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Just folow ur dreams and u can acheive anything.
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4-Fev, 2016

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Mazin Elshazali
Mazin Elshazali Kun oldin
I am also doing starting strength, so relatable
Stavros K
Stavros K 2 kun oldin
Just follow your dreams and you can achieve anything. bro.
mousek801 Mousek801
"A power lifter, not just a regular fat guy."
Leon King
Leon King 6 kun oldin
The last statement is so true it hurts 😭 even the fitting through doorways part
Jacob H
Jacob H 10 kun oldin
If a girl cares more about my body than my personality, she doesn't deserve to be with me
Kameron Andres
Kameron Andres 13 kun oldin
I lost it at the chalk explanation.
Kaden Baugh
Kaden Baugh 13 kun oldin
Amino acids are used by your body to make protein
Barbarian Aggressor
Barbarian Aggressor 15 kun oldin
DYEL,B??? 🤺
Sammy Williams
Sammy Williams 15 kun oldin
What is a power level?
Football Head
Football Head 19 kun oldin
Well considering I am a millionaire (In gta v) girls already want me.
Cougar2k 20 kun oldin
As a guy who works in the weight room in community centers, I really want to put this clip on our TV or mirror with iPad build in on regular basis, so the amount of sarcasm this short portrays would make people follow gym etiquette more, and seek out better weight training advice. Good video!
Taner Kiral
Taner Kiral 21 kun oldin
Max Will
Max Will 21 kun oldin
J. Lascari
J. Lascari 21 kun oldin
The “1 chicken breast / 1 lb body weight” part got me.
PromoCodes 22 kun oldin
2:50 He had me dying at his Protein shake😂
Bella Beau
Bella Beau 24 kun oldin
D. A.
D. A. 25 kun oldin
Awful video bro, you're doing a disservice to your subscribers by downplaying people who exercise.
NoNameImagination 28 kun oldin
The grapefruit thing killed me
Langus langus
Langus langus 28 kun oldin
Fede Figliuolo
Benj Feldstein
He photoshopped big ramys thighs
Toiletchildre n
My lifting shake consists of; -semen -pure testosterone -sweat -arnold schwarzenegger pubes
Static Oy oldin
I pick up heavy objects in the hope that one day, if the objects are heavy enough, someone will love me for it.
davide bortoli
"The more flourescent the colour, the stronger the superpowers you'll get" that got me lmao
0121_ steve
0121_ steve Oy oldin
1cb per 1lb of body weight, yh ill try that De ik its a joke😂
kiryo hikikomori
1 chicken breast per body pound made me jacked *AF*
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith Oy oldin
This was frikin hilarious 😂 so true
Gipz Oy oldin
I’ve been lifting wrong all this time
slowmotion Milk
Just run 2 miles 2 times a week like i do. Ur heart will not pump 500 times a minute and you will be able to burn the calories of that old snickers bar you forgot under the car seat which you forgot to eat.
Ramzi Nasser
Ramzi Nasser Oy oldin
Bruh 😂😂
Slay Studio J.A.
That 1 chicken breast per lb of bodyweight tho😂😂😂
joseph linden
joseph linden Oy oldin
You get to a point where forks don’t matter, you learn to just talk and get to smash. But then being fit and able to jackhammer and rag them around because of the muscle comes into play.
John Hicks
John Hicks Oy oldin
This is not accurate
TJ Lawless
TJ Lawless Oy oldin
Best joke (grapefruit) probably went unnoticed on Gpop. You know your training stuff very well!
Keaton Cain
Keaton Cain Oy oldin
"not just a regular fat guy" lmfao
Joel Rangel
Joel Rangel Oy oldin
Hahahaha I love it
vas as
vas as Oy oldin
This shit is hilarious, I was watching this st 12:20 just like the F... drawing clock
Rachel Oy oldin
I lost it at the “your macronutrients which are protein, and .... uhhhhhhh....”😂
Muhammad Aslam Akram
Marr 1
Marr 1 Oy oldin
This is brilliant but it's actually true even though its a laugh. There are guys out there who upon starting the gym, create an Instagram account. I knew a guy who lived almost like a deluded second life though it, whereby he began posting bullshit stories, then photos of him with fake weights, created fake accounts of other people so it looked like he had followers outside of his own friends and was picking up some degree of fame to comment on this stuff, spoke about those people as if they were real and had met them. Obviously needed help.
Josh Cuhz
Josh Cuhz Oy oldin
"also wear a loose hoodie to hide your power level"
Noah Murphy
Noah Murphy Oy oldin
"Just go to the bathroom so you can get steve co- I mean the protein inside you as quick as possible."
