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White and Red Flag: Disappears for January without a trace, comes back in February expecting you to pretend nothing happened.
Is She Into You: goo.gl/JxDXUN
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6-Fev, 2017



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ObjectManiacLewis 27
Ugandan Knuckle
Ugandan Knuckle Kun oldin
*8 inches*
Lwen Kun oldin
again you cant tell if she likes you or not so your going to walk away to prevent humiliation from asking her if she got a bf or not.
Thewolfpack23x Kun oldin
3:28 but what if you're under 18?
croxley3000 2 kun oldin
Hey I keep tissues on my desk too! I sneeze a lot.
Dylan Doran-Smith
Dylan Doran-Smith 2 kun oldin
I honestly love your videos so much!
AmbitionZ 2 kun oldin
This dude loves Margery Tyrell lmao
Ariel Cohen
Ariel Cohen 2 kun oldin
Oh fuck my new girl has 2 of the mid tier red flag, what should i do... Edit: 3 she might be a german hitman or connected to one.😬
Rufitz 2 kun oldin
Sami Bitat
Sami Bitat 3 kun oldin
Who else thought he was gonna say unless you’re into that when he said “if they’re under 18”
Irakli L
Irakli L 5 kun oldin
Minesweeper reference was lit
Aleksander Wielki
Aleksander Wielki 6 kun oldin
the only true red flag is the one on the top of the reichstag
Yare Yare
Yare Yare 6 kun oldin
i like how americans give the stereotype of being overly polite to candaians. man ive met plenty of candians. theyre a top lot, and this poutine thing is a real plus. but Im sorry. theyre no more polite than the average australian, new zealander or brit ive ever had the good fortune to associate with. maybe the stereotypical Canada isnt overly polite, but the stereotypical american could do with a little more humility
Emperor Leroy
Emperor Leroy 11 kun oldin
GeckoGC 11 kun oldin
1:23 I'd wouldn't say that's hot but it's pretty cool.
boi theboi
boi theboi 12 kun oldin
Onboard Basil
Onboard Basil 13 kun oldin
Thought this was about communism...
Ma Pa
Ma Pa 9 kun oldin
"Seize the means of production!" Oh, my bad. Little misunderstanding, erm.
Dylan Blevins
Dylan Blevins 13 kun oldin
I freaking lost it when I saw the award on the all in 2:40
Sagan Unit
Sagan Unit 14 kun oldin
Fun fact: half of the Muslim population is inbred.
Julian Castro
Julian Castro 15 kun oldin
4:04 yeah im in high school and my group comprises of not the most like-able people and they just kinda hang with the group cuz they got nowhere else to go, yeah despite this video being a joke it kinda spoke to me lmao
CAPTAIN COOCHIE 15 kun oldin
why r u mean to canadiens
Ben Kerr
Ben Kerr 15 kun oldin
In most places... *Alabama*
dirtycumslut 117
dirtycumslut 117 16 kun oldin
6nodder6 The Mod
6nodder6 The Mod 16 kun oldin
in the last 5 seconds you can hear him click his mouse to end the recording
Kaleb Bruwer
Kaleb Bruwer 17 kun oldin
She has more male friends than you. This might sound like a red flag, but it actually just means you met her in a Computer Science class.
Blaze. mp
Blaze. mp 18 kun oldin
Can you stop bei g so funny
Ryan Lowrie
Ryan Lowrie 18 kun oldin
When I was around 20 I started a relationship online through gaming. She was from Germany and only 16 (legal in UK so don't call the FBI plz) she seemed polite and we got along well enough, but young guys and girls don't really have experience or maturity so they tend to be awful at communicating problems and such. I spent 7 months with her and she kinda bailed on her other friends for me and that caused problems... one of those friends told me to "Be careful, she's under age" that very same man who is 23 ended up manipulating her and secretly got between me and the young lady. Eventually he managed to seduce her and she left me without saying why. I did some digging and found out that they spoke a lot over social media and she lied on several occasions about going to bed when really she just wanted to talk with the other guy. She didn't even take a break after the supposedly hard break up (she claimed to self harm afterwards)... she literally just got with the guy straight away while it took me another year to move on. I shouldn't share something personal like this, but fuck it! I'm just glad I found another who is around my own damn age and actually understands how to manage a relationship. Don't make the same mistake I did.
Playlist Central
Playlist Central 19 kun oldin
0:32 Toys r us does not have manual doors where u livin?
