Casually Explained: Introverts and Extraverts

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And he makes the big return on his bday!
Fair number of people mentioning the spelling of extravert as extrovert, which is much more common and I probably should have used it in hindsight, but for context, extravert with an A is usually preferred for the "I'm doing a psych report" format, while extrOvert is more common in everyday common use to mean outgoing.
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9-Fev, 2018



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Fikrlar 5 389
AhBao阿宝 6 soat oldin
So yeah... Five star
SuperSuper-Z-Man 20 soat oldin
"...since the big accident; being conceived" Me: "Wow " *clicks subscribe*
Jure Manfreda
Jure Manfreda Kun oldin
ashly wilson
ashly wilson Kun oldin
l is an introvert
BlackStar Senpai
BlackStar Senpai 3 kun oldin
"Rating uber driver 5 stars because he doesn't talk to you." Why am I being attacked?
ZMan1471 4 kun oldin
& then there are those who simply pick & choose their friends carefully to deter the bimbo superficial crowd
《REÐJIVE》 6 kun oldin
I’m 100% an introvert But that doesn’t mean I’m 100% introvert Wat
Frank Gio
Frank Gio 6 kun oldin
Movie... Rookie mistake
Osman Cildir
Osman Cildir 8 kun oldin
As an introvert in want to be extrovert but, SOCIAL ANXIETY.
Le Portugeek
Le Portugeek 9 kun oldin
I got a gf, Im pretty sure that I love her, I'm so fucking sure, but I feel like I'm not me with her, I don't know what should I do... I'm so lost, I really wanna talk....
Elodie Wang
Elodie Wang 12 kun oldin
i am average :/
REAPER 15 kun oldin
Choose *PERVERT* introvert ambivert extrovert
Carson k
Carson k 15 kun oldin
Comments: OMG I’m so introverted. Me: OMG I’m so introverted.
LOLOLOL LOLOL 15 kun oldin
1:14 I think this is an autism joke
Darticus the Great
Darticus the Great 3 kun oldin
LOLOLOL LOLOL might also be referring to the schizophrenia spectrum because of avoidant personality disorder but that's more of a stretch
Lord Noxx
Lord Noxx 16 kun oldin
1:40 killed me.
Ice Kitty
Ice Kitty 16 kun oldin
I'm probably intentional but I wish I was aborted
callison caffrey
callison caffrey 17 kun oldin
Being conceived gets a like.
Vovical 17 kun oldin
Casually Explained: Introverts and Extraverts Introverts = Me Extraverts = Not me
K W 19 kun oldin
It's called hobbies young people watching this. I'm not Grammer police neither.
paddfoot 23 kun oldin
the shot at louis ck tho xD
Nadine Sjuhada
Nadine Sjuhada 25 kun oldin
*watching this on a sunday with nothing to do*
Toonsmarts last stand
Lol same
Stone Cold Austin
Stone Cold Austin 26 kun oldin
One of the biggest misconceptions I see people have about introverts is that being alone also means staying in your house all day. It doesnt. At all. Dont get me wrong, that does happen. But the getting out of the house and doing so alone are not mutually exclusive.
PengG VEVO 27 kun oldin
I’m more extrovert
Kevin Fuk
Kevin Fuk Oy oldin
Motto Extrovert:Lets work together as groups Introvert:I work alone
Matt Shears
Matt Shears Oy oldin
I'm loving the subtle psychology
mr mann
mr mann Oy oldin
Take that introvert extrovert test 14 times a week, you'll get 14 different answer a week
Marc Vincent Klitgaard
Shred the gnar dude
The Gale Travels
I caught that Mitch Hedberg joke in there =)
Ben Florence
Ben Florence Oy oldin
Coughing fits from that lewis c.k joke
Christian Armenta
Legit watching this video in a pitch black room, while wearing a black jacket.
Bcuniverse Oy oldin
Holy fuck the Louis C. K. Joke at the beginning. I hope that was on purpose
Feefs Manwelli
Hilarious 😂😂😂
Baptiste Pholoppe
i'm on another level ... i'm just ... dead inside ...
jay mora
jay mora Oy oldin
Is it extravert or extrovert? Im a bit confused
Steampunk_Cat Oy oldin
Extrovert I believe
First name Last Name
I don't feel it in any of these catigories
sleazy potato
sleazy potato Oy oldin
Anyone average?
TheSnoopKat Oy oldin
I have a really hard time talking to new people. Regardless of the situation I just feel like I'm bothering them. Other than that I think I'm pretty normal. Besides my inability to love people anymore.
GRBTutorials Oy oldin
I think I’m an introvert but I’m not sure because I have no one with who I can compare to, as I very rarely go out of my house.
Erica Colburn
Erica Colburn Oy oldin
You have the sexiest voice.
