Casually Explained: Moving Out

Casually Explained
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In this video I talk about how quickly your vegetables go bad when your mom isn't doing the shopping. Find me here too:




23-Iyn, 2018

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alex2519602009 2 kun oldin
Good rule of thumb: Ask the lanlord what utilities (water, heat, electricity, etc.) are included in the rent and whice aren't. I was choosing between two different apartments in the Midwest and one was about $100 more than the other. Sounds obvious which to chose until the cheaper one told me I'd be paying for my own heat, which can easily go up yo $200 in the winter. I chose the one that was a little more expensive in exchange for a predictable stable bill and only paid for rent, my electricity and my internet.
KOALA-fa ø.ø
KOALA-fa ø.ø 3 kun oldin
Arr Ziz
Arr Ziz 4 kun oldin
Respect 3:27-3:58
Sanzhar Suleimen
Sanzhar Suleimen 4 kun oldin
what about just buying an apartment or smthn
Zach N
Zach N 5 kun oldin
3:26, that face he makes, dealing with the neighbors having loud sex next door 😂
AJ Hildebrand
AJ Hildebrand 5 kun oldin
Haha Victoria is the worst! Well, next to Vancouver anyway...
ANAL TERROR 5 kun oldin
My name is James
Sneaky Duck
Sneaky Duck 5 kun oldin
God this hit so close to home😂
one tome plz
one tome plz 5 kun oldin
School let teach kids how to do math that won’t help them tax’s and how not to let the government take all your shit na just math about x+busbfbsisjd= sibsbfjdjs
flibujo 5 kun oldin
*taxes. Maybe you should've done more English rather than Maths lol.
Opti Hilist
Opti Hilist 6 kun oldin
As someone who was recently kicked out/had to leave a scary home situation, the whole "booting an unhatched egg from the nest" thing really struck home. *cries* Thankfully the rest of the fumy vibeo made up for it.
Riley Crahen
Riley Crahen 8 kun oldin
This is depressing
Cruise Deshevy
Cruise Deshevy 8 kun oldin
Wow that was depressing man I hope this turns out better for everyone than what was described
Lawrence G Pool
Lawrence G Pool 9 kun oldin
Thing about moving out is that it really starts to hit you a few months after.
Juppie902 9 kun oldin
I tried going back to my original server but the admin banned me permanently i can only come back for tea and cookies sometimes :(
N.Y. African American
I moved out and sold a lot of drugs while my friends went to college 2 years later I work with have the college valedictorian who made it through the community colleges and I got my side job still as a sales man to making I'd say 2.5k a month
notagoon695 10 kun oldin
This dude is dope
Mango wishes
Mango wishes 10 kun oldin
Its been just over a year of being moved out I'm still struggling with my neighbors getting more sex than me :/
Sevensliders 11 kun oldin
"Live Laugh Leave" I'm fucking dying
Stephen Cantarero
Stephen Cantarero 12 kun oldin
"But don't worry, we all regret it."
Blank _
Blank _ 13 kun oldin
I mean your not wrong (for the most part)
ED8 13 kun oldin
Reference from your previous land lord? No problem, i'll ask my mom. Reference from your employer? No problem, i'll write it myself. How about your previous employer? No problem, i''ll ask my dad.
Imago Mors
Imago Mors 13 kun oldin
Too real dude
JMasta Flex
JMasta Flex 14 kun oldin
I aimed low, bad neighborhood, brought my shot gun. Now I aim center mass.
Meriel x
Meriel x 16 kun oldin
you remind me of a cross between exurb1a and bill wurtz but less motivated
Migix 707
Migix 707 17 kun oldin
i though the title said 'Making Out'
SLASHpointO 20 kun oldin
Listen to Welcome To Paradise. Pretty much sums it up
The Steadfast Duelist
*You make it sound like it's implied everyone moves out of their parent's house eventually.*
Greg Moo
Greg Moo 24 kun oldin
Joey Boye
Joey Boye 26 kun oldin
Living off of potatoes and protein shakes
Ray Satadal
Ray Satadal 27 kun oldin
The accuracy of this video is haunting.
Diana Haines
Diana Haines 27 kun oldin
This is why I appreciate my mother and how she looks at things from others perspectives, that and I am/she is hispanic. Told me that until I am financially stable (Got myself good credit) and felt ready to leave the "nest" I could stay however long I needed. Love my mother to no end for that. Also I mention about us being hispanic because I had noticed back when I was in school that as soon as some of my friends turned 16-17 years old they were already freaking out about where to start taking thier life outside of living with thier parents and seemed terrified and anxious. My one other hispanic friend and I didn't feel this way its a cultural thing I suppose but just throwing your child to the wind expecting them to not come back is terrible to do (I feel like) because I think that doing this to a person not only makes your child feel like a burden to the parents, but forces them to do alot of things they never knew how to do and makes them feel helpless while the parents dance at home not having to worry about having another mouth to feed. Thats just an awful way to look at your kid. If your going to have children you need to be there for them and make them feel loved and supported. It comes back to you later on.
