Casually Explained: Red Flags

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White and Red Flag: Disappears for January without a trace, comes back in February expecting you to pretend nothing happened.
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6-Fev, 2017

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HallowedManhattan 16 soat oldin
Lmfao that minesweeper bit has got me rolling
Bryce Huddy
Bryce Huddy Kun oldin
Ask them what’s cooler than being cool. And if they don’t get it then they aren’t worth your time
James Cochran
James Cochran 2 kun oldin
1.9mil subscribers and you can't get laid?
Alex Murray
Alex Murray 3 kun oldin
So this is why I only match with tattooed 18 year olds that look like they could beat me up
G G 3 kun oldin
The worst thing to watch out for because it's 2019 and things like this are normal nowadays: *_She used to have a penis_* 💀
Isaac Lanado
Isaac Lanado 5 kun oldin
2nd best son lol
Clone no.287
Clone no.287 5 kun oldin
4:01 Very good reference I'm subscribing.
Saying if their under 18 after saying unless your into that 2 times is FUCKING HILARIOUS
IPlayGames360 5 kun oldin
8 inches
yoshikage 5 kun oldin
“Imagine I was in bed with a girl .......... just gonna let that sink in....” LOL
Enrico Stefanazzi
Enrico Stefanazzi 5 kun oldin
*USSR has join the chat*
Elias Ünalan
Elias Ünalan 6 kun oldin
i love how drastically he increased the probability of me sharing this video in the last part
Animator 7 kun oldin
Patches WA
Patches WA 10 kun oldin
This is one of the best vids you’ve done man, love it.
SatyrToon Animation
SatyrToon Animation 10 kun oldin
My ex told me that I needed a hobby. I'm an artist. He didn't think art was a hobby and that I should do something else.
David ojo
David ojo 11 kun oldin
In the background, the ‘Best Son, 2nd Place’ plaque is the the third best joke in this video.
Daniel Yakovlev
Daniel Yakovlev 11 kun oldin
who doesnt lick the yogurt of the lid?
Fei L.
Fei L. 12 kun oldin
8 inches
andreas runefors
andreas runefors 13 kun oldin
in Sweden you can have sex when you're 15
Collin Keepers
Collin Keepers 13 kun oldin
*E I G H T I N C H E S*
Luc Langille
Luc Langille 13 kun oldin
this is wisdom in a video
δέλτα 14 kun oldin
why would you lick yoghurt of the lid
Steve Stef
Steve Stef 15 kun oldin
"they have the same last name as you" 😂
Barbarian Aggressor
Barbarian Aggressor 15 kun oldin
I love this channel; he just seems to explain everything so casually!
The pepper man
The pepper man 18 kun oldin
Lmao all these self aware jokes had me weak XD
Xiuhcoatl 18 kun oldin
3:25 that wink was hilarious !!😂
dday fday
dday fday 18 kun oldin
hey Turkish subtitles I've translated is on now wow! I could do more if you would like?
Taner Kiral
Taner Kiral 21 kun oldin
dammit I want to share this with my gf because of the Canadian comment but she's going to think I'm being passive aggressive
The Steadfast Duelist
Raymond Wen
Raymond Wen 21 kun oldin
but we canadians lick the lid of a yogurt?
I Have Crippling Depression
Is Casually Explained the same guy who runs Sam O'nella's channel?
Fionn Moran O Briain
When he said and their under 18 I would have died laughing if he had is said and their under 18..... unless you’re into that
Charles Saftner
I started to think I was the big red flag but finally found a nice woman. Just sayin', dating in your 40s after a bad marriage is like coming home from a long business trip and looking in the fridge for something to eat. All the good stuff was eaten while you were away and all that is left is rotten and spoiled.
lorenmark Oy oldin
Omg I absolutely love this
bazouka19 Oy oldin
I'm pissing my pants laughing at his videos 🤣
Dr. SuS
Dr. SuS Oy oldin
Casper Amour
Casper Amour Oy oldin
Casually Explained: The Friend Zone (se also: Casually Explained: Introverts and Extraverts)
Vladimir Sedlan
Christian Caisley
Hey. I'm Canadian and I always lick the yoghurt off the lid.
Cavan Paff
Cavan Paff Oy oldin
I thought it was gaing to be a red flag in racing
mozhgan bakhtiyari
You sound hot.
Well... i guess im gonna go hang myself then
Mathew Stephen
from fis 218 imu
Mathew Stephen
so is glen
Mathew Stephen
im the red flag shitttttttttttttttttttttt :) fack
HDdonutman as
HDdonutman as Oy oldin
so dont get married
Soviet Juno
Soviet Juno 2 oy oldin
I'm attracted to high school girls I'm in high school jeez calm down
Wes Lou
Wes Lou 2 oy oldin
I'm into married and pregnant women
Wes Lou
Wes Lou 2 oy oldin
What celebrity was that during the cough
Crazy'z Mod'z
Crazy'z Mod'z 2 oy oldin
hb 4chan? guys? guyz?
jebmak 2 oy oldin
Oh my goodness, your sexy Russian voice.
