a daily basis.
Exist64 Oy oldin
I love the way he depicts his mother in his videos
Sandra Long
Sandra Long Oy oldin
>Boomers don’t have memes. I feel personally attacked.
Krios008 Oy oldin
That feeling, when you see what you are working on in the video :D
When will the limited time Central Asia maps be removed? Charisma and Emdurance 10 Players on the Western server may need time to prepare for the Global conflict event to secure server dominace.
Dartian Oy oldin
2:21 not for everyone. I managed to gain enough xp in the late tutorial to skip 2 years of college.
Aurora butterfly
GEN Z someone explain
Rmutt Oy oldin
why dont the devs
“Leather belt” aka level 70 abyssal whip. Yeah that’s about right
xVoltage 2 oy oldin
My mom shot me with a shotgun when I came home late.... Good thing it only did 8 damage
chiemezue atubi
chiemezue atubi 2 oy oldin
who else got the college or university DLC?
NoobStory 2 oy oldin
It's completely free, it gives you money, some admirals sailing quietly through space might say: "It's a trap!"
Hugh Mungus
Hugh Mungus 2 oy oldin
gen z tho
N L 2 oy oldin
Why did the developper create a souls like game?
Theodur Nayne
Theodur Nayne 2 oy oldin
Even though I'm 75% done with the education dlc I think I'll try my luck working for the mods. I'll get to explore different map packs, get a discount on my remaining dlc, get to use banhammers, and probably get banned from the game before I start experiencing those end game bugs and glitches... Even though I'll basically be a bot for 5 days a week, or 7 if the WWIII expanding is released earlier than expected...
Jon Cortez
Jon Cortez 2 oy oldin
Get what you earn!
Arash Venus
Arash Venus 2 oy oldin
3:14 That's just sad; wish we could hangout more often than using these stupid technologies for our relationship interactions.
T-series Big gai
T-series Big gai 2 oy oldin
Plz nerf white people
Mako Shinkai
Mako Shinkai 2 oy oldin
Fuckin boomers
Luke AC
Luke AC 2 oy oldin
You’re a genius you must have the ALBERT Einstein skin