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I’m sorry Chérine and the people of France.
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17-Mar, 2016



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Thermophobe 2 kun oldin
like how most recent comments just show francophones having a laugh lol
Sam Andre
Sam Andre 2 kun oldin
The entire comment section is in French. I can't be the only one who doesn't understand French... Right?
Just Minshaw
Just Minshaw 3 kun oldin
Explains why he looked at me weird in the hot tub🤔
Call Me Mirko
Call Me Mirko 3 kun oldin
My man really likes Margery Tyrell
Just A Person
Just A Person 4 kun oldin
Nein Danke, I think I'm just gonna stick to learning German.
Jeannice Ferrier
Jeannice Ferrier 5 kun oldin
Please watch the What the fuck France series (Paul Taylor)! it goes beyond what it is said, a lot of this episode is covered in the langage one :)
LeMagic James
LeMagic James 5 kun oldin
Pain au chocolat ou Chocolatine, cette est le question
JaisonScarFace 6 kun oldin
French=getting laid 😍
KeyWestGlenn 6 kun oldin
France, wins most battles and wars, commonly known for only surrender.
Bou Menn
Bou Menn 6 kun oldin
Nocturno 7 kun oldin
That's why it's called the language of love my brudah
ashley kay
ashley kay 7 kun oldin
Ilan Beguin
Ilan Beguin 7 kun oldin
Tu peux seulement liker si tu est francais
Hugomatrix 8 kun oldin
Nous Français , approuvons cette vidéo
Day Dream
Day Dream 8 kun oldin
3:12 French is my second language you didn't trick me
Patalo 10 kun oldin
Who's Chérine ?
Hambone 10 kun oldin
language of love forsure. lol
Zacbozer 10 kun oldin
ton accent est trop drole XD
Telnobynoyator _
Telnobynoyator _ 10 kun oldin
Do you ever want to make a comment that looks good in your head but looks like shit when you write it so you get depressed and complain about it on the internet ?
[WUT] Hope
[WUT] Hope 11 kun oldin
i like how elle est bonne is elle est bonne
PTNLemay 12 kun oldin
I'm a native french speaker and even I mess up with the baiser one. As a noun baiser means a kiss. But as a verb it's slang for fuck, but I always confuse that and remember it wrong and assume you can verb it in the sense of kissing. So I'll say, "Oh it's not serious they just kissed.". But people understand, "Oh it's not serious they just fucked."
Gabriel DOMAIN
Gabriel DOMAIN 12 kun oldin
Excelente video! Je connaissais pas cette chaîne YT Elle est géniale !
Anthony J.
Anthony J. 13 kun oldin
French is such a horny language though.
AwaK 13 kun oldin
dude. I'm french and you so fucking funny xDDDDD
I commented this video
Even as a French I rarely see any french making no french mistakes lmao that's a bit sad
Theiwofficiel 13 kun oldin
If it's any confort we have the same problem with english words similar to french. You think you just said "do you want me to help you slice the carrots" but no you just said you want to rape them (raper in french). What a world. We call those kind of words "faux amis" (fake friends) cause they are big embarassing mistakes that you genuinely didn't wanted to do.
Cécile Béchonnet
Cécile Béchonnet 13 kun oldin
I don't know where you have learn French but it seems to be a very strange place... Most of terms you tried to translate in your video were not right. For instance in a polite but common French the verb "baiser" means "kiss" (a French synonyms is embrasser). Similarly the French term " Je suis chaud " is more about to be ready, to have strong desire to do something with somebody (it's an informal expression) than about something sexual. It's all the more the same for every word you said! So please open a French dictionary 😉
Never Land
Never Land 13 kun oldin
We don t only have baguettes you know xD
Emma Hamzawii
Emma Hamzawii 13 kun oldin
Well holy shit, im French and this video made me realize how perverted we sound lmfao
rubyrock2 14 kun oldin
Im in Lyon on exchange right now! Je suis excite was my first mistake too lmao. Also the tuttoyer and vouvoyer thing I fuck up literally every 5 minutes. Were you studying at Lumiere Lyon 2? That's where I am :)
Jennifer A
Jennifer A 14 kun oldin
This is a joke right
Leaviro 14 kun oldin
he sounds too enthustiastic
Deewens 14 kun oldin
On aime les boulangeries en France !
studio barbiche
studio barbiche 14 kun oldin
Lyon??? 😂 Encore heureux pour toi tu étais en ville tu serais aller vers Vénissieux Vaux en Velin Saint Priest tu aurai appris encore un autre language 😂
Shaun Beaulieu
Shaun Beaulieu 14 kun oldin
Pourquoi y’a tant de gens qui parlent français dans les commentaires ?
