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A more light hearted episode. On that solar eclipse hype train. I've never been so excited to literally not see something. Btw before someone's who's played aged of mythology chimes in, Mercury is a Roman God not Greek (my bad) good thing it's the only fact that's not accurate.
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NoideaGuy 3 kun oldin
Starcraft reference 👌👌
LegendCrafter 9 kun oldin
1:32 mars is not the closest, venus is lol. Ik im a nerd Xd
Marc Vollrath
Marc Vollrath 12 kun oldin
I don't mean to sound like a nerd and a jerk but light actually does slow down when passing through certain substances.
ImmortalRecon 13 kun oldin
THE JOKE IS PLUTO IS NOT A PLANET ANYMORE. In case any of you brain dead fuckers didn't understand ;)
Gowthrin 14 kun oldin
Uranus, but *uranus noises*
XxTheSlowMOxX 14 kun oldin
Ha Light does actually slow down in different materials like glass.
MaNameDan 14 kun oldin
Doesn't reaction happen when the light speeds up?
nic 15 kun oldin
0:32 blew my fricking mind
GamingForward 15 kun oldin
Ur - *a n u s*
5500 15 kun oldin
no mas
Vanillafrie 16 kun oldin
The planets are named for roman gods, not greek
cristina albert
cristina albert 16 kun oldin
ur anus
Iris 20 kun oldin
0:26 well ACTUALLY light travels in 300,000m/s get your facts straight moroon
JohnsonC 14 kun oldin
no its 300000km/s or 3000000000m/s
J P 20 kun oldin
dya think they pronounce asshole on uranus acehole?
BraedonAnimations 26 kun oldin
RIP wall-e
ATPhack 29 kun oldin
And Pluto?
Thapelo Mokoto
Rip walli
Collyn Marsh
Collyn Marsh Oy oldin
I recommend watching with captions. Just do it. You'll see why.
Morpheus 2015
Morpheus 2015 Oy oldin
Pluto is a Planet! Change my mind
Josh Hanretty
Josh Hanretty Oy oldin
"Light hearted" because the sun is in the centre of the solar system. I've watched this video several times and only just realised that. nice one CE
Ella Sophia
Ella Sophia Oy oldin
Isn't Mars' orbit also eliptical?
Spoder Boi
Spoder Boi Oy oldin
Who else used this for a science project?
Jack Howard
Jack Howard Oy oldin
I thought Pluto was a planet. Rick and Morty said so.
J.R. Spliff 212
“While Plu-Neptune...” lol
O Programa do Andrade
Uranus is a gas giant
Joseph Yilu
Joseph Yilu Oy oldin
"I thinks it's unfair that URANUS is given such a hard time.
PetRock151 Oy oldin
They’re actually considered p- Neptune to be a planet again
jay mora
jay mora Oy oldin
That starcraft reference on the asteroid belt 😂
Jordan Kihl
Jordan Kihl Oy oldin
Make a part 2 space video
The soggy Pizza
Roman god actually
FiziKs Oy oldin
well..... actually the speed of light is 299 792 458 m/s(299792.458km/s) NOT 300 000 km/s.
King Earl
King Earl Oy oldin
The best Yo Momma joke interpretation I've ever heard
boi RCK
boi RCK Oy oldin
that subtle roast there at Jupiter
Mohammad Hosein Abbasi
light actually does have mass due to duality nature of light
depression man
What's the hate towards saturn you horrible human being! You even ignored pluto :( Terible video +1 sub -1 dilksike worst vid of 2017
Hielke Boers
Hielke Boers Oy oldin
Septic Pie
Septic Pie Oy oldin
win rio
win rio Oy oldin
What inside ur anus
Dank Beat's
Dank Beat's Oy oldin
Light does have mass To explain this we need to see what light is Its energy E=MC^2 So to find the mass we just need a little algebra to find the mass of said photon
Andrew Spetaci
Jenne Kruijssen
Crystal_ Mint
Crystal_ Mint Oy oldin
1:42 only people who watched the martian will understand
pinepotato Oy oldin
U forgot Pluto
Zach Thomas
Zach Thomas Oy oldin
pinepotato woosh
Questionable Zoo
Uranus Ha,
Andrés Rodríguez Viguera
I like Uranus. I would like to send a probe there to see it closer...
Sridhar Poguluru
Sridhar Poguluru 2 oy oldin
Kuiper belt? Where our friend Pluto lives. You forgot?
Zach Thomas
Zach Thomas Oy oldin
Sridhar Poguluru wooosh
saintfury12345 2 oy oldin
Casually explained you're so full of shit I can smell Uranus from here.
JonathanDaGamer 2 oy oldin
Hows ur anus?
[ Snaipor ]
[ Snaipor ] 2 oy oldin
I’m going to make a uranus joke now. Ur anus. I announced it I’m good.
Emryn Philogene
Emryn Philogene 2 oy oldin
This is a Uranus joke. View at your own discretion. Uranus can fit a lot of dick in it.
