Cate Blanchett Thinks Americans Should Use the Metric System

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Cate talks about being Jury President for the Cannes Film Festival and gives her thoughts on why Americans should be using the Metric System.
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Cate Blanchett Thinks Americans Should Use the Metric System




14-Sen, 2018

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Vee Ardy
Vee Ardy Kun oldin
For Jimmy and anybody else who wondered, Lower and Upper six are the entry qualifications for University. If you've watched or read Harry Potter, its the NEWTS and comes after OWLS.
Palo Alto
Palo Alto 2 kun oldin
“Please explain” The subtitle reference only an Australian would understand is genius
Maria S'
Maria S' 2 kun oldin
I like Kimmel's personality
Gabriel Cain
Gabriel Cain 2 kun oldin
Can we talk about her dress though!
Good Lemon
Good Lemon 10 kun oldin
Yes Cate! I totally agree with you! Metric system makes more sense!
Lee Teplitz
Lee Teplitz 15 kun oldin
I can’t stand cate Blanchette
fagol sagol
fagol sagol 23 kun oldin
In Britain both are used and to convert to and from metric is taught in schools, a persons height and weight is measured in feet, inches and stones and pounds. Speed is measured in mph, as is distance, however, for smaller lengths we use metres and cms. Petrol is purchased in litres but consumption is measured in gallons. Milk is purchased usually in pints but for example mineral water is in litre/ml bottles. Fruit and veg usually in kilos. When she says lower sixth, she means an institution called sixth form college, where you study a course called A-Levels, aged 16-18. Upper sixth is the last of the two year course before heading to university. Universities are seldom referred to as colleges in the UK.
zipZIP 25 kun oldin
The two most ahead countries in the world, the UK and the US use imperial to some degree 😎
Michael Davis
Michael Davis 25 kun oldin
Remember Cate, There's two types of countries, Those who use the Metric System and those who have been to the Moon.
Ni Vid
Ni Vid Oy oldin
0:15 1:04
Isabella B
Isabella B Oy oldin
cate with the ICONIC Pauline Hanson "Ploise explain" at 3:24
Kristin Trisha Deetlefs
I love how straight forward Cate is 😂👌🏻
sidharth cs
sidharth cs Oy oldin
Maria Alvarez
Maria Alvarez Oy oldin
I love Jimmy Kimmel.
Parker Griffin
Imperial system isn't that bad. Yeah it's old but still doing fine with it. Besides, don't we use some things from the metric system?
FrodoOne1 29 kun oldin
Like Volts, Amps, Ohms, Watts, kilowatts etc, since you must, as there are no US Customary measures for the phenomena involved.
Rubens Oy oldin
Europe stops summer winter time and the USA switches to metric system, deal?
SSchithFoo Oy oldin
Bich ur opinion will matter when u put a maan on da mooon
mattyey Oy oldin
I love America, but as an Aussie you guys have gotta get with the times lol. Water freezes as 0C, we aim to bench 100kg as a goal (225). You gotta throw out The Fahrenheit, pounds, yards, miles thing.... i only agree with imperial for height (im 6”2 so i prefer that to 188cm). Im just taking a light hearted jab, do your thing guys lol. Just learn to put brackets with conversion (F/C Pds/Kgs Mi/Km) when speaking with us non-USA English speaking peeps
Cameron McManus
Are Americans even smart enough to use the metric system?
4:09 *Jimmy got burned*
Vikingon Oy oldin
I love her ❤️
EASYTIGER10 Oy oldin
Cate's accent has got a bit mid Pacific
gast128 Oy oldin
In a global world it's better for the USA to adapt to the uniform standard. There are still other areas where uniformity would better work out like e.g. for the date fields.
Ribeirao Oy oldin
2 facts about it, 1. She's right, 2. She's charming
Homer Jay
Homer Jay Oy oldin
This chick is a pompous, arrogant f@#$wit who actually believes she's better than all others. She's another dumbarse actor who gets paid to pretend she's someone else for a living. She has NO real skills.
