Casually Explained: Levels of Wealth

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25-Noy, 2017



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Bill Billson
Bill Billson 14 soat oldin
“They don’t have internet”
Shreeja Upadhyay
People from third world countries do watch your videos😩😩😂 and there's deeeefinitely good internet access too😂
Ma'brouk Kun oldin
wtf dude consider ur global fans next time
Callum Pears
Callum Pears 2 kun oldin
2:05 Ah yes, UZvid Red. The true key to wealth.
Talya Aslan
Talya Aslan 3 kun oldin
Blunts DGC
Blunts DGC 4 kun oldin
I was his 2 million subscriber after this video :D
William P
William P 4 kun oldin
Dude.. U left out the reptiles that control the powers that control us
Glitched Hammond
Glitched Hammond 5 kun oldin
Wait but I'm Brazilian
Penelope Jenna Hensley
SuperSuper-Z-Man 5 kun oldin
0:38 Basically 3:33 I remember those days...a few months ago
Bronzius 6 kun oldin
I'm from Syria and I create my own internet every morning right after I crush my coffee beans, they're called internet beans and they're shipped from Switzerland
Joseph Matthews
Joseph Matthews 6 kun oldin
Money can't buy happiness. Happiness buys money.
Chris Schuler
Chris Schuler 7 kun oldin
"Money doesn't buy you happiness - is buys you crazy happiness" ~Eminem
Alx Yeah
Alx Yeah 7 kun oldin
ali kamali
ali kamali 8 kun oldin
Dark ending
Weiming Shi
Weiming Shi 8 kun oldin
Hello from China!
Chisala Jnr
Chisala Jnr 9 kun oldin
Literally watching this from a third world country with no internet
Anurag Sharma
Anurag Sharma 9 kun oldin
bro plz continue..you have ppl watching you from 3rd world country..keep it up
Alwiya 13 kun oldin
Watching this from India. Jio zindabad! xD.
Awoof 14 kun oldin
Nope lots of ppl from ur so called “third world countries” r richer than u boi. Me for instance. And we do get internet. 100M/s boi.
Baiyuantongbei 14 kun oldin
"It can make problems go away that make you unhappy" - that doesn't mean "money can buy happiness?"
Karthik Sarode
Karthik Sarode 15 kun oldin
"You can't make your sneakers and wear them too " no truer words
Vexcenot 15 kun oldin
Hey.... I live in Malaysia!
Little Serembe
Little Serembe 15 kun oldin
Is there a Casually Explained about buying a house? Or a mortgage? Or something like that??
Donovan Moore
Donovan Moore 15 kun oldin
My internet here in Colombia is better than what I used to have in the States
Pablo Carrión
Pablo Carrión 16 kun oldin
Greetings from Ecuador(south América, thirld world country) it took two years for UZvid to put you in my recommended.
Lagoz 16 kun oldin
*they don't have internet* while i am here from africa watching this....
Argentum 9
Argentum 9 17 kun oldin
I'm from a third world country and watching this yes hello
luke wilson
luke wilson 17 kun oldin
1:14 *cough* *cough* Canada *cough* *cough*
LeBob 18 kun oldin
money doesn't buy happiness, but it gives freedom
TheEllod 19 kun oldin
I am from India! I watch your videos!!
I am a third country "dweller" i won't subscribe because of what you said at the end
Chris P.
Chris P. 20 kun oldin
I mean it doesn't buy happiness but I rather cry in my mansion then in a cardboard box
shadowsta r
shadowsta r 20 kun oldin
Hey im from India. Just keep in mind next time
Sea Dog
Sea Dog 21 kun oldin
Love from a third world country
Mohammad Dads
Mohammad Dads 21 kun oldin
im from iran and i watch u so 3rd world theory wrong
XD BlinkNow
XD BlinkNow 21 kun oldin
i am 3rd world
XD BlinkNow
XD BlinkNow 21 kun oldin
BjornoISporno 21 kun oldin
That ending was fucking savage hahaha
Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith 27 kun oldin
anyway who's being guillotined first when the proletariat rise up
Karash Nikov
Karash Nikov 27 kun oldin
"No third world watch my channel" Im from Brazil and I understand every single word you say... I just need to improove my grammar lmao
spoilt milk
spoilt milk 27 kun oldin
watching from a third world country here
Toonsmarts last stand
We all know the 0.0000001% of the richest people are AirPod users
Julie Oy oldin
0:49 - 0:58 😂😂😂 so true!!
heman Oy oldin
"You can't make your snickers and wear them too" Jesus Christ that got me good 😂😂😂
MegaMiir Oy oldin
1:22 yep, most of my life
Amphibax Oy oldin
You can't buy happiness but I'd rather cry in my Ferrari than on my old bike
Nagato2k Oy oldin
I'm from Morocco and we do have internet and I'm not black
CrabbierBull 391
how to spend it? use it to advertise casually explained or give it to him bam. done.
