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No offence to my college and uni pals. Please send me party invites.
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21-Iyn, 2016



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HungerGamesFan88 5 soat oldin
0:46 I'm on my second semester already and the website is still a damn rat maze. Maybe you're onto something...
College Debt Slavery-on kindle
You will look at 25 years worth of financial stress after you graduate. And good luck getting an apartment too.
Alejandro Zamora
Thanks for this. I really needed this!
Alex Kay
Alex Kay Kun oldin
I'm Alex K...
Pirate Modz
Pirate Modz 3 kun oldin
Wait.... So if a girl takes computer science.....
Alexander Kalgin
Alexander Kalgin 6 kun oldin
2:55 hold up
Kaleb Bruwer
Kaleb Bruwer 9 kun oldin
There is an 8 in my Computer Science class, but she is constantly surrounded by guys. The competition is on.
Parker Dial
Parker Dial 14 kun oldin
"If you can navigate their website you're smart enough" lmao!
mamertvonn 15 kun oldin
health and nursing? thats why females get lower income. this is the future and technology is everything. nursing are for Asians raised by asian tiger moms but doesn't have the money to be a real doctor
Castlehill650 15 kun oldin
“Trigger phrases”. Jesus.... Just be a normal f’n person and people will see you as a normal person. The second you start confusing yourself with this bogus bull sh** is the moment you become a tool. Be. Your. Self.
poptarte100 17 kun oldin
I love this so much
Marquis Willis
Marquis Willis 18 kun oldin
"Never ever EVER tell an engineering student that you had a lot of homework last night, even if you are also an engineer..." coming from an engineering student that is hard fax
Worm Slut
Worm Slut 22 kun oldin
I got an online school ad before this lol
lex ;—;
lex ;—; 22 kun oldin
well guess what, I’m probably going to be with all males because I’m gunna study physics and astronomy lol
Joseph Dumas
Joseph Dumas Oy oldin
The jokes are mad funny. Bonner every time he sees a gender neutral name.
Mateo Ceballos Querol
i'm in univeristy and this is how much sex i have: *Read More*
Xavier Joseph
Xavier Joseph Oy oldin
Sounds to me college must be a rip off
luciana Ledur
luciana Ledur Oy oldin
*Studies for 4 years to get a good job with a good salary* *Works at McDonalds because no one else wants to hire you*
Jasper Karpfen
If you're the best at playing a music instrument, you will never be replaced by a robot. You will be replaced by a chinese guy
Dank with Some Chronny
Yo boi I see that UVIC website covered up same here muthafuvka OH CANADA
Max Oy oldin
"So along with that loophole that doesn't work" hahahaha I literally cracked up
Look if you didn't get girls in highschool you wont get anymore in college :)
Micah Buzan
Micah Buzan Oy oldin
I've learned more about life from your UZvid channel than I ever did in School.
Eliza Waters
Eliza Waters Oy oldin
I actually did find this reassuring. Thanks James.
jCode Oy oldin
Good recursion joke at 3:20
College in America looks waaaaayyy better than college in Ireland......so jealous besides the massive debt of course.....but other than that I would've loved to go there
Abdenacer Fodil
Abdenacer Fodil 2 oy oldin
5 of 6 screens are for porn and relationships and one for youtube XD true AF
Eric Huddleston
Eric Huddleston 2 oy oldin
Computer Science for me taking classes at the CC rn.
Lithuaniaball 2 oy oldin
"Don't talk about market with fine art students" 😂😂😂😂😂 that is good one
Shanid G
Shanid G 2 oy oldin
The description is the best part of the video. "NO offence to my college and uni pals. Please send me party invites." dead
pouya sobhanipour
one of the best videos 👌🏻👌🏻
Mehrdad Behroozi
Mehrdad Behroozi 2 oy oldin
dude u r a legend
Richard Schaefer
Richard Schaefer 2 oy oldin
"Don't ask a premed student how long until they graduate" - This...
Common Unicorn
Common Unicorn 2 oy oldin
These are hilarious! I’ve been watching your videos all day at work. Who are you?! 😘
Ethan Dehoff
Ethan Dehoff 2 oy oldin
Get a job working on the robots.
