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I’m sorry Chérine and the people of France.
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17-Mar, 2016

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Quwertyn 2 daqiqa oldin
It's funny because in polish prezerwatywy (preservatives) also means condoms and I used to be really confused why so much food is marketed as not containing condoms.
Aaron Reyes
Aaron Reyes 20 soat oldin
bonheur *sounds like* boner happiness *sounds like* a penis and "boner happiness" is "bonheur a penis" backwards
manetit najmedine
manetit najmedine 22 soat oldin
...les francais ne PARLE PAS COMME CA!!!
lawyer morty
lawyer morty Kun oldin
French = italian + english + sexier
Some Stupid Instantes
real french guy here, any comments ? Sérieusement je parle français mdr
Vittoria Radesi
Vittoria Radesi 2 kun oldin
Tabarnak mon langue c'est mort
CapitainSheep 3 kun oldin
You saw ravi de faire votre connaissance and not je suis exiter de vous rencontrer
Yavile !
Yavile ! 3 kun oldin
Fucking love France and the french
David ojo
David ojo 3 kun oldin
'How it's going Cafe' or 'I'm good Cafe' I feel like that's a reference to one of your first videos.
Watch Out Pianists
Watch Out Pianists 4 kun oldin
Since I speak Spanish, would learning French be easier?
Alphafoxzankee 4 kun oldin
A pretty important thing to know, yes we have a french word who spelled "bite", but translation of english word "bite" is "mordre", and "une bite" means "a dick". Yup, sexual connotation. Also, pretty ironic but I'm french and I'm really bad to talk english, so this comment is probably to tear off your eyes, sorry for that ^^'
Julian Jackson
Julian Jackson 4 kun oldin
Here’s the main thing you need to know about France: They quit. They give into anything big, namely the small size of fast food in the US, migrants, the Germans, and the only thing that’s lived long in France is their We Can Quit mantra
Da berni
Da berni 4 kun oldin
In Germany we have the word “umfahren“ which means drive around something but it can also mean drive into a thing
Dark Vador
Dark Vador 4 kun oldin
J’avoue c’est grave chaud
Zoiggel 4 kun oldin
Bonjour baguette oui oui.
Check 5 kun oldin
Yeah but many french will understand you if you missed some french words for exemple if u say je suis excite de faire ta connaissance the person by your accent will know it wasn t meaning I M HORNY TO MEET YOU !
Check 5 kun oldin
I know it because i live in france
Pazza 432
Pazza 432 5 kun oldin
Pourquoi j'ai ça dans mes recommandations ?
Dxxdy.Stewi 5 kun oldin
Tu m'apportes*
lupa 5 kun oldin
unoriginal ed
unoriginal ed 6 kun oldin
Thats why french is a sexy languages
Jules Dalsace
Jules Dalsace 6 kun oldin
Une langue qui ne peut prononcer le son u n’a pas sa place ici. Vive la France 🇫🇷
Rami Zureikat
Rami Zureikat 6 kun oldin
In my experience English is much more random and harder!
Radu Arsene
Radu Arsene 6 kun oldin
this kind of things arent only between french and english. for example between romanian and french: in french u say poule wich means chicken ou=u so in romania we have pule wich means dicks. notre poule dans votre court means our chicken in your garden. in romanian we have notre poule= our dicks and votre court(court we read cur wich means ass) sooooo notre poule dans votre court meaans our dicks in your ass:)) this is for real no joke
PassTekk 6 kun oldin
Im french and this 200% true
Depressed Potato
Depressed Potato 6 kun oldin
Fracktail 7 kun oldin
Suce ma baguette ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Mircea Iordache
Mircea Iordache 7 kun oldin
This is why German is superior. It only in wars, but in language! If you mispronounced a word in German, it doesn’t lead to you saying sexy stuff.also German can be pretty easy to learn
Ann Toons
Ann Toons 7 kun oldin
As a fluent french speaker I can tell you: this is so accurate I want to cry
Buenade 7 kun oldin
The Azeri word for coins/change is “ko pay” (just pronunciation) but I said it wrong as “ku pay” which means whore so I asked my grandma “I need a whore”
Tailos, le Maître Chasseur
I never say "Hon hon hon" !
Aezur_Night 7 kun oldin
3:14 "tu m'apportes" and not "tu m'apporte"
Black Templar
Black Templar 7 kun oldin
How France was made *God: how do I make something that foreigners will love but European absolutely hate?*
Vaasref 4 kun oldin
To be fair the hate is mostly due to Napoleon.
