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The Selective Group Memory Paradox: Every individual believes they're the only one who did any work.
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6-Iyn, 2017

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one tome plz
one tome plz 5 kun oldin
Class I am coming to collect your My group: we turned ours in yesterday Teacher well I don’t remember that but ok A+ every time
jenjenzpyro 6 kun oldin
I'm supposed to be learning about the benefits of groups, but all I keep finding are all the ways group members can be shitty: the absent member, the member who went to China and never came back, the sarcastic guy who ignored my texts, the person who ran away from our group to avoid social interaction, the left over partner no one else wanted and I begged to join another group but couldn't because of the left over guy... yay group work
Mista_Fur 9 kun oldin
The best thing about group work is that you'll usually have that guy in the group that really cares that the job gets done...so you just wait for him to take care of it.
Simplicitas 12 kun oldin
Spot on
Rawakk 12 kun oldin
yaaaay I am the "always missing" one, so relatable
Anas Ali
Anas Ali 13 kun oldin
That it!! ... if everybody says that nobody does anything in their group project except them.... there! proof we live in a simulation!
The Steadfast Duelist
2:07 *I thought the "animation" was cute*
Langus langus
Langus langus 27 kun oldin
Purpleslimevsgaming 1
I got into a group for a written project and literally everyone in the group including me had illegible shit hand writing and long story short we didn't get an a
Zoha Qasim
Zoha Qasim Oy oldin
We learn this shit in bba. Thenks man
Zal Oy oldin
Holy shit, I lost it at the ruler part
I'd rather not say
I will never miss that group. F them.
Alexander Briggs
Alexander Briggs 2 oy oldin
I'm the guy in the group who will sit there quietly, and come up with a cohesive and nearly complete project myself whilst my group talks back and forth about whatever half backed bullshit they've come up with. The professor then comes by, comments positively on what I've created as if it were the result of teamwork, and the rest of the group just goes with it from that point. This has, far too often, been my experience with group projects in engineering.
William S.
William S. 2 oy oldin
3:06 LMAO that's what I always do
NinjaPiece 2 oy oldin
If I'm the one that starts writing the report, I put my name first. It's like calling shotgun for a car. You gotta be fast if you want the good spot!
Adrian Rice
Adrian Rice 2 oy oldin
That part about putting your name second or third on the name list, couldn't have hit home any harder
Albos Hajdari
Albos Hajdari 2 oy oldin
Group projects without having a boss figure who actually has some real authority, most of the cases like 90% of the time will end up being a miserable project. Because everyone likes their own ides but no one wants to really work on them. On my experience, in order to make those projects less miserable or even successful is to all agree on the first meeting to who the "boss" is going to be. If you're lucky to choose the right one, you'll get through it, I mean there will always be some arguments and bad ideas but it'll be much easier if one person takes the wheel. Let your pride float away people. Stop being your own enemy.
BluVortechx 2 oy oldin
I freaking LOVE this channel
Cheeseburger Freedom Man
I have a group project right now...
Frozen Yogurt
Frozen Yogurt 2 oy oldin
Go fuck yourself you retarded cunt.
XRemARx 2 oy oldin
I was the "smart" kid in college classes so I ended up doing like 70% of work in group projects. I remember someone did absolutely nothing. Lmao
Ebic Life
Ebic Life 2 oy oldin
I'm always the guy who does the whole entire project for everyone the night before
Francisco Russo
Francisco Russo 3 oy oldin
My group projects: Me: K let's get going mates Them: Wut? Wuddayawant mate Me: I propose these topics how bout that Them: K perfect Me: K I'll do this one Them: Fine I'll take that one 2 days before: Me: How you going dudes Them: Um... Fine yeah Me: I have written 3 pages what about ya Them: Yeah, like 3 paragraphs but it's in arial 30 so it's fine Me: K please finish it Night before: Me: Please finish!!! Them: HALP ME PLEASE WHAT THE FUCK SHOULD I DO Me: K look do this, then this and search for this Them: Um... can you help?? Me: I'll do a part if you really can't Them: Thanks you are a god mate Me: Can you finish it? Them: _has disconnected_
RFM003 3 oy oldin
Wow he used the stages of team development fought by the Boy Scouts
Damison Baieco
Damison Baieco 3 oy oldin
wow is wonderful my dears
Sam Warren
Sam Warren 3 oy oldin
WOW you were totally in UVic engineering hey? That part with the VEX robot plugged into the computer brought back nightmares of ENGR120... shout out to anyone else who's suffered through that god awful course!
