Casually Explained: The Spectrum of Intelligence

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18-Iyl, 2016

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God Of The Universe
was shook at the harambe joke
Tipsy Traveler
Tipsy Traveler 2 kun oldin
“Ask for a haircut without rehearsing it” most relatable comment
Matthew Beattie
Matthew Beattie 4 kun oldin
DJ Trump is way past the bottom
HungerGamesFan88 5 kun oldin
Eyyyy u/fuckswithducks
M Wt.
M Wt. 5 kun oldin
Your comedy style reminds me so much of BJ Novak!
Nicky Scott
Nicky Scott 6 kun oldin
My dream is to have lots of sex. I probably shouldn’t google, ‘done by a 5 year old Chinese girl’.
Pazgon lol
Pazgon lol 4 kun oldin
Ay, man, just turn on incognito beforehand.
David Lea
David Lea 7 kun oldin
You forgot to put my ex wife Karen underneath the jellyfish
Joe Pickford
Joe Pickford 8 kun oldin
Jesus turned water into wine but I turned a whole student loan into vodka. Your move, Jesus
Mutant Spartacus
Mutant Spartacus 8 kun oldin
You didn't include the Flynn effect, and how it halted at the end of Gen Y, and dramatically reversed in Gen Z. Back into the swamp with you trump fans.
Joe Carey
Joe Carey 8 kun oldin
casually explained is fucks with ducks? fucking exposed over here
nightshadowend 9 kun oldin
WROOOOOOOOOOOONG. Many other animals use tools. Like crows
Andrei Cristi Moga
Andrei Cristi Moga 10 kun oldin
Ducks own everyone
Simplicitas 12 kun oldin
Jew part confused me. Meaning they are smarter?
Johnathan johnathonson
1:27 aight so not to kill any jokes or anything but pre-calc isn’t really incredible compared to other shit out there. Most high schoolers end up taking it early on.
The Anything Goes Channel
Elephants our meant to be tge most intellegent animal which arnt humans
Juupa Jaapa
Juupa Jaapa 13 kun oldin
fucking brilliant!
Kevin 14 kun oldin
/u/fuckswithducks is a great redditor
Eric G
Eric G 14 kun oldin
Anyone bragging about their iq is the real idiot. I know this because I USED to be like that
Apoorv Saxena
Apoorv Saxena 14 kun oldin
I'm not a Jew. 😂😂😂😂😂
Nythian169 14 kun oldin
Thumbs up for jew joke!
Pushkar Mahajan
Pushkar Mahajan 15 kun oldin
The comments in the code hahahahahhahaha
habib syed
habib syed 16 kun oldin
Last 10 seconds of the video had me rushing to click the subscribe button, only to realise I'd already done that during the first 10 seconds 😂
Ashden Gibson
Ashden Gibson 18 kun oldin
Untill you see an elephant paint a picture of other elephants.
The Steadfast Duelist
*Just Google it*
Original sin
Original sin 20 kun oldin
Octopi Have also been observed to use tools
luke casey
luke casey 23 kun oldin
Am I the only one that realized the cable on the mouse he drew was attached to the wrong side
Валери Ушилков
"one of the only"
bayu djeruknipis
bayu djeruknipis 28 kun oldin
I've read article that argue that whales and dolphins are smarter than human. It's fascinating read. Whether it ultimately correct or not, it offered perspective. This video offered none.
bayu djeruknipis
bayu djeruknipis 11 kun oldin
+NB Maybe. Maybe I should not hope the whole video to be high effort one, despite it's interesting opener.
NB 13 kun oldin
+bayu djeruknipis I guess that means YOU didn't catch the point of the video itself... Because it was very clearly a joke (as is all of his videos) with some facts sprinkled in.
bayu djeruknipis
bayu djeruknipis 14 kun oldin
+Novanova you certainly did not catch my point, and I afraid I misinterpret yours with following comment, but here we go. You (and video maker) basically cannot accept that other animal can be smarter than human; reducing their smarts as one type of intelligence that we might be lack of. No, what being proposed by my reference is that whales and dolphins ARE more intelligent. The writer was open minded enough to question that we might possibly do not have tool to measure intelligence objectively. That measuring smarts by tool usages, building things, and so on might limiting our understanding on the subject. The argument that article brought rouse my curiosity. Compared to that, this video is shallow. Video maker basically repeat what teachers taught, no curiosity, no compelling argument that tempered through academic rigor.