Antonian 2 oy oldin
*N E P T U N E*
jorge suarez
jorge suarez 2 oy oldin
first second you made a huge mistake, instant dislike.
RedCap 2
RedCap 2 2 oy oldin
I hope we can learn more about -Pluto- Neptune in the future!
bo2_ 2 oy oldin
ur anus is huge that nase have not travelled ther yet
Tegan Oxley
Tegan Oxley 2 oy oldin
Does the sun make noise?
Lareda Raneon
Lareda Raneon 2 oy oldin
you know they're actually redefining the definition of planet, and the new definition no longer excludes pluto!
Arjit Sidhu
Arjit Sidhu 2 oy oldin
Why is uranus blue.?
Alana Rodriguez
Alana Rodriguez 2 oy oldin
Talk about Titan. It’s pretty cool
Paul Logemann
Paul Logemann 2 oy oldin
2:55 I think Pluto has something to say: "REEEEEEEEEEEEEE"
Elusive 2 oy oldin
Daddy where’s my anus
Elusive 2 oy oldin
Anus I hate this
self-hating suicidal bastard
"Uranus is given such a hard time just because it's so easy.. to make fun of" ok
2 B
2 B 2 oy oldin
I hope we can explore Uranus someday
Zeeshan Qureshi
Zeeshan Qureshi 2 oy oldin
You heard about Pluto? That's messed up right?
Mo Endiodumio
Mo Endiodumio 2 oy oldin
“Mine them for minerals and vespine gas” this guy snuck in too many jokes 😂
The Steadfast Duelist
*Pluto should be a planet again.*
CrowKYS 2 oy oldin
uranus is the same size as jupiter
DBSupersteel 2 oy oldin
well light can be slowed down
John Pearson
John Pearson 2 oy oldin
This was both the laziest and most creative video yet...
Manuel Garcia
Manuel Garcia 2 oy oldin
Lmao @ matt damon on mars
red 2 oy oldin
Uranus is big
billy lion
billy lion 2 oy oldin
fkin minerals and vespein gas
netsofdeath 3 oy oldin
Did no one catch the hot older sister joke between earth and venus he made?
Langus langus
Langus langus 3 oy oldin
Lulzim G.
Lulzim G. 3 oy oldin
Screenshot at 2:19 - the time is 5:36AM, the date matches the upload date so it’s not a google image therefore, that’s either: A. Dedication and Hard Work or B. Anxiety and Crippling Depression
Vidar Gartz
Vidar Gartz 3 oy oldin
If light doesn’t have any mass then why is it affected by black holes?
Dr. Zoidberg
Dr. Zoidberg 2 oy oldin
Because light has energy which is pretty much the same thing as far as the math is concerned. gravity bends space & time, & when light (or anything else for that matter) travels through warped space time, it follows the curve. That's why stuff falls down & why light bends when going through a gravity well.
SteamyTiger95 3 oy oldin
So light is called light because it's light... Never thought of it this way
jogandsp 3 oy oldin
Felt like the vespene gas joke went largely unappreciated
Billz 3 oy oldin
Uranus is a gas giant
Hu Chung
Hu Chung 3 oy oldin
Why is Mars inhospitable? Because Uranus Saturn Mars
Cheeseburger Freedom Man
pluto the dog is technically named after the roman god of death and the underworld
christina yeo
christina yeo 3 oy oldin
That last part lol
azhmy fauzi
azhmy fauzi 3 oy oldin
Earth is the only planet we know that supports life, although it doesn't actively encourage it.....
karissa renee
karissa renee 4 oy oldin
which is why its called light
ThatPringlesGuy 4 oy oldin
Why is Venus Asian looking
TrashPanda 365
TrashPanda 365 4 oy oldin
We should invade Uranus
Enes Çağlar
Enes Çağlar 4 oy oldin
Who like all this messages?
Jupiter plays
Jupiter plays 4 oy oldin
OverPowered_Omar 4 oy oldin
F in the chat for Pluto
thewhiteboardist 4 oy oldin
Press F for Pluto
Went king crimson on Pluto
Scienceboy 0927 and kid country
Kid countrian definition of a planet: Must be smaller than a star Not have undergone fusion Must be round (including earth I will kill you all flat earthers) Not a satellite (moon)
Torstein 2003
Torstein 2003 4 oy oldin
he just slipped a joke for uranus
Rocket Loop
Rocket Loop 4 oy oldin
Ur- -Anus. I made the joke! 🤣
Wakka: Made in Yevon
"named after a Greek god of the same name" Why must you wound me like this
Emilia Sikorska
Emilia Sikorska 4 oy oldin
The sun wants to burn u XD
Reid Brooks
Reid Brooks 4 oy oldin
Did you know Uranus’s name was originally Georgium Sidus named after George the third but the name wasn’t accepted by the rest is the world so that is why they Changed the name.
Bitbot Gaming
Bitbot Gaming 4 oy oldin
Pluto my child :c
Isabella Valencia
your not
Isabella Valencia
im dumb
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