Guillaume Fisher
This killed me😂😂😂
Jeremy Kersten
This shit's funny. Good job.
Bill V
Bill V Oy oldin
Unless your pee pee big af. Chicks would rather get pounded by a 120lb sunken chest dude with a massive dong over some juicehead.
ZICZAX Oy oldin
Delancy Leek
Delancy Leek Oy oldin
Lightning Oy oldin
I got a gym ad on this video...
John C
John C Oy oldin
1 chicken breast per pound of body weight 💀💀
Koshik Raj
Koshik Raj Oy oldin
Nicolai Müller
Died at 1cb/lb XD
Jamil Schoolfield
nex sit
nex sit Oy oldin
girls like buff dudes, what ru on about bro
Brandon Villegas
Lol goddamn this vid was a joke but so damn true also!!
Pro body builders don't do anything special, they just inject themselves and get 10x the gains.
Emil Moys
Emil Moys Oy oldin
Beeest video ever!!!!!!
Maťko Kubko
Maťko Kubko Oy oldin
Rofl that crossfit😂😂😂 - infinity to zero😂😂😂😂
Octavio Mora
Octavio Mora Oy oldin
I love this😂
The very end got me dead
Jor Cap
Jor Cap Oy oldin
All the buthurt comments made my day
Cameron Forsberg
I’m crying😂
Ezra Alldredge
Omg the grapefruit reference
Alex smews
Alex smews Oy oldin
When you actually wanted advice
José Bolaños
I have no idea how or why I got here. But maaan that was funny af.
SpookyCrab Oy oldin
You definitely go on /fit/
Anumanti Oy oldin
Did everyone get the Grapefruit part?
Jonás Carrillo
"the 35 nanosecond anabolic tiiming window"
Cole Rickman
Cole Rickman Oy oldin
be a sick kunt brahh
Cameron Miller
I thought this was going to be a serious video and I'm weak 😂
Now I successfully have cancer
cosmic banana
cosmic banana Oy oldin
Is that rep thing right?
Carl Charles
Carl Charles Oy oldin
Confuse your muscles
Dan McLaughlin
I was dying with this video
"I'm gonna mine cloud fitness because that's my goal physique"
Guy Friedman
Guy Friedman Oy oldin
I miss BodyBuilding,but I need to focus now on agility amd longevity :(
ongo bongo
ongo bongo Oy oldin
Muscels are gay
Sumukha Pk
Sumukha Pk Oy oldin
ROFL maaan
G Oy oldin
THANK YOU BRO, it worked!
Young T
Young T Oy oldin
I’m dead. You sound like every other white boy on Xbox who’s balls just dropped for the first time. All of a suddenly your voice is a little deeper so you think you’re a little tough but will get checked by your average joe.
Jumpman Ben
Jumpman Ben Oy oldin
First time ever watching this guy and i must say... probably the worst delivery I have ever heard from someone telling jokes you actually manage fo make things that are funny to unfunny.
The Steve Cook joke killed me 🤣
Kyle Mf Petty
Kyle Mf Petty Oy oldin
A lot of this was spot on 👌🏽🤣
Keith Allibone
More plates more dates
Jonas Engen
Jonas Engen Oy oldin
This is somehow accurate. Best lifting video ever, I'm now ready.
Fathing Oy oldin
A picture of Steve cook 😂
getMemory Oy oldin
u made my day ;)
1. Sub 2. Like this comment 3. And reply to this comment 4. I will do the same have a great day ❤️
Thorben Rossmann
This actually makes me angry even tho i know its a joke...
Matt B
Matt B Oy oldin
Hehe, that instagram bio. xD "I used to be 2 ft tall 25 lbs. 18 year's later I am 7 ft tall and 13,500 lbs!" xD
Siriohasu Oy oldin
yolo angle here Imo
Navnlos Stream
In what moment I end up on /fit/?
GrayEcho Oy oldin
Crossfit reps: negative infinity to 0 😂😂😂😂
Muhadir Balimbingan
That Kai Greene reference tho 😂
Joshua Athey
Joshua Athey Oy oldin
"And I always make sure to have a grapefruit on hand, just in case." I died.
stanton teo
stanton teo Oy oldin
Great info and great drawing.
bidli Oy oldin
this is golden
DrPwnU915 Oy oldin
To make women like your muscles you must first be humble about what your body looks like, ounce youv realized having a chiseled body wont get you bitches is when you will get bitches
Sam Frigon
Sam Frigon Oy oldin
This video is dumb as hell and this guy has obviously never lifted lol
Aaron Teaney
Aaron Teaney Oy oldin
Cgase Zimmermagan
1:58 has me dead 😂