Catching a Lizard Using NOTHING but WATER!

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RE-POSTING this previously two-part episode now combined into one. Now you can enjoy the Epic Lizard Catch unabridged:)
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On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote and the crew will attempt to use nothing but water to catch one seriously speedy lizard!
The Desert Iguana, a relative to the more commonly known Green Iguana, is one of the few reptile species that is active during the heat of day in Southern Arizona…while this definitely helps the team in terms of visibility, braving the searing hot 105°F desert environment is no walk in the park.
Will Coyote and the crew be able to take the heat and catch the Iguana they're after?
Get ready to find out!

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9-Sen, 2018

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Brave Wilderness
Brave Wilderness 2 oy oldin
RE-POSTING this previously two-part episode now combined into one. Now you can enjoy the Epic Lizard Catch unabridged:)
Aiden Roach
Aiden Roach Oy oldin
I love your videos and you have inspired me to try to catch and safely and put theme back into there natural enviorment also cluld you do a blue morpho butterfly because they are my favorite butterfly
Levi Medina
Levi Medina Oy oldin
Levi Medina
Levi Medina Oy oldin
You are the best
Gaming_Wizard Oy oldin
Omg, that camera close up trying to show the iguana actually jump scared me! lol, must be tired....
Jeff Robinson
Jeff Robinson Oy oldin
Brave Wildernes
Kathleen Kaufman
Kathleen Kaufman 12 soat oldin
How does coyote see so far sometimes I can't find milk in the fridge when it's right in my face
xyligan4eg XD
xyligan4eg XD Kun oldin
Гдесе аисидесео НАСА русукосом
ChunkOfLump 3 kun oldin
But usually you don’t need *any* tools to catch a lizard
Heidi D
Heidi D 6 kun oldin
Hi 👋
Fazy FaZe
Fazy FaZe 7 kun oldin
9:13 just chillin
Casual Unboxing
Casual Unboxing 8 kun oldin
Awesome catch, next time I'm in Arizona I'm definitely catching one of these guys I just have to log along the five gallons of water. Thank you for the sweet video, love the channel
viggie e
viggie e 17 kun oldin
9:14 look how the lizard is chilled out and like"yess...give me a massage"😂😎
TehWhiteTiger 21 kun oldin
Good thing they didn't need that emergency water..
NEX DARK 22 kun oldin
9:17 Lizard:- Just chiin
ThatShortMexican 22 kun oldin
Lol he was dedicated to use his last few gallons of water for us
Jake Gordon
Jake Gordon 22 kun oldin
9:16 *sup*
TRIPLE SKEEM 22 kun oldin
9:16 lizard looked like it was enjoying that belly rub
Barney Rubble
Barney Rubble 24 kun oldin
I am a huge fan. This is so cool sorry it's more than cool. I want to be someone who works with animals
The ThrEeX
The ThrEeX 25 kun oldin
Lizard: Oh hi.
Wildan Zuhdil Adnan
Wildan Zuhdil Adnan 26 kun oldin
Tanya Stewart-Carter
He had to put his sunglasses on right when he was going to catch it
Mew GamingYoutube
Mew GamingYoutube 29 kun oldin
Have you ever caught two animals and held them up for the cameras at the same time when you weren't planning to Question by Dragon Master
Lei Ren
Lei Ren Oy oldin
Wow never knew this species would eat poop of their own kind.
Peanut The Werid Skeleton
god i love catching lizards
C.J. Davis
C.J. Davis Oy oldin
9:16 Yea dats right. You see me. All the coyotes give me a massage. I totally let him catch me😂🤣
Malachi Giordano
That lizard is BEAUTIFUL
Shayne cere
Shayne cere Oy oldin
Hey Cyotye I am planning on getting a bearded dragon
Zoom 7TM
Zoom 7TM Oy oldin
Look at the face of that iguana 😂😂
Nichole Horn
Nichole Horn Oy oldin
Like watching coyote and the road runner :)
Paris Batiste
Paris Batiste Oy oldin
I love how all these extraordinary and exotic animals are all smart
Foxotic Oy oldin
You can lead a lizard to water, and it WILL drink it 😏
lmonayde Oy oldin
2:43 crouches and puts hand up. *2 seconds later* *dramatic music*
Emmanuel Pacheco
Bruh I found one to in my house at night I was so scared
JellyPaws Oy oldin
What a cute lizard!
Caitlynns Friends
I name is Katelyn and I am seven years old and I have a bearded dragon
Beautiful iguana and looking so smug when coyote rubs his belly ✌😄 good job as always bro.
Jessica Proia
Jessica Proia Oy oldin
How deep can they dig?🐍🗻
Jerry Gonzales
My name is coyote Peterson and in about to enter the bite zone of a black widow
Marco Valenzuela
Mr. Coyote are blue bellied lizards native to Tucson Im just curious
Marco Valenzuela
Hey I live in Tucson
EagleAdam IV
EagleAdam IV Oy oldin
Poor lizard was probably thirsty
Lisa Pham
Lisa Pham Oy oldin
6:15 Extra thumbs up for Mario
AvAcado Oy oldin
I grabbed a lizard onice but by its tail and It fell of and the lizard crawled away but I cried for hours because I thought I killed it😂
Lwel say
Lwel say Oy oldin