Fade 3 oy oldin
as a person named Peter, sorry for that one, he was a prototype
Zach Crawford
Zach Crawford 3 oy oldin
When I had to do group projects. I'd usually do the whole project on my own, then wait for everyone else to fail at their part (meaning they usually wouldn't bother to do their part or were mide blowingly inept), hand in the completed project, then receive the lowest mark out of the whole "team" because I'm disabled and it was clearly assumed that the rest of the group carried MY weight. Later on in school I would deliberately be the odd man out just so I could get the credit and marks I deserved, but of course some teachers would deduct marks solely because I was not in a group. Fuck group projects.
Fwacer 3 oy oldin
That freaking robot project from first year... I know how you feel
Deep Fried Giant Pawtatoh Vujanac
i saw the peter missing and i gotta ask,have we met before?
William Xu
William Xu 4 oy oldin
There’s always tat rich kid who buys a project from other groups or stores
Peter Mitchell
Peter Mitchell 4 oy oldin
Why u singling me out
Devon Rusinek
Devon Rusinek 4 oy oldin
1:55 the night before
DisIsMe 4 oy oldin
this is no problem when you can choose your group freely. It's just too bad that you often don't get to do that.
robert 4 oy oldin
"Not enough to hang up with them" lmao accurate
Ramon Hernandez
Ramon Hernandez 4 oy oldin
I was always the one who did nothing in the team, but when I had to do an individual project, god dammit they sucked like few other things I've ever seen!
kimkim kim
kimkim kim 4 oy oldin
Group projects are the most cancerous thing in college life. I can't trust anyone and others can't trust me too lol. All people get lazy when the project start and it become very unoroductive activity. Sometimes there is someone who try to free-ride who i want to kill.
Kushimaru Kuriarare
I don't know who came up with this Theory but they need to get their head out of their own ass, there's no such thing as human Ingenuity or even group projects as being genuinely useful. I think the school system just does it so that they can prove that no matter where you go to work or who you meet, you're always going to be by yourself and ultimately disappointed in the rest of Humanity. Several times throughout my life I have not only prove that I'm far more engine you would have by myself, but I also knew that just because I acted differently meant that people thought that they can take advantage of me by making me do all the work without actually knowing. I then decided to make it very clear to the teacher that I did everything, yes it's a douchebag move, but it all timidly pays off because I get the great and everyone gets to learn never to trust the one person you put all the work on beforehand. Cuz revenge is a b**** and so am I, however sometimes it could be that one comes in the group that decides to take all the credit even though jackfuk. I remember one time a Spanish video project was assigned to six kids, me and for other people or far too busy for the rest of the week to even focus on this project and we made it extremely clear to the teacher that nearly all of us in the group had other things to do after school so nobody would be able to do the editing or even the filming for that matter and on top of all that everyone of us live very far away and we couldn't find a place to meet up. One kid in our group with a broken arm to literally didn't do anything but just sit there kind of looking like a c*** hole decided to take all of the ideas that everyone was contributing on the first day, do the video all by himself without notifying anyone, and essentially taking all the credit, this a****** had all the Time in the World to do all of this stuff, but didn't run buy us to notify us anything. Instead this little a****** took all the credit and said that everyone just decided not to talk to him which was a lie because we didn't know who this kid was and he didn't give us his phone number on the first day of the project and all of us were equally worried cuz the teacher was a massive a****** and she would fail anyone she didn't like. She was so surprised that this kid did the work all by himself, even though he stole all of our ideas, she gave him five a pluses. I told my mom about this and she was ready to complain to the principal until she redacted for the A+ is giving the kid one A Plus, the parents of the other kids were ready to complain to the school board for doing something so stupid but the teacher gave a really weird excuse. I don't remember what this excuse was but it all to mately led to everyone in our group failing this project and permanently becoming enemies with that one kid with a broken arm, I even remember one guy who was extremely worried about the project who was in the high school band and had to do music practice throughout that week stalking him and throwing eggs out of his window for nearly about a month. Honestly he kind of deserved it for taking all the credit.
