Casually Explained: Levels of Wealth

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25-Noy, 2017

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Iris Clark
Iris Clark 6 soat oldin
Money can so buy happiness... I’d buy my parents a beautiful house, a Tesla for the family, a Tesla for my siblings, and each of us would have our own room. (I’ve shared rooms my entire life.) id buy things to decorate my bedroom, I’d pay for college since my parents can’t afford it. Money does buy happiness... at least for me
Derek Lu
Derek Lu 13 soat oldin
is taiwan part of third world ? no it’s part of china :((((((((((
Surfing the Notes
Make a video about what first and third world countries are about so you can learn. Cheers!
DividedBy Kun oldin
Well Jeff Bezos just spent half of his worth..so there is that !
Muhammad Oling
Muhammad Oling Kun oldin
Im from indonesia and i watch your video with my nokia 3310
Dexxe Kun oldin
lol @ me not having internet in my third-world country.
lakingscrzy 2 kun oldin
Holy shit the bantz in this video
CuriosityKilledTheCat SatisfactionBroughtItBack
Damn, this man has got Chinese, Hebrew, Spanish, Russian & English subtitles. Keep it up dude! Edit: I forgot to add Turkish.
Dominic Lee
Dominic Lee 3 kun oldin
1:38 what is ballot front to seasonpass?
Serial Chiller
Serial Chiller 3 kun oldin
twitch7771 4 kun oldin
... *B E Z O S*
Boom 4 kun oldin
AirPod users > everyone else
aemediainc 4 kun oldin
Love your humour, so casual.
IPlayGames360 4 kun oldin
Money can’t buy happiness, but money can buy things that make you happy
Gawin Wutisakvorachart
Im from the third world(thailand) and im watching this rn.
Lil Nade
Lil Nade 5 kun oldin
“You don’t fly business You buy the business” Love that
Kimberly Regalado
Kimberly Regalado 5 kun oldin
Wow I laughed at the end!
Eddie Cruz
Eddie Cruz 5 kun oldin
like J. Cole said everyone, “Always gon' be a bigger house somewhere, Always gon' be a whip that's better than the the one you got Always gon' be some clothes that's fresher than the one's you rock Always gon' be a bitch that's badder out there on the tours But you ain't never gon' be happy till you love yours”
Dylan Andrei Gabriel
Wait so i'm actually rare? A third worlder watching these? We don't make Sneakers or anything by foreign brands tho(for importation) China Does...
Dylan Andrei Gabriel
Man now i regret making this comment #r/whooosh
AMP Design
AMP Design 5 kun oldin
A BeanBag is really just a Boneless Couch
Anthonie White
Anthonie White 5 kun oldin
We will never be there at the top 1%
Trollaway Studio
Trollaway Studio 6 kun oldin
Because he’s smart
Trollaway Studio
Trollaway Studio 6 kun oldin
*this man needs to be laid*
░fuck this shit▓
Malaysia is a First World country.
xNAMx10 7 kun oldin
Im in the 0.001 %
Ethan Dehoff
Ethan Dehoff 7 kun oldin
"You can't make your shoes and wear them too" ROFL.
Money does buy happiness, cocaine and hookers.
Sgt TootyPants
Sgt TootyPants 7 kun oldin
damn, Bill Gates now the richest guy again!
Mista Fox
Mista Fox 7 kun oldin
Astounding. The airpod user comments are too valid. I’m typing on a diamond iPhone rn (evidence on my channel) n even I couldn’t bring myself to that...