Mutant Spartacus
Mutant Spartacus 2 oy oldin
He he... regular women arent much better...
dope catz
dope catz 2 oy oldin
8 inches lmfao feels good to have a big dick
Lulu Rose
Lulu Rose 2 oy oldin
Lol you remind me of Nathan For You 😂
Testthingymajig 2 oy oldin
8 inches haha yes
terrificFrogg 2 oy oldin
I miss GradeAUnderA
Jan Philip
Jan Philip 6 kun oldin
Cassia_Flower 2 oy oldin
Girls actually find you funnier if she's into you. Deal with that information wisely.
Renaissance Doot
Renaissance Doot 2 oy oldin
Recommended is trying to passive-aggressively tell me something.
Baguette 2 oy oldin
2:03 *hears sweet home Alabama playing in distance*
Walker Gibbs
Walker Gibbs 2 oy oldin
I do all that stuff from the beginning but I’m American, am I adopted?
Critzy 2 oy oldin
Damn this dude hates Canadians
Jamaican seagull
Jamaican seagull 2 oy oldin
High tier red flag: wants to start a socialist revolution
George Trump
George Trump 2 oy oldin
The UZvid Red Flag
Damion Wheeling
Damion Wheeling 2 oy oldin
OK i subscribed, be my friend now
I want To die
I want To die 2 oy oldin
1:46 has a great archer reference
Vojta Bareš
Vojta Bareš 2 oy oldin
DoubleDicksDanzel VanDOOM
That last line was designed to spread the video. Absolutely great.
IXIHybridIXI 2 oy oldin
That minesweeper joke was slick AF
Wase e
Wase e 2 oy oldin
8 inches😂
Wase e
Wase e 2 oy oldin
Fancy Adventurer
Fancy Adventurer 2 oy oldin
2:38 lol, runner up in the best son competition
G31M1 2 oy oldin
This last bit tho hahahaha
wolakking TM
wolakking TM 2 oy oldin
8 inches
Sundar Gs
Sundar Gs 2 oy oldin
shit got real
Marxist Squidward
I thought this dude was talking bout my homeboy Stalin flag...
Faraz Aleem
Faraz Aleem 3 oy oldin
the second he said they're married I subscribed
Jimmy Le'sabe
Jimmy Le'sabe 3 oy oldin
Bernhard Bernhard
Unsinkable 2 hahahahahaha
Harry Evans
Harry Evans 3 oy oldin
Who is that at the bottom right at 2:01?
I love these videos
Gedo Planet
Gedo Planet 3 oy oldin
I use your videos to fight depression
Joshua Dela Fuente
I m a g i n e
Egorence 3 oy oldin
Red flags are for communisim komrat
Share The Music
Share The Music 3 oy oldin
:15 so youre sayin men into media and women with degrees are redflags? Sheiiiit.
Galaxy Fallen
Galaxy Fallen 3 oy oldin
As a Canadian I can approve we do use google chrome
20 22
20 22 3 oy oldin
Believe or not I just fapped while watching your video
*reference you wouldn't get*
canadian, that's joke made my day.
Stephan Harz
Stephan Harz 3 oy oldin
Ok the whole Chris Hansen popping up in the bottom had me laughing. On the minesweeper joke I half wished you used a heart and not a flag lol but that was freaking gold. So many wins here
Fangs of Yima
Fangs of Yima 3 oy oldin
Born to be single world is a fuck date em all 1989 I am flag man 410,757,864,530 failed relationships
dazy 3 oy oldin
2nd best son Ribbon mounted on the wall LMAO
frig frungle
frig frungle 3 oy oldin
You can hear the click at the start.. what is it for?
ЭХОВ 3 oy oldin
1:43 Дат воз притти гуд Рашн акцент, камрад
Red Polscorp
Red Polscorp 3 oy oldin
Another red flag is that she attacks you with a knife when she's drunk.
eli goldman
eli goldman 3 oy oldin
You said “if you do find yourself attracted to girls in highschool” then my phone crashed.
Juice mxn
Juice mxn 3 oy oldin
‘’ Again you can’t really tell “
Lukas Carr
Lukas Carr 3 oy oldin
BrianVoid 3 oy oldin
ppl in this world actually go out and meet new people? like dont you guys have things to do?
Konata 3 oy oldin
nah fam in most states jailbait is a misdemeanor, 14s and under are a felony
silent saucepan
silent saucepan 3 oy oldin
Sharing this with my girlfriend, see how it goes.
Joshua Lopez
Joshua Lopez 4 oy oldin
Hey man, can you do a video on Green Flags? Like somebody who hears your silent jokes, repeats it, then gives you credit for it. Or like people who don't make videos.
Baby Superpowers
2 yil oldin