Voltorb2 Oy oldin
Is there such thing as a socially awkward and lonely extrovert? I dont enjoy being an introvert
Pour me some Bleach
SoMeone: “so how was ur day?” Introvert: “yeS.” Introverts 101
Cruel World
Cruel World 6 kun oldin
Birdstar Oy oldin
Me watching this whole video: **extrovert*
C A Oy oldin
I can perfectly be both. Is really easy for me to interact with new people and make friends but I really love to be by myself most of the time.
Joshua Hall
Joshua Hall Oy oldin
Lol that Louis CK joke though...
Eusy B
Eusy B Oy oldin
I took personality psychology & I think this video's really good and hilarious =). Keep up the good job, I'm going to take a look at your other videos.
guul66 2 oy oldin
half of this video is pretty good, half of it sucks.
Robert Malonzo
Robert Malonzo 2 oy oldin
Introverts unite! At home... Alone..
240pixel 2 oy oldin
I love the level of self deprecating humor in your videos.
Mert Solak
Mert Solak 2 oy oldin
3 stars from me, the guy in the video just didnt stop talking :/
Dashon Spriggs
Dashon Spriggs 2 oy oldin
Very informative
Depressed Drawing Man O5
I wasn’t an accident really more of a mistake
mousek801 Mousek801
Always thought I was an introvert. Apparently I just hate people.
Musaab Ahmed
Musaab Ahmed 2 oy oldin
The Louis Ck joke has a new double meaning now
Mohamed Khaled
Mohamed Khaled 2 oy oldin
1:42 lol so hard!!😂
Marco Polo
Marco Polo 2 oy oldin
I dont know what i am. I hate socializing but when i do, i am the heart of the conversation, speaking all the time and joking around.
Patrick Bateman
Patrick Bateman 2 oy oldin
Introvert = weak jaw Extrovert = strong jaw
GryptpypeThynne 2 oy oldin
Area code 778! are you in Victoria??
Melkers Teknikhörna
I am a introvert
BronillaBear 2 oy oldin
Lol we had the same tinder experience
Parthiv Bomma
Parthiv Bomma 2 oy oldin
I am an ambivert
B T S 2 oy oldin
Introvert 1000000000%
dylana 37
dylana 37 2 oy oldin
Actually its not that easy, i think many people like me feel like they are both 100%: spending a weekend all by myself sounds like freedom, meeting new people, being the life of the party and dance all night is quite awesome as well and i like to do both. I noticed this can be quite confusing for people around you who do not feel this way. Sometimes it can be a bit hard, because even tough you are confident and easy to talk to, you are also emotionally very sensitive and can be hurt and disappointed by people very easily, maybe also because you expect people to be as understanding and sensible as you. So i wouldnt say being both is considered “normal“. Eh not sure why i felt the need to express my toughts on that topic..but if you feel you are like me just take care about yourself first and realize that most of the people are more practical and probably did not even realize how much they might hurt you with their words and actions..move on and give your love and appreciation to those that deserve it. 🙋
Mahoneywj 2 oy oldin
I'm definitely introverted, going to one of my friends houses for more than 6 hours means i need at least 2 days of recovery time where i can do nothing and rest. It also sucks cause my friends are introverted in ways, but also quite extroverted in a way that they don't get tired from social interaction. They are fun to hang out with but I need my time to rest and relax.
Heena Verma
Heena Verma 2 oy oldin
Ysac u introvert
Rebar Zebari
Rebar Zebari 2 oy oldin
I think a lot of the people who call themselves introverts really aren't introverts. That's the one thing that annoys me about them and why I don't like being friends with them. Introverts can also be great socially and funny to talk to but those are true introverts. If you call yourself one though and hate spending time with people, always talk shit about it, and don't try; you're not an introvert, you're an asshole.
ALinkPlayer 2 oy oldin
2:22 huh?
thicc spaghetti
thicc spaghetti 2 oy oldin
i think im a pervert
AhBao阿宝 6 soat oldin
I was laughing my ass off then I just realised we are the same...
D3RPY T4T03 3 kun oldin
At least y’all are tellin the truth
Dev Reaper
Dev Reaper 15 kun oldin
Yeah definitely me too.
Heissenberg Oy oldin
I’m a perverted introvert
Paavo 2 oy oldin
So extraverts are stupid and happy and introverts are smart and depressed. Ok got it.
Green Awful Animator
Being an introvert is not an excuse for having no social interaction whatsoever and being lazy And being an extrovert is no excuse for invading the privacy of others
Thaspacegoat Æ
Thaspacegoat Æ 2 oy oldin
If you can’t spend time by yourself it’s because you don’t really like yourself.
