Casually Explained: The Bar

Casually Explained
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Also prepare yourself for:
• The three guys standing in a semi-circle scanning the room for eye contact,
• The group of 6 women laughing too loudly
• The old guys who’ve been coming to the same place for 45 years and you get a little worried every time one of them isn’t there.
• The guy who’s had a rough day
• The guy who’s had a rough life.
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3-Iyl, 2016

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James Cochran
James Cochran 2 kun oldin
I've gone down the rabbit hole. You're crazy, man.
Henriki2305 2 kun oldin
"Don't tip 5% guys." Glad I'm not in America so people are expected not to tip
Wingmaster16 4 kun oldin
i get water
Daniel -Son
Daniel -Son 6 kun oldin
That after credit bit was godly
Aria.Sterling 7 kun oldin
I though u we’re gonna say “u will be....... behind bar” at the end there
sarge727 7 kun oldin
you want street cred? get yourself a malort
Tim 10 kun oldin
Budlight is water with alcohol. Drink some Falcon.
Heena Verma
Heena Verma 13 kun oldin
The you suck at drinking
William Timings
William Timings 14 kun oldin
Jerk off their dog lmfao
Backlash2224 14 kun oldin
"one up and one down" also means bring me a drink while I polish this one off. "neat" also refers to getting a shot in a rocks glass, without the rocks (ice). Larger glass often will get you more liquor than a shot glass.
The Steadfast Duelist
*I don't plan on drinking alcohol and coffee in my life.*
Johnny Joseph
Johnny Joseph Oy oldin
Lol why would you tip?
sol walker
sol walker Oy oldin
American beer is awful, as the Australians say, American beer is like making love in a canoe... Its fucking close to water
U can have 20 black dicks in you at 18 and run over people at 16 but u have to be 21 to drink a beer
BassPurge Oy oldin
Don’t forget all the free cocaine you get from strangers
dalton goins
dalton goins Oy oldin
Corru- lol
Wes Lou
Wes Lou Oy oldin
Shinerbock and ziegenbock are the best
Wes Lou
Wes Lou Oy oldin
"And I've been trying to corrupt"
MAN_ON_WHEELZ 2 oy oldin
This is one reason I have no desire to start drinking. Too much confusion, judgement, and lingo I don’t wanna be anywhere near affiliated with. I don’t drink and I’ve got good reason to keep it that way.
Hungry Orphan
Hungry Orphan 2 oy oldin
Ah we got a fuckin judge judy ass cunt here
Christian Church
Christian Church 2 oy oldin
I just wanted to let you know that i watched till the end and laughed out loud a lot XD It was funny. "guilty"
Batu Yilmaz
Batu Yilmaz 3 oy oldin
FEEBY QEEFU 3 oy oldin
Is this ysac?
Skrrrt 3 oy oldin
FEEBY QEEFU I think so
Waki Siffredi
Waki Siffredi 3 oy oldin
ゆParakoi 3 oy oldin
I only care about the alcohol
Galileo Galilei
Galileo Galilei 3 oy oldin
*G U I L T Y*
Tjark Gaide
Tjark Gaide 3 oy oldin
Y tf do americans drink light beer. Its like rapeing beer
ksafel 4 oy oldin
Those jokes were actually good
nachos 4 oy oldin
the bar is BS. never gotten a date from there and the drinks are overpriced like hell
Tom Pcd
Tom Pcd 4 oy oldin
Your videos are great dude, keep it up
Vladut Stefan
Vladut Stefan 4 oy oldin
plis subscrib
Labersack 4 oy oldin
why the hell would you drink light beer if you can have a normal beer? sory I am from germany and dont get it
MyOpinionIsAFACT 4 oy oldin
Okay this is the reason i subscribed to this guy. Including sam o' nella academy, i never seen any other such genius and original channel on youtube.
TheCaptain008 4 oy oldin
Whiskey Sours. Martini with a lemon Twist. Or a pint of whatever IPA is on tap.
Moe G
Moe G 4 oy oldin
I'd like my whiskey up neat with a twist on the rocks with a water back
zlozlozlo 5 oy oldin
Haaave you met Ted?
Christian Bailey
Christian Bailey 5 oy oldin
I hate how accurate your videos are bud... But you did teach me that treating your life like a video game really makes it easier. Thanks 👍
Mr Temporal
Mr Temporal 5 oy oldin
I want to hear ALL the hammer jokes
am I the only one who liked the Hydraulic Press Channel reference?
Roland Deschein
Roland Deschein 6 oy oldin
What is it about beer that makes it so delicous and refreshing
Sam Will
Sam Will 6 oy oldin
I laugh harder at your videos than any other channel
JetpackDino 6 oy oldin
we dont have mandatory tips where i live, so hah!
Qew 6 oy oldin
Died @ Card decline probability 😂😂💀
Proper Spelinng
Proper Spelinng 6 oy oldin
Can I have a light beer on the rocks... lmaoo
Auric Martin
Auric Martin 6 oy oldin
One beer on the rocks please
Maddie P
Maddie P 6 oy oldin
I just want vodka shots
Tomas Rodriguez
Tomas Rodriguez 6 oy oldin
I lol’d at beer on the rocks
JonThegreat010 /JG
I agree there is some bartender judgement, but if a dude is man enough to look me in the eye and order a strawberry daiquiri I will make the shit out of that drink.
Russian Bot
Russian Bot 6 oy oldin
Turn your fucking mic volume up
NachoMist 6 oy oldin
I've been watching this video and sending it to people for 2 fucking years and I only just now noticed there's more after the outro screen I'm on cloud fucking nine
ShiroP 6 oy oldin
Does chugging a 2 liter cider give me street cred
donni 6 oy oldin
drink vodka you get slav street cred
TrevJ 7
TrevJ 7 6 oy oldin
How much street cred does a Long Island Iced Tea have at a bar?