Omeven 20 kun oldin
Red flag ? *Communist detected on american soil. Lethal force engaged.*
kurdish gamer
kurdish gamer 25 kun oldin
All the red flags describe my girlfriend
Eric Latham
Eric Latham 27 kun oldin
That ending holy shit😂😂
Eric Latham
Eric Latham 27 kun oldin
That ending holy shit😂😂
Bastiaan Oy oldin
‘Thats a bad sign... in most places’ *SWEET HOME ALABAMA*
Jack Mclaughlin
Russian- “How many Subscribers do you have? You-“1.9million” Russian-“YOU MUST REDISTRIBUTE SUBSCRIBERS TO PEWDIEPIE OR GULAG!”
Matt Shears
Matt Shears Oy oldin
I laughed for a full minute at the minesweeper joke. I think we are made for eachother.
Kurt Kreeger
Kurt Kreeger Oy oldin
Sending this to myself
Keiran Ferrier
If they have the same last name as you, it’s probably a bad thing...in most places *Alabama Intensifies*
Snas Oy oldin
God damnit
someone unimportant
“imagine if you were in bed with a girl” *let that sink in*
Alestic 9
Alestic 9 Oy oldin
Its a red flag... in most places *Alabama*
Matthias Elser
They have the same last name as you All right middle tier red flags
Deshawn Miller
Wow I actually came to a woke ass realization from this show. I never thought this was possible but holy shit
Arrowhead Pride
Um... If two underage people are attracted to each other, are they both commiting crimes?
CrabbierBull 391
highest tier: they’re from alabama
Accelink Oy oldin
I rewatch this monthly and the ending always makes me laugh
Abigaile Franczek
The lowest lvl is canada
Zakary Loreto
Zakary Loreto Oy oldin
2:06 sweet home alabama starts playing
keiimyen Oy oldin
Third tier red flag: *cough* k a r e n
Blu Dude
Blu Dude Oy oldin
I think you mean under 16
DJ Woof
DJ Woof Oy oldin
8 inches
AI Totem
AI Totem Oy oldin
You are both a social genius and not at the same time. A Schrodinger social genius if you will.
Pepe Oy oldin
''people tend to be friends with people similar to them'' This is why you should always stalk her friends on social media since she will most likely be the average of her friends. Her bestfriends are sluts then you can expect the love of your life to be a slut as wel.
HyperLuigi Oy oldin
Why are your videos so good c
Evrything plus 1
*-this dus not help-*
Kaneki CoffeeKen
Is this a communist propaganda
colenol MD sues
"Thats a bad sign, in most places"
Maximus Aurelio
Makes me think...
GRBTutorials Oy oldin
Erm... using Internet Explorer or Edge is a full red flag! Not only that, it’s a crime in my country (I mean my house) under Article 85/2475, unless it’s being used to download a good browser! If I had a girlfriend and she used Internet Explorer or Edge, I’d give her 60 seconds to head to Chrome or Firefox’s download page (my Internet is slow, so I don’t include the download in that time), before it becomes a reason for termination of our relationship.
stewart murray
Really... what a load of shite
pan cake
pan cake Oy oldin
1:41, reason u get red flag is because u forget her vodka
Unsinkable II - its in the details man lmao
3:38 When I turned 20 I became very attracted to the way some seventeen and eighteen year old girls were approaching me for a brief period of time, I had this impression of being the big strong man to them and I liked it quite a lot... Then I talked to them, started probing them to see if they were viable partners. No, fairly immediately no, not even as sex buddy, not even as a one night stand, just so many turn offs wrapped into a single entity. The thing was, even if they were smart or doting or flirtatious or sensitive they all shared the same immaturity as their more mundane counterparts. The biggest problem, aside from a pretty severe referential communication barrier that limited real conversation, was that they didn't know who they were or what they wanted (aside from carnal relations, and even then they would creepily alternate between coy and borderline (or actual) stalker). So for about a year I entertained the idea with several young women between the ages of 17 and 19, all at college, and not one of them I ended up considering a potential partner; sometimes it would take a week sometimes less than a minute to come to the conclusion that they just weren't worth it. I don't know if that's just the luck of the draw, but ever since I had that epiphany about the role maturity plays in relationships I've tended to regard any younger potential partner with suspicion. Maybe it's because I prefer to respect and appreciate my partners, even in a dom/sub relationship I'd rather not think of someone as a chore... Caveats It's not as though I never ended up with a partner younger than me, mind you, or rejected a potential older partner for very similar reasons. It can also be a very rewarding relationship to help somebody who is ready to discover themselves and the world do just that as long as you share mutual admiration, but I came to this particular red flag by looking at a certain age bracket and it has been something I've watched out for ever since. Other priority 1 red flags for me: "I want to have a lot of friends but I can't seem to make it work." This is spoken by a very outgoing and enthusiastic person with strong ulterior motives who sets people up to have expectations of them only to fail to follow through. This is the person who will make endless remarks about wanting to meet up and not only fail to make time, but fail to make even a basic gesture of consideration for the other parties involved and ask you to pity them. They're not a bad person, but they're a horrendous friend: an endless mess of scheduling conflicts and empty promises. "I have a dom and he told me to do this..." This person is not considering you, they're trying fix their broken relationship/self by getting more people involved. Understand, I'm poly and kinky, but 9-out-of-10 dating site hits are going to have some variation of "trying to fix it with experimentation instead of addressing the basic requirements of a relationship," going on. "I am a goddess/sweetie, I expect you to be who will " Heh, NOPE. Not in the history of ever will there be a person worth dating who starts off by dictating the terms of a relationship before they even have one with you.