Oh I use to do that i pour water like you do when I was catching something fast I don’t remember but I caught it when I was 4 years with my dad it was in a hole in the forest
Quinn Whites
Quinn Whites Oy oldin
When is the video of you getting stung by the execution of wasp going to come out
dragon ball z
dragon ball z Oy oldin
I like😂😂👍
Brave wild:*... *snatches*
chris chris
chris chris Oy oldin
chris chris
chris chris Oy oldin
chris chris
chris chris Oy oldin
*moop* *moop*
Anaqi Binish
Anaqi Binish Oy oldin
Anaqi Binish
Anaqi Binish Oy oldin
I started watching u last year but i enjoyed ur videos
Twitch.jettymate Snak3XX
He said Easier as Done life if you From Juice WRLD Lucid Dreams
@Brave Wilderness I have to say, but can we all give a big round of applause to *Mario Aldecoa* for _trekking five gallons of water on his shoulders through the Sonoran Desert_ in little under an hour (just to catch a little desert iguana!)
its sienna
its sienna Oy oldin
1:37 look on the left were all the bushes are and u can't really see anything but bushes look closely and u can see a human or something getting up and walking is that just me or is that creepy hopefully it's mark or Mario cause that was creepy
Ocean Redux
Ocean Redux Oy oldin
im reluctantly giving this a thumbs up because it's oldschool coyote...
Ocean Redux
Ocean Redux Oy oldin
Victor De La Trinidad
Victor De La Trinidad
andres valdovinos
Did anyone notice there was a girl in the background or was it just me
Brenda Martinez
You shold cach a green anole
Brian Scott
Brian Scott Oy oldin
Isabell Leza
Isabell Leza Oy oldin
Soooooooooooo cool
SUBSCRIBE Just for fun
How are they not sweating???
Master Yi
Master Yi Oy oldin
*Coyote* : You see that lizard iguana? *my 7 eyes* : yeah i see nothing
Norven Quiachon
it would be cool if you could find i dragon or bigfoot. but is dangerous cause if you die i dont want you to die
PJ yegorov
PJ yegorov Oy oldin
You should try to find endangered black masked sonoran bobwhites in the dessert or gambels quail, both are quail and would be an awesome video. Maybe you could catch one? Love your videos! Cheers.
Nexus Oy oldin
That catch thou.
John Lee
John Lee Oy oldin
Ayden and Avielle Anderson's
I love animals
Lunar Dragon
Lunar Dragon Oy oldin
Just relaxing at 9:16
Akmal Hakeem
Akmal Hakeem Oy oldin
Akmal Hakeem
Akmal Hakeem Oy oldin
Akmal Hakeem
Akmal Hakeem Oy oldin
Jacqueline Martinez
Coyote smelling lizards face, “doesn’t smell like you’ve been eating turds”.
K Mendoza
K Mendoza Oy oldin
When coyote sees the iguana from a mile away but you’re blind and you see nothing .-.😂
Joseph Collymore
I remember watching this video two years ago
Splaashed Oy oldin
Poopeater Liguana :D Do they eat their own Poop too ?
jerk fishing
jerk fishing Oy oldin
😂I live here I see these all the time
iLoveDragonNestSEA skl
0:15 is that beastmaster64?
haha so cool man!
SUN MOON Oy oldin
you are super cool I cannot wait for the executioner wasp episode!!!!! you coyote and the gang have taught me so much and I can't thank you enough
Deneille Khloe Dalena
are you. in tv
brandon diaz
brandon diaz Oy oldin
9:15 *'sup man?*
I'm that 1 Cripple Kid
you're like youtubes Steve Irwin
Brian Lindsay
Brian Lindsay Oy oldin
I think do they feed him or help him after now his home is flooded :( this can get you killed out there I hope they help the little guy he was a good sport
Was it really worth it wasting all that water to catch that iguana?
Onn Sight
Onn Sight Oy oldin
wow that catch
Otter Woods
Otter Woods Oy oldin
ok so i live in arizona and those things are completely impossible to catch so good job man
riley washbrook
Next episode coyote dies from dehydration
Joey Slay Em
Joey Slay Em Oy oldin
This is the cooler version of me catching lizards!!!!
Timeworn Gaming
This vs bearded dragon
Lupita Lara
Lupita Lara Oy oldin
I live in where his at.😀☺
Fire Head
Fire Head Oy oldin
6:02 *OOF* confirmed
Anakin Skyobiliviator
"3 men found dehydrated in the Sonoran Desert after dumping their water supply onto the ground" is what came to my head with this plan, haha
Arian Martinez
He really thinks 105 is hot man he must not know here it gets passed 111°
Prototype YouTube
I do the same to catch toads!!
Frank Costello
Cute cute cute! Their grumpy, cute faces make me smile so much. Thank Coyote and crew for doing what you do. (I love how when he put it down it didn't even run. Just kind of chilled and said "You're cool Coyote, let's hang"
Cyancat The Great
“You eat other desert iguanas’ poop” the lizard squints at him like “bro don’t judge me”
Leggos4Dinner Oy oldin
Why don't you ever wear gloves?
StormFork xd
StormFork xd Oy oldin
TheRealJmo Oy oldin
9:14 “oh yeh right there🤤”
Michelle Tarusan
Doesn't the horny devil liz
Michelle Tarusan
Lizard shoot blood?
Ce79 .oe
Ce79 .oe Oy oldin
How many thought he was using water to catch a thirsty lizard?
Keys Hummons
Keys Hummons Oy oldin
that lit
Venom vs Poison!
3 yil oldin