Catching a Lizard Using NOTHING but WATER!

Brave Wilderness
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RE-POSTING this previously two-part episode now combined into one. Now you can enjoy the Epic Lizard Catch unabridged:)
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On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote and the crew will attempt to use nothing but water to catch one seriously speedy lizard!
The Desert Iguana, a relative to the more commonly known Green Iguana, is one of the few reptile species that is active during the heat of day in Southern Arizona…while this definitely helps the team in terms of visibility, braving the searing hot 105°F desert environment is no walk in the park.
Will Coyote and the crew be able to take the heat and catch the Iguana they're after?
Get ready to find out!

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9-Sen, 2018

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Brave Wilderness
Brave Wilderness 5 oy oldin
RE-POSTING this previously two-part episode now combined into one. Now you can enjoy the Epic Lizard Catch unabridged:)
Cho z Beyblade metal king
Hi love your video
AlphaRacing Oy oldin
I wanna see a collaboration with Pecks Hank!😎👌🏻
maddenmaniac 7
Brave Wilderness i love your videos From jannah 😺😻👧🏼🧕🏽🦄🐴🦓🐆🐅🦌🐇🕊☁️⭐️💞💓💗💖💘💕❣️🖤💜❤️🧡💛💚💙💟💝🇺🇸
Valor The Banana
Valor The Banana 2 oy oldin
When I find a lizard I keep it as a pet
Aiden Roach
Aiden Roach 4 oy oldin
I love your videos and you have inspired me to try to catch and safely and put theme back into there natural enviorment also cluld you do a blue morpho butterfly because they are my favorite butterfly
Stewart Caul
Stewart Caul 12 soat oldin
Coyote 1:0 lizard
Tyler McIntosh
Tyler McIntosh 3 kun oldin
I love how the Iguana hung out after being let free
ZMMR ZMRA 7 kun oldin
Coyotre:watching over a lizard Mario:walking to the car to get a heavy galon of water only to take it back to where coyote is in god know's how far...
Falcon Parsons
Falcon Parsons 10 kun oldin
what do you mean with a little bir of patience you mean alot of patience
kuptan namik
kuptan namik 12 kun oldin
that hole was lizard nestle you Fill it water probably you killed her chicks
Warren Cherau
Warren Cherau 13 kun oldin
9:12 Belly rubs
Samantha Bowens
Samantha Bowens 13 kun oldin
Anybody else notice that apparently Arizona is in California?
Dill Fish
Dill Fish 15 kun oldin
Water and your hands
Simply Bismuth
Simply Bismuth 17 kun oldin
Mario’s such a champion
Aimee Kulsrisombart
Aimee Kulsrisombart 18 kun oldin
Wow 105°f is very hot id like to go to the pool if the temperature at my place was 105°f i hope you get to the pool
Alexander Illiat
Alexander Illiat 19 kun oldin
I wouldn't get close to that.
Shelley Newchuk
Shelley Newchuk 23 kun oldin
My favourite are the reptiles on the show.. especially the lizards.
Franklin Barnes
Franklin Barnes 23 kun oldin
Its cruel to flood out an animal with water. I'm out of the pack now
Andrew Patten
Andrew Patten 25 kun oldin
Cute little bugger.
The Kreative Lyphe
The Kreative Lyphe 25 kun oldin
"Let me smell your breath!" Lol only Coyote Peterson.
Louis Müller
Louis Müller 26 kun oldin
USE NOTHING but Water bruh 😂😂
CaplordSkate Oy oldin
Why does 4:43 look really wrong?
Radiøactive The Døg
HI coyote I'm a huge fan! I love your videos! I love the Sonora desert and the animals that live there like the cougar,coyote,lizards,roadrunner also coyote can you please please please make an Ethiopian wolf episode please!
