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Memes and meme culture the two most requested ever so I had to give it a go. Felt uncomfortable even making the thumbnail.
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11-Sen, 2018



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nowsoh 14 soat oldin
Ah yes, ima firen my lazar.. thank you , you have reimbursed my old memes. I’m 19 now. And I missed that meme as I had forgotten about it. My dumbass used to watch that 10 times a day
Darth Potassium
Darth Potassium 2 kun oldin
Gus Johnson’s entire youtube channel
platomaker 2 kun oldin
I unironically learned something.
BME X MHB 3 kun oldin
Memes started clout
KeyWestGlenn 3 kun oldin
Minecraft memes lol
Rexify 5 kun oldin
Hexz Alexz
Hexz Alexz 5 kun oldin
I need PILLS
Josef Berns
Josef Berns 6 kun oldin
Surprised pukachu :o
Bill Kong
Bill Kong 6 kun oldin
Do the dolphin one
Matteo Foresti
Matteo Foresti 7 kun oldin
What about vines
simon oleary
simon oleary 7 kun oldin
4channers being one push away from falling off their own edge..... rip christchurch
Muffinator Yeet
Muffinator Yeet 7 kun oldin
Cursed images
AFly7 7 kun oldin
Holy shit the life cycle bit at the end is gold
Pockets2Big Rikishi
I paused the video... idk if it was worth it... wait no that was definitely worth and o that poor poor girl will regret that
Vexcenot 9 kun oldin
That's why we have behind the meme
Kishore Kumar
Kishore Kumar 11 kun oldin
"Gus Jhonson's entire UZvid channel" lmao
Zu'u Agos
Zu'u Agos 4 kun oldin
Gus Jhonson
yalfi 7u7
yalfi 7u7 11 kun oldin
Ur helping my mom understand me, thanks man, now she doesn't think I have atutism (i hope so). I know is hard, but could you explain normies?
yalfi 7u7
yalfi 7u7 11 kun oldin
You've been blessed.
yalfi 7u7
yalfi 7u7 11 kun oldin
Best meme video explaining memes I actually saw.
Michael Marais
Michael Marais 12 kun oldin
Minecraft and fortnite are switched
Lagoz 13 kun oldin
minecraft memes *Shows picture of Cancer instead*
Rodney Dudley
Rodney Dudley 13 kun oldin
So in essence. Memes are now dead.
Docta Derp
Docta Derp 13 kun oldin
And then there’s jojos
Samy M
Samy M 14 kun oldin
nice meme dude
Alda Hrra
Alda Hrra 14 kun oldin
This video but every time he says “meme” it gets faster
Wayne Johnny
Wayne Johnny 14 kun oldin
Mr.King 14 kun oldin
1:14 honestly not worth it
Zach Elder
Zach Elder 14 kun oldin
When he doesn't mention prequel memes - impossible perhaps archives are incomplete
YouGottaMineDeep 15 kun oldin
Me me casually explained boy
ni mofy
ni mofy 15 kun oldin
Ya like jazz?
The OverSaturated Gamer
Anyone els catch he mixed up minecraft and fort nite mems
Leon Somerville
Leon Somerville 16 kun oldin
Im had to pause this video like 50 times... just to read the meme's.... i think i am addicted, and need serious help.
Stewpidity 16 kun oldin
Why am I being recommended this in March 2019?
Herm Apez
Herm Apez 16 kun oldin
Pausing at 1:14 is totally worth it. Imagine this 13 year old be could be big red :o
every single thing in the entire galaxy
remember when memes lasted more than 2 weeks?
Davilima Lol
Davilima Lol 16 kun oldin
Katsuki Bakugou
Katsuki Bakugou 17 kun oldin
Memes are the worst thing ever created
Katsuki Bakugou
Katsuki Bakugou 17 kun oldin
+the tIgEr because I am always treated differently if I don't understand the meta, ironic, hidden, edgy, e.t.c joke
the tIgEr
the tIgEr 17 kun oldin
why? any reason?
Panda On Steroids
Panda On Steroids 17 kun oldin
Do only nerds/ edgy people watch this channel? I'm just an average person. I don't use 4chan or Reddit. I only use my best friend Facebook, so I guess I know nothing about memes, but it doesn't bother me because I don't have time to waste scrolling on Reddit. HAHAH. You do you though. No shame. I won't feel shame for being different than you guys either.
Colton Curran
Colton Curran 17 kun oldin
Porn memes lord... the only two things that havent let me down put together
Maiquel AC
Maiquel AC 17 kun oldin
What about 9GAG!? AH?
P2powers 18 kun oldin
Ayye RuneScape
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 18 kun oldin
I'm saving this meme so that i can show it to others when i want to explain memes (or maybe just memorize everything here to sound smarter)
Yi huan Teh
Yi huan Teh 20 kun oldin
no mention of Richard Dawkins, dont just change the definition of something, the word that you're looking for already exist = internet meme
Deso 20 kun oldin
I like how he switched up the pictures for fortnite and minecraft on his memes list
J P 21 kun oldin
and if you think this is what memes really are, you have no idea as to what a meme really is or who actually coined the term (hint: It's Richard Dawkins) Notice how I used a meme to pass this information? (whoosh, that's the sound of the wisdom passing right over your` head)
x1 Hand of Doom
x1 Hand of Doom 22 kun oldin
You didn’t mention anything about Ifunny, that definitely played a part in what is the evolution of memes
Parsleyrose 22 kun oldin
Theme XZ
Theme XZ 23 kun oldin
This video is the material for my speech on memes.
