Casually Explained: How to Read the Stock Market

Casually Explained
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This video will help you learn what to do in case you accidentally make a return on your investment. See you in the Mediterranean.
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5-Iyl, 2018

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Khbeast13 23 soat oldin
Casually explained: music genres
JC Alvarez
JC Alvarez Kun oldin
Is this true or just a joke?
Afro Samurai
Afro Samurai Kun oldin
Casually explained: youtube beef
Vincentas Margis
Now that I've seen this video, I'mna go and make myself richer than Warren Buffett.Thanks,mate.
Han Yolo 92
Han Yolo 92 Kun oldin
I subscribed to the new channel though...
Kevin 2 kun oldin
This video was actually somewhat informative, but if you want to get into day trading, I'd encourage you to do so as it's less risky when you hold onto it less, and quicker money. But get a free stock trading account like WeBull or Robinhood, and just observe the stock market for every day for a month. WeBull has great tracking, and you can see extended hour gainers. See it live, and take note of when you would buy and see how that goes. Form a strategy that has worked, put 1,000 and then put it into practice. I put in 1,900 and would be up 50 dollars if I haven't lost 310 from commission. Only recently started day trading as I held onto a bunch of speculative penny stocks since I started almost a year ago.
Kevin 2 kun oldin
My two biggest wins of around 130 dollars came from day trades though, and it's my only as my losing day trades turned into swing trades that mostly broke even eventually.
Dopamine 2 kun oldin
I really like these channels of crudely drawn pictures backed by funny/witty/informative dialogue. Feels much more relateable that way for some reason, especially with this channel. Keep it up...
Chaz 2 kun oldin
i dont get it
matty sykes
matty sykes 3 kun oldin
watched quite a few videos about this then i saw this one and i was like uhhh.. wuuuuttt.. ohhhhh
Gzus 4 kun oldin
I still have no idea wtf this all means. Welp, guess I'll just remain broke.
good child, m.A.A.d urban area
you know what a fugahzi is?
SuperResistant 4 kun oldin
Casually Explained bearish on crypto, we're at the bottom.
Ignorant Cunt
Ignorant Cunt 4 kun oldin
this is so confusing to watch this while high.
Turt1ehump 5 kun oldin
I have a cost basis of 10.38 on AMD and my AMD190120C14 are already up 250%
Quinn Richardson
Quinn Richardson 5 kun oldin
Why when I go to *BUZZFEED* they have you as an subscribed channel?
Cody 5 kun oldin
They're called head and shoulders 😂
rico kelly
rico kelly 5 kun oldin
Is this ysac?
oggy and the cockroaches
Its called Cyptocurrency. lol
JAParicanNinjaz 6 kun oldin
Cristian Diaz
Cristian Diaz 6 kun oldin
2:00 that hurts my right on my 100 dollars I bought last year on BTC
ninjaOboy 6 kun oldin
Can you explain what the book 'Foundations of Geopolitics' is. I find it interesting and i think people will agree
RyunaAustuna 6 kun oldin
the subtle Smash reference makes this maybe my favorite casually explained vid
Pensive 6 kun oldin
Giv mi a shoot out i wunt to get FaMouS
Matthew Roman
Matthew Roman 7 kun oldin
I love the Melee jokes
Well, fuck me for actually trying to learn something, huh? Nice video.
Stratos 7 kun oldin
Video idea: Types of people on an airplane
Useless Battleaxe
Useless Battleaxe 7 kun oldin
You should do a video about being tall!
Owen Easter
Owen Easter 7 kun oldin
He's taking the piss... but funny thing is, he is so right xD
Ex0dus111 7 kun oldin
"You can never go below 100%" Oh Honey! Never heard of Gearing??
Mr. Tide Pod
Mr. Tide Pod 7 kun oldin
Goes from talking about the stock market to recommending what to have on your new yacht
Mr. Tide Pod
Mr. Tide Pod 7 kun oldin
Goes from talking about the stock market to recommending what to have on your new yacht
Elaine Ernst
Elaine Ernst 7 kun oldin
It’s best to trade with an expert, Mr John K Barron made me $47k.
Davis Moore
Davis Moore 7 kun oldin
Mr John Barron way to go!
Eleonore Blanc
Eleonore Blanc 7 kun oldin
It really feels blissful seeing this, I have Mr Barron handles trades for me and it’s been very successful.
Angela Green
Angela Green 7 kun oldin
He’s a genius and I believe he’s the best available for now.
Dwayne Stewart
Dwayne Stewart 7 kun oldin
With his help I’m able to earn consistently, He really is reliable.
Carlotta Mayer
Carlotta Mayer 7 kun oldin
I’m a beneficiary, Mr John Barron is competent.
SLICEof DIETRICH 8 kun oldin
*stock trading in title* *bitcoin in the thumbnail* as if currencies and stocks are similar.
Penapenis 8 kun oldin
Lol you really were invested in poker
French Guy
French Guy 8 kun oldin
LOL @2:00 this is what you call cryptocurrency xD and 2:50 XD !!
wasaBae 8 kun oldin
fing dying
FrostyMarbles 8 kun oldin
i'm just learning this for GTA don't mind me.
Pretty much the coolest in da hood
jrom 8 kun oldin
i love youe
ULTRACHACHE78 8 kun oldin
I think Sunseekers Predator 130 is about right for me. I really like the balconies, and the styling is all around amaxing.
Angel Kata Ome and Raul Alvarado
voice of reason
voice of reason 8 kun oldin
I'm having trouble right now blackmailing my bank manager into lending me the money to invest in a yacht, so I can I just buy it piecemeal? Right now I can afford 12 pieces of costco chicken.