John Neil
John Neil 6 oy oldin
go with your dad, he'll give you what you need works for me
Kevin Benoit
Kevin Benoit 7 oy oldin
Drink whatever the hell you want and if someone judges you for it, then fuck them, they’re not real friends and you should hang out with someone else.
Cloud Fox
Cloud Fox 7 oy oldin
Jet Addict
Jet Addict 7 oy oldin
american beer*
Aris 7 oy oldin
*beer is not water
DUIng_under_ the_ influence
You're pretty friggen funny, dude. Keep it up
skrenja 7 oy oldin
Light beer is lamme
Shawn Connolly
Shawn Connolly 7 oy oldin
BEER TASTES BAD?! Man come to Germany once! xD
Jason Brody
Jason Brody 7 oy oldin
To those who give tip, its illegal and if other people dont want to do it then no.
Jason Brody
Jason Brody 7 oy oldin
Not our fuckin responsibility.
Tjark Gaide
Tjark Gaide 7 oy oldin
You dont know how much you offended me whith saying that light beer tastes like beer
Kiomio 8 oy oldin
Bro, can you make the white little less white. My eyes explode watching these videos
A muffin
A muffin 8 oy oldin
You'd get more street cred drinking your own piss than drinking American beer, tastes better too (not that I have experience)
Gary Hamilton
Gary Hamilton 8 oy oldin
Funny story huntington bank called me about suspicious activity when I got a gym membership.
vishmaster09 8 oy oldin
One beer on the rocks please
cafe Sportivo
cafe Sportivo 9 oy oldin
U shoulda said in the slammer
Daniel Kemnitz
Daniel Kemnitz 9 oy oldin
I don't care, if I wanna drink a strawberry daiquiri I'ma god damn drink that daquiri >:I
Brent Rushton
Brent Rushton 9 oy oldin
You can get 7% Canadian beer
Michael L
Michael L 9 oy oldin
With all the alcohol videos you have, I'm surprised you haven't made one like "Casually explained: being a wingman" bc I need to know how to do that
Essie Medina
Essie Medina 9 oy oldin
Who's Jimmy?
sebastian natsee
sebastian natsee 9 oy oldin
boi im german wtf is this shit im drinking since if been 16...
Omega Squad Teemo
I think you should tone down the volume even more, I can still hear you on max speakers
Aske Valbjørn Carlsen
nors gods we will stike you down
V-155 YM-135
V-155 YM-135 9 oy oldin
I don't know about America but here in Europe beer has USUALLY the same alcohol content than cider. And it tastes like the nectar of the gods (usually).
Thats Meat Man
Thats Meat Man 10 oy oldin
Did anyone else get the freaky white guy talking about how females don’t want us
Eli Blakley
Eli Blakley 10 oy oldin
Thanks jimmy
20killershot 10 oy oldin
IPA or Stout high alcohol levels taste great plus street cred
Silver Shamrock
Silver Shamrock 10 oy oldin
Spirits only
Petra Fernandes
Petra Fernandes 10 oy oldin
I wanna date him.
!? 10 oy oldin
1:03 "No matter how much you drink, you can't outpace the self loathing." STOP READING MY THOUGHTS 'CASUALLY EXPLAINED'
Dan Copsen
Dan Copsen 10 oy oldin
delto asuka
delto asuka 10 oy oldin
Lol your card blocked it when he only brought one drink
The Burden
The Burden 11 oy oldin
:( your peers are stupid. Obviously they don't know good alcohol
Chase Charron
Chase Charron 11 oy oldin
Omg that guilty at the end almost killed me
knocknockify 11 oy oldin
The last joke was fucking brilliant
Nathaniel Bellmore
Nathaniel Bellmore 11 oy oldin
Balázs Buza
Balázs Buza 11 oy oldin
2:28 looool
Just a pug on the internet.
Ask for a straw to drink your beer off. That’s free street cred there
Drakeons ;-;
Drakeons ;-; 11 oy oldin
A dyslexic man walks into a bra
TheReck 11 oy oldin
That last joke omfg
Cool dude and or dudette
You suck at drinking yeah you totally sjihnuuckk hahaaaaa
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden 11 oy oldin
Man you are such a loser, never ever ever accept friendships with girls, men and women can't be friends it's that simple, and if you're stuck in the friendzone, then there is no getting out, ditch these girls and go to the bar alone, get yourself any drink that isn't girly and stand in one spot for at least 20 minutes, while you're waiting if a girl passes by, start a conversation with her, after 10 minutes, escalate physically, after an hour, escalate to the kiss, and after a bit more time, change venues, and after that, use an excuse to get to her place or get her to your place, then get laid. Repeat this process and get as much sex as you want and never ever suffer the dreaded friendzone. I will never subscribe to your channel because you are a beta loser.
savioursmesmerized 11 oy oldin
Who gives a fuck about street cred? I usually drink White Russians or Caipirinhas when going out and my friends have nothing to say. It's just like racism. A bit of diversity on your table isn't gonna hurt
savioursmesmerized 11 oy oldin
Who gives a fuck about street cred? I usually drink White Russians or Caipirinhas when going out and my friends have nothing to say. It's just like racism. A bit of diversity on your table isn't gonna hurt
Albert S.
Albert S. 11 oy oldin
1:50-2:05 the sum of this video.
Brian Howard
Brian Howard 11 oy oldin
Haaaave you met ted?
dehypno tize
dehypno tize Yil oldin
These are the most non-autistic autistic-looking videos ever
kareszt Yil oldin
For Rum (Truman Reference)