Casually Explained: How to Make a S̶̷̶u̶̷̶c̶̷̶c̶̷̶e̶̷̶s̶̷̶s̶̷̶f̶̷̶u̶̷̶l YouTube Channel

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I may have switched the characters in that email interaction.
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28-Fev, 2017

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Player Of Nothing Comic
What do you use james
KoolGuardrailBoy 20 soat oldin
1: clickbait
MiloSconster 4 kun oldin
That rubiks cube was unsolvable, one of the pieces had 2 white stickers
Mohamed Hussain
Mohamed Hussain 5 kun oldin
I got a ad before the video started on how to make a UZvid channel
Mohamed Hussain
Mohamed Hussain 5 kun oldin
I meant how to make a successful UZvid channel
Common Unicorn
Common Unicorn 6 kun oldin
I think more females watch these than you think! ;)
Penquin 360
Penquin 360 13 kun oldin
Holy shit, I got an ad by some virgin named “kong” on how to make a successful UZvid channel.
ED8 13 kun oldin
lmao at every video
Pensive 13 kun oldin
hello guys I am marketing my channel in the comment section of this video. So please subscribe to my channel for amazing content.
Football Head
Football Head 14 kun oldin
I should be looking for a job well at least I now know how to make a UZvid channel
Jocelyn Blood
Jocelyn Blood 17 kun oldin
Subscribe to me to be successful
Langus langus
Langus langus 21 kun oldin
Hariyama 24 kun oldin
the tabs had me dying
Ian Oy oldin
I like how these videos are stupid but at the same time kinda useful
Jamie The Heavenly Jam
r.i.p video editor
Smeg Head
Smeg Head 2 oy oldin
How to Make a Succe̶̷̶s̶̷̶s̶̷̶f̶̷̶u̶̷̶l UZvid Channel
Alexander the Greater
Casually explained: how to complete the 100 subs without vids
Thomas James Arelis Carpenter
Hello casually explained. What is cringe music?
Som Keshav
Som Keshav 2 oy oldin
Flagged due to blackface. GOTTA BE ADVERTISER FRIENDLY
J S 2 oy oldin
Still pretty sure Casually Explained and You Suck at Cooking are the same person.
Avi 2 oy oldin
Send me the link to your secondary channel my boy.
CodeEmporium 2 oy oldin
91% men. My channel is 84% men. Huh.
Adam Kellar
Adam Kellar 2 oy oldin
Ty Ellison
Ty Ellison 3 oy oldin
3:27 "gotem" 😂
Rhys Miguel Terrado Taylor
go to heck
Justin Hallam
Justin Hallam 3 oy oldin
lol i got a add on how on make a successful youtube channel
Wolfphototech Entertainment
*I just do what i do and i don't give a crap .*
TheSaiguy 3 oy oldin
I got an ad about how to be a UZvidr coming into this video but he sounded too happy. I prefer this channels "I hate life" voice.
MageBurger 3 oy oldin
Step 1: make a bunch of videos Step 2: refer to step 1
akeem anderson
akeem anderson 3 oy oldin
What's the other channel he keeps talking about?
Christina La
Christina La 3 oy oldin
My ad for this video was a UZvid channel coach
Franck Somarriba
Franck Somarriba 3 oy oldin
I will give you a shot out
Anne Marie
Anne Marie 3 oy oldin
You're a fucking hilarious genius 👌
Nobody You Know
Nobody You Know 3 oy oldin
Extreme eye contact V: we're holding hands now
DeadbrainLives 4 oy oldin
Just keep making shit. Sometimes people blow up (popularity) after a LONG time.
Memesterchief 4 oy oldin
Even for....*cats* smoke .....
Memesterchief 4 oy oldin
And purple
Memesterchief 4 oy oldin
Purple it from here boiz
French Guitar Guy
I got an ad about being successful on UZvid before this
Proionix 4 oy oldin
Lets see the kink. Drop a link.
The Absolutely Guy
*Drama Alarm*
Joshua Amador
Joshua Amador 4 oy oldin
"Extreme Eye Contact III"
Dunked On
Dunked On 4 oy oldin
There are no girls on the internet. This is just a fact
Brendan Wilson
Brendan Wilson 4 oy oldin
Wait are you "you suck at cooking"?????
Entity 4 oy oldin
I knew these two were fucking related somehow
Alex R.
Alex R. 4 oy oldin
what is your other channel?????
Yarkz 4 oy oldin
The ad for this video was some guy selling his knowledge about UZvid and how to be come successful on yt
Buzz Buzz
Buzz Buzz 4 oy oldin
Thing is I don't do any of these things and idk how I even have one sub
2Awesome 4 oy oldin
Snowball goes back down the hill
diyagheith1 4 oy oldin
I get 0.05$ a year from my UZvid channel. Been getting like this for 6 years now.
Beckett Neilsen
Beckett Neilsen 4 oy oldin
You still get one to two million per vid
PinoyAznLee 4 oy oldin
Whoa whoa, I'm a lady between 18-25 (24)! Don't let this username fool you (made it when I was 14 and too lazy to make another one). Your content is gold!