Kent Johnson
Kent Johnson Oy oldin
this is nice content
sKaT X
sKaT X Oy oldin
i was about to share this video withmy mate, but then he said the very last part and it got too real
moepskie Oy oldin
Are you not my friend? :(
TheGinginator14 2 oy oldin
Just found out my friend is dating a communist... she really should have known, there were so many red flags
MYH 58
MYH 58 2 oy oldin
You’re basically passive aggressively telling us to share the video by saying “or they’re passive aggressively trying to tell u something” at the very end.
Jack Howard
Jack Howard 2 oy oldin
Who's that at 2:01?
James Serrano
James Serrano 2 oy oldin
He has an award for best son: 2nd place.
mohamed laymen
mohamed laymen 2 oy oldin
I was expecting it to zoom back and show a really big red flag on the boat.
Lmfao that minesweeper bit has got me rolling
Bryce Huddy
Bryce Huddy 2 oy oldin
Ask them what’s cooler than being cool. And if they don’t get it then they aren’t worth your time
James Cochran
James Cochran 2 oy oldin
1.9mil subscribers and you can't get laid?
Alex Murray
Alex Murray 2 oy oldin
So this is why I only match with tattooed 18 year olds that look like they could beat me up
G G 2 oy oldin
The worst thing to watch out for because it's 2019 and things like this are normal nowadays: *_She used to have a penis_* 💀
yellow 5
yellow 5 2 oy oldin
2nd best son lol
Lv. 4999 soldier
Lv. 4999 soldier 2 oy oldin
4:01 Very good reference I'm subscribing.
Saying if their under 18 after saying unless your into that 2 times is FUCKING HILARIOUS
IPlayGames360 2 oy oldin
8 inches
yoshikage 2 oy oldin
“Imagine I was in bed with a girl .......... just gonna let that sink in....” LOL
Enrico Stefanazzi
*USSR has join the chat*
Elias Ünalan
Elias Ünalan 2 oy oldin
i love how drastically he increased the probability of me sharing this video in the last part
Animator 2 oy oldin
Patches WA
Patches WA 2 oy oldin
This is one of the best vids you’ve done man, love it.
SatyrToon Animation
My ex told me that I needed a hobby. I'm an artist. He didn't think art was a hobby and that I should do something else.
Iconic Me-mes
Iconic Me-mes 2 oy oldin
In the background, the ‘Best Son, 2nd Place’ plaque is the the third best joke in this video.
Daniel Yakovlev
Daniel Yakovlev 2 oy oldin
who doesnt lick the yogurt of the lid?
Fei L.
Fei L. 2 oy oldin
8 inches
andreas runefors
andreas runefors 2 oy oldin
in Sweden you can have sex when you're 15
Collin Keepers
Collin Keepers 2 oy oldin
*E I G H T I N C H E S*
Luc Langille
Luc Langille 2 oy oldin
this is wisdom in a video
ײַ 2 oy oldin
why would you lick yoghurt of the lid
Steve Stef
Steve Stef 2 oy oldin
"they have the same last name as you" 😂
Barbarian Aggressor
I love this channel; he just seems to explain everything so casually!
The pepper man
The pepper man 2 oy oldin
Lmao all these self aware jokes had me weak XD
Xiuhcoatl 2 oy oldin
3:25 that wink was hilarious !!😂
Mavi Öyster
Mavi Öyster 2 oy oldin
hey Turkish subtitles I've translated is on now wow! I could do more if you would like?
Taner Kiral
Taner Kiral 2 oy oldin
dammit I want to share this with my gf because of the Canadian comment but she's going to think I'm being passive aggressive
The Steadfast Duelist
Raymond Wen
Raymond Wen 2 oy oldin
but we canadians lick the lid of a yogurt?
I Have Crippling Depression
Is Casually Explained the same guy who runs Sam O'nella's channel?
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