CES Laptops - Winners and Losers

Dave Lee
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The best gaming laptops and ultrabooks from CES 2019. Running Nvidia RTX 2080, RTX 2070 and RTX 2060 GPUs.
Area 51 M - amzn.to/2VDTAIY
Acer Triton 500 - amzn.to/2VCcFLs
Mothership - amzn.to/2sevY02
Zephyrus - amzn.to/2seBfVq
Including devices Alienware Area 51-M, Razer BladeAcer Triton 900, Triton 500, Asus ROG Mothership, Huawei's Matebook and others
Mothership + Zephyrus Video - uzvid.com/video/video-rKcWT1LIH3M.html
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8-Yan, 2019

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Dave Lee
Dave Lee 7 kun oldin
Which was the coolest laptop announced at CES this year?
KLM001 22 soat oldin
Alienware is the best in my opinion
Chris Bullock
Chris Bullock Kun oldin
Being a Working Professional in the software/gaming industry I really like the ASUS Zephrus
Leinad TYN
Leinad TYN Kun oldin
Dear Dave, could you do a quick review of the Dell G5 SE coming out this year? It looks pretty good and I'm curious to see how it has updated. Thanks and keep up the great videos!
Airbus XWB
Airbus XWB 2 kun oldin
Lg Gram 14 2in1
RED RIPPER 2 kun oldin
The area 51m and Asus mothership
Alberto Rosado
Alberto Rosado 2 soat oldin
I love your video's quality, keep up the great work!
MyUTF4 8 soat oldin
Winner: Samsung Pen S 15"
Dark lord
Dark lord 17 soat oldin
3:04 " im a rap artist now " Lmaooooooo
Citizen X
Citizen X 19 soat oldin
Im looking for a 13 inch rocket league laptop, is it only the surfacebook 2 whos got more than 1050?
Jason Tizzano
Jason Tizzano 21 soat oldin
I was wondering if you could review a USB endoscope! They seem pretty nifty and useful as they allow an up close look of things! They seem to be pretty cheap(like 10-15$ at walmart) and can be hooked up to an iphone/split screen via computer or phone. You can demonstrate it like say looking at pipes, crevices, or even be silly and show it in your nose/ears/throat/face(doctors use these cams!) XD Just something small and inexpensive! :)
DeRun Ren
DeRun Ren 23 soat oldin
The matebook is the best of all of those notebooks out there.
Bootstrap Paradox
Bootstrap Paradox 23 soat oldin
TSA bomb sniffing my M17X at airports because it resembles a 15 lb. IED...🙄 Thin & Light FTW. TSA doesn't even notice my Zephyrus 1080 MAX-Q 😁
C O Kun oldin
This 51m is not a laptop, it's a dumbell
Jose Montes Acero Montes Acero
Better quality-price?
Ryan Kun oldin
When can we start seeing these in stores?...
sands of time
sands of time Kun oldin
gs75 vs scar 2 vs triton 500
joross8 Kun oldin
No Lenovo?
robot boy
robot boy 2 kun oldin
Ehh Yes, Dave Lee.. I'm very comfortable in buying from Chinese brands, why ? what is the problem ?? aren't you chinese ?? why are you soo racist against your kind ??
JG14 Gerhard_Bar
"racist" lol thats rich.....there's many valid reasons why someone doesnt buy products from certain sellers and customer service and quality control is a major one, i'd rather have a Dell tech guy come to my house to fix my laptop in front of me after 1 or 2 calls rather than pack up the computer,mail it back, and wait for a replacement or for servicing
173 2 kun oldin
Can you put a rtx 2080 in a 2018 Aero 15X?
Will Eaton
Will Eaton 2 kun oldin
What laptop does Dave use?
boombyte 2 kun oldin
I need a rugged gaming laptop. AMD 32 cores, RTX 2080, 4K 144Hz LCD, 1.5kg. And for 999$).
zindabad16 2 kun oldin
zindabad16 2 kun oldin
Why are you wearing makeup
徐振声 2 kun oldin
g3 g3. where are g3? hope for
Vahag Yengibaryan
Vahag Yengibaryan 2 kun oldin
FULL REVIEW? EVeryone would really like to see the difference between thermals, size, weight and most importantly the price etc. because all gaming laptops have the same specs! THANKS
Jasper Boer
Jasper Boer 2 kun oldin
Are you a nephew from Max Lee, the HighOnAndroid guy?
Game Auto
Game Auto 2 kun oldin
Does anyone know the intro music??? Please help even if you see this in 2050.
Bob is my cats name Lol
Do we have prices
Bob is my cats name Lol
They say oof
Bob is my cats name Lol
Yo I’m stupid
Bob is my cats name Lol
With rtx
Bob is my cats name Lol
For laptops
LazyQ8i 2 kun oldin
this channel is nothing but dell promotion -.-
renewer 2 kun oldin
How'd you get all those laptops?
