Casually Explained: Is She Into You II - "What's the worst that could happen?"

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Back again with more dating advice for those struggling to find the one for them. Don't overthink things guys keep it simple.
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10-Sen, 2017



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M_S 2 soat oldin
AhBao阿宝 6 soat oldin
All of this happened to me when a girl ask me out I would think hmm she might just want to play my feelings, when a girl tell me she like me I would think hmm maybe she's playing truth or dare with her friends, when there's a girl wanting to have a sex with me I would think hmm maybe there's a hidden camera somewhere that I don't know and soon she will blackmail me with it so I did better avoid all these worst case scenario
M Naveh
M Naveh 9 soat oldin
K on some real shit tho, I think we can all agree that whether or not someone is into you is confusing and whether or not you should be forward is confusing
Min Andy Choi
Min Andy Choi 22 soat oldin
The baby golden is just too cute
oof Kun oldin
wow this guy must have a lot of similar experiences if he can give this kind of quality advice
Miguel Ørum
Miguel Ørum Kun oldin
*Ask yourself, what's the worst that could happen?*
Quantum 2 kun oldin
"Just go talk to her" *Sounds good, doesn't work*
Sami Bitat
Sami Bitat 2 kun oldin
Are you tired constantly being rejected? Might as well be gay.
hkr006 2 kun oldin
The God damn truth.
Iyed Jlassi
Iyed Jlassi 3 kun oldin
"Never go back to that coffe shop again" i died screaming😂😂
Cullen Zimprich
Cullen Zimprich 3 kun oldin
Ben 6 kun oldin
Looks exactly like my life
Templaric Legion
Templaric Legion 6 kun oldin
You are the epitome of every man on the internet. I salute you sir.
Sabian Reece
Sabian Reece 8 kun oldin
This is my favorite video just because of the bar scene
Hedip 9 kun oldin
1:55 oddly specific
nick11crafter 10 kun oldin
I had a girl ask me out once, I took the bait and 3 months later I wish I hadn't, because the hidden camera show must still be rolling since I'm not a TV star yet.
谢昊天 11 kun oldin
I died laughing at the rebound part XD
HASSAN lahlou
HASSAN lahlou 12 kun oldin
Man, it's depressing.
Bryan Banford
Bryan Banford 12 kun oldin
I'm always asking myself what's the worst that could happen. I've been rejected and ghosted so many times I just developed a fuck it attitude and go with my gut. Oh well rejected again, ghosted again... fuck it. Haha
Anggi Dwi Prasetyo
Anggi Dwi Prasetyo 12 kun oldin
People should see this. What an enlightment~
Manvith Dayam
Manvith Dayam 13 kun oldin
Why does the last one sound like a true story🤔
Vendetta 14 kun oldin
Artificial Halo
Artificial Halo 15 kun oldin
That girl in the other booth at 1.17 though... Can you get me her number?
John Kessler
John Kessler 15 kun oldin
Is your name Cutie Mcbootie?
phil guer
phil guer Oy oldin
I love this life style!
PixeLee Oy oldin
Best be on with your day bois!
Kaushik Bala
Kaushik Bala Oy oldin
This is exactly what i do.....good to see that i am not wrong ....lol
nuttyafro Oy oldin
Lmao the dimples
Martín Valencia
Her friend told she said she likes me... I'll keep waiting for a better opportunity she obviously lying to me so that they all get to laugh at me for thinking that anyone would ever like me
Gabriel Chartrand
What's the song in the back round?
Professor Voodoo
This and the first one of this are literally my life in a nutshell
ricoudou Oy oldin
Thank for the advice
y wertz
y wertz Oy oldin
2:00 Omg I know that book😂 I loved it when I was a child! I have no clue why but I started laughing like an idiot😂😂😂
The Shpee
The Shpee Oy oldin
Any y'all been tailgated by an obnoxious girl (Who is a complete stranger) who claimed "your the one for me." Filmed weird videos about you and called you boo? Well that was a very weird experience for me in middle school. (I moved out of town and I'm very elastic that didn't happened again it was a abnormal/creepy experience!)
