Catching a Lizard Using NOTHING but WATER!

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RE-POSTING this previously two-part episode now combined into one. Now you can enjoy the Epic Lizard Catch unabridged:)
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On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote and the crew will attempt to use nothing but water to catch one seriously speedy lizard!
The Desert Iguana, a relative to the more commonly known Green Iguana, is one of the few reptile species that is active during the heat of day in Southern Arizona…while this definitely helps the team in terms of visibility, braving the searing hot 105°F desert environment is no walk in the park.
Will Coyote and the crew be able to take the heat and catch the Iguana they're after?
Get ready to find out!

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9-Sen, 2018

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Brave Wilderness
Brave Wilderness 9 kun oldin
RE-POSTING this previously two-part episode now combined into one. Now you can enjoy the Epic Lizard Catch unabridged:)
Israel Torres
Israel Torres 2 kun oldin
Hey i live there and if you live there long enough ita little easy to luve in the desert
Geovanny Calderon
Geovanny Calderon 2 kun oldin
Why are you mak8ng the same videos now im not dum you have nothing to put anymore
Mark Stout
Mark Stout 3 kun oldin
Brave Wilderness p
Jahmir Flowers
Jahmir Flowers 3 kun oldin
hey, could you drop a dump. I’m pretty hungry
ITZ TrICkZiE979 3 kun oldin
Brave Wilderness or
Jennifer Lyon
Jennifer Lyon 14 daqiqa oldin
Have you ever seen a bearded dragon?
JaxZion Justice Deak
The head looks a lot like a turtle.
Grace Gossett
Grace Gossett 3 soat oldin
Reminds me very much of my beardie! Just less spikes
Steve EGRnative616
Steve EGRnative616 7 soat oldin
Pig faced turtle head
Isaac isFood
Isaac isFood 14 soat oldin
I like beyond the tide better
Ivan Arvizu
Ivan Arvizu 16 soat oldin
Turd lizard
There is no god.
There is no god. 18 soat oldin
1:47 The lens flare makes it look like there's a coin on that cactus
Dylan Moffit
Dylan Moffit 19 soat oldin
Hello Brave Wilderness I'm a big fan and I live in Benson AZ it's about 15 minutes away from Tucson I hope that some day I get to meet you Thanks Bye Sincerely, Dylan Moffit
ghostXToXic gamez
ghostXToXic gamez 20 soat oldin
I was the 600 like I'm his comment
Clint Fessler
Clint Fessler 21 soat oldin
I'm not sure if a hobo spider is poisonous or not. If you know please tell me 💩
Boba Fett
Boba Fett 21 soat oldin
*_Catching a Phil swift using nothing but flex tape_*
Deathstroke 20066
Deathstroke 20066 22 soat oldin
I catch those always because I live in el paso
lucecita19 23 soat oldin
*Coyote pours water* Lizard *inside the hole* : Wtf?! Is it raining season already? *Lizard come out and Coyote catches it* Lizard : I got punked -.-
Magma Madness
Magma Madness 23 soat oldin
That is also how you catch chipmunks
Dustin Lachar
Dustin Lachar Kun oldin
That little lizard was so chill about it too
Osama Simsim
Osama Simsim Kun oldin
Step 1: drown the lizard Repeat
alvin alvin
alvin alvin Kun oldin
I had one of those
Jesse Lundquist
Jesse Lundquist Kun oldin
Your like the young non Australian croc hunter but more so adventurer
ZxRays 1216
ZxRays 1216 Kun oldin
bruh.. you need gallons of water to catch a lizard at it hole
abbie linsdell
abbie linsdell Kun oldin
bring out the water
A_Big_ Taco_Lover
Is thats the counselor from Holes
He's kinda cute for a Lizard lol.
muhammad Ridho
muhammad Ridho Kun oldin
i realy realy like you coyote and also all your video......