Riri 7 kun oldin
I just subscribed 'coz we do watch you
habibbi alikafe
habibbi alikafe 7 kun oldin
Didn't learn anything. What a shame, ill give u one more vid and thats it
Emir Ahrezoğulları
Dinner with the president, you are the president. Got me
Bharat Nair
Bharat Nair 7 kun oldin
Lol 6.4k third world viewers weren't happy with that joke
karim benzema
karim benzema 7 kun oldin
Im from malaysia and im from third world country.. i know we sucks.. we only afford fake yeezys.. the only people from malaysia can buy yeezy is richkids.. but im okay tho.. i just turn 20 last week and im gonna strive so that one day i can biy my own yeezy instead of these scum richkids
karim benzema
karim benzema 7 kun oldin
Btw did i mention that if i work like a waiter or at petrol pump for a month.. my pay would be RM1000 which means 250$ dollar in us.. smh
wolfpackwarriors 7 kun oldin
This is so dumb. You eat today? You have clean clothes on? You have a roof over your head. Than your richer than 97% of the worlds population. Start being great full for what you do have and stop worry about what you don’t have.
anonymus unknown
anonymus unknown 7 kun oldin
The ending XD
jodhajit banerjee
jodhajit banerjee 8 kun oldin
Lol I watched this vid from India, which isn't first world lol
Carlos G.
Carlos G. 8 kun oldin
it's not about internet man, most part of the world can't understand or speak english fluently
RameZ 8 kun oldin
where are airpod users
Kaleb Francis
Kaleb Francis 8 kun oldin
I live in a 3rd world country
peter niyonziza
peter niyonziza 8 kun oldin
4:00 got me 😥
Swaran Bains
Swaran Bains 8 kun oldin
Upper middle class doesn’t exist- you’re either middle and or 1%
Wia Annisa
Wia Annisa 8 kun oldin
Well, I'm from third world country and i watched all of your videos. And we have so much wealth than you guyss hahaha lol jk we are starving here
Andy's Shanghai
Andy's Shanghai 8 kun oldin
My appendix actually did crap out overseas - lucky I had insurance! And it really did cost about $20,000!
Boglárka Hódi
Boglárka Hódi 8 kun oldin
Yo u lowkey stole this from reddit
SteezySouls 8 kun oldin
U cant make ur sneakers and wear em fuckkkkk
gavin dhailwal
gavin dhailwal 9 kun oldin
i have an income of 119k
The Invisible Tom
The Invisible Tom 9 kun oldin
Money doesn't buy you happiness then wtf are we even doing here anyways !?
Peter Fyll
Peter Fyll 9 kun oldin
You do know more than 90% of third world countries have wide access to internet right?
Rizwan Shukoor
Rizwan Shukoor 9 kun oldin
Ouch man, watching from Dubai, that last line hurt ;-;
Knut Fredriksen
Knut Fredriksen 9 kun oldin
Why would you spend 20.000$ on surgery?
Serene Kwok
Serene Kwok 9 kun oldin
and then there are airpod users
GQ Japan
GQ Japan 9 kun oldin
Who's watching from a 3rd world country
Orbit TV
Orbit TV 10 kun oldin
We have internet in Venezuela
Gangster88232 10 kun oldin
2:58 i lost.
Connor Gauld
Connor Gauld 10 kun oldin
We do have internet
Tumisang Kalagobe
Tumisang Kalagobe 11 kun oldin
Wtf 😂 - coming to you live from a 3rd world country 💀
Jackie Otala
Jackie Otala 11 kun oldin
"you cant make your sneakers and wear them too" !!! omg I laughed too hard
Vasilijan Nikolovski
"You can't make snickers and wear them to" Oof.
Collin Keepers
Collin Keepers 11 kun oldin
I'm gonna be honest, youre gonna *FUCKING* blow up on UZvid bro, more than you already have. I dropped a subscription, one of many thousands to come. You're hilarious and I hope you do great, I'll be looking forward to the next vid. Cheers! 🍻
Gabonzo 11 kun oldin
I would make the argument that you don't have to be in the 1% to make most problems in life go away: you just need to be on the upper end of middle class and diversify your revenue once you hit six figures (assuming you get to that point). Trust me, if you aren't an idiot and know what you are doing, you can live your dream life for 300k a year or less, no prob. That includes the best food, travel a few times a year, etc.
Hego Damask
Hego Damask 11 kun oldin
Fucking amateurs$$$
betims 11 kun oldin
yo where are the airpod users?