TheTheoser Oy oldin
4 girls in a day? Damn boi
Gabriel Navarro
I wonder if this is also dedicated to your friend Jimmy. lmao
daGloiner Oy oldin
this describes me perfectly, where are my balls, summer ?
Zen Oy oldin
make a valentine day video duh
Hilo People
Hilo People Oy oldin
You have a tiny hole in you’re hair and it’s driving me insane
Andew Mcchicken
i laughed so hard during this not because of the video because I spit water out in a cough and it made me laugh how much of a retard i am
Simon Söderberg
The white dot in his hair is so annoying. PAINT IT BLACK
Ben Forrest
Ben Forrest Oy oldin
Buenade Oy oldin
She’s into me, obviously a serial killer
Miles Morales
Miles Morales Oy oldin
That last one was far too specific to not be a true story
Vaughan Bunt
Vaughan Bunt Oy oldin
last time i asked a girl out she changed genders
Rene Delgado
Rene Delgado Oy oldin
Oh yeah yeah
FrnchFriez Oy oldin
That last one was so true that lmao, you would never be able to rebound that one haha
Rayle Entair
Rayle Entair Oy oldin
Huh... Well this got.. Uncomfortably real..
Patrick Oy oldin
i feel like that last one was not as made up as its supposed to look
etvro vro
etvro vro Oy oldin
How I think about things is if she looks at you she want the D but then I wouldn't know cus no one looks
Hetzer Hasser
Hetzer Hasser Oy oldin
HAHA I really wish oportunities in real life looked like this. But literally, every single girl, is either with a group of friends, with a boyfriend or with a really close friend, which makes it impossible to approach her
Nick JS
Nick JS 2 oy oldin
Thanks for the advice, I'll keep looking for that better opportunity.
MyCheetah's StyrofoamBoots
That last one and second to last are 9000% accurate
Γιώργος Γιάννης
This worked for me i did nothing and her friends noticed that i liked her and they forced me to make up with her thanks Casually Explained
Arash Moradian
Arash Moradian 2 oy oldin
story of my life
Tiacorn !!!
Tiacorn !!! 2 oy oldin
I’m a girl and my best friend is a dude and we’re super duper close and his family likes me and everything and I have a crush on him but I don’t want to risk ruining what we have
BrawlBro 2 oy oldin
0:22 fuck yea gal Godot
Cenereus Sn
Cenereus Sn 2 oy oldin
That last one gets very specific
Marjan 2 oy oldin
ouch this attacked me on a very personal level
Delicious *B e a n w a t e r*
Waters Edge
Waters Edge 2 oy oldin
these are great
tijmen131 2 oy oldin
Why is this is so facking relatable
Bova Don
Bova Don 2 oy oldin
U could end up married with kids🤢👎🏿
Ronak Dhakan
Ronak Dhakan 2 oy oldin
Who is the 3rd female that gives her number?
Dee Duncker
Dee Duncker 2 oy oldin
So she asked me out and she flaked on me. Is she into me?
Rc Buddy
Rc Buddy 2 oy oldin
“You always have tomorrow” words well said
Sven Nilsson
Sven Nilsson 2 oy oldin
Is that AJ?? Can’t really tell, someone help
Danny R.
Danny R. 2 oy oldin
I could feel the last one lol
Corentin P
Corentin P 2 oy oldin
Yeah but what's the worst that could happen ?
Patryk Wojciechowski
Instead of asking yourself "What's the worst that could happen?" you should rather ask yourself "What's the best that could happen?"
Neki 2 oy oldin
Can you provide any examples of good opportunities? We need this information.
Many people doesen't see a real point in these videos so I'll try to explain in easiest way. The point is that in order to make girls get into you, you just be yourself, do whatever you do(normally) and don't be some boring and "aggresive" tard who is giving his all in order to impress girls, you'll make a needy fool out of yourselves 95% of time.
Caercutta30 2 oy oldin
Your brand of humor is Dangerous
DevonCosmos 2 oy oldin
The number of 'goddammit's I vocalize toward my screen when I watch these, I swear... XD
Alonso Urias
Alonso Urias 2 oy oldin
Damn, this dude needs come close friends help.