Jyr0z Oy oldin
I caught a cold with nothing but rain
BALISTIC14 Oy oldin
If anyone thinks he’s wasting water, the water being poured is being returned to its natural environment, like if you water plants. It’s just like rain
Awiboo s
Awiboo s Oy oldin
Am proud of ya
I Play Becky
I Play Becky Oy oldin
9:12 Yup, that's my belleh
Imran Mallik
Imran Mallik Oy oldin
I feel bad for the water gallon just spilling. rip
xxWeavileGamingxx Youtube
“Alexa, tell me how to fix a broken heat” “ the nearest liquor store is 20 miles away”
Cellkist Oy oldin
I love when they get caught and just relax
Monkey D. Luffy
Holly cow
dylan scronce
dylan scronce Oy oldin
When my little green anole would get out of his tank i would just put a bowl of water in the middle of the floor with a basking light above it. And in the morning he would always be there lol
Neeta Takhar
Neeta Takhar Oy oldin
Neeta Takhar
Neeta Takhar Oy oldin
You can get me either one.🦎🐕
kieran O'dea
kieran O'dea Oy oldin
Coyote- " i'm gonna flood him out ! " Lizard- " thanks for the drink dummy ! "
TCB_STAK3S Oy oldin
I've seen a lizard I have a bearded dragon
Jude Luckett
Jude Luckett Oy oldin
Coyote sure knows his Pokémon type advantages and weaknesses.
Guillermo Cardenas
Awesome grab!!!
Dane Bono
Dane Bono Oy oldin
Had a desert iguana as a pet for about seven years. Super docile.
Hunter Lant
Hunter Lant 2 oy oldin
That catch was amazing !!!!
Peter Pan And TinkerBell Tales
Coyote you are smart because you're crazy!. 🤠
lucy luvskulls
lucy luvskulls 2 oy oldin
mark: we're gonna need more water coyote: WeRE GOnnA NeED mORe W ATeR
Did you give Mario a fitness badge?
Alec Arocho
Alec Arocho 2 oy oldin
Coyote u were practicing your catching movement with your left hand but caught it with your right hand lol
Mike Fluff
Mike Fluff 2 oy oldin
I feel the title was a bit of a giveaway.
Brittany Ward
Brittany Ward 2 oy oldin
Coyote flooded the Iguana's home only to tell him he's a gross poop eater XD
Lily Alegria
Lily Alegria 2 oy oldin
Mario is Awesome W E S O M E
Amjad Ali
Amjad Ali 2 oy oldin
Thumbnail looks like a turtle
Greysin Thomson
Greysin Thomson 2 oy oldin
Cioty you are my FAVORITE UZvider I want to join the crew but I don't no how.
Fani Gkika
Fani Gkika 2 oy oldin
Toby Winborne
Toby Winborne 2 oy oldin
9:30 thats what my girl siad
That Smart Otqku U Want To Be
do u mean said
Toby Winborne
Toby Winborne 2 oy oldin
Lizards to coyote=1million dollars me lizards=pet
Toby Winborne
Toby Winborne 2 oy oldin
Alex Ball
Alex Ball 2 oy oldin
I feel like this is animal cruelty
andrew clark
andrew clark 2 oy oldin
his eyes look just like my bearded dragon's eyes, gorgeous creature.
funny pets galore
9:17 Iguana: SOS, what am I actually doing with my life
Moamen Amin
Moamen Amin 2 oy oldin
see its tail hanging down? * pauses video* *check frame by frame* *confuse tree log for a lizard* NO I CANT SEE GDI
Andrea Subero
Andrea Subero 2 oy oldin
A teacher on my school has 2 lizard dragons one is lizzy and other is spike
Anthony Cardone
Anthony Cardone 2 oy oldin
I have a pet bearded dragon.