Connor Nyhan
Connor Nyhan 2 oy oldin
I think it can definitely change. At age 4 I was an extreme extrovert. Then school happened, and between that and being an only child, I became an introvert. Now I’m average. You know, just at everything.
Matheus Lacerda
Matheus Lacerda 2 oy oldin
This kinda date never actually happened to me but i can totally see where you're coming from
Savep 2 oy oldin
1:44 this caught me off guard xD
Aedan Mayschak
Aedan Mayschak 2 oy oldin
I'm some kind of wierd mixture I u usually stay at home but a few times a week I love going out with friends
Aziz Yokubjonov
Aziz Yokubjonov 2 oy oldin
"You're probably just on a different sort of spectrum" 1:08 totally cracked me up
Justin Y.
Justin Y. 3 oy oldin
Should do a depression vid
runo_ santos
runo_ santos 3 oy oldin
Im kind of introvert but l like to go out with my friends our date with some girls, act like a clown, laugh and make other people laugh But as as introvert, l choose the people who l want to show how l really am And lm otaku, so...yes, not all of us are virgins or weirds
no 3 oy oldin
am i the only extrovert here lmao i fucking love going out.
shaunoftheEd 3 oy oldin
that louis ck joke about performing. hardest ive laughed in a while.
Life Basics
Life Basics 3 oy oldin
I used to be an introvert now I’m more of an extrovert
Hingle McCringleberry
The Louis Ck jokes are the best
BraunBär 3 oy oldin
Oh Boi I am not doing anything on sunday .... 😂, thats me!
Langus langus
Langus langus 3 oy oldin
JAYZUPP 3 oy oldin
Funny thing is that I'm more introverted than my girlfriend, but I'll randomly just start talking to strangers about stuff. Maybe I'm just more confident and don't care what they think, idk.
JAYZUPP 3 oy oldin
+Wei Zhao yeah i go around lying to everyone
Wei Zhao
Wei Zhao 3 oy oldin
no, you're selfish and proud and you make up complicated lies, then you wait in suspense and attack anyone who calls you out
Casper Amour
Casper Amour 3 oy oldin
Casually Explained: The Friend Zone
TheGrimravager 3 oy oldin
different sort of spectrum.. did you hint towards autism? because if so, then I rate 10/10 excellent play on words :D
Bryan López
Bryan López 3 oy oldin
Now let's read the comment section where everyone's saying they're introverts and bragging about how they're unique and different.
Wei Zhao
Wei Zhao 3 oy oldin
you mean the comment section where extroverts go to be sadistic and ironic
Sevensliders 3 oy oldin
"I'm an introverted extravert" So.. average. Got it thanks chief
Yansey Wilson
Yansey Wilson 3 oy oldin
Did he just say that the biggest fear of an extrovert is loosing their tongue because they couldn’t eat ass?! 😅
Mister Person
Mister Person Oy oldin
You didn't hear what he said so you chose tongue over hearing.. . . . . . . . you eating ass?
Valour Wrynn
Valour Wrynn Oy oldin
Yes he did. you clearly didn't choose to loose your hearing.
Erza Scarlet
Erza Scarlet 3 oy oldin
im an introvert but i dont think im special or that im smarter than everyone. I think im weird and awkward. I want to make friends but i dont have any because i lack social skills. And it makes me sad.
Wei Zhao
Wei Zhao 3 oy oldin
note how you're humble because you avoid every misinterpretable thing
Josesc 3 oy oldin
LCK, comedy hahaha you got the best jokes
Sam vdvegt
Sam vdvegt 3 oy oldin
Introvert yes relatable
Spy Jon Sachurin
Spy Jon Sachurin 3 oy oldin
That comment about the Uber driver is so true. I find Uber drivers that give you the stink eye when you try to talk to them have like a rating of 4.9+ and those that like to talk usually are between 4.6-4.8. I usually look at the compliments and see whether they’re great talkers or not.
Eel of Steel
Eel of Steel 3 oy oldin
*Introvert =/= awkward, intelligent, nerd* *Extrovert =/= charismatic, stupid, daredevil* but *Introvert = tired from socializing* *Extrovert = tired from solitary*
Ultrasonic Gaming
Finally an actually good youtuber
Lil ZUCC 3 oy oldin
Introverts: yeah I'm a introvert and I don't think I will ever change that it makes me unique *rambles about being a introverted* Extroverts: thought you were a introvert
Brynn_luv_ Gaza
Brynn_luv_ Gaza 3 oy oldin
I know you Said some Really funny Thing.💜 but I guess nobody Else did. The thing About the tongue... U so crazy 🖤
Gyrbae 3 oy oldin
"Louis CK performed in front of like dozen women". Ho ho. Nice.
Edge 3 oy oldin
Cool, finally understand my ex-girlfriend.
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