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12-Okt, 2018



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David Shekoski
David Shekoski 4 kun oldin
But but creation
wahh Taoo
wahh Taoo 6 kun oldin
if we evolved from apes... WHY is there still apes in 2019?. Answer someone for me.
Jake B
Jake B 7 kun oldin
What are you an alien teacher
chickeneda hoco loco and dogy
do you like pewdipie or t sires
andose88 7 kun oldin
Quivering offspring 😆
Awoof 10 kun oldin
4:32 painfully real
Dwight K. Schrute
Dwight K. Schrute 12 kun oldin
They defeated polar bears by driving fuel inefficient cars. 👍
Vendetta 14 kun oldin
Canada is pretty accurate
Vendetta 14 kun oldin
0:50 😆
Dylan Renouf
Dylan Renouf 14 kun oldin
So much exstistential angst. You have to stop thinking so much haha.
ABuzz Lobster505
ABuzz Lobster505 15 kun oldin
Everyone who saw this video was an alien
Jack Theodore
Jack Theodore 15 kun oldin
Why did this video make me so sad
yash bairi
yash bairi 17 kun oldin
This is just beautiful
Kevin Ren
Kevin Ren 18 kun oldin
4:44 not enough ice in Canada, 2/10
Georgij Alekseev
Georgij Alekseev 18 kun oldin
Screw you not enough ice in canada
The Doorman
The Doorman 23 kun oldin
"Like chimps" lol
overbuilt automotive
my what a text book tard video realization typical at 18 n on on well then ant we devoid of the underlying truth of life hat never ends wow somebody went to collage
Shake Dat
Shake Dat Oy oldin
"you know the other one"
ReyProduction Oy oldin
ReyProduction Oy oldin
la rédac' du renard
Thanks for these precious information, hooman. You'll be one of the last to die.
Likeluke Oy oldin
All of this is absolutely relatable
Ez Zed
Ez Zed Oy oldin
I was expectling more dislikes from religious people
SharkAce1 Oy oldin
3:28 you actually said a real tricks and not just random word im proud of you
Emily Perry
Emily Perry Oy oldin
Send this to the aliens
Karinna Tonantai
wow I go against the odds I started having my existential crisis around 11 year old 4:37
AI Totem
AI Totem Oy oldin
America - Lite is gold. Straight 1800's California gold.
PIMP Oy oldin
this is the video aliens are gonna watch to know more about us.
Joshua Hunter
Joshua Hunter Oy oldin
"They're all jacked out of their god-damned minds" lol😂😂
zhihao huang
zhihao huang Oy oldin
5:53 did someone see the right screen omg hahahhahhahha
Gam Jam
Gam Jam Oy oldin
That's one jacked monkey
Drake Melnikoff
To answer your question, there is goddamn nothing in Manitoba. You really know your province is a giant waste of space when one of its crowning industries is transport.
Rayle Entair
Rayle Entair Oy oldin
But I thought Earth was a Fidget Spinner..
Collin Woodard
Reality has been shattered
Will Gills
Will Gills Oy oldin
“...Jacked out of their minds, whilst only eating leaves.” - Casually Explained, 2017
Xela Oy oldin
If humans are the most intelligent species on earth then why isn’t there a human 2?
Velociraptor Oy oldin
Storng Jim Halpert vibes... Love it.
IPlayGames360 2 oy oldin
MrJimjimb 2 oy oldin
Casually explained: philosophy
Rabix 2 oy oldin
thank you for this is in form ation now i can invade these apes ahem i am a human being
L Troyer
L Troyer 2 oy oldin
"For most people, this realization occurres around the age of eighteen" That hot too hard
Poon Master
Poon Master 2 oy oldin
Humans also harness the power of cow and pig farts to take out all other species especially marine life.
SiriuS 2 oy oldin
these mafia city ads are getting out of hand
Antonio Todd
Antonio Todd 2 oy oldin
"although mostly pursuit"
NuclearTNTGaming 2 oy oldin
The brain named itself.
WolfangCerberus 2 oy oldin
I have a feeling at 3:24 that’s a Life is Strange reference there. (Besides the PBR part of course)
SinR Sigmoid
SinR Sigmoid 2 oy oldin
I love the the bashes on 18yo and college grads i can't stop laughing.
jess 2 oy oldin
when was suits on Netflix?
Casimir Engblom
Casimir Engblom 2 oy oldin
2mil subs with graphics of a preschooler, this man is a true genius
Mk128 2 oy oldin
Wait, how work the beaches on your country? In my country TE sand is next to the ocean, not the grass
JonJon Kay
JonJon Kay 2 oy oldin
america lite 4:42
Miles Mckenna
Miles Mckenna 2 oy oldin
this is the most well written video I've ever seen
Squirrel Gray
Squirrel Gray 2 oy oldin
Typically when I find a channel this good it has like 50k subscribers and I'm sad they don't have more views/monies. Glad you've gotten the credit you deserve for producing these amazing videos.
The Viking King
The Viking King 2 oy oldin
Human beings a frenzy prone psychopathic race, lets hope your extinction is nigh.
Torogikamlon 2 oy oldin
Now translate this video into extraterrestrial language and send it into outer space.