Chipp Walters
Chipp Walters 3 kun oldin
You missed the fact that both Razer laptops have f'ed up keyboard layouts with touch typists having to relearn where the right shift key is. That's a deal killer for many (including me). You'd think in 2019 a company wouldn't make such a mistake-- most companies figured out laptop keyboards in the 80's and 90's-- guess not Razer. Too bad, as I like their brand.
Solid Snake1019
Solid Snake1019 3 kun oldin
I have always had a soft spot for Alienware machines. They used to be outrageously overpriced but in recent years they have really become pretty reasonable. Something they have always had though, long before other PC manufactures, is the build quality. Alienware has always been one of the best of the best in not only the gaming market but the entire mobile PC industry when it came to how well built and generally reliable their machines are. While I've always gone with more affordable options and use Mac's as my main driver due to macOS, I'm very happy to see Alienware really pushing the envelop again with their hardware. I know for a while there they were one of the only PC laptop manufactures who used dual GPU's (SLI and Crossfire) in their 17 inch machines. The Area-51 may be my next main driver if it proves to be all it sounds to be. I love macOS, but having essentially having a mobile desktop, is a dream come true for me. Dell/Alienware has already said that while the starting prices right now are well over 2k, I heard later this year they will be as low as $1999. Which is insane. So tl;dr, Area-51 won CES's laptop game this year for me.
Edward Lim
Edward Lim 3 kun oldin
with the current US standpoint on Huawei and the whole mess with spyware and evading sanctions on Iran, not sure if the new Huawei products are going to find much of an audience here in the states :(
Maria Z
Maria Z 3 kun oldin
I get the feeling this guy low key hating samsung.
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வாழ்க பல்லாண்டு. மேலும் வளர்க...🙌🙌🙌🙏🙏🙏
Grand master
Grand master 3 kun oldin
For me its The Zephyrus or the mothership
Jeremy Gides
Jeremy Gides 3 kun oldin
I feel like dell had a solid thing with previous g7 (which is what i have) but they didn’t need to change it just yet
Dadric Riggs
Dadric Riggs 3 kun oldin
I need some help guys. What messenger do you reccomend to store a thick 17.3" MSI GT73 laptop. I'm looking to carry it daily, and still house headphones, mouse, charger etc. Thanks
Abhishek Asthana
Abhishek Asthana 3 kun oldin
Ignoring the LG gram 17 are we??
Nynonimous Nynth
Nynonimous Nynth 3 kun oldin
No mention of 240hz?
Mr Colak
Mr Colak 3 kun oldin
Hey Dave now that RTX GPU ıs out can we expect a price drop until spring in GTX 1050, 1060 laptops ? I am referring content/gaming laptops such as asus zenbookpro/MSI Prestige/ dell xps15 etc.
JG14 Gerhard_Bar
doesnt mean the value is going to crash how ever, even used they will mantain at least 70-90% of their value for at least until another iteration , you're still talking about the very high end and that takes time to drop down price, it's not like it used to be when window products would just "drop"
The Sad Potato
The Sad Potato 3 kun oldin
Hey Dave what do you think about the OLED screens that were shown especially compared to the 144hz 1080p screens?
Lokesh Malkani
Lokesh Malkani 3 kun oldin
Pls review MSI GF63
damnu4ever 3 kun oldin
Hi Dave possible that if you would make a review on Sony headphone wh-ch700n ?
SlayersSWE 3 kun oldin
wtf does he mean the samsung laptop is not for the north amerikan market? im from the EU and i dont like it eather?
You Father
You Father 3 kun oldin
What’s wrong with a Chinese built laptop??
Nehemiah Jacob
Nehemiah Jacob 3 kun oldin
All the laptops with 16:10 display are just losers.
khoi nguyen dang
khoi nguyen dang 3 kun oldin
Hope u could make a video about the triton 500, love all your video Dave
Peter Maiwald
Peter Maiwald 3 kun oldin
2nd gen Ryzen mobile really seems interesting
VirtualMedic 3 kun oldin
Carlos Ugarte
Carlos Ugarte 3 kun oldin
Hello Dave. Which is the best laptop that you can recommend us from CES 2019 for video editors dealing with 4k raw footage with heavy color grading in Davinci Resolve and motion graphics in after effects. Thanks a lot!
Rishiraj Talukdar
Rishiraj Talukdar 3 kun oldin
Hey Dave !! Love your videos ❤️ Helped me a lot to shortlist the Dell 15 7567 for myself back in 2017. Wanted your opinion on Lenovo yoga c930. Could be the best 2 in 1 for 2018-19.
Konrad Adamczak
Konrad Adamczak 3 kun oldin
for just visual.
Paul D
Paul D 3 kun oldin
this should have said "gaming laptops" -- most of these would be pointless for most people.
Ronny Rb
Ronny Rb 3 kun oldin
Hi Dave Lee. Please make a review about the new Asus Zenbook s13 (2019)
Wesly G
Wesly G 3 kun oldin
Please make a music producer laptops in 2019.... 🙏🏽
Asim Aslam
Asim Aslam 3 kun oldin
could you please cover yoga s940 as well?