CircleNoob101 4 oy oldin
My group be like: 1-4. 1 person working 5. profit with a sense of guilt
Unicorn BaconFarts
Crap. I asked them where they wanted their names and they never responded. I finally moved my name from last to first. Forget having my name last. 😂
Mohamed Muneeb
Mohamed Muneeb 4 oy oldin
Next time ill try to be the "Peter" in the group instead of being the one who does all of the work !!!
NarrAdvocate 4 oy oldin
I'll be the one to admit that I was often the weak link in group projects, whose procrastination nearly led the group to ruin. Anyone who's ever worked with me hated me and I know it
Nicholas Parker
Nicholas Parker 5 oy oldin
So accurate, who ever creates the groupchat is incharge
The Metal Butcher
Incredibly accurate.
Michael Sheridan
Michael Sheridan 5 oy oldin
Second to last on the title page is so true
Parge Lenis
Parge Lenis 5 oy oldin
When i got in a Group We where Meeting us by one home and ran We realize at ten o clock that the parents are coming and We just Played halo... Sry for my Bad english
noahxx 5 oy oldin
0:58 This was me my entire high school career.
Devon Rusinek
Devon Rusinek 5 oy oldin
"...you've arrived at the first stage: finding out how many people speak English." Too true...too true
Ryan Westphal
Ryan Westphal 6 oy oldin
from watching your videos UZvid now spams gay dating site ads and some weird shit called SCISSR Lesbian, lol
Gid 6 oy oldin
2:44 Going to dislike the video because of this
Astral Dragon
Astral Dragon 6 oy oldin
group projects suck
Francis Luglio
Francis Luglio 6 oy oldin
These videos may not be meant to be taken seriously but sometimes you can google some of what he says and learn something.
GT3 Shredz
GT3 Shredz 6 oy oldin
I can't believe I took an entire course where one unit could have been summed up in this one fucking video. Thanks for wasting my money college
Andrey Barsukov
Andrey Barsukov 6 oy oldin
This is too accurate
Alexander Madwrite
Group Projects: Explained by all every one is a lazy asswhole and you have to do it all yourself and you don't even get much for it
Tioo 333
Tioo 333 6 oy oldin
2:38 I'm not dissapointment about the human race actually I never got my hopes up so SIKE
jgsregrate 6 oy oldin
I have the best idea if no one in your group does anything in a group project. Just put “Names in order of work done” and put your name, and leave it at that
Twister 6 oy oldin
1:59 interesting shape in the middle
da0king1 6 oy oldin
"this person can be identified by the second to last name, on the title page, which they put after concluding that putting it at last would be passive aggressive..." This is soo accurately summed up!
Ramonerdna 6 oy oldin
Loool that subtle let down joke about Peter was amazing
Cafelogis 6 oy oldin
Group work. I either do all the work or I find out I'm not the "smartest one" and actually learn something and feel relief as I'm now not the person doing all the work. My ego takes a bit of a hit though if I find out I'm the "dumbest one".
Stephen W
Stephen W 6 oy oldin
MATLAB at 1:19?
Elena 6 oy oldin
2:36 "...but was filled with contempt and disappointment for all human life" lol xD
Josh Pollack
Josh Pollack 6 oy oldin
i had a teacher spend 20 minutes on this in uni
Sencic 6 oy oldin
I am currently entering my freshman year and can I say, I have had only 2 good groups that were assigned to me, and in one of those one of the group members got suspended.
Jessie 7 oy oldin
This is my entire university degree experience casually explained
PonzooonTheGreat 7 oy oldin
I was the asshole leader who pretended to do all the work when in reality I was getting everyone else to do it without other team members knowing.
Julius Sw
Julius Sw 7 oy oldin
I'm Peter, Ikeda, and Jimmy combined
Moshthun 7 oy oldin
I had to learn this for my course and it's messed up but you're completely right.