Sweet Aïleen
Sweet Aïleen 14 kun oldin
As a French native speaker, this is totally true and I am SO sorry for the people who are trying to learn our language qwq
Malex Jr
Malex Jr 14 kun oldin
Lmao that is so true the country has 100 of words for the snow or rain or anything else and we have 100 words for sex allusions 😅😂
linouu 14 kun oldin
C’est tellement chou tu essayes d’apprendre le française
Ryder Bourque
Ryder Bourque 14 kun oldin
Eh, once you get the hang of it it's pretty easy
fnaf animatronics
fnaf animatronics 14 kun oldin
Sa se fait pas monsieur heuuu
Octa Pop
Octa Pop 14 kun oldin
je suis française et je meurs 😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂
le bétisier du louay
I'm FRENCH oui je sais que c'est un peu dur
Patte the wolf
Patte the wolf 14 kun oldin
T'a un bonne accent je peux te dire que je connais pas beaucoup de français qui eux ont l'accent anglais surtout moi 🤣 good video
big burger
big burger 14 kun oldin
Bro I'm french this video just kill me 😂😂😂😂
big burger
big burger 14 kun oldin
PS: I'm sorry for the mistakes 😂😂😂
Kūrasaï 14 kun oldin
Génial mec tes le meilleur xD
tawuquoi quoi
tawuquoi quoi 15 kun oldin
my aunt husband ( an englishman ) when champagne's bubbles tickled said " ca pique les boules" mispronouncing 'bulles' ( meaning bubbles ). Boules meanings balls we couldnt stop laughing. This said we travelled across France with my uncle and nobody never been upset about him trying to speak french
Damo Delaprida
Damo Delaprida 15 kun oldin
Tu m'apportes un vrai bonheur... Said no French person. Ever
Huguy Le Chauve
Huguy Le Chauve 15 kun oldin
Le français est vraiment une langue de merde au final xD
yoyo slayer
yoyo slayer 15 kun oldin
oui oui hon hon baguette?
StereoKilla 15 kun oldin
bonheur ^^ that was hilarious!! i'm french btw
G A1
G A1 15 kun oldin
best thing so far on youtube
Agent Mitch
Agent Mitch 15 kun oldin
Son timbre de voix avec le fait de parler français pourrait en charmer plus d'une, j'en suis certain.
Kentaro Park
Kentaro Park 15 kun oldin
C'est tellement vrai 😂😂
Emma EXO
Emma EXO 15 kun oldin
C’est super drôle de voir ça en étant française 😂😂
Ayraise 15 kun oldin
Euu on m'explique ?
Netlands YT
Netlands YT 15 kun oldin
C'est cool
Kokake 15 kun oldin
Eh merce Telfort hein
Wil the Wil
Wil the Wil 15 kun oldin
Bruh mec
The Puppeteer
The Puppeteer 15 kun oldin
Don't be fooled, us french people make the same mistakes when we try to do some english improvisation....
Lunalia 15 kun oldin
Quand tu regardes ça en étant française 😂😂😂
Thezwhd4210 16 kun oldin
Salut la france
Astrid Aguy
Astrid Aguy 16 kun oldin
This is so true French is the worst language to learn nothing make sense wait for the French number
HX3 EN/FR 16 kun oldin
Daiki Kaminari
Daiki Kaminari 16 kun oldin
That was really funny, as a french person I often see English people saying something that they doesn't mean We know how they wanted to say it so we don't blame him/her but just have a little smile
Hotday 16 kun oldin
J'ai une connaissance qui, lors de ses débuts en France, ne savait pas s'il fallait dire une baguette ou un baguette. C'est pourquoi il commandait deux baguettes. :)
Anouk Plouffe
Anouk Plouffe 16 kun oldin
Sérieusement, tu aurais pu dire la majorité de tes phrases “mauvaises” car elle faisait du sens. C’est seulement les personnes qui l’entendent qui ont une “twisted mind”.