Swamp Life
Swamp Life 2 oy oldin
Thanks dude you've really saved me a lot of heartache.
Elias Galeano
Elias Galeano 2 oy oldin
just be asexual, i dont know how i got a gf... but its kinda chick magnet being asexual. Thou... for me the sex is boring but for u must be fun
Alexander Grube
Alexander Grube 2 oy oldin
The last one was oddly specific. You ok CE? Do you need someone to talk to?
Christopher Zekrom
Luke Perry
Luke Perry 2 oy oldin
“No rebounding from that one, there’s always tomorrow”
The Steadfast Duelist
*Words to live by*
Brandon R
Brandon R 2 oy oldin
Brandon R
Brandon R 2 oy oldin
1:59 you’re lookin at her Attila, the psychopathic killer, the caterpillar,
Piero Minaya Rojas
Why are we still here? Just to suffer?
LEETFUK 3 oy oldin
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! - So, I'm at the bar, drinking with some friends. A girl walks up to me, telling me I'm cute. What's the worst that could happen? She most likely lost a bet or is batshit crazy, better leave before I get stabbed... *leaves*
Marko P
Marko P 3 oy oldin
Lmao this is disturbingly accurate 🤔
Alex Heleski
Alex Heleski 3 oy oldin
How to stay Single 101
James 3 oy oldin
When I was just a horny little freshman in highschool there was a girl I knew since 7th grade. We were friends and stuff but she never really got touchy with me till 9th grade. In the mornings she would lay on my shoulder or chest on the bus then before class lay back in my lap or hang off my neck with her arms. I thought it was great and she liked me. After about a week of this behavior I finally scrapped up every ounce of confidence to ask her out. I mean even my friends who have had much experience with relationships pointed her actions out. I tried to deny it but even they could see she wanted the d- *cough* -me to ask her out. I had 2 tickets to a movie ready and woke up early to take a long shower and dressing up well for school. I was like a b-17 flying high and ready to drop my lo- I uhhh mean just flying high with confidence. But she was one cold hearted bitch. Like a nazi AA gun shooting this b-17 flying confidence I got popped out the sky. I asked her to the movies on me. When she asked me "as friends? orrrr..." with a slight smile. I had hope, But when I said "more than friends" the smile from her face disappeared and the shell hit the cockpit. She said no and stood up to find another seat. After that I tried to say hi to her a few days later and she ignored me. She never sat in the seat with me again and even made eye contact. For the next 3 years of highschool I spent my time bettering myself and getting in shape. But the bettering was more like buttering and the shape was a circle. I can now honestly say you cant tell if a girl likes you ever... even when she fucks you, because she could be acting nice. The end! True story bro!
life is strange
life is strange 3 oy oldin
There is a girl I really like. She lives near me but also living like 6 hours from my place and she switches her home due to university like every 5 month. Should I still ask her out? She's going home like in 3 days and I will not see her for 5 months then
MelficeN7 3 oy oldin
2:29 And then I woke up...
Zed Baron
Zed Baron 3 oy oldin
God this hits home.. worst that can happen now a days is you fall in love with her, after a week or 2 she gets bored or you just aren't fulfilling her enough, she claims rape even though everyone has seen you together, and you get a false rape charge on your record that haunts you for the rest if your life. #metoo
p00py fart
p00py fart 3 oy oldin
fortnite will keep me a virgin :))
SSGSS 3 Vegeta
SSGSS 3 Vegeta 3 oy oldin
Holy shit what the fuck
SlayTheRake 3 oy oldin
I like how an engineering major's favorite book is the Hungry Hungry Caterpillar
Jlister Gaming
Jlister Gaming 3 oy oldin
‘She was probably just tying to get that 16% tip’ 1:08 Next frame: ‘Mandatory tip option’ 1:15
Dastrio 3 oy oldin
This is some terrible advice.
Nonce Destroyer
Nonce Destroyer 3 oy oldin
That last one was oddly specific
Orppranator 3 oy oldin
Ri Swapnil
Ri Swapnil 3 oy oldin
You like someone and she likes you too. What's the worst can happen? You get married and have kids, then spent your whole life paying for them
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