Paavo 2 oy oldin
Try school with ADHD hahahaha. Good luck lmao
sdfhae sher
sdfhae sher 2 oy oldin
coming from an IT undergrad... this is so true
Polish Wolf
Polish Wolf 2 oy oldin
Well... university is free where I live and I live at home so the only thing I need to pay for is transport (which is now covered by my study grant). I picked the course I enjoy - history - and so far I'm not worried about getting a job (like teaching). We have around 11 lectures per week which last 1.5 hours each. One day is 6 lectures in a row, but sometimes it's just one lecture or a day off. I don't party or any of that nonsense, so I don't waste money or time. Also, I'm the only female in my class which is hillarious because neither I, nor the guys in my group are interested in each other (we're all just mates). Guess I have a slightly non-typical university experience.
Matthew Trujillo
Matthew Trujillo 2 oy oldin
Casually explaines: vibes pleasee
Buenade 2 oy oldin
Or just go to Germany and get paid to go to school
Joel Grieco
Joel Grieco 2 oy oldin
do you go to uvic??
Alex Perez
Alex Perez 2 oy oldin
When I got my CS degree I think there was a total of 5 women in my undergrad. I made friends with all of them asap cause I wasn't trying to be around the guys lmao. Thank God my track team had more women than men.
P T 2 oy oldin
University isn’t expensive
Jannis Höntscher
I am a fan of your humor and voice
Ry Nezil
Ry Nezil 2 oy oldin
UVic represent
Alexander Kotnik
Alexander Kotnik 2 oy oldin
Any other Alex K's out there that had to do a double take at 2:55 ?
Francisco Villavicencio
This shit is hilarious
The Steadfast Duelist
0:49 *Then I guess I'm not smart enough*
BurblingBarbacoa 2 oy oldin
Too bad I'm so fucked I can't even finish high school. I want to die
Taylor Juchs
Taylor Juchs 2 oy oldin
When theres a high possibility that you'll be going to a university that's number one major is nursing (cant contain smile)
Josh Robinson
Josh Robinson 2 oy oldin
If you come to Michigan I will throw you a party lol
MrStealYourFrog 3 oy oldin
Physics students, please tell me the gender ratio in physics is better than computer science
Mikha'il Gonato
Mikha'il Gonato 3 oy oldin
HAHAHAHHAHA that "You'll have more sex jokes" is pretty accurate
Hareem Zain
Hareem Zain 3 oy oldin
Asa physics and engineering student. This is accurate
Kazi Iqbal
Kazi Iqbal 3 oy oldin
Lmfao there was a girl named Alex K. in my AP Computer Science.
jebmak 3 oy oldin
30 years? That's optimistic.
Protock Gaming - Fortnite Battle Royale
The slider is wrong. It should be a graph. The x-axis should be income, in increments of 10k, and the y-axis should be the amount of fun you have, in increments of how long you would be able to do a certain activity. Take a job, and plot it on the graph. This way, it is relatively easy what you are aiming for and what you’re getting back.
Cgase Zimmermagan
Bruh this channel is too good
Dai Tran
Dai Tran 3 oy oldin
watching this in middle shool
Jack Noir
Jack Noir 3 oy oldin
2:40 . As a single CS major that hurts. I'm thinking of joining a D&D club too which probably won't help either.
Rene 3 oy oldin
Fuck why didnt i watched this 6 months ago im working my ass off im not ready give 6 more moooonths
Sekler 3 oy oldin
Every month I watch every casually explained video in one night
Stamate Valentin
Stamate Valentin 3 oy oldin
In Romanai is free if you have hight grades :))
Langus langus
Langus langus 3 oy oldin
Anas Abo Moslim
Anas Abo Moslim 4 oy oldin
That's the UVic website!
As an engg student the homework thing is very on point
Misuzu Kamio
Misuzu Kamio 4 oy oldin
It's Monday morning, I'm sitting on my bed in my one room flat and want to die. But hey, at least my school years costs like 300€ total (still don't want to redo any course though, it's freaking hell)
Mark Henningham
Mark Henningham 4 oy oldin
Umbreon 197
Umbreon 197 4 oy oldin
"Do 1-2 hours of study for each hour of lecture." I now have the equivalent of two (Australian) full time jobs between lectures and study alone. FML
Umbreon 197
Umbreon 197 4 oy oldin
I was waiting for a physics lecture to start, and realised I was in the wrong room when I saw a group of five women walk in.
cream egg
cream egg Oy oldin
2 relatable haha
quaint 4 oy oldin
Fuck American education
Mitchell Poore
Mitchell Poore 4 oy oldin
phenomenal jokes and insight rolled into one. please keep it up, i haven't laughed this hard in forever.