brennan varela
brennan varela Kun oldin
I have live in az 26 years of my life im always in the desert not at all a city boy lol but i have not seen this damn lizard before seen lots of gila monsters but not this one
Thomas Hess
Thomas Hess Kun oldin
your in my home state. 105 is the norm
brandobionicle Kun oldin
The new ARK update looks pretty cool
Armando Tapia
Armando Tapia Kun oldin
What are you gonna drink
Armando Tapia
Armando Tapia Kun oldin
Don’t forget to leave the water 💦
Ur Gay
Ur Gay Kun oldin
It’s just like he was drowning a family of baby rabits
wolfpup813 Kun oldin
I live in three points AZ
XKing YaphethX
XKing YaphethX Kun oldin
9:16 Lizard: suup
2PRO JAR 100
2PRO JAR 100 Kun oldin
Anybody actually live in Arizona because if you don’t 105 degrees is cold for us The hottest it got is 128 degrees
Petloverz 2 kun oldin
Emi The BOSS
Emi The BOSS 2 kun oldin
Icewallow_come 2 kun oldin
You lemme just drown this lizard real quick.
Peyton Devine
Peyton Devine 2 kun oldin
105 Degrees is nothing compared to 115 or 117 in Vegas. By the way it's F not C.
Austin Hurley
Austin Hurley 2 kun oldin
Get a better camera
Jocelyn Vivas
Jocelyn Vivas 2 kun oldin
I caught a lizard using nothing but my hands
Vannice Quach
Vannice Quach 2 kun oldin
Are you in usa?
Jr Pinto
Jr Pinto 2 kun oldin
Just subscribe to my channel ok u have no options ☠️😂
yme14305 2 kun oldin
How do you know where you go if you finish
S582213385 subhsh
S582213385 subhsh 2 kun oldin
This is a very old episode I remember watching it before
Noobs Land
Noobs Land 2 kun oldin
Yes using the emergency water
Markus Gaming
Markus Gaming 2 kun oldin
How to have a video with a lizard. 1. Find a lizard. 2. Miss the lizard so he jumps inside his house. 3. become jake paul and drown him
jake cale
jake cale 2 kun oldin
Phf i can catch fish with my hat
Amazion S
Amazion S 2 kun oldin
1:48 easier said than done I thought you were the one
Tiger H. Lore
Tiger H. Lore 2 kun oldin
You do not vish to talk lizard? Zen ve shall implement advanced interrogation! Prepare to be vater boarded!
Eric Chu
Eric Chu 2 kun oldin
Coyote is so clutch
Xavier Lim
Xavier Lim 2 kun oldin
Coyote's definitely one of those guys that can find waldo in 10 seconds flat.
Cody Thompson
Cody Thompson 2 kun oldin
lol he said a juice wrld lyrics
Tim Voronov
Tim Voronov 2 kun oldin
Is there any videos on UZvid that don't have any dislikes
Lps Electra
Lps Electra 2 kun oldin
It took 45 minutes and 5 gallons of water but we did it! Later: 😵
It’sTenyu 2 kun oldin
Well that’s easy
Shaneen Arias
Shaneen Arias 2 kun oldin
hey coyote your vids are awsome check my vids to the have some fun stuff there =) Shaneen Arias sub and like pls.
Mario B
Mario B 2 kun oldin
Who keeps doing this to the bananas ? It’s not funny anymore
Hannah Jennings
Hannah Jennings 2 kun oldin
* sees lizard * * dumps entire supply of emergency water down it's burrow * smh😂
G ∆ B R I £ L
G ∆ B R I £ L 2 kun oldin
RB 2 kun oldin
black people:running away from a lizard with nothing but water
Shitty Fortnite Videos
Do you know what a fecal pallet is? A poop! xD
pandaspoopgrenades 2 kun oldin
I'm always pausing during the video whenever he says "see that ____" in the tree/bush to see if I can see it myself xD
CallOfTuga1 2 kun oldin
Yeah right....no way to hurt the iguana he said. What if the water made the sand "break", the iguana would be stuck down there and I'm pretty sure he wouldn't make it. :/
Anthony Cambalon
Anthony Cambalon 2 kun oldin
Si dex pisot
Hans y
Hans y 2 kun oldin
It's so fkn funny when i catch the lizard
Grant Tow
Grant Tow 2 kun oldin
I live in arizona in casa grande
Hype Gaming
Hype Gaming 2 kun oldin
i was in Thailand to visit grandmother and grandfather and it was always Lizards in the house i Catch many over 20 and i learnd they HATE WATER and i saw many Tokay Gekko and my neigbor got bitten i got to the hospital he allmost couldt not save his arm
Kristen Sanders
Kristen Sanders 2 kun oldin
No offense but you use your EMERGENCY WATER for A FRIKIN LIZARD!!!! I’m pretty sure it’s called “emergency water” for reason.
