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Memes and meme culture the two most requested ever so I had to give it a go. Felt uncomfortable even making the thumbnail.
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11-Sen, 2018

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Drake Melnikoff
Drake Melnikoff Kun oldin
Nah, memes don't need to be from the internet. That definition was published by Richard Dawkins. Think of Killroy, a wartime doodle that soldiers drew everywhere they went overseas to the point where the axis was beginning to worry over a secret super soldier named Killroy. Even more could be found further back, like priests drawing snails in the margins of their books seemingly at random (though it's thought that it may be a joke against the French).
Teresa Mendez
Teresa Mendez Kun oldin
Meme: *VIDEO MADE IN 9/11*
Nicole and Sam Baker
You missed a frog
Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay 3 kun oldin
And then there are too dark meme that you get chased by internet police🤷‍♂️
Travis Ciminello
Travis Ciminello 4 kun oldin
But harambe memes
kooi hunter
kooi hunter 4 kun oldin
Nice meme dude
Maurice Berkeley
Maurice Berkeley 4 kun oldin
What about cursed images
Elysium+ 5 kun oldin
Dank memes!
mousek801 Mousek801
Advice animals were great. Technologically Impaired Duck ftw.
Daniel Lopez
Daniel Lopez 5 kun oldin
6:45 *Cotton Eyed Joe intensifies*
Daniel Lopez
Daniel Lopez 5 kun oldin
Nicky Roblox
Nicky Roblox 5 kun oldin
the PENguin of doOm
Talha Ahmed
Talha Ahmed 5 kun oldin
Correction: meme dies after PewDiePie reviews it
Akbar Mna
Akbar Mna 6 kun oldin
that's how meme city works.
Grayson Rachels
Grayson Rachels 6 kun oldin
You missed a step in the cycle of memes meme review
Nicholas D
Nicholas D 7 kun oldin
Pretty sure you said it wrong
Summer All day
Summer All day 7 kun oldin
6:43 Me with my earbuds on in the car with my mom *WHERE DID THEY COME FROM COTTN EYE JOE*
Tariq Jaara
Tariq Jaara 7 kun oldin
Fucking normie
PankowerElite 7 kun oldin
Joey Down
Joey Down 7 kun oldin
I felt like I just sat thru a Comm 101 lecture.
peter parker
peter parker 7 kun oldin
*anime guy with butterfly meme* is this a meme
Gautham Srinivas
Gautham Srinivas 7 kun oldin
D1ppy 7 kun oldin
big chungus
Drizno 8 kun oldin
Vs S
Vs S 8 kun oldin
Where do they come from where did they go where did you come from cotton eye joe
DAFFYMAN 64 8 kun oldin
My favorite memes are offensive memes, you know the memes the internet gets mad at.
Noobie Animations
Noobie Animations 8 kun oldin
Pepe will never die
General G
General G 8 kun oldin
Garrett Hirt
Garrett Hirt 8 kun oldin
Anyone else notice fortnite and minecraft are switched? Good meme
Poobanchini 5 kun oldin
Garrett Hirt yes I was just going to add a comment about that
Your Dad
Your Dad 8 kun oldin
honestly memes are kind of fucking amazing from a social science standpoint like they're literally changing constantly yet we always manage to keep up with them it's like an entire language that is evolving literally day to day
Another Settlement needs your help
Sion 8 kun oldin
Anthony Gonzalez
Anthony Gonzalez 8 kun oldin
Me gusta was my first meme
thelaurinson 8 kun oldin
Who stopped at 1:13?
Casey Fitzgerald
Casey Fitzgerald 8 kun oldin
My dad was asking me what a meme was....gonna show him this.
Remsun 9 kun oldin
You are too young buddy, SoMe was getting wildly popular 2005 And before 4chan and reddit, "Something Awful" forum owned the interwebs
Matthew Higgs
Matthew Higgs 9 kun oldin
Why is the FBI here
Anyone else notice he switched fortnite with Minecraft?
Forza Racing Division
6:43 cottoneyejoe
Tomáš Berka
Tomáš Berka 10 kun oldin
Nihilist memes .. you forgot the peak of it all
thumbs stan
thumbs stan 10 kun oldin
We are in the meme renaissance bois
isaiah 10 kun oldin
Jakob _
Jakob _ 11 kun oldin
What about the droid attack on the wookies?
Jakob _
Jakob _ 11 kun oldin
And you didn’t even mention Prequel memes.
Brian Hope
Brian Hope 11 kun oldin
Memes are just a race to see who can kill a joke the fastest in the most *_(or least)_* creative way possible.
This is a white ELEPHANT
Educational video about memes.
Novanova 12 kun oldin
Everyone loves memes! There is a meme for everyone!