Nuclear Mayhem
Nuclear Mayhem 7 kun oldin
lol in norway forigners whit bad accents is considered very funny. whit my group of friends we often make fun of it by doing the same accents. ofcourse this runs the risk of actually making our norwegian terrible but thats a willing sacrifice.
Speckal Luke
Speckal Luke 7 kun oldin
Très drôle 🤣
Carotte Inconnue
Carotte Inconnue 7 kun oldin
Parfait j'aime ca xD
effwutade 7 kun oldin
Damn all the top comments here are trash
DoubleYou J
DoubleYou J 7 kun oldin
Owww just try Romanian
Pixelata 7 kun oldin
Moi aussi
Wowaperson 8 kun oldin
Canadian french is easier
wowthisisanazing amazing
No wonder French is the love language of the world. ....
im horny om l
השם שלי יכול להיות ג 'ק
Je suces des bite à longeur de journer! Est laiser moi vous dire que je donne le cunilinguse a Dider.
Z House
Z House 9 kun oldin
Hahahaha pas mal pour un américain ;)
Armin Outdoor Brot
Armin Outdoor Brot 10 kun oldin
French = gey
Lord Weebus, God of Weeaboos
I can hear him smiling when talking in his voice, and it brings happiness to my nonexistent soul.
Sami Bounar
Sami Bounar 11 kun oldin
For saying 90, we say 4×20+10
Jonas Kielė
Jonas Kielė 11 kun oldin
Baiser is kiss in french but baiser tu is fuck you🤣😄
Justin Pharand
Justin Pharand 13 kun oldin
if you come up here in quebec we'll serve you but the second we leave we'll be talking about how english people are retarded and how you were shit at speaking.
Jules Marçais
Jules Marçais 13 kun oldin
As a native French speaker it took me 10 good seconds to realize you meant "I'm having a great time" which translates literally as "Tu m'apportes une vraie bonne heure"
Ash Ketchum
Ash Ketchum 13 kun oldin
french is just gay german
DAG2003 13 kun oldin
I think the hardest thing about French for English-speakers, at least from my experience, is that we have a hard time distinguishing between a lot of the vowel sounds, many of which we don't have. Spanish doesn't really have any sounds that are hard to distinguish in this way, even though it is obviously difficult to understand native speakers at first.
Adrien Chevalier
Adrien Chevalier 15 kun oldin
Hey, you have a pretty good accent actually :)
blitzmoomoo 16 kun oldin
who goes to a restaurant n says "i dont like preservatives" xD
Meto 17 kun oldin
srry i dont speak baguette
KurzFlime XD
KurzFlime XD 17 kun oldin
Bonjour les Anglais, un bonjour de la France 🇫🇷
The Hangyász
The Hangyász 17 kun oldin
1:31 that's copyrighted tho
staz blood lad
staz blood lad 19 kun oldin
Just be german, they will give their whole country
The Steadfast Duelist
*And here I was thinking Spanish was hard to learn. Well, not really because I grew up with Spanish speakers but for some reason my brain never learn to make me speak it.*
Kofi Mills' Videos
Kofi Mills' Videos 20 kun oldin
I know it probably feels redundant to point out the phrase "double entendre" here, but here we are.
slut_whisperer 20 kun oldin
u were in lyon my nigga
Kaleb Bruwer
Kaleb Bruwer 22 kun oldin
It must be hard to watch a school play with a straight face if the kids also mix things up.
Colton Tedesco
Colton Tedesco 23 kun oldin
I’ve been saying je suis chaud to my host family since I’ve been here, it’s been 4 months.
Dr. Zoidberg
Dr. Zoidberg 24 kun oldin
German: Lovely language, easy to pronounce, easy to write, easy to read, case system so the grammar makes sense. French: Impossible to read or write properly, willy nilly Romance grammar, very likely to make an accidental sexual advance on an unsuspecting stranger.
Cole Delong
Cole Delong 25 kun oldin
The ending was the the most expression I have ever heard out of him
I mean no harm
I mean no harm 25 kun oldin
Tu m’apportes*
sketchart photo
sketchart photo 26 kun oldin
ques qua say dan la my wife's bouche?
Emerald cat gaming
Emerald cat gaming 27 kun oldin
*Gets* *french* *ad*
RedHyphen 29 kun oldin
I definitely got a couple funny looks when I asked the family I was staying with if they used any condoms in their homemade jam
The Menagerie
The Menagerie Oy oldin
Es que je peux aller le bibliothèque avec mon chien de croissant-dix ans dans la boulangerie, mon amie est ca va malle, comme ci comme ca j'avec confit de tre cornichon la bon anniversaire je suis sacre bleu tu le mons tre bien, j'aime du jambon glacé pour les enfante beaux, d'accord?
slowmotion Milk
I got my french exam in 2 days and im shit at french
Mo RBD Oy oldin
soooo boner is happiness in french LOL
HC Street
HC Street Oy oldin
Yeah, that’s basically what french is.