Usama Nasir
Usama Nasir 2 oy oldin
0:39 that seems like Jimmy from better call Saul
Imperia1 V1sionary
5:33 😂😂
WalkerBrosFilms 2 oy oldin
I wish you could subscribe twice
Andreas Bengtsson
DAG2003 2 oy oldin
Admittedly humans are pretty damn impressive by the standards of what evolution on Earth has been able to produce so far. However in my opinion octopuses possess a superior form of individual intelligence and potential for survival adaptibilty. Unfortunately for them their largely solitary reproductive cycle and short average lifespan prevents them from passing on any learnt knowledge to future generations. As a result their cognitive intelligence and mastery of their environment still remains far below humans.
Paavo 2 oy oldin
Mario, the princess is not here, she is in the other castle. You know what castle. Oh you do.
Paavo 2 oy oldin
Mad christians/ allahi ballahis in chat lmao
Luis Herrera
Luis Herrera 2 oy oldin
Please don't damn in the Lord's name
Benjamin Rodriguez
Ayy I go to MIT 5:29
The undead Beccy
The undead Beccy 2 oy oldin
I love that New Zealand’s north and South Island have been separated by the great lol.
Kofi Mills' Videos
3 minutes in, I seemed to start laughing at _how few jokes_ there are in this video.
YeboiGabe 2 oy oldin
Basically, I'm monkey.
Kevin Klatt
Kevin Klatt 2 oy oldin
pls start a podcast
Vince Brown
Vince Brown 2 oy oldin
Örlogskapten Senpai
I have those exact boots at 1:41
Domininator 3 oy oldin
Well I'm from the planet Amadeo 1237c thanks for the info and we will come and we will destroy
Gabrastic 3 oy oldin
after seeing rewind 2018 ik apes are smarter
Fowlae 2 oy oldin
Gabrastic yAAAAHHHH
Feinchan 3 oy oldin
*checkmate Mr. Zuckerberg*
Kingofmuststang 3 oy oldin
0:42 THIS DUDE GOT AN ANDROID 😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😂😂😂😂
dbro yawner
dbro yawner 3 oy oldin
The global warming joke
Vincent Gamboni
Vincent Gamboni 3 oy oldin
Tide pods
Nicht Witzig
Nicht Witzig 3 oy oldin
'you know the other one' XD nice one
Nonof Yobusiness
Nonof Yobusiness 3 oy oldin
I can imagine the first caveman {Those wolves think they are so god damn funny “killing all my friends” 😡 well *chuckles* “just you wait mfs”}
eric walsh
eric walsh 3 oy oldin
who's that girl on the poster she looks familiar
Quin Nugent
Quin Nugent 3 oy oldin
Is that POACH 😂
237Memes 3 oy oldin
*Mark Zuckerberg joined the chat*
Darbyn Beats
Darbyn Beats 3 oy oldin
Wow this explains everything
Erica Sandoval
Erica Sandoval 3 oy oldin
If you get it you get it
Erica Sandoval
Erica Sandoval 3 oy oldin
Why the human existence went extinct? We got bored and had nothing else to do
I didn't ask to be here.
D4B2 3 oy oldin
Someone send this into space.
Jesus Ortiz
Jesus Ortiz 3 oy oldin
Casually explained: 9/11
Angelo Keinert
Angelo Keinert 3 oy oldin
Zachary Woodman
Zachary Woodman 3 oy oldin
This is easily your best vid
Some Guy Paragon
Some Guy Paragon 3 oy oldin
"Human Beings" *a.k.a you either hate them or love them*
FlamSalad 3 oy oldin
Human beings evolved from a natural process of evolution spanning hundreds of millions years. Every one of our predecessors killed to eat and mated with whichever specimen they saw fit, blissfully unaware of any moral responsibility. These animals were innocent because they had not even the capacity to feel guilt -- they had no knowledge of good nor evil. However, when man first felt guilt for murdering another man, or when a man first felt guilt for committing infidelity with his mate, it was this awareness of a burgeoning moral responsibility which spurred the cognitive revolution. Immediately this man felt a sense of shame, as though something was watching him, and when man first became aware of his the faculty of his own consciousness, he gained awareness that the very thing which was watching him, the very thing which commenced the natural process which eventually lead to this very moment in time, the thing which presides over the entire universe and the natural world, and the thing which created man to be in his own likeness, was God. The fact that it took millions of years before a creature emerged who bore the likeness of God -- that is a being, unlike any animals, possessing the faculties of rationality, consciousness, knowledge, and also that we are moral agents in the world, and that we have the capacity to create life in an act of love -- shows how valuable our pedigree is in the eyes of God; we were created to be somewhere above animals but below angels. But don't you see, this is what makes life so meaningful for us -- that we may overcome our animal instincts, those instincts which compel us to dominate and subordinate other beings to our will, and use the incredible tool of our rationality to see the truth of God, and to willingly submit to his will, thereby experiencing a life so much more fulfilling and rich than a life in which one is a slave to baser instinct. Evolution and genesis are not only compatible; one directly provides evidence for the other.
MrJoking4fun 3 oy oldin
I swear this guy reminds me so much of a dude named online as CoagulationZed.
Chupetríé Parémaggboy
ma neme jeff
Greed is Bad
Greed is Bad 3 oy oldin
For real tho, how can gorilla can have that body just by eating leaf
holwy97 3 oy oldin
As a lizard person, I found this very helpful, thanks!
Cat Ross
Cat Ross 3 oy oldin
Lol dark
Jake Jilly
Jake Jilly 3 oy oldin
Why don’t the devs just *abandon the game*
Taj Kader
Taj Kader 3 oy oldin
"And with their superior intelligence, man kept the wolves at bay until they could fit their offspring into Gucci handbags, which especially showed man's superiority" 😂😂😂
Bas 3 oy oldin
You're a comedy god
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