Ahmadi Arismaharto
They're calling rugby; football.. You think they're gonna change to Metric?
zipZIP 25 kun oldin
Rugby is football, what else is it going to be 😂
Riz Zr
Riz Zr Oy oldin
Urgh Muricanos. EDIT: It's the deliberate dumbing down of the American people. But Americans are too arrogant and stubborn to admit something they do is not remotely efficient.
WOOW WOW Oy oldin
Jimmy KIMMEL is 100 hotter with beard !
WOOW WOW Oy oldin
Cate is right !!! 😊
Alejandro Sal
Alejandro Sal Oy oldin
Sad really. Every American should travel outside the US at least once so they can see how moronic we sound when we say we're 5 feet 10 and a half inches or we want a "glass" of water. It's like we're telling ppl to send us a telegraph
Duncan Mills
Duncan Mills Oy oldin
Feet and inches please, from the UK!
Hazridge Oy oldin
3:23 Only Australians will get Cate's joke here
Phil Heaton
Phil Heaton Oy oldin
We like the old English system of weights and measures, even if you all don't anymore. Why should we change to make you happy?
Victor Serra
Victor Serra Oy oldin
I’m watching this with ear plugs and can’t hear anything, so I just find it fantastic that she is 49
James Morris
James Morris Oy oldin
English such hypocrites. Measure their weight in stone. Horse's height in hands. Horsepower for cars. Their recipes in teaspoons, tablespoons and ounces. If you can't count grades 1 to 12, I feel like it's your school failing you.
aiia10 Oy oldin
Being from Europe, and living in America for a year..I drove a lot faster than I would have, because I always forgot the speedometer showed miles and not kilometers. I did get to places faster though. xD
Americans can't find their country on a map, now you want them to divide and multiply by ten?
Sim Oy oldin
What happened to her Australian accent?
Salvatore Filippone
What Imperial System? It does not exist. Do you think NIST (the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Washington) keeps a foot/pound sample? NO. They keep a reference for the METER, KILO, etc. The inch is *DEFINED* to be 2.54 cm, and everything else in a similar way. The Imperial System is defined as just a bunch of weird multiples of the SI (International system).
Salvatore Filippone
You have a sensible and reasoned argument, which sadly cannot be said about many other comments I have seen in the past whenever this subject comes up.
How Does it Really Work
You can switch to metric units, but a 12.7 mm bolt is still not a metric bolt. (The metric bolts are 12 mm, and the next size up is 14 mm diameter.) The same story with pipes, lumber, most of the machinery. The cost of scrapping and replacing everything that does not conform to the metric standards would be a sizable fraction of the net worth of the entire country -- and that is where much of the expense is, in truly switching to everything metric.
Sabo Rivaille
Sabo Rivaille Oy oldin
They should use the gun ban system too
Adi Satriyo
Adi Satriyo Oy oldin
I also don’t understand why america still uses imperial system. The rest of the world has moved on
Steven Schwartzhoff
Well, the engineers who sent people to the moon did calculate things in inches, pounds… It is still stupid to not use the metric systém, but it has not proved that much of an obsticle.
Shakes First
Shakes First Oy oldin
98% of countries use metric.
binaway Oy oldin
The only problem I remember when Australia went metric was the police asking people to lookout for a suspect height 183cm. At the time I had no idea.That's 6ft by the way. They should have used both for a few years.
Eivind Kaisen
Eivind Kaisen Oy oldin
Fun Fact: ALL American measurment units are defined by the Metric System. (That is, 1 inch is not defined as 1/12 of a foot or 8 lines but as 25.4 mm)
jazztom86 Oy oldin
Everytime I hear the excuse "it would be too complicated" or "it would cost too much"... the australians did fine, seems to me. Obviously you don't want to follow the half-ass attempt by the brits or the canadians, but look at your aussie colleagues.
Ben Farmer-Webb
For Americans who don't understand the English education, Lower Sixth is the first year of sixth form (year 12) and upper sixth is the second and last year's if sixth form (year 13). Sixth form comes from a system in which we called our secondary years first form, second form etc and it stuck around after we change our secondary school year from Year 7 to Year 13. Year 12 or lower Sixth is your 11th grade
davidhujan86 Oy oldin
Damn straight, woman!
Fernando Velázquez
I don't know miles or inches, everybody uses centimeters and km around the world.