100GAMESOFDEATH 9 kun oldin
My family invested in this computer company. We were in the millions on are stocks. Then one day it just crashed and we lost it all. Now we are poor af gg
cant Commit
cant Commit 9 kun oldin
cant Commit
cant Commit 9 kun oldin
dankdenny 9 kun oldin
Melee community represent lol
Dimitri Lewis
Dimitri Lewis 9 kun oldin
Lmfao I died slowly inside as a bitcoin perma bull when he said “This is called crytpo currency” 😂
P K 9 kun oldin
the boat was too small
Entrø 9 kun oldin
2:40 😂😂
Entrø 9 kun oldin
Fucking love this guy 😂
Ay lmao XD? xddd
Ay lmao XD? xddd 9 kun oldin
I see how to invest my Vbucks now
BryceLikesYellow 10 kun oldin
2:17 I fucking LELLED
The riot Plays
The riot Plays 10 kun oldin
I don’t get it
Mistake 10 kun oldin
about 5 seconds in i’m lost
TheSpacecraftX 10 kun oldin
If you're shorting it can lose infinite value and only go up by as much as the point you shorted at.
Corey Hillie
Corey Hillie 10 kun oldin
"This is called getting 4 stocked" Oh i know that term too well
BGM Arts
BGM Arts 10 kun oldin
Go to Online Trading Academy to learn more 👌
BethPaige 10 kun oldin
this is supposed to be “easy”????
Angela Green
Angela Green 7 kun oldin
Yes Beth Paige, simply contact Mr John K Barron via(Kjohnbarron@gmail.com) if you’re ready to invest, his success rate is really high.
Dana Fah
Dana Fah 10 kun oldin
ASDFx2 10 kun oldin
Casually Explained: 2008 Financial Crisis
Siim Kask
Siim Kask 10 kun oldin
So glad fx and stocks are going mainstream. Ill literally take all your money fuckers
Death Dragon 57
Death Dragon 57 10 kun oldin
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TheBodyOnPC 10 kun oldin
Beware of the economic crisis 2020
TheBodyOnPC 10 kun oldin
"This video will help you learn what to do in case you accidentally make a return on your investment. "
Investing Book Summaries
Great video man!
Mike Cronis
Mike Cronis 10 kun oldin
Plus capital-gains taxes.. ;)
use1her1name1 11 kun oldin
“Getting 4 stocked” is immediate like
Charles White
Charles White 11 kun oldin
This man is a true autist sent from WSB
TacSav253 11 kun oldin
At first I was so ready to cry bullshit, but it turned out amazing lol
j m
j m 11 kun oldin
Or, buy stock in Amazon
Xhorxhi25 11 kun oldin
Finally now i can buy shark cards, thx
doubleupsidhu 11 kun oldin
The warren shit got me fucking rolling
Steven 1421
Steven 1421 11 kun oldin
3:02 bottom of "tenders". Thank me later.
Nick J
Nick J 11 kun oldin
Short $VIX
OME Productions
OME Productions 11 kun oldin
Legendary King
Legendary King 11 kun oldin
ya but i only have space for one of those boats for now what to choose hmmm.... what do you guys in the comments suggest?
Speaking My Mind
Speaking My Mind 11 kun oldin
You should casually explain job interviews that would be hilarious
Depression Talks With Immanuel
Just love this dudes videos man.
Nikolai Altergott
Nikolai Altergott 11 kun oldin
a fellow trader from r/wallstreetbets
SuperRJ2012 11 kun oldin
I'm confused was that a shot at Bitcoin? Lmao Or am I tripping?
Tony Mathew
Tony Mathew 11 kun oldin
#46 trending even after almost a week... damn
Daniel Munch
Daniel Munch 11 kun oldin
“This is called crypto currency” 😂😂
Michael Velasquez
Michael Velasquez 11 kun oldin
Lmao wut?
Lane Bell
Lane Bell 11 kun oldin
I invested in climbing boots and they went up 1000% over night. I am now a multi millionaire
Pitrus 11 kun oldin
That Cryptocurrency roast
DiamondTurtle 12 kun oldin
Did you know you need money to invest?
Cosmic Turban
Cosmic Turban 12 kun oldin
Lol. Getting 4 stocked.
Fishlord Cosplay
Fishlord Cosplay 12 kun oldin
I just made $585 off Facebook stock
iRecordRandomVids 12 kun oldin
As a trader I thought this video was stupid af at first. Just had one of the best laughs in my life xD
JFG LV 12 kun oldin
You forgot to explain foreign markets, I like going to China Town for exotic food stock!
Denny Cao
Denny Cao 12 kun oldin
Nicholas Batschynsky
Getting four-stocked. That made me smile
Rodrigo Montalvo
Rodrigo Montalvo 12 kun oldin
Ty just lose $100 :)
Polina Sutyrina
Polina Sutyrina 12 kun oldin
Jason Jason
Jason Jason 12 kun oldin
Your Bitcoin logo dropped your credibility immediately. The only people who can time the Market are major hedge funds that move it or people with inside information. Most day traders lose money. Buy and hold... Thumbs down on this
Epic Mentality
Epic Mentality 11 kun oldin
Yeah I kinda agree with you, I talk about that kind of stuff on my channel.
Joey Musselman
Joey Musselman 12 kun oldin
Liked for the four stock joke
Salimooo 6475
Salimooo 6475 12 kun oldin
This is so much more helpful than my stupid Calculus class
Epic Mentality
Epic Mentality 11 kun oldin
Yeah school sucks when it comes to teaching about money, that is why I started my channel about that.
Zachary Corbitt
Zachary Corbitt 12 kun oldin
Please, no one listen to this idiot.
Samantha Cairo
Samantha Cairo 12 kun oldin
Bahahahha! Definitely not what I was expecting. Loved it!
PopcornCakes HI3
PopcornCakes HI3 12 kun oldin
haha this was funny