Jeremy Long
Jeremy Long 28 kun oldin
His comedic timing is just, on another level
Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith 28 kun oldin
"The life changing magic of tidying up your room with nietzschean philosophy." - I know what book this is ;-)
A. Senior
A. Senior 29 kun oldin
Audio could be a bit louder
Luiz___ MK
Luiz___ MK 29 kun oldin
Thank you
Bob97 Ate a cookie
Damn you CE! That white spot in you hair is driving me crazy! It looks like a scratch on a screen and I always try to remove it just to rewind 20 seconds back.
ParaEwie Oy oldin
My house's upstairs is one empty room my brother uses to test Nerf guns. My mom's and dad are planning to make me and my brother stay up there when we graduate from college until we can get house's of our own.
Dāku Kami
Dāku Kami Oy oldin
The bunny when he said "learn to cook"
joseph carlson
Henrique Baldin
I love this channel so much hahahaha
Sarah Ray
Sarah Ray Oy oldin
*Is it me or he really sounds like Jacksfilms* ?
McKenna Jensen
Damn this is painfully true
Holms Oy oldin
Due to nature of perfectionist I've somehow managed to get all that info while being at school. I was really worried about my income in future, also as about the job which I'll work and I'll hate. I've ended up becoming IT engineer, the job I really love, and even making additional profit with my band and some solo performances in the venues. Someone would better told me that while you growing up you'll have less friends as all of the will end up with commitments one day. It's a pleasure that I still have a band where we do things together, rest than that I feel socially dead. Also there's a problem that in my country there's no much places to meet people, I mean pubs is not an option, at least in my case it's a wrong people. Need to do something together with someone, and there's almost no places left in my country where people does something together except day job, and I work from home. Anyone hope my experience makes sense to someone.
Type Masters
Type Masters Oy oldin
Getting thoughts about getting a job Everyone else: it might be hard to find but I am sure I am qualified for the job Me: no, they wouldn't hire me, there are other more qualified people they could hire Getting thoughts about getting my own apartment Everyone else: they wouldn't choose me to be the person to rent the apartment to, there are other better people Me: might be difficult to find one but I am sure I'm good enough to be chosen for the apartment Am I the only one who thinks like this?
MaximusRex Oy oldin
Neflix *price goes up $1000*
Xuyuri Oy oldin
I just found about your channel, I can see you put much effort into your animations.
I really wanna kill myself now thanks :)
Timothy Rice
Timothy Rice Oy oldin
3:47 ... Check
Red_Doggo Oy oldin
Nobody talks about that one neighbor that lumbers around their apartment and for some reason slams into every wall they can.
Rotaluclac 2 oy oldin
Damn, my moving out experience was never like this, but I do admit my parents have been paying half my rent for the past 7 years.
IU's cake in Twenty Three
1:16 ahhh Vancouver
Umbreon 197
Umbreon 197 2 oy oldin
Scarily accurate. I'm currently lying on an uncovered mattress with a sleeping bag.
Call Me Drew
Call Me Drew 2 oy oldin
WOW, you crashed my dreams. Thanks.
Fuck...this made me feel a lot better about when I moved out for the first time
Christian Peter
Christian Peter 2 oy oldin
3:40 I just realized the Jordan B. Peterson reference.
BowserFX 2 oy oldin
Can you do an apartment tour?
Evil Gary
Evil Gary 2 oy oldin
"UZvid is a 'stable' career"
GogL0L 2 oy oldin
"Well technically it's only been six years and eight months"
Brometheus 322
Brometheus 322 2 oy oldin
“Remind yourself that you’re never going to see that person again and you have nothing to lose except all your self-esteem”
Wilhelm Otto Dusseldorf
Haha. Checking account calls the shots.
Oscar Da boss
Oscar Da boss 3 oy oldin
Dis channel is da best
EvilAlbear 3 oy oldin
RV life is the way fellow millenials
maxrocko 3 oy oldin
Casually Explained: Moving on...
Yung Tren
Yung Tren 3 oy oldin
I'm moving out in 2 weeks to a different city. This isnt making it any better.