Alex Lushiku
Alex Lushiku 7 oy oldin
2:57 HAHAHAHA sooo relatable
Alexander Georgiev
Hey?!?!?! I'm from Bulgaria (in Europe) and your map "showed" I have no internet!! Not good man, not good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
blackoutgenez 8 oy oldin
3:06 damn hit so close to home, I once did a project and wrote the names in order of usefulness and another time writing my name last, now I just put the names in alphabetical order to be somewhat "just"
Mimi Kal
Mimi Kal 8 oy oldin
Wait a second he went to uni but couldn't figure out how to measure the height of table?
Jason Lai
Jason Lai Oy oldin
Mimi Kal university is an amazing conglomeration of every kind of people you wouldn’t ever think of meeting
Tyson Strum
Tyson Strum 8 oy oldin
about to take an exam on the psychology of groups, had to watch Casually Explained for good luck
or you realize you got put togther with a group of shitty people and become fustrated at your group for not having anything done while everyone else seems to be almost done with their projects so lazy they dont even make up an excuse for why they didnt get their part done...just eh..oh well.
xeroinflux 8 oy oldin
Human Relations flashbacks.........
jacob bechard
jacob bechard 8 oy oldin
Anybody know what the Japanese character says a 0:36
Michael Armitage
Michael Armitage 8 oy oldin
needs to hit 2018
westernarc 8 oy oldin
>Not listing group members by last name alphabetical order to absolve yourself of any insinuations that you made an attempt to make a statement when you listed the names while writing the whole report yourself Do you even beta?
ColorExplosive 9 oy oldin
That's gotta be a VEX robot at 1:17
Robert Davis
Robert Davis 9 oy oldin
Oh man, last semester: 9 consecutive hours of writing a 3 person PDE project report the night before it was due, and I definitely put my name in the middle. So painfully true.
bigstanley 9 oy oldin
Second to last is exactly where I put my name on a presentation every time I solo a group project
mee eee
mee eee 9 oy oldin
my group projects go like: One guy does all of it cuz we're dumb and lazy
Mister K
Mister K 9 oy oldin
ming ming ming ming ning
Kat Car
Kat Car 9 oy oldin
i love how this is based on a real theory of group dynamics
Megumi Ikeda
Megumi Ikeda 9 oy oldin
Aaron Landry
Aaron Landry 9 oy oldin
In group work, I’m usually the brains of it all, and work out a model that plays to their strengths and weaknesses. I give the artsy kid illustrations, the not so smart kids get less of the project to do, smarter kids get more parts, and I usually either give myself the usual work for one of the smart kids and also the extra pieces if the parts don’t divide evenly. I typically try to get things done a few days in advance, so that I can go over everything and correct what mistakes that there are. In the end, there’s so much that needs to be corrected that I end up with like 60% of the work, if not all.
tanki online
tanki online 9 oy oldin
i hate group project so mush i usually end up doing the work and not getting the grade I deserve because my group members
Voce Tyrannis
Voce Tyrannis 9 oy oldin
ironically my name is peter
Marcos Servin
Marcos Servin 10 oy oldin
I once did a group project. It was supposed to be one PowerPoint... it ended up being three
Magic Bullet
Magic Bullet 10 oy oldin
Casually caught the group working on Vex Robotics in the vid
L Petillo
L Petillo 10 oy oldin
Bobby Bobman
Bobby Bobman 10 oy oldin
anyone else notice the vex product placement?
SamxD 10 oy oldin
OMG this is so true in Uni
Alek Gust
Alek Gust 10 oy oldin
1:18 that looks like matlab on the laptop
May Robinson
May Robinson 10 oy oldin
Has anyone ever done a group project where nobody let's you do any work because they are control freaks and need to do everything their way, and then you get your grade back and everyone says you didn't participate BUT THEY DIDN'T EVEN LET YOU FUCKING PARTICIPATE IN THE FIRST PLACE.
bored 11
bored 11 10 oy oldin
His voice is hot
Christina La
Christina La 10 oy oldin
What university did you go to?
max_agr 10 oy oldin
could not have summe it up any better
Rtist 10 oy oldin
Wow, I love the art style