Sarah Ray
Sarah Ray Oy oldin
Je suis chaud means im drunk in Canadian french too
Vaasref 4 kun oldin
Depends of the context but in France I would say it'sq more likely to mean "I'm warmed up"
Addalune Oy oldin
French is rather hard for me. The accent is what trips me up. Spanish is easier for me. I just sometimes have trouble with the grammar.
Nicolas Di Blasio
I speak french (french canadien here.) And i found that hilarious
Mario G
Mario G Oy oldin
french is waaay overrated. learn Polish ^-^
S.H.D Oy oldin
Bon j'avoue que notre langue est un peu compliqué. Mais c'est ce qui lui donne sa particularité en un sens. Bien joué à ceux qui m'ont compris, VIVE LA FRANCE
éponyme emynopé
As a french people, I agree with that
DogTechTV Oy oldin
it's 3 am and i have an exame for frech in 5 hours so i start looking op frech for beginners( i live i belgium im supposed to be great at frech) and i came to this video thanks alot
Jack Champion
Jack Champion Oy oldin
in hungarian "meleg" is "warm" but "meleg vagyok" is "i am gay"
Samuel Prevost
Watching this as a french native speaker is just the same video in reverse, you're trying to figure out what the guys tried to say in english to begin with.
Nr Ai
Nr Ai Oy oldin
In conclusion: French is a very sexual language
Ethan M
Ethan M Oy oldin
Is this what people mean by "pardon my French"??
Umaru Oy oldin
*ANTICONSTITUTIONNELEMENT* AAA la on fé moin Lé mal1 la 1 ???
Frasiga Våfflan
Un, deux, trois, je’mapelle fransois. Trois, deux un, je suis croissant.
Helino Friskino
Spanish is fun too: Mi papá tiene 40 años=My father is 40 years old Mi papa tiene 40 anos=My potato has 40 assholes And embarazada, which you might use for the word embarrassed, actually means pregnant.
Snippy Doggo
Snippy Doggo Oy oldin
Honestly true. My mom was in France for a while and shopkeepers wouldn't speak to her at first if she spoke english to ask for anything. In France you actually have to try the language which is weird considering most other Northern European countries really don't do that
papillon Oy oldin
Maybe I’m trying to say my friend shoved a football in me. You don’t know me. You don’t know my life.
BRUGAR Oy oldin
The French gear: Black beret - +5 french language +3 taste in cheese +3 attack using a baguette -5 resistance against german tanks. Curly mustache - +5 french language +3 taste in snail dishes +5 critical chance using a baguette +5 morale fighting english. White and blue stripped sweater: +5 french language +3 charm while smoking cigarettes
Monika Aledrovich
Je vais balayer une baguette douloureuse dans le cul
Mignonne Oy oldin
lmao look at my name
Thomas Edgerley
"what's the French word for baguette......"
Vovical 2 oy oldin
1:39 my dad made this mistake in Portugal.
Maya Harper
Maya Harper 2 oy oldin
Is this why French is considered the love language?
Cat Arya D
Cat Arya D 2 oy oldin
My favourite phrase I learned in French has always been “Tais-toi, arbre”, which means “Shut up, tree”
Cat Arya D
Cat Arya D 2 oy oldin
When I was little, I’d listen to Lady Marmalade (both the Patti Labelle version and the Christina Aguilera, Pink, Mya and Lil Kim versions) and sing the lyrics as “Voulez vous coucher abattoir ce soir” rather than “Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir”. The first one translates to “Would you like to sleep slaughter house tonight?” unlike the true lyrics of “Would you like to sleep with me tonight”.
Choice Snarf
Choice Snarf 2 oy oldin
This is why I took Spanish.
Sam Hous
Sam Hous 2 oy oldin
"French is a useless language" CHANGE MY MIND
Selma Frøyen
Selma Frøyen 2 oy oldin
Lol I’m French and I have to agree that French is very hard to learn 😂 grammar is teacher the last year of high school, and the final exams even have a huge dictation part
Shawn Sigma
Shawn Sigma 2 oy oldin
Your first language is English and you learned French. My first language is closer to French and not only did I never learn it, I also hate it due to how big of an asshole the person teaching it to me was. She was basically like the average French person: an asshole who demands that you speak French while not being able to say anything in English without screwing it up. I'm sorry, but if I have to choose a second language and all I can choose is either English or French, I'll stick with the language that will actually take me somewhere other than France