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Never going again until this weekend maybe.
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3-Okt, 2016

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Nicolas Talero
Nicolas Talero Kun oldin
Joke got real scary when you named the club "distrikt". We literally have a club spelled exactly like that in my home town.
Guerillix Gaming
Guerillix Gaming 2 kun oldin
Sponsored by Corona®
Olevsir 3 kun oldin
lol victoria
Mark Peters
Mark Peters 5 kun oldin
How is the positivity here so high. Awesome
Will Bryant
Will Bryant 5 kun oldin
Distrikt in Vic??
David Elliott
David Elliott 6 kun oldin
Just pause at 1:44 😂
inofensive display name
Corona is disgusting
R W 11 kun oldin
are you cgp grey?
Jannis Höntscher
Jannis Höntscher 12 kun oldin
To this sounded perfect
Emmanuel Hernandez
Emmanuel Hernandez 13 kun oldin
"Look Happy." I can assure you that I have failed that criteria more than I can admit.
michaelovitch 13 kun oldin
3:16 you recycled that for "human beings" Why ?
Célio Tavares
Célio Tavares 15 kun oldin
too accurate
R ML 17 kun oldin
The accuracy...
Chase Westlake
Chase Westlake 17 kun oldin
I hate distrikt. I always just wanted to go to a pub and then go back to langford, preferably stay in langford. But no, always pulled out to distrikt
The Steadfast Duelist
0:37 *Good rule to live by*
I have No name
I have No name 24 kun oldin
Anyone else notice the video starts with his old Australian accent
Rocky Tu
Rocky Tu 24 kun oldin
Bouncer just hooked up with his friend
Mr Temporal
Mr Temporal Oy oldin
2:03 caption "beating your future wife"
DmGhg Zgngmhm
DmGhg Zgngmhm Oy oldin
Fun fact distrikt means district in Norwegian
AK knight
AK knight Oy oldin
Golden rule 'Fight u r own fight' 🤣🤣🤣
bazouka19 Oy oldin
This is called "regret" 🤣
"lines with elon musk"
Mavilo Oy oldin
everything about 2:30 and the following is so true lmao
It's Just Ryan
If I went to a club and someone was doodling on an Etch-a-Sketch at the bar... that's my new best friend.
Dimitri Oy oldin
Tried them and ya boy is not a fan
andrew johnson
this is called regret *smiles subtly*
Jack Champion
Jack Champion Oy oldin
im actually comforted by how much i relate to this
Rose Diddy No Relation
McQuickScope Oy oldin
“You just listen to the beat and you sync your moves up with it” 😂
lismery nunez
lismery nunez Oy oldin
I freaking love this!!! Totally made my night
Wes Lou
Wes Lou Oy oldin
"Fight your own fights:
fasteddie 28
fasteddie 28 2 oy oldin
I should be doing homework right now
JoseAnd97 2 oy oldin
nah man just flee from the scene! like I did today!
H. Anthony Ribadeneira
... you know where you can find me..
nopenopenope 2 oy oldin
It aint misspelled in German
Dark Vulcan
Dark Vulcan 2 oy oldin
So TLDR Don't ever go?
Haydar Sefkan Kayar
It’s definitely good, since I will be the most attractive person in any bar. :)
Travis Fortenberry
The goal is to have fun..so do that.
Karl Johnson
Karl Johnson 3 oy oldin
you arent shoenice... lol
Jeffery Allen
Jeffery Allen 3 oy oldin
I brong an etch and sketch hahaha
Capo98y 3 oy oldin
Im the only one who likes electronic music but doesn't like clubs?
Emerson 3 oy oldin
everything in moderation, including moderation.
iixmmiv D
iixmmiv D 3 oy oldin
Birthday twins 💗
Carmen Mencar
Carmen Mencar 3 oy oldin
"that's regret" that's life.
Thomas 3 oy oldin
3:25 tinnitus
Elias Lowe
Elias Lowe 3 oy oldin
Archer be like...
Randy Pullman
Randy Pullman 3 oy oldin
Then you realize your not a victim of the American epidemic and its your brown friend in jail...time to do a fireball shot and bum a smoke from the neighbor. You winned!
Blue Box Imagination
who else thinks that these videos are best watched 144p
Tobias 3 oy oldin
The cool thing about you is that you’re actually really cleaver/smart, but make jokes at the perfect moments to seem unintelligent
Robbie Nichols
Robbie Nichols 3 oy oldin
1:55 bottom left corner hahahaha
Trung Nghĩa Nguyễn
Why his friends disappeared ?
Brafy 4 oy oldin
2:00 caught me off guard at 11:35 pm and I lost it
Benjamin Powers
Benjamin Powers 4 oy oldin
Doing lines with Elon Musk lmao
TealFlame1 4 oy oldin
"This is called club entropy and increases with alcohol consumption." Underrated comment by far.
Alex R.
Alex R. 4 oy oldin
love your shit, please take my money.
zoo bear
zoo bear 4 oy oldin
Great channel love all your videos I know this is the style you chose but try stepping up your drawing and animation
Billy Sorcerer
Billy Sorcerer 4 oy oldin
I didn't notice your channel grew so much, I subscribe when you released the Yakuza video. You boomed!