Vasela M
Vasela M 4 oy oldin
Absolutely love his sarcasm 😅😂😂 reminds me of myself
Asphyxiating 4 oy oldin
0:25 subtle PH tab at the top of the screen lol
H gbdph
H gbdph 4 oy oldin
The advert on the vid was about growing a UZvid channel 😂
Otaku-chan 4 oy oldin
I have subscribers without making a single video how broken is that
Eli Ortez
Eli Ortez 4 oy oldin
I love how he alludes that he has a porn channel like he actually gets someone to sleep with him
Erza Scarlet
Erza Scarlet 4 oy oldin
Lol u are submessive guy
John Macintosh
John Macintosh 5 oy oldin
I want to see the leather and handcuffs son
wahh Taoo
wahh Taoo 5 oy oldin
Oskar Pettersson
Oskar Pettersson 5 oy oldin
Idk why but I found the comment from “dad” so funny not that bad this time son 50 likes. “Jk lol” 300 likes lmao
Josh Zhou
Josh Zhou 5 oy oldin
I would watch the shit out of "Extreme Eye Contact III"
Fuzzy Camel
Fuzzy Camel 5 oy oldin
Dad : pretty shit lol, omg I almost fell out of my chair laughing haha
dandy-lions 5 oy oldin
4:38 >play your cards right >holds 7 2 offsuit
Nataša Marhat
Nataša Marhat 5 oy oldin
love your videos could listen to your charming voice all day long also a very unique and sophisticated sense of humour. would purchase any audio book you would narrate if you were to add some of your own comments and just throw them in randomly and unexpectedly like you do with casually explained and when you do i just burst into lauhgter because you just say it with your soothing voice and/or just add small things into the graphic image. why don't you take like, idk, fairytales and tell them in your own way and add graphics i would watch that non-stop. you are one of the funniest people whose work i have ever witnessed. keep it up!
Andrew Loop
Andrew Loop 5 oy oldin
Narrating audiobooks.
Beats by JK
Beats by JK 5 oy oldin
Thank you sir
Hilfigertout 6 oy oldin
I just noticed that "succcess" in the title has 3 c's
Podin 6 oy oldin
Wait a second, I think I can do what Casually Explained does. Why can't I be as insanely successful?
Pensive 6 oy oldin
Give me a shoutout!!! I want to get famous!!!
ASTRON ASMR 26 kun oldin
Pensive 6 oy oldin
I have an idea subscribe to my channel and then leave a reply on this comment "I subscribed" then I will sub back.
sympul 6 oy oldin
I realize your whole bit is you sayin something funny and awkwardly pausing. Download complete son
Questionmark 6 oy oldin
Better to have 12 views and one dislike than 1 view and 12 dislikes
Quinten Cabo
Quinten Cabo 6 oy oldin
You should narrate audio books
Hobo Joe
Hobo Joe 6 oy oldin
4:32 , **Super secret future channel** is vlogs confirmed. Jks heard it's going to be podcasts and shit. hype
ThatRandomDude 6 oy oldin
*OTHER* channel?
The Universe
The Universe 6 oy oldin
I only have 3 subscribers :( Maybe because I don't have videos, but nah, probably not.
An frendly spezmoid
What’s up with the successful in the title
Sean Collins
Sean Collins 6 oy oldin
at 4:37 when he's talking about playing your cards right, the cards in his hand (7-2 off suit) are literally the worst cards you can get when playing texas hold 'em poker.
Oraweun SL Gaming
2:06 GOD of subtles
Aidan Powell
Aidan Powell 6 oy oldin
I got an ad for how to be a successful UZvidr lmao
Fat Twat Fare
Fat Twat Fare 6 oy oldin
go to heck
Justin .Y. EET
Justin .Y. EET 6 oy oldin
“Struggling to get your first subscriber” I have 280 of them for my pfp
Fabian M.
Fabian M. 6 oy oldin
Please do a explaining video on poker!
Fabian M.
Fabian M. 6 oy oldin
Lost a bunch of money on it lol
Carter Campbell
Carter Campbell 6 oy oldin
I got an ad for how to make a UZvid channel.
Jöööns MO
Jöööns MO 6 oy oldin
0:24 torilla tavataan!! (only Finns understand this)
Claire Phillips
Claire Phillips 6 oy oldin
I’m a female between 18 and 25
Victor's Variety
Victor's Variety 6 oy oldin
I knew it, you're the guy from IHE.
Edward Sanchez
Edward Sanchez 6 oy oldin
Limitless Beast
Limitless Beast 6 oy oldin
The people who disliked this video are just disliking it because you went over how to give UZvid your personal information too fast and they are stuck on the Captcha....
簡宥名 6 oy oldin
You suck at cooking?
Homo sapien
Homo sapien 6 oy oldin
The ad I got for this video was how to become a successful youtuber
Martyn Watson
Martyn Watson 6 oy oldin
i died at 32:56
J K 6 oy oldin
*S U C C* essful
Douglas Takle
Douglas Takle 7 oy oldin
Here is a comment to support you because youtubes algorithm,
Vernon Jones Music
Lol you're actually right. I've seen so many UZvidrs go start vlogging, selling/promoting stuff, and doing face reveals to revive their channels
Dancsx -
Dancsx - 7 oy oldin
The Credible Hulk
0:42 Look at all them tabs. You are asking the right questions.
Molly Rose
Molly Rose 7 oy oldin
I’m interested in this other channel
Kivi Kallo
Kivi Kallo 7 oy oldin
Ok here comes dat marketing. SUBSCRB TO MI CANNEL
papoila zzz
papoila zzz 7 oy oldin
“extreme eye contact iii” dude your videos have some good quality subtle comedy lmao love from portugal