Matthew McKenzie
Matthew McKenzie 3 oy oldin
Shout-outs from Victoria
Adham MP
Adham MP 3 oy oldin
"So, the rent is in canadian dollars?" 😂😂😂
Ryan Hanna
Ryan Hanna 3 oy oldin
Victoria repersent
The Comment
The Comment 3 oy oldin
Stop helping the theorists!
Kokusskatz 3 oy oldin
the absolute worst is meeting people the same age as you and they have incredible well paying jobs, their own beautiful home, a car, a great relationship, countless fun activities with others and you have to repress your tears at the thought of people like that existing or you might accidentally take your toaster with you for a swim the coming evening.
Alex Raxach
Alex Raxach 17 kun oldin
That's why I forced myself to go to college, as much as I dislike, and at least get an AS degree
Gavin Chesley
Gavin Chesley 24 kun oldin
Kokusskatz yo been there i live on my friends floor from hs while the same kids we went to school with drive nice cars and foreman jobs from their dad handing it to them it’s called a silver spoon it doesn’t always taste good those people don’t have skills in this day and age if you’re successful most likely handed to you
passerell 3 oy oldin
So THAT's why they didn't let me get into the plane...
Giovanni El Thunder
I remember subbing to you back when you were starting out... you popped up in my recommended .. I said screw it, and clicked... now look at you. 1.8 million subs... And yet.. you still TAKE FREAKING FOREVER TO POST VIDEOS!
tidelliK 3 oy oldin
As kids we all wanted to grown up and as adults we all want to be kids again smh life in a nutshell
Briston Rains
Briston Rains 3 oy oldin
Damn that hurt
slylover123 3 oy oldin
Watching this from my mom's house cause I got tired of being moved out and came back for the night
emmeencream 3 oy oldin
Shout out to all my fellow baby birds that were kicked out of the nest waaaaaaaaaaaaay too early :'D
P0k3D0nd3M4cG 3 oy oldin
Rent is only $1000 where you're at? Give me the state >:V
Abdelrhman Niena
Abdelrhman Niena 3 oy oldin
thats it im killing myself
Mark Mayonnaise
Mark Mayonnaise 4 oy oldin
Joseph Kroll
Joseph Kroll 4 oy oldin
Moving into a house by urself is declaring independence. With that independence comes responsibility but is worth it knowing u can dobthe things YOU want in life without too much pressure from others
Path to Math
Path to Math 4 oy oldin
My moving out moment was not a great one, my father cheated on my mom then followed up by wiping out everyone’s bank accounts and kicking us out. Then disappearing all together. Lived with my brother since then
Harlock Aznable
Harlock Aznable 4 oy oldin
Your channel has taught me there is no hope left, but that's okay there never was any to begin with.
Erin Land
Erin Land 4 oy oldin
I’ll ask my mom! Lol
Alex R.
Alex R. 4 oy oldin
lol pls activate the "join" button, take my money pls, you are amazing
DoomDucker 4 oy oldin
DoomDucker 4 oy oldin
Froomp Froomp froomp
DoomDucker 4 oy oldin
Bofishdelish 4 oy oldin
The guy selling the house looks like penguinz0
daisy kim
daisy kim 4 oy oldin
ha ha ha
SiriusKepler 4 oy oldin
3:45 is no one gonna comment on this clear Jordan Peterson reference?
Kallista 4 oy oldin
Gonna dig a hole and make it my home.
IV 4 oy oldin
" *that one's self-evident* "
Homo Sapiens
Homo Sapiens 4 oy oldin
Do I wanna roommate or not. Of course you don't.
Makaveli 4 oy oldin
Interview for an apartment wtf
Mia Destroyer of worlds
Waaaaaiiiiiit! You can afford on brand lucky charms?
Daniel Marmolejo
Daniel Marmolejo 4 oy oldin
Is this dude from Victoria, BC?!
🕳 4 oy oldin
Funny, just three months ago I moved in with my boyfriend so I’m living without my parents paying my rent for the first time. I still get an allowance and my boyfriend covers rent and food. I don’t like the stereotype that it’s a struggle because most parents are still all over you when you move out. Most of my friends still have their rent paid like I would if I still lived alone. My boyfriend’s family is far from rich but even his mom gives him money and pays some of his bills all the time. If your parents love you, it won’t be hard at all. So don’t be a shitty child
sanmedina 4 oy oldin
wait, white americans don't eat rabbit then?! they are delicious man!
Lelol 7
Lelol 7 4 oy oldin
Just moved into Uni
Doni Bathuu
Doni Bathuu 4 oy oldin
I can relate to this video so much... You always tell yourself "this is a new beginning" and shit but still end up on a mattress wondering how you fucked up
Buttercup III
Buttercup III 4 oy oldin
Oh shoot, ya got me eh
Moving Out
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