Le Loup Des Bois
Le Loup Des Bois 16 kun oldin
Oh btw, because french is complicated I guess you know it's impossible to not make any mistakes so here is yours : "Tu m'apportes" take an s at the end of "apporte"
Nicolas Bellanger
Nicolas Bellanger 16 kun oldin
Our language isn't that easy he he x)
LoLness 16 kun oldin
You destoyed my launguage car je vais te manger espece de saucisson
Cousin de Squeezi
Cousin de Squeezi 16 kun oldin
J'aime le pain
Lyna Kamana
Lyna Kamana 16 kun oldin
C'est tellement vrai certaines expressions basiques en anglais peuvent parfois donner des phrase bizarre en français Traduce that please ( for English peoples and if you have time to loose ) I'm a little shit in English lmao
Maxime Enes
Maxime Enes 16 kun oldin
Pretty good accent.
Lajusa 16 kun oldin
Très très content, j'adore !!
Jxst Smile
Jxst Smile 16 kun oldin
*Random french guy* : Avez vous apprécié cette animation ? *Me* : Oui, beau cul !
Thomas Tacheron
Thomas Tacheron 16 kun oldin
Basically you can create a sexual connotation with almost any word, depends on the way you use it. For example with chaud: If a man or a woman say « Je suis chaud » (not CHAUDE !), it mean « I’m up for that » or « I’m ready » or even « I’m good (at something) ». But « chaude » means « horny » so women use « chaud ».
ManOwaR 49
ManOwaR 49 16 kun oldin
Pas mal Not bad
Biocénose Épiscopale
Merci pour les sous titres !
Le Colonel
Le Colonel 16 kun oldin
French language also knowm as the surrender language
SmokyMan001 16 kun oldin
Pretty accurate XD Now imagine trying to learn french in Quebec where the accent is totally different and not international at all !
Blacksytlegame 16 kun oldin
*Like si dans Toutes Les Vidéos que tu regarde tu met un commentaire Anglais🌚*
Mr. Moitarde
Mr. Moitarde 16 kun oldin
I speak french
Fishy_ lovish
Fishy_ lovish 16 kun oldin
oil of the nut of the coco
Karna 16 kun oldin
Or else speak in english... it’s a modern country
Emmaa Ph
Emmaa Ph 16 kun oldin
Lyon >>>>>>
Sneak 16 kun oldin
Merci beaucoup.
X Lil thug X
X Lil thug X 16 kun oldin
Im a french canadian and understand both languages
RandomNoob 16 kun oldin
l'inconnu 16 kun oldin
of course and you
Foodz 16 kun oldin
Je suis française et je n'aime pas le pain
Choupix 16 kun oldin
askip pour dire bonjours on dit "nik ta mèr"
OzyKam 16 kun oldin
Heureusement qu'il a pas entendu les accents...
Enzo Tmtc.5
Enzo Tmtc.5 16 kun oldin
Cette vidéo m'apporte Beau cul de bonheur.. ;)
LewD 16 kun oldin
i'm french, and your video is so FALSE i want to kick your ass with your own arm
TNT179 GAMES 16 kun oldin
LMAO im french and this is so funny i ve never noticed that friend were that toxic xd
Rayan Hidouche
Rayan Hidouche 16 kun oldin
cette video est vraiment nul this video is so nice
Sotimi 16 kun oldin
3:12 FR je suis français et je n ai pas compris la blague quelqu'un peut m expliquer? EN i m french and i didn t understood the joke, can someone explain it to me?
How to be weird
How to be weird 16 kun oldin
I'm french and understand that even if you do lil mistake like this we will understand because of your accent so don't worry about that
Precursor Music
Precursor Music 16 kun oldin
La big boulange 😂😭
Precursor Music
Precursor Music 16 kun oldin
C’est trop drôle 😂😂
Thejambecoincée78 16 kun oldin
Bien ouej
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