Remco Hamersma
Remco Hamersma 24 kun oldin
Thats not fortnite! Its minecraft!
AAronn TimE
AAronn TimE 26 kun oldin
They'll soon be dead. I'd give it 2-3 more years before people get tired of them. I know Pewdiepie is.
Sarfnic Productions
Sarfnic Productions 27 kun oldin
So much to learn!
Toonsmarts last stand
Don’t forget the step where PewDiePie kills the meme
Pumpkin 28 kun oldin
Le me mes
Jack W
Jack W 29 kun oldin
Don’t disrespect Minecraft by associating it with Fortnite
tristan Oy oldin
My favourite type of memes are incredibly offensive memes or amputee memes
Arariel3 Oy oldin
Does this mean that entire set of ancient symbolic languages are all meme-based??
Kernel Panic! at the disco
I'm a little hurt that a discussion about memes skipped demotivational posters.
Ian O'Padrick
Ian O'Padrick Oy oldin
Fun fact: The very fact that the definition of meme has changed is, in itself, a meme in the classical sense.
Nedd Bear
Nedd Bear Oy oldin
The title should have been : 👏meme👏casually explained
rajit kumar
rajit kumar Oy oldin
That awkward moment when you have to explain memes to old people
Hediyeh B
Hediyeh B Oy oldin
Normal Type
Normal Type Oy oldin
Love and waffles
Chetan8ra Oy oldin
the fact that this wus posted on 9 11
Jamal Pwns
Jamal Pwns Oy oldin
Sippin wocc tecc. Hard wocc tecc.
David Oy oldin
Did you make the mugs yourself?
Steven Bartels
Am I the only person who paused the video to read every single meme?
Mr Oof
Mr Oof Oy oldin
Memes are the DNA of the internet.
cadenr06 Oy oldin
"fortnite memes" *shows minecraft*
Sariondil Oy oldin
He was right, it wasn't worth pausing the video...
You should put the picture of you wearing a shirt shirt on the merch site
Someone Else
Someone Else Oy oldin
6:43 C O T T O N E Y E J O E
Nathan Eitel
Nathan Eitel Oy oldin
6:35 “Minecraft memes” “fortnite memes” 😂
меня били в детстве
I can't agree that rage-comics are dead because of this irony and post-irony and meta-irony hype they are overthought and leveled up now, idk about European/American/Asian meme-spaces but on Slavic boards (2ch) and groups in VK (which is more simple fb) like Азраил and амдэвс (абстрактные мемы для элиты всех сортов) we do use rage-memes with more complicated and dark humour which I find satisfying and entertaining a lot. Why did I write this so long and seriously like it's just funny pictures on the Internet please end my pointless life asap.
Dipin Bk
Dipin Bk Oy oldin
Worth pausing at your own risk
Darth Kamen
Darth Kamen Oy oldin
By not mentioning the best kind of meme, you have lost the High Ground.
KRISisnotTALL Oy oldin
**minecraft image** "Fortnite memes"
A Brick
A Brick Oy oldin
I like how the video about memes is twice as long about almost all of his other videos
mr mann
mr mann Oy oldin
As a person on the Internet, which I am three of...
TheFarhangi Oy oldin
Memes go to Meme Review to die.
I AM DANNY EL Oy oldin
Forgot *"shaggy memes"*
Alpha Kike
Alpha Kike Oy oldin
Damn they completely ignored Ifunny
Thiago R. Silva
Wow, that penguin is so r4nd0m lmao xD Toodles
Josiah Mills
Josiah Mills Oy oldin
Sub to pewds
1m2r3a Oy oldin
You lost me at 2meirl4meirl.
Damien Tan
Damien Tan Oy oldin
Thanks now I know where most of the red duties who sort by new went after ascending to a higher plane of existence. Good to know that my depression is still chronic
P. kay Zee
P. kay Zee Oy oldin
Explaining a joke is like dissecting a frog. You understand it better, but it dies in the process
Cody Shake
Cody Shake Oy oldin
You forgot the Dolan memes
Top Dog
Top Dog Oy oldin
Why are some people hating on his memes their pretty fire
Top Dog
Top Dog Oy oldin
Why are some people hating on his memes their pretty fire
michoppen Oy oldin
I believe you mispronounced "gif". I will die on this hill.
Genius by Design
poor frog :(
Kraiden Oy oldin
casuallyexplained reviews reddit part 1
bballboy2002 Oy oldin
y u no mention article 13
Александр Слепнёв
I'm sorry mister Casually Explainded guy, may I use and quote your video and text from it for my thesis paper?
Laco Taco
Laco Taco Oy oldin
Does he just update the last part every once in a while cause i dont remember shaggy memes in september
Tyler Fortson
Tyler Fortson Oy oldin
"Slaps roof of car meme"... how old is this video? /s
SanityMachine Oy oldin
the "explaining a joke is like disecting a frog"-joke is funny because disecting actually is performed on already dead animals, meaning the joke is dead already!!
QDer Oy oldin
memes used to originate on 4chan when /b/ wasnt just porn
Violet Oy oldin
This is actually very helpful to me
Mr Mojo Risin
Mr Mojo Risin Oy oldin
1:53 Foreshadowing.
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