KinXty 2 kun oldin
9:15 😂😂😂 it’s face
Khole David
Khole David 2 kun oldin
Catching Coyote Peterson using NOTHING but a LIZARD
tim kruse
tim kruse 2 kun oldin
I am Patient in 0 degree wether waiting for that 10 point whitetail
Austin E
Austin E 2 kun oldin
9:14 My mans looks so chill
Whatsername 2 kun oldin
They should try putting reptiles in a glass tank with a screen lid on it to film
Anzac Drapelidis
Anzac Drapelidis 2 kun oldin
Looks like someone jinxed themselves 😏✊🏼
Eugene Gecosala
Eugene Gecosala 2 kun oldin
The zoom circle freak the sheet out of mee
PandaFps 2 kun oldin
The real version of bear gyrils
Yolo Backyardboyz
Yolo Backyardboyz 2 kun oldin
It’s another random acts of helpfulness today we are lifting 5 gallons of water to this lost person in a desert 5:41
MunchToxicOptic 2 kun oldin
pause at 10:37. coyote looks llike hes on crack
G1o Boi
G1o Boi 3 kun oldin
You should call ugly god he know how to get em real fast
SHINY GRENINJA !!! 3 kun oldin
Love your channel and your book keep up the good work tie my favorite youtuber
Redpanda643 3 kun oldin
I got a condom add
Jahmir Flowers
Jahmir Flowers 3 kun oldin
Hey, could u drop a dump, I’m pretty hungry
Nyxonite 3 kun oldin
9:15 It looks me rubbing my doggo's belly XD
Jewell Smith
Jewell Smith 3 kun oldin
Allan. Jack
Daniel Moya
Daniel Moya 3 kun oldin
It’s 120 when I live Neely every day I’m in California indio
Joona Lehtola
Joona Lehtola 3 kun oldin
7:04 : "This is no way hurting the animal" Literally tries to DrOwN it
James Clifford
James Clifford 3 kun oldin
snewcomer22 3 kun oldin
“Doesn’t smell like he’s had any poop this morning.” No, It smells like he had a bath! 🧐
James Clifford
James Clifford 3 kun oldin
CNN BREAKING NEWS: Famous Coyote and his crew died of dehydration after using their crew's last resort of water to catch a lizard.
DragonzPMC 21 soat oldin
change your DAMN profile picture
James Clifford
James Clifford 3 kun oldin
4:52 When your friend steals your smart idea.
Sharpie The Cow
Sharpie The Cow 3 kun oldin
Cyotye you are wasting water!!!!!!
Dragonlady 3 kun oldin
Yes dump all your water down a lizard hole in the middle of the frickin desert that's such a brilliant plan!!!!!!!! What could possibly go wrong? What a complete and utter moron I hope the sunstroke and dehydration was worth it!!!!!!!
DubDoesThings 3 kun oldin
At 1:39 you see a dude walking in the background on the left
Nguyet Tran
Nguyet Tran 3 kun oldin
elvira gomez
elvira gomez 3 kun oldin
Coyote:Need to catch it for the video need water How about use the 5 EMERGENCY gallons of water
Rey Guerra
Rey Guerra 3 kun oldin
I love how the lizard is just chillin 😂😂😂
Christopher Watt
Christopher Watt 3 kun oldin
Can you catch a lost cat?!
Brandon William
Brandon William 3 kun oldin
What's with the condom adds don't kids watch this stuff
Brandon William
Brandon William 3 kun oldin
What's with the condom adds don't kids watch this stuff
snewcomer22 3 kun oldin
Brandon William commercials are specific to the viewer 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jel Flex
Jel Flex 3 kun oldin
Blue Cat
Blue Cat 3 kun oldin
“DID U SEE THAT “ couldn’t even see it even with it magnified 🙃