Mohammad Ali
Mohammad Ali Oy oldin
iam watching from middle east
Kanya Strange
Kanya Strange Oy oldin
I love people who quote every sentence he said
Andrew Maxwell
The notion that if you have over 75 million dollars you can see anyone in the world is not true at all
William Renfro
Just buy everyone pornhub premium subscriptions Boom that's how. You spend all 70 billion
ghassen jabri
ghassen jabri Oy oldin
why would you spend 20k on surgery when you could just die
hamza ethar
hamza ethar Oy oldin
>Battlefront Season Pass
I'm a centaire
Aditya Varma
Aditya Varma Oy oldin
People from third world countries, like here...
Dante Flores
Dante Flores Oy oldin
0:52 LMFAO reminds me of someone I know
Digger0008 Oy oldin
at the very bottom shouldn't we have dead people?
Diego Saul Reyna Español
i started watching you when i was in a third world country bud !1
Cucurbitacée Carcéral
oh yeah yeah
Ayesha Malfoy
Ayesha Malfoy Oy oldin
What do you mean I don't have internet ???
MINA DZ Oy oldin
Will we do have internet 🇩🇿 🌚but a racist sense of humor naaah
WCGwkf Oy oldin
They could spend the money. Just buy every piece of real estate you can get your hands on, and buy all the stock you want in the market.
devraj changkakati
Explain the sneaker line pls I am dumb
top 0.001% watching from asia.
Noah Smith
Noah Smith Oy oldin
Omg the evening of this is savage
Andrew N.
Andrew N. Oy oldin
*Cries in Kenyan*
Rose zk
Rose zk Oy oldin
4:00 they have internet FYI they just don't have a reason/need to watch your channel.
Gaute was wollen wir trinken
watching from norway
Andreus Triant
Brief summary of other countries, if you have a loaf of bread then you are automatically bumped up into the .0001%
Cat Oy oldin
I swear I read an article that reads exactly like half your video. I mean I don’t really mind though since your voice and pictures do add value and transform the work.
Sullivan Nix
Sullivan Nix Oy oldin
Great ending
Rayle Entair
Rayle Entair Oy oldin
"Money can't buy happiness" *_Said no poor person ever_*
marvin ochieng
I'm from Kenya and i want to see the rest of the world video
Quantum Curiosity
I’m watching your videos (all of them) from China
Surya Sivakumar
My father earns $3.1M Annually. Who am I ?
Hussein Mazin
Hussein Mazin Oy oldin
We do have internet... and we are not third roll ... We are living people!
Arthur Suprime
I live in brazil beeeeeeeaaaaaaach
Young Entrepreneur
You forgot Airpods users at the top of the parymids
Mis ty
Mis ty Oy oldin
Felipe Moreno
Felipe Moreno Oy oldin
Hahahaha. What do u mean they dont have internet. I live in Colombia but everyone thinks its a fucking jungle and that there are cities but they are full of slums.🤦🏻‍♂️ i dont even know why are we classified as a 3rd world country. I swear its so much different.
Taco No Spaghetti Plz
Kuz u give us drugs
alejandro bailon
alejandro bailon 2 oy oldin
Third world country folk over here! Casually waiting for your next video
Dagm m
Dagm m 2 oy oldin
I'm from Africa sooo...
Tawana Zachariah
Tawana Zachariah 2 oy oldin
I have been watching UZvid videos consistently since 2007 and I can confidently say that you are, beyond a shadow of doubt, the greatest to have ever done it. Bravo. My lungs hurt after every single video.
tubbyrainbow111 2 oy oldin
You missed the people that own the piramid.....the Rothschild's
vala rezaee
vala rezaee 2 oy oldin
I just watched this from Iran. Boom
Oskaloos 2 oy oldin
Level 100 Godfather
Parks 232
Parks 232 2 oy oldin
I love this video
HitzCritz 2 oy oldin
“I could pay $5,000 for a Gucci suit and people might think I’m cool but if I were actually cool, Gucci would’ve paid me to wear it.” I actually got caught off guard with how you just went right to the next point after saying this. I literally had no idea what just happened, but thank you for spilling some truth.
Hotel Booking
Hotel Booking 2 oy oldin
25 seconds into the video and I'm already dead
Dict- Tutorials
Dict- Tutorials 2 oy oldin
"With one roommate, the working class can afford rent, but with two, they can afford furniture." Now that's the start of the communist revolution! :)
The average Guy
The average Guy 2 oy oldin
Wut? People from India watch you too.
Shiznuts 2 oy oldin
God I love this channel
Pro Elium
Pro Elium 2 oy oldin
Oi... I live in the 3rd world mate.
Chriztheram 2 oy oldin
AirPod users should be at the top ?
Roman Lo
Roman Lo 2 oy oldin
Bruce Spitfire
Bruce Spitfire 2 oy oldin
RIP JEFFFFF’s money 😂😂
KevBoom 2 oy oldin
100 hot dogs sounds like the life
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