What is this?
What is this? 4 oy oldin
XD 0:46 look at the sign
what if noone invites me to the club
MAN_ON_WHEELZ 4 oy oldin
In my very scarce experiences with the club, I've had an ugly chick dance with me, a pretty chick look at me like I was made of mud when I asked to dance with her, a pretty girl try to push me away by lying to me saying her boyfriend was "over there" and a general dislike for the noisy and drunken environment altogether. Though I must say, the one time I went to Minneapolis to a concert (which felt like a club) I actually had a good time. Still no play with women, but I didn't try either. Minneapolis, you're alright by this Chicagoan!
G Nk
G Nk 4 oy oldin
My one and only move/ability to not want to kill myself in a a club. Step 1. Not be there Kidding aside Step 1. Be in a club outside of the US. Step 2. Have them play Cotton Eye Joe Step 3. Dances like a toothless hillbilly full well knowing that all I have to be is confident and silly...and no one will judge me.
BobbyBobbenson 4 oy oldin
That first second of the video was completely Australian
Nico Bruin
Nico Bruin 4 oy oldin
If you're not black-out drunk before you enter te club you're doing it wrong. U don't want to have to sell one of your kidneys so you can afford alcohol there, and by being drunk already you skip that akward at least hour before you get drunk.
Waggish Ganer
Waggish Ganer 4 oy oldin
I'm dead this guy's Is too funny
TheRABIDdude 4 oy oldin
*1:05** hey cool he's settled for the same dance move that I have!*
Andrae Elite
Andrae Elite 4 oy oldin
"Play more Drake FAM!"
Heil Hux
Heil Hux 4 oy oldin
ok, so, apparently Im doing well in being an antisocial weirdo... great...?
mmoviefan7 4 oy oldin
accurate AF
Shylo Kei
Shylo Kei 5 oy oldin
Distrikt is the local club in my city (and maybe yours or a weird coincidence idk) where all the high school kids with fake ID's go. Nobody over 22 wants to step foot in distrikt, especially when the best bar in the city is right next to it
Swings 5 oy oldin
bodyshots off a model.... s
Salmaa Outbih
Salmaa Outbih 5 oy oldin
Kevin Crockgesicht
That corona shit tastes like fucking water. Why do people drink that?
SkeleMusic 5 oy oldin
sick Shoenice reference
Saheel Acharya
Saheel Acharya 5 oy oldin
James Ryan
James Ryan 6 oy oldin
Couldn’t have said it better 😂😂
Richard Valdes - Rasmussen
Look happy on the outside
Soshi- Fied
Soshi- Fied 6 oy oldin
anyone else find clubbing kinda ... ???
Gál Diána
Gál Diána 6 oy oldin
Your dry sense of humor and clever videos always make me laugh, keep them up ❤️
Chompy36 6 oy oldin
Shoutouts to Shoenice
Kvng Slum
Kvng Slum 6 oy oldin
Fight your own fight 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
gLeeksFF 6 oy oldin
What loser drinks Corona. Theres your problem buddy
thiccm0rty 6 oy oldin
I want to buy you a nicer microphone maybe a blue yeti or something. What is your P.O box not your personal address.
DaddyPlsNo 6 oy oldin
Coronas at a club? Are you MADE of money
Tioo 333
Tioo 333 6 oy oldin
Club penguin counts?
BrazenBullXXX 6 oy oldin
"One word: Misspelled". The closest club to me is named "Elektric" lol
Based Magikarp
Based Magikarp 6 oy oldin
That fucking sign above the bar. LELZ all of them. The shoenice one got me the hardest though.
Gedo Planet
Gedo Planet 6 oy oldin
Graph your hearing loss in excel
Buğra Coşkun
Buğra Coşkun 6 oy oldin
There were times that I was so drunk I would walk like a sick chimpanzee but Ive never forgot my jackets or my bags ever, probably because of my responsible friends though :P
Usrinam 6 oy oldin
so my tinnitus is actually just regret. awesome
causecomedy 6 oy oldin
0:22 my favorite part about distrcit is the itty bitty sidewalk that everyone is crowded on 'cause you know... lets establish the most popular club in town on a the main street regardless of its single lane sidewalks.
Rachel Witt
Rachel Witt 6 oy oldin
When you've actually taken Chem 150 at Uvic.
David Bramhall
David Bramhall 6 oy oldin
Hahahha this is the funniest shit ever!
Martyn Watson
Martyn Watson 6 oy oldin
sad but true.
Kevin Griffey
Kevin Griffey 6 oy oldin
Lls My Bday Is Actually Oct 2!
Rory Lambert
Rory Lambert 6 oy oldin
aw yeah dude lets go to distrikt!!!!
bryan brefil
bryan brefil 7 oy oldin
i bring an etchie sketch LMFAOOOOO
PonzooonTheGreat 7 oy oldin
Pro-tip, bring ear plugs cut in half to clubs. That way you save your hearing without looking like a ponce.
Michochay 7 oy oldin
its called regret NO ITS CALLED W A S T E D
victoria sanchez
victoria sanchez 7 oy oldin
I’m about to be 21 you should make one about turning 21👌🤙