Elissa Oy oldin
Lower sixth/ upper sixth is the equivalent of Americans last 2 years of high school
OneofInfinity Oy oldin
I love how casual the conversation sounded near the end, reminds me of a certain Scottish former late late night host and robot sidekick.
Miranda Bailey
In the UK we totally mix it up on an everyday basis. Road signs show miles- Kilometres make no sense to us at all. Although we understand pints and talk about them, containers are usually marked in litres. We all talk about and understand physical height in feet and inches, but medically it’s metres. Dimensions of objects are usually given in both imperial and metric simultaneously. Physical weight is medically kg but most people only know it in stones and lbs, we don’t get lbs without stones at all. Temperature is Celsius, but for some reason we quite often casually talk about the weather in Fahrenheit when it gets hot. I don’t think we’ve really taken metric on board at all, for all schools don’t even teach imperial anymore.
David of Yorkshire
Even the metric system is related to Donald Trump... These people are so fixated on one thing it's to the exclusion of all else. Poor, unstable, left-wing radicals... Can they have one discussion without mentioning or blaming him for something?
LyleDeYounges Oy oldin
It's more precise.
Miyako Sogabe
Miyako Sogabe 2 oy oldin
Metric has already creeped into America. (Milli)grams, liters, watts, amps, and the American military uses metric too. It's weird that America does not use it officially.
Sunny Bear
Sunny Bear 2 oy oldin
Cate Blanchett is SOOO COOL
Pounds and inches are part of the "Imperial system", first defined in the British Weights and Measures Act of 1824. It's funny to hear a Briton complain about a system their country developed.
In The Beginning Was The Word
+thespacemonkeyist ....Yes she is Australian but she lives in the UK and has done for a long time, her kid/s are in school there thoo of course.
Oooppps, sorry.
Gordianus Oy oldin
Cate Blanchett was born on Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Who invented the metric system? An English bishop, John Wilkins, (1614-1672) invented the system part of the decimal metric system when he published a book with a plan for a 'universal measure' in 1668
Charlotte Brown
Charlotte Brown 2 oy oldin
Confidence is saying "please explain" in a room full of Americans who definitely won't understand the cultural reference.
Goose 2 oy oldin
God I love her
Hugh Jass
Hugh Jass 2 oy oldin
I agree 😂😂😂 we are the only country that uses Miles and Inches like why???? I still to this day have to convert Km to M on my phone 😂😂
Tash Sun
Tash Sun 2 oy oldin
3:23 She snuck in a Pauline Hanson “Please explain” 😂
abbey may
abbey may 2 oy oldin
I especially love her Pauline Hansen impersonation 😂 the “please explain” Australian thing so I had a huge laugh at that 😂😂
Jessi Marie
Jessi Marie 2 oy oldin
Hahaha I lost it at "Ploise exploin!" haha
cindy mananzala martinez
police: dont move an inch criminal: wait, so in metric, that would be uhm,,..i dunno
zaphbeeblebrox 2 oy oldin
"Please explain!!" You need to be Australian to get that joke.
Lucas F. Åkerblom
who doesn't
Thomas.E. Jensen
Thomas.E. Jensen 2 oy oldin
Official America has the metric system. but because it was a French invention, Americans don't want to use it.
I'm from the Philippines and we use both systems. Metric is waaaaaay easier tho. 😂
Rubens 2 oy oldin
Europe stops summer winter time and the USA switches to metric system, deal?
rif42 Oy oldin
US has daylight saving (summer) time too. The stupid thing is they do not change on the same dates as Europe.
luhole 2 oy oldin
Ummmm what the hell Cate - I hear an American accent creeping in! Don’t you daaaaaare!
Nelson Debbarma
Nelson Debbarma 2 oy oldin
Darling you have no idea what is possible
Mike Breslin
Mike Breslin 2 oy oldin
10 seconds in, Pronunciation matters! The film festival in Canes, pronounced "can", is in the South of France. Caen, pronounced "caun" is in northern France near the D-Day beaches.
jadawin10 2 oy oldin
1 mile=1760 yards, 1 yard=3 feets, 1 foot= 1 inch=6 picas, 1 pica=12 grains. Just compare to: 1 kilometer = 1000 meters, 1 meter= 100 centimeters, 1 centimeter =10 milimeters
N N 2 oy oldin
When Americans travel abroad they should learn to convert just as when we travel to America and we learn.
