Casually Explained: First Dates

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drawing from like all my experience
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7-Apr, 2018



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Unique Delight
Unique Delight 20 soat oldin
1:56 that list. Damn. Killed.
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you have a nice face
Jedi Scum
Jedi Scum 2 kun oldin
*_I DONT HAVE A CLUE WHATS GOING ON_* Which basically explains everything
Makichika 3 kun oldin
2+2=4-1=3 It was hard
J C 3 kun oldin
You actually speak truth when you said it's not what you say, rather it's how you say it.
Sebastian Bancroft
Sebastian Bancroft 3 kun oldin
Damn you got me at 1:56 with the second to last point on the list. So true it’s funny.
yeTz 3 kun oldin
i saw this channel on my recommendation randomly and tried to watch 1 video, now ive been here for i dont know how many videos, this shit is just hilarious lmao
Tatianya ford
Tatianya ford 6 kun oldin
Damn the, "Oh shit he thinks this is a date" one really killed me😭💯
Brijan Vierhout
Brijan Vierhout 8 kun oldin
Who paused at the list? Cause I did... fml
Unique Delight
Unique Delight 20 soat oldin
sleepyBear 8 kun oldin
Non-american here... can someone explain the dime joke?
sleepyBear 7 kun oldin
+Vincent ohhhhhhhhhhh...... finally got it. Nah I don't need more brain. I used too much brain and I overthought the hidden meaning of the joke.
Vincent 7 kun oldin
sleepyBear 1. You don’t need to be American, you need a brain 2. dimes are 10 cent coins, he only “dates dimes” meaning he dates girls that are 10/10, and he can only date the year of dimes.
Smack Sothem
Smack Sothem 8 kun oldin
Going on a date later....I needed this more than you know.
WalkerBrosFilms 10 kun oldin
How’d he know our phones are cracked?
Arnaud J.
Arnaud J. 11 kun oldin
0:57 . *Me.* *Thats exactly me.* *My whole life in 10sec..*
iiBloodHunter 14 kun oldin
"Cause I only date dimes" the awkward silence I was dying 🤣😂
RiNO 16 kun oldin
Nice url.
Juan Alvarado
Juan Alvarado 19 kun oldin
InkLink 19 kun oldin
tow plush tow is foar, minos juan das thri quik mafs
Nice Meme
Nice Meme 19 kun oldin
Paying is the best thing you amateur, you can say you pay and if they say they want to pay or to split or whatever, say they can pay the next time and wink, setting you up for a second date
iMoRtaL 20 kun oldin
This shit is great. Subbed
Peetu 20 kun oldin
when you ask her ”whos your daddy” during sex and she says ”yeah you” _big wheels keep on turning_
Comrade Normie
Comrade Normie 20 kun oldin
Foriarez 20 kun oldin
Thanks for this explanation, i don't actually know how a first date is like so this was very interesting to watch.
Inebriatd 20 kun oldin
Duct tape, zip ties, black hood, chloroform, tinted windows for the van, mattress aaaaaaand shovel. Okay, I'm ready.
Adog312 18 kun oldin
ditch the chloroform and shovel and do it consensually and you might have something interesting.
Vendetta 20 kun oldin
Kaleb Bruwer
Kaleb Bruwer 20 kun oldin
Tell her a joke? Okay Show her my youtube -channel- comment that once got a lot of likes? Okay So apparently she doesn't know who Soviet Womble is and even showing her that that joke got a thousand likes on one of his videos didn't convince her it's funny. Am I missing something? Is 2k the new minimum?
Katsuki Bakugou
Katsuki Bakugou 21 kun oldin
I love how you try to stop yourself from laughing at your own jokes. Makes me lose my shit Everytime
LittleNages 21 kun oldin
this is actually some solid advice
EagleWatch 21 kun oldin
3:09 Maths and Freud ? Hum... Pretty strange mix.
callison caffrey
callison caffrey 22 kun oldin
Jan asking for this gets a like.
Peanut Butter
Peanut Butter 23 kun oldin
you crack me up
S4R1N 29 kun oldin
2:38 oooooh someone was way too proud of that one and you almost had a proper laugh :D
Russian Hitman
Girl: why only 10 cents? Me: bevause i only date 10’s Good right?
Robyro Nz
Robyro Nz 2 kun oldin
Buckeye State Sports
Ice cream anyone?
super swag bro
I just lmao when i read the list
Suyash Mallik
Suyash Mallik Oy oldin
4:12 sitting on the curb and talking for two hours kinda sounds nice
I ran out of Username ideas
If she likes vanilla icecream then I don't mind dating her. As long as I eat icecream that is.
OnixTV Oy oldin
I saw this video too late.
Zujia Huang
Zujia Huang Oy oldin
drunk lego sounds dope!! will definitely try that in next lifetime I guess
Xander Zaniel
Xander Zaniel Oy oldin
Damn...I read the list
S'DAS Oy oldin
3:31 why do you sound like chippy gaming right there
The Fjarlsland Project
Have you gone to a bar recently? Drinks are expensive.
G1478 Oy oldin
i just love the way you end the video
Jon Gaines
Jon Gaines Oy oldin
3:11 quick maths
An yee
An yee Oy oldin
"Don't call them daddy, call them father" OMG LMFAO
An yee
An yee Oy oldin
Me: " um..so idk how to act or what to do" Person: just be yourself!! Me : lmao sure *trying to chooaw between my 4 personalities*
JM Z Oy oldin
"Only date dimes" BRILLIANT
Maximus Aurelio
I’m taking this advise to heart
Mark Oppa
Mark Oppa Oy oldin
Who gets married before 22.