SOOHYUN SONG 2 oy oldin
This is one of the best adventure videos I have ever seen. I am impressed. So cool and good! And I have become a member of the Coyote pack. I am happy with that:)
Unity Clark
Unity Clark 2 oy oldin
The flying guinea pig fpv
I have a lizard
Nebula Wolf
Nebula Wolf 2 oy oldin
Everybody gangsta until the water flood ya home
Ploopy 2 oy oldin
9:17 he's chillin
Ruel Misterio
Ruel Misterio 2 oy oldin
You are 1bajillion IQ catching a lizard
Anne Lombardi
Anne Lombardi 2 oy oldin
Hi I dare you bw to drink water from a catis
Anne Lombardi
Anne Lombardi 2 oy oldin
Hi I dare you bw to drink water from a catis
Huzaifa Ali
Huzaifa Ali 2 oy oldin
7:30 to 7:50 was the most funniest part,Haha
Dimitris Rentzios
Yay!!! But don't hurt him
Dimitris Rentzios
I've seen one but I thought it was a thorny devil
Darian Claybourn
Darian Claybourn 3 oy oldin
I swear coyote has elf eyes or something XD
Johnny Morningstar
Shout out to Mario for making that trip back though! The real MVP ✊🏻
Luis Hernandez
Luis Hernandez 3 oy oldin
10:36 why you bully me?
Kathleen Kaufman
Kathleen Kaufman 3 oy oldin
How does coyote see so far sometimes I can't find milk in the fridge when it's right in my face
xyligan4eg XD
xyligan4eg XD 3 oy oldin
Гдесе аисидесео НАСА русукосом
ChunkOfLump 3 oy oldin
But usually you don’t need *any* tools to catch a lizard
Heidi D
Heidi D 3 oy oldin
Hi 👋
Fazy FaZe
Fazy FaZe 3 oy oldin
9:13 just chillin
Casual Unboxing
Casual Unboxing 3 oy oldin
Awesome catch, next time I'm in Arizona I'm definitely catching one of these guys I just have to log along the five gallons of water. Thank you for the sweet video, love the channel
viggie e
viggie e 3 oy oldin
9:14 look how the lizard is chilled out and like"yess...give me a massage"😂😎
TehWhiteTiger 3 oy oldin
Good thing they didn't need that emergency water..
NEX DARK 3 oy oldin
9:17 Lizard:- Just chiin
ThatShortMexican 3 oy oldin
Lol he was dedicated to use his last few gallons of water for us
Jake Gordon
Jake Gordon 3 oy oldin
9:16 *sup*
TRIPLE SKEEM 3 oy oldin
9:16 lizard looked like it was enjoying that belly rub
Barney Rubble
Barney Rubble 3 oy oldin
I am a huge fan. This is so cool sorry it's more than cool. I want to be someone who works with animals
The ThrEeX
The ThrEeX 3 oy oldin
Lizard: Oh hi.
Wildan Zuhdil Adnan
Tanya Stewart-Carter
He had to put his sunglasses on right when he was going to catch it
MewTube Gaming
MewTube Gaming 4 oy oldin
Have you ever caught two animals and held them up for the cameras at the same time when you weren't planning to Question by Dragon Master
Lei Ren
Lei Ren 4 oy oldin
Wow never knew this species would eat poop of their own kind.
Peanut The Werid Skeleton
god i love catching lizards
C.J. Davis
C.J. Davis 4 oy oldin
9:16 Yea dats right. You see me. All the coyotes give me a massage. I totally let him catch me😂🤣
Spyda 4 oy oldin
That lizard is BEAUTIFUL
Shayne cere
Shayne cere 4 oy oldin
Hey Cyotye I am planning on getting a bearded dragon
Zoom 7TM
Zoom 7TM 4 oy oldin
Look at the face of that iguana 😂😂
Nichole Estella
Nichole Estella 4 oy oldin
Like watching coyote and the road runner :)
ᴏɢᴛʜᴇɢᴏᴀᴛɢᴏᴅ xXx
I love how all these extraordinary and exotic animals are all smart
foxotic 4 oy oldin
You can lead a lizard to water, and it WILL drink it 😏
mortal 4 oy oldin
2:43 crouches and puts hand up. *2 seconds later* *dramatic music*
Emmanuel Pacheco
Emmanuel Pacheco 4 oy oldin
Bruh I found one to in my house at night I was so scared
JellyPaws 4 oy oldin
What a cute lizard!
Caitlynns Friends
I name is Katelyn and I am seven years old and I have a bearded dragon
ZORFIZORD 4 oy oldin
Beautiful iguana and looking so smug when coyote rubs his belly ✌😄 good job as always bro.
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