Darren Thomas
Darren Thomas 12 kun oldin
diar saleh
diar saleh 12 kun oldin
meme science?
Aaron O'Rourke
Aaron O'Rourke 12 kun oldin
Ebola Chan
qenismcgee 12 kun oldin
I like that this video was released on 9/11 :)
Kameron Andres
Kameron Andres 13 kun oldin
Jesus the accuracy of this documentary. 10/10
J Brg
J Brg 13 kun oldin
Penguin of dooooooom
Jannis Höntscher
Jannis Höntscher 13 kun oldin
The frog doesn’t die in the process it was already dead like the joke you have to explain.
Joan 13 kun oldin
fortnite memes **shows minecraft**
karina villalobos
karina villalobos 13 kun oldin
U missed one very important meme.....FLEX TAPE
MLG RONAN 14 kun oldin
Memes are awesome
Isaiah Pinkerton
Isaiah Pinkerton 14 kun oldin
Y u no have spongebob memes???
CF9417 14 kun oldin
Did anyone notice the minecraft & fortnite joke?
Oskari Junttila
Oskari Junttila 14 kun oldin
6:34 top10 anime plot holes
Simon Dubgaard
Simon Dubgaard 15 kun oldin
Where does 9gag fit into the "meme cycle" ?
Георгий Горбунов
Fortnite memes *sHoWs MiNeCraFt PiC*
Greg Dundee
Greg Dundee 17 kun oldin
The word meme gets thrown around way too easy these days and people use it to describe almost anything in comedy which is wrong
Šimon Hrabec
Šimon Hrabec 18 kun oldin
Good one, just wished knowyourmeme would be mentioned as well as 9gag or hugelol.
NicLampTube 19 kun oldin
Bru he got fortnite and minecraft mixed up
xMarian2002x 19 kun oldin
Im a religious memer
Rob P.
Rob P. 19 kun oldin
trebuchet memes
Angel Freediving
Angel Freediving 20 kun oldin
Can someone explain" You been gnomed " meme to me please. I noticed funny and understandable. But why most streamers don't like when he appear?
Johnnyluvschu 21 kun oldin
I continue to hate myself. Next 😂
KnightHart 21 kun oldin
Hey guys, *memeing doesn't make you original.*
The Steadfast Duelist
*or when Ellen Degenerate, or really any late night show really.*
Craiglemuffin 63
Craiglemuffin 63 22 kun oldin
4 Chan making memes? REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Arthur Robaeys
Arthur Robaeys 22 kun oldin
MetalSlayer69 22 kun oldin
don't forget about -my entire channel- shitposts!
Leonardo Rodriguez
Leonardo Rodriguez 23 kun oldin
Ian Brannan
Ian Brannan 23 kun oldin
tfw u get to dank memes and have one of them on your phone already :sunglasses:
cri s
cri s 23 kun oldin
Void memes are 👌
cri s
cri s 23 kun oldin
More like normie explains
Chocobro 23 kun oldin
Meme created/popularised on 4chan -> reddit looks at it -> meme is dead -> filtered/corpse defiled on reddit -> rest of your list is correct
Manuel Garcia
Manuel Garcia 25 kun oldin
Canos thar
Dilans Ķēniņš
Dilans Ķēniņš 26 kun oldin
Why this feels like college lecture on memes
Crazy Seahawk
Crazy Seahawk 26 kun oldin
Meme dies by pewdiepies clap of hand
madsli 29 kun oldin
All your base are belong to us.
Zoltán Kotra
Zoltán Kotra Oy oldin
minecraft memes
eiknarf frankie
Fortnite memes *Minecraft picture appears*
ayoub bbx
ayoub bbx Oy oldin
Very informativr
sol walker
sol walker Oy oldin
That blog post gave me cancer ima sue you
Antony Velichore
Confession bear was the best meme template
Yo can someone tell me the Kevin Macleod song outro at the end?
Sander Weide
Sander Weide Oy oldin
6:30 Minecraft memes🤔🤔
Captain Amber M
''Minecraft memes...'' *shows fortnite* Now thats a meme
Mitesh Mohapatra
This channel's humor is VERY refined.. Smooth af
Marshall T.
Marshall T. Oy oldin
Is it sad I paused the video to read that comment and thought it was worth it?
HowDuck Oy oldin
6:30 Thats not minecraft thats fortnite!!!!!!!!!!!!
Laythen Carlisle
This was uploaded on 9/11 Monka ess man
YoutubeHelge Oy oldin
all these memes are nice and stuff, but can they shoot a 90kg projectile over 300 meters?
John Wick from fortnite
Wanna sprite cranbeRRy?
Harry Potter
Harry Potter Oy oldin
"we'll satisfy all your butts" AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Meme Awards v317
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