Ashley B
Ashley B Oy oldin
Not happy Jan
Why is your mother australian
Quintaner Oy oldin
3:06 his thought bubble...I guess he’s not hot
Grim 2 oy oldin
Best. Pickup Line. Ever.
caleb 356
caleb 356 2 oy oldin
For real tho, just learn something that’s not expected now, but if you have a passion then talk about it and don’t drone on because there is a middle ground for some reason
sexphisto 2 oy oldin
the more i watch, the funnier it gets
Pavo Super
Pavo Super 2 oy oldin
This was funny! Thank you!
Cecco Angiolieri
Cecco Angiolieri 2 oy oldin
3:08 quick maffs
HortenseEagle 2 oy oldin
Oh so you're Australian
Bryan Edition TV
Bryan Edition TV 2 oy oldin
I red the wohle list....good jk with second last paragraph👌😂
Aga 2 oy oldin
How did u know about my extreme overthinking that is the source of my misery? Making that list only took 25 minutes?
Micah Buzan
Micah Buzan 2 oy oldin
Finding someone who has some similar interests can really help. People place way too much importance on physical attractiveness. But if you think about it, the majority of your time with a significant other isn't going to be spent being physically intimate. Having a mental/emotional connection is what lasts.
P D 2 oy oldin
Anyone here watching for the 3rd or 4th time cuz they enjoy this?
Flexy Oy oldin
Those are rookie numbers
What would BoJack do
I like to think spending time with me is passably better than a vacant time slot
Conrad Andrew
Conrad Andrew 2 oy oldin
"Dinner" and a "movie" 😏 P.s that means eating out and some adult stuff
James Cochran
James Cochran 2 oy oldin
Man, you're hilarious. But if you're actually single you're definitely over thinking things.
Godfather 2 oy oldin
that aussie accent tho
Kett Egg
Kett Egg 2 oy oldin
Yes father
Well you got a subscription out of me
nuke animations
nuke animations 2 oy oldin
2:40 he starts to try not laugh if that makes sense
Marco Polo
Marco Polo 2 oy oldin
I have never been on a date and i am 22.
Noa Dadic
Noa Dadic 2 oy oldin
1:56 i knew that you would write this at the end lool
Simon Lee
Simon Lee 2 oy oldin
I love your Australian accent. Just wondering, does it still feel natural to do it or is it more like putting on a fake accent that you know well?
Kinda Shit At Math
1:22 I didn't know they allowed 16 year olds on tinder. You've got some explaining to do, Mr. Explained.
ZXKW 2 oy oldin
Step 1: Asking her out. Step 0: Actually finding someone you're interested in.
Aleph Null
Aleph Null 2 oy oldin
FireF Jebač
FireF Jebač 2 oy oldin
But are they into you? Again you can't tell
The Jew
The Jew 2 oy oldin
Today's poor and sinful youth.
Felix Popp
Felix Popp 2 oy oldin
3:06 Quickmafs
Daniel Buttram
Daniel Buttram 2 oy oldin
I liked this video solely because of the list at 1:56
"Treat others the way you want to be treated" i dont wanna be bothered so i dont bother others.. Easy
Poco а Poco
Poco а Poco 2 oy oldin
IncinerateZ 2 oy oldin
Finally something UZvid's recommendation did right.
Davide Castagno
Davide Castagno 2 oy oldin
1:55 LOL
William Corbett
William Corbett 2 oy oldin
killer list
John Kessler
John Kessler 2 oy oldin
Why didn't I see this a long time ago? Must been jerkin off.
Josh Anderson
Josh Anderson 2 oy oldin
The third way to ask a girl out is over Snapchat, but most of the time you end up with the recipient replying with nothing but a boring pic of nothing, leaving you with no real or clear answer in the end :/
The Steadfast Duelist
*I'm more into dating sims.*
Christian Tedesco
he sounds like jacksfilms
MetalSlayer69 2 oy oldin
why does the video URL have CUM in it?
Langus langus
Langus langus 3 oy oldin
Josh Robinson
Josh Robinson 3 oy oldin
2:30 that is all
Jack Winterheld
Jack Winterheld 3 oy oldin
"Could be worse" is such a cherry on top. Sums up my social life perfectly.
NAman SWAG 3 oy oldin
Again, you can’t really tell if you get a kiss from your date and assume it went well. You both are drunk and drunk people do drunk stuff.
Aegon Targaryen
Aegon Targaryen 3 oy oldin
"Passively better than a vacant time slot"
McLovin '
McLovin ' 3 oy oldin
I paused...
Treehouses & Motors
Girl: "my parents aren't home" *brain working overtime trying to figure out the correct response* Me: "dont worry, they'll come back"
Woodwood 2 kun oldin
Or: dont worry I can be your daddy
Warido 3 oy oldin
The url has CUM in it... wipe it off
William Rosa
William Rosa 3 oy oldin
people think you're Suck at cooking. That's a pretty solid reference
TheGrimravager 3 oy oldin
I see some expansion formulae when the girl is thinking. Are you saying I should date a physicist? Is this also true if I have a bachelor's degree in particle physics?
SteveHart 3 oy oldin
There were 665 dislikes. I had to...
David Edwards
David Edwards 3 oy oldin
3:28 best Aussie accent I've ever heard from an American!
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