Novanova 14 kun oldin
bayu djeruknipis they are different kind of intelligent. They can sen pictures and feelings to each other by sound which no other animal can do.
River Randle
River Randle Oy oldin
Hahaha the google search classic
Cgase Zimmermagan
This dudes comedy is great
Cyrus Powers
Cyrus Powers Oy oldin
Elephants are above dolphins and gorillas and only second to humans. Otherwise a very good video.
Skeletor Oy oldin
Jesus could turn water into wine, I got to see my dad before I died
MaximusRex Oy oldin
I love u (no homo)
Big Money Bundy
An IQ of 135 isn't all that sp
Kim Oy oldin
lol, that C-code will compile, but that poor Jellyfish will starve to death after it eats for the first time :D
Piotr Misiuna
Piotr Misiuna Oy oldin
I can drink wine like water...
Locan Oy oldin
3:31 Thank me later
Garrett Shmerett
Ok, I've been binging all of these, and I have to know: who's the dream brunette?
Ollinnature 2 oy oldin
Porn done by a 5 year old Chinese girl Nah I’m still good
Nathan Edwards
Nathan Edwards 2 oy oldin
3:24 i was ready for something edgier, "at least i'm real."
Jakub Waniek
Jakub Waniek 2 oy oldin
That's some bad indentation around the while loop.
Mutant Spartacus
Mutant Spartacus 2 oy oldin
the bullshit starts when you get to the human part, especially because quantum compooting comes waaaaaaaay after pre calc.
My greatest motivator is Hey what should I be doing right now to improve my situation
OT7 col
OT7 col 2 oy oldin
Most beautiful code I've ever seen 😂
Dilyan -
Dilyan - 2 oy oldin
Piece of shit this video
Dilyan -
Dilyan - 13 kun oldin
+Novanova hhaahaha
Novanova 14 kun oldin
Dilyan - you are clearly behind the jellyfish on the scale
Daniel Zhang
Daniel Zhang 2 oy oldin
0:35 Mice? I am confusion.
Harm _Virus
Harm _Virus 2 oy oldin
I like talking about deep stuff, will what do you like ? Video games and memes 😂😂😂😂
That Man's an Animal
Being a Jew would suck. Having an high IQ and shit. Fuck that, amirite
x x
x x 2 oy oldin
actually, gorilla's are not the only monkeys that use tools, there are way more, chimps for example, but also macaws
Martin Cattell
Martin Cattell 2 oy oldin
I can turn wine into urine.
Wes Lou
Wes Lou 2 oy oldin
Smoked him in the 100 meter dash LMAO
Deniz İlke Silistre
2.6K dislikes are from jews
Mason Stenehjem
Mason Stenehjem 2 oy oldin
Jesus turned water into wine the same way Muhammad flew to heaven on a winged horse
Snehal Shady
Snehal Shady 2 oy oldin
Im intelligence and havent u see my last Facebook post?
Olesya Legere
Olesya Legere 2 oy oldin
nice, no more playing it safe🙈🙉🙊
Rob Traphagan
Rob Traphagan 2 oy oldin
what aboyutn oragnaugnatng
Elodyne 2 oy oldin
2658 Jews disliked the video
That gorilla looks *THICC*
Chris P 107
Chris P 107 2 oy oldin
Hey bro, I just used this video for my project. I had to explain intelligence. Dont worry because I sighted it but I got a 100 and made everyone laugh so thanks haha
Jimmy Le'sabe
Jimmy Le'sabe 2 oy oldin
fvcken smoked him in 100 meters 3:19
Christina Goetz
Christina Goetz 3 oy oldin
The intense and prolonged concentration part made me sad. Does that mean you think anyone with ADD or ADHD can't be a gifted individual above average intelligence?
Jack Wu
Jack Wu 3 oy oldin
I am Chinese, and the Chinese girl joke made me laugh!
Nate 3 oy oldin
Solid close lmao
Ousmane Diakhaby
Ousmane Diakhaby 3 oy oldin
The last jokes were just gold 🔥🔥🔥
Benjamin McIntosh
A triangle
Timothy Mossholder
The words "Google something before giving up," just triggered my Google assistant. We're voice twins
william whistleblower
Jesus wasn't Jewish casually explained Jews don't have golden brown hair and blue eyes
CommunistWaffle 3 oy oldin
"Fucking smoked him in the 100m" In reality, Hawking would show up with Colin Furze's 60mph mobility scooter
Ralph 3 oy oldin
My friend doesn’t get it that for the last part you ‘beat Jesus’ because you’re not a Jew. He thinks the joke is that you’re not stingy and hence would have no reason to save money turning water into wine and would just buy the wine anyway...