Eduardo Ponce
Eduardo Ponce 12 kun oldin
Jajajajaja i'm from México and I'm writing this commentary with my 0.22KB/S internet
Joshua Rucker
Joshua Rucker 12 kun oldin
And then there is the airpod users
Oshino Meme
Oshino Meme 12 kun oldin
Brasilianos have invandido
アップルパイ 12 kun oldin
money actually made me less happy... when I was a grad student, I could play games all day and sell kidneys to buy the game. Then I get a job to be able to buy games easily... now I can't play games at all. Then I quit and make my own company to have the time to play games. Now I got too much money to manage I still can't play games...
DAG2003 13 kun oldin
"There aren't many people in third world countries watching my videos. They don't have internet." Indians bout to invade your comment section in 3,2,1....
snoopy2themoon snoopy
Definitely Ehh. I’m gonna go make some eggs now
Andres Felipe Garcia Pedreros
Hahaha im in colombia, i am middle class and i see i live better than you son... And yes, i have internet
Mircea Iordache
Mircea Iordache 13 kun oldin
What people don’t realise is that it’s incredibly hard to get in the 1%, and generally those in the 1% worked their life off the get there, so they pretty much deserve most of that money. And do you know how they get that money? From people who buy their products. Also being In the 1% is incredibly stressful.
Jens Danielsson
Jens Danielsson 13 kun oldin
Fun video. Good job. Made me feel less shit.
Ali Hassan Baig
Ali Hassan Baig 13 kun oldin
Im curious if im the only Pakistani who watchrd ur videos
Thapelo Maraisane
Thapelo Maraisane 13 kun oldin
We have internet, we just don't watch your videos
IgorParra 13 kun oldin
From Mexico to Argentina there are only 3rd world countries and all of them have internet
Zivan _
Zivan _ 13 kun oldin
4:03 I'm Indonesian but I put my country as America so I can see content Americans see so I don't think it's accurate
Tawsif Mahi
Tawsif Mahi 13 kun oldin
I'm from Bangladesh & you've some explaining to do.
Parker Lewis
Parker Lewis 14 kun oldin
Anyone else realize the rainbow six map 😂
ED8 14 kun oldin
i love the sattire
Master Jason
Master Jason 14 kun oldin
They don't have internet, but they do have facebook.
Sayam Qazi
Sayam Qazi 14 kun oldin
I am from one of the countries that is not on your demographic at 4:02
Janson 14 kun oldin
"'Hey babe, how about i drive this time?' you're talking to the car" is one of the underrated lines
Burak Kahraman
Burak Kahraman 14 kun oldin
Iam writing from somalia, fukker.
TheJuanka118 15 kun oldin
Hey bro, I'm from Honduras and always have Internet lol
Tommy Jay
Tommy Jay 15 kun oldin
How did you survive abortion?
Honey 15 kun oldin
The highest level is air pod owner
Huw Francis
Huw Francis 15 kun oldin
You can’t make the sneakers and wear them too 😂 I’m done
I’m from a third world country lol hi I’m here
chuckSaldana 17 kun oldin
Didn't like the end, I'm a 3rd world person (not in the top 1%) and have internet connection.
CxbraKun 17 kun oldin
*Fucking Amateurs*
Ethan Lawson
Ethan Lawson 17 kun oldin
There is a huge difference between being average (wealth) in the US, then there is being average (wealth) in third world countries. Things we find unthinkable not to have are thought of a luxury in some places.
The ice mask gang
The ice mask gang 18 kun oldin
Dinner with the president? You are the President 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 #MAGA
Simpleton 18 kun oldin
*money buys off unhappiness*
Simo Dahmani
Simo Dahmani 18 kun oldin
eddy2dend 19 kun oldin
Silly boy, the 1st world has internet they just aren't that into you.
KiKi Lam
KiKi Lam 19 kun oldin
Edgar 19 kun oldin
AirPod owners at the top of the top
Alexander Sammeli
Alexander Sammeli 20 kun oldin
Watching from a 3rd world country✋
aryan ahmadi pour
aryan ahmadi pour 20 kun oldin
We have internet
yusuf billow
yusuf billow 20 kun oldin
Am from 🇰🇪 kenya 😂