Cornelius abdon
Cornelius abdon 2 oy oldin
she is always impecably dressed.
Omega Effect
Omega Effect 2 oy oldin
I would love to be beaten into submission by Ms. Cate😩
Raffaele Minicozzi
The country that sent a man on the moon!......
chyndb 2 oy oldin
I don't get it miles/gallons and cups and Tbsps and inches make so much more sense
anon a
anon a 2 oy oldin
her dress... I wanna know from where it is :(
Darth Traya
Darth Traya 2 oy oldin
my God her dress is everything to me right now
In The Beginning Was The Word
Finally somebody on a talk show calls out America for being one of the dumbest countries in the world, all brawn and no brains. Imagine being the only country along with Liberia and frick'n Burma of all places to NOT use the metric system. America!
How Does it Really Work
A half-inch diameter bolt will not become a metric bolt just because you rename it to 12.7 mm. (Metric standards call for bolts to be 12 mm, the next size up is 14 mm) That's where most of the expense to truly switch to the metric standards is -- there is way too much machinery all around the world which requires parts that are some fraction of an inch in size. Even Russians who switched to the metric system over a century ago, continue to make some weapons sized in fractions of an inch, (even though they call them 7.62 mm.) And it is still cheaper to buy material and tools in the USA that are in inch sizes , comparing to very similar metric stuff. But the change does happen, slowly. Lot's of american made cars use metric hardware. Electronics has gradually switched to metric too, as most of the stuff is fabricated overseas. But it used to be all in inches, even for parts made in metric Japan, at the time when Silicon Valley was setting the tone as the electronic powerhouse of the world.
Jeffrey Evans
Jeffrey Evans 2 oy oldin
AMERICANS think that cate shouldn't trim her hair with a weed eater .
darkbluerose90 2 oy oldin
Elegant as usual.
lithium 2 oy oldin
americans should!!!!!!!!!!! I'm studying engineering and most of the books in our library are american so it's really hard because we usually use the metric system but the books use the english system. it's annoying.
iceymoon 2 oy oldin
I agree that we won’t switch just like that, but maybe if it’s gradual. Idea: Make it law for all labels, road signs, and weather reports to include Metric as well as Imperial measurements. Also law to teach it in school along with Imperial. Keep it that way for 50 years or so, then finally introduce a bill to officially switch the US over to Metric. The younger generation should already be used to metric by then, so maybe they’ll cave!
Chris Leiva
Chris Leiva 2 oy oldin
She’s always lovely
Kejsi Hoxha
Kejsi Hoxha 2 oy oldin
Alex Smith
Alex Smith 2 oy oldin
Why is it people cannot speak without interrupting the other person on these talk show hosts?
Miriam Sackler
Miriam Sackler 2 oy oldin
1 foot = 12 inches 1 inch = 2.54 CM. Done!
Firstresponder 45
Cate Blanchett should use the assisted suicide system.
meredith ramai
meredith ramai 2 oy oldin
Still generalizing.
Naina Talvar
Naina Talvar 2 oy oldin
I'm so used matric system I don't understand anything else it's really confusing for me
MontrealMUFC 2 oy oldin
Like anything else, it just takes a period of transition. Just do it!
tchaugn 2 oy oldin
Fahrenheit is good for like.. human body reaction to that temperature lol. Like 100+ degrees, it's really hot, 60-80 is warm and chill, 30 degrees, it's cold but it's not unbearable, 0- degrees you better be prepared.
noname20151 2 oy oldin
Smith 2 oy oldin
Kimmel is a disease... and liberals like her are cheap..as he ll...
Eric Lee
Eric Lee 2 oy oldin
We are Americans we drive on the right side of the road for a reason why change what works
760moviegirl23 2 oy oldin
Move out of the USA if you hate it so much! And we all know he knows squat about the metric system. Jimmy is a pigs ass!
D Walker
D Walker 2 oy oldin
lol She doesn't live there
Brett Hogg
Brett Hogg 2 oy oldin
omg shes hilarious