Wisdom 3 oy oldin
Constantinople, 1054
There I was thinking this was gonna be just a PG ass kids channel... this was brilliant.
MΔRS 3 oy oldin
"doesn't quite get standing back at airport baggage claims [...]" THE PAIN!!!
mousek801 Mousek801
"Fuckin smoked him in the 100m."
B&H Productions
B&H Productions 4 oy oldin
Cold asf on that doTERRA scheme
Whirligig 4 oy oldin
Jessica avoided the chemicals that turn the fricking frogs gay
ZogJhones 4 oy oldin
No Ravens? They're smart as hell
Gabriela Sanchez
Gabriela Sanchez 4 oy oldin
dude this was good until you made a joke about jesus im outta here
Madvic 4 oy oldin
Fuck jesus
картофан 4 oy oldin
crow actually smarter than a dolphin. and me.
Shadow Ranger
Shadow Ranger 4 oy oldin
"I'm not a jew' Subscribed on the fucking spot
A Lemon Citrus
A Lemon Citrus 4 oy oldin
"Steven Hawking increased our understanding of the universe. Fuckin' smoked him in the 100m." Too soon...
Getting a haircut without rehearsing first. WTF ARE YOU INSIDE MY HEAD M8???
InternetPhilia 4 oy oldin
I'm 13 and I know how to read in binary though, I saw it in a UZvid video...
Marshmelloww 4 oy oldin
So your telling me that elephants brag about having 2000 vbucks but in their own language?
Kushimaru Kuriarare
Doing more specific video on human intelligence, seriously every time my parents compare me to anyone under 10 doing something extremely extraordinary I also tell them that by the time they hit 11 they're either doing drugs or they're completely decided to stop what they've done in the past. I showed her the example of the little four-year-old girl who can paint Jesus's face and the six year old girl who can draw horses late Leonardo DaVinci and how both of them stopped at age 12, they decided not to talk to me anymore and still consider me a failure in the family... At least I actually am still consistent and I still have my intelligence... I didn't just simply stop reading or doing math at age 21, I do that s*** all the damn time. F****** parents what the hell do they know they're just a bunch of angry baby boomers >:'(
Khashon Haselrig
Khashon Haselrig 4 oy oldin
Daniel Mad
Daniel Mad 4 oy oldin
0:19 poor code indentation.
Blackfish 4 oy oldin
"At least it's a business model that she could understand.... ..... ... a triangle." HAHAHAH
Benjamín Ruiz
Benjamín Ruiz 4 oy oldin
0:34 part activates my Google assistant
Teodor Angelov
Teodor Angelov 4 oy oldin
take that, motivationalists
Chó Mein
Chó Mein 4 oy oldin
If Hawking had someone slap a motor and some drag radials on his wheelchair, he'd be hitting sub 9's on the quarter mile.
Cody Williams
Cody Williams 4 oy oldin
"Fuckin smoked him in a 100 meters." 😂😂😂😂😂😂
robert strangie
robert strangie 4 oy oldin
1:40 LOLOLOLOL the blue and green in her hair we all know that girl
Will Byrne
Will Byrne 4 oy oldin
Shouldn't the top of the spectrum be Rick and Morty fans?
The Guy Hanging There
Last time i checked there aren't any 5 year old chinese porn stars there to steal my dream
Jean Boguo
Jean Boguo 4 oy oldin
0:19 The jellyfish code had me in tears,I have so many questions about it...
BeeMiner 4 oy oldin
Internet trolls, obviously, are also at the bottom of the intelligence spectrum.
MyOpinionIsAFACT 4 oy oldin
2:30 i never expected someone to ever say this. I genuinely rehearse before going to get my hair cut. (But i'm not stupid) (well maybe in some aspects, but when it comes to my education i'm a little over average, so average for a non-lazy individual) (but i am pretty stupid in other aspects, i broke my keyboard trying to re-arrange my keyboard keys to the dvorak layout. and i have a tendency to struggle with simple multiplications like 2*7.)
Atenhitv 4 oy oldin
how to turn a thumbs up to a thumbs down in 4 words or less.
DudeZombie 4 oy oldin
Having sex by a 5 year old Chinese girl Great now I'm on the FBI watch list
Daniel Druce
Daniel Druce 4 oy oldin
By far my favourite vid of yours