Your Own Mom
Your Own Mom 4 oy oldin
Im a female in Computer Science class and got no friends at all #frvrAlone :(
Goekcan7 4 oy oldin
I Think i am gonna do one Semester for Health and Nursing Programm ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Michael Osborne
Michael Osborne 4 oy oldin
The fun vs employability scale is legit. Also worth bearing in mind it'll b less painful if you play to your intellectual strengths. If you suck at remembering facts, don't do biology. If you struggle with abstract concepts, don't do physics. If you don't hate yourself, don't do chemistry.
CodeEmporium 4 oy oldin
I fucked up
Paul Ockwell
Paul Ockwell 4 oy oldin
im studying computer science, this video is way to accurate
XRemARx 5 oy oldin
I also need like 7 years of school to be a professor so its like. Yeahhhhhh fuck my 20s I guess.
Franco .V
Franco .V 5 oy oldin
I had 10x times more sex in university than before Because 0 x 10 is still 0 Kill me
ツAllan 12 kun oldin
Chris Sandoval
Chris Sandoval 5 oy oldin
Shit dude it's not even completely for CS all the stem classes i am taking have no more than 4 girls. Tranfering next year lol.
G G 5 oy oldin
Fuck the price of college.
Abdul Arif
Abdul Arif 5 oy oldin
It means you fucked up if u took com sci 😂😂😂 ... well shit
Nicolas Beaumont
Nicolas Beaumont 5 oy oldin
“If you can navigate their website, you’re smart enough”. As a high school senior applying to college, I can confirm that this is depressingly accurate.
theacp127 5 oy oldin
I'm almost done with college and I'm still wondering what it's like to go to a party there.
Shu Yeezy
Shu Yeezy 5 oy oldin
2:48 "Means u fucked up"
Caleb Cantrell
Caleb Cantrell 5 oy oldin
Want to see something funny? Give a group of engineers a box of legos, and watch the magic unfold. Free entertainment I tell you. (From an engineering student).
SparkyTheFox 5 oy oldin
or u could fuck off to nowhere and get a sports degree and run. away from impending bankruptcy
Sid Micheals
Sid Micheals 5 oy oldin
I got my degree, and I only wanted to make friends and have a life....I got none of that and regret studying something I didn't even like
Lilly Nasoturkey
Lilly Nasoturkey 5 oy oldin
Hey man that website looks a lot like the UVIC website
TheLastCrankers 5 oy oldin
old but still: at my program we had 137 people in class of which 7 were female. don’t study automation and robotics if you want to have a social life.
MidnightFlower13 5 oy oldin
My college has less homework than my high school did....Like way less. Like 5 hours of homework in high school and 1 hour in college. Even though it's 7 classes vs 5 it's still less.
Jack Mara
Jack Mara 5 oy oldin
Glad that my rich daddy is paying me the university. Love you Federal German Republic
MageBurger 5 oy oldin
3:20 So how long does that meta-editing screen go on for?
Godsaw 5 oy oldin
Means you fucked up. LOL
Mart Vunk
Mart Vunk 5 oy oldin
I once or twice went to university. Was free both times. Still have no idea what to do.....
Sérgio Alves
Sérgio Alves 6 oy oldin
As a general rule of thumb the more women you see in your class the less money you'll be making after you graduate.
cream egg
cream egg Oy oldin
Theoretical Physics
And never EVER call a physics major an engineering major
Comic Sans
Comic Sans 6 oy oldin
Here I am just starting my homework at 3:38 am on a Monday and pausing to watch UZvid
Kenjoda 6 oy oldin
3 million views let's go dude
Rosstinelli 6 oy oldin
I just finished my radiology degree. Health is the best domaine! So many babes. Plus uni is free in Switzerland..... So win win
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