Deerick Tablon
Deerick Tablon 3 kun oldin
The Zephyrus is just so beautiful
Deerick Tablon
Deerick Tablon 3 kun oldin
A 2080 laptop for only 1.6k???
Yuyang Gong
Yuyang Gong 3 kun oldin
where is Lenovo?
JetSmackedHD 3 kun oldin
always like your intros
Baby Jack
Baby Jack 3 kun oldin
woow,Alienware 51m maybe good
kkonsti 4 kun oldin
Huawei starting to copy Apple's hardware designs too xD
Denis Elis
Denis Elis 4 kun oldin
Huawei?????? When was the last time you read the news??? Its the last brand anyone should purchase! Please don't ever mention Huawei!
Denis Elis
Denis Elis 4 kun oldin
Future prediction; You won't be able to upgrade GPU on the Dell laptop in the future. It won't be compatible with future 3xxx/4xxxx Nvidia cards. You can quote me later.
Ha-Neul Shin
Ha-Neul Shin 4 kun oldin
When are they gonna start selling?
The one & only
The one & only 4 kun oldin
Can you review the Lenovo 720s with the ryzen chip? I noticed that little to none of your video contains a video with the ryzen mobile processor.
TheOfficeTurtle 4 kun oldin
Can you pls make a video comparibg the asus zepherus s701 vs acer triton 700 vs msi gs65 or 75. Pls I really want to know what is the best of the three.
TwinTurboFX 4 kun oldin
Hey Dave. I have a quick question. I just bought a 2018 Razer Blade 15 GTX 1060 144 Hz model just after new years. I am still in that return window. I really love this laptop but with new rtx versions coming out at the end of January do u think it would be worth it for me to return it for the 2060 model which would be just clean swap. or pay an extra 200 or so for the 2070 version. I know they are faster cards obviously but my concern is if I did get the 2070 version is it just gonna be a thermal throttling hot mess. Part of me feels like the 1060 is perfect in this thin and light chassis but don't want to regret not getting a faster card lol. plz let me know what you think. o and lastly love the black finish but holy crap its a finger print magnet. is the mercury white a lot more fingerprint resistant?
buttercow3525 4 kun oldin
origin laptop?????
Mj Mendoza
Mj Mendoza 4 kun oldin
No Lenovo laptops in CES?
Kingvoakahustla 4 kun oldin
Asus rog is #1 10000%
szymix 7
szymix 7 4 kun oldin
Please make a Dell Inspiron 15 review! Or just reply to this comment and tell me if its worth to buy. Geforce 1050, intel core i5 7th gen. Thanks :)
slobelukic83 4 kun oldin
Can someone answer me which budget gaming laptop have the best batery life?
Andrey Bogdanov
Andrey Bogdanov 4 kun oldin
I feel like Huawei matebook x pro is a very interesting device. I wonder when they plan to update it in 2019? Should I wait for an update or buy 2018 version?
Justarandom 4 kun oldin
That huawei laptop looks pretty much exactly like a macbook. Like cmoon Huawei, your laptops are reaally good and so on, so why would you copy some other manufacturer 🙈
WvnDesign 4 kun oldin
'I'm a rap artist now'
Aboody AQ
Aboody AQ 4 kun oldin
Nice video with nice laptop😍
Akannonu Michael
Akannonu Michael 4 kun oldin
Dave which laptop can you recommend for me in the 11.6 to 13.3 that cost 200 dollars
xNinjasInPyjamas 4 kun oldin
Winner ASUS ROG Mothership
Reyan Mujawar
Reyan Mujawar 4 kun oldin
Dave please review Asus tuf Fx505.
Fue Chee
Fue Chee 4 kun oldin
Nothing on the Lenovo Y540 and Y740?
Johnny yu
Johnny yu 4 kun oldin
Finally somebody pronounced huawei right.
Primesofall 6623486
I am thinking to get a MSI GS65 is this worth as my first gaming laptop
Torsten Rüger
Torsten Rüger 4 kun oldin
What about the s730, can you do a review.
Filmes Bela
Filmes Bela 4 kun oldin
And the Asus?
afiq shazwan
afiq shazwan 4 kun oldin
hey dave.. do you wanna sell one of your gaming laptop.. i'm see you have so many g laptop.. please reply if you want to sell it😊🤗
Once a bust Always a bust
Triton 900 is the fiat multipla of laptops. that samsung too 🤢
truebiff999 4 kun oldin
Hi Dave, someone posts your videos on his own channel: uzvid.com/video/video--s43C3KHUgI.html
iamadmm 4 kun oldin
I love your videos bro. Minimal. Chill visual and presentation but remain. Honest. I dig it.
spicy X
spicy X 4 kun oldin
Shit content Shit channel Shit guy Nice right?
Nishid Rai
Nishid Rai 4 kun oldin
Design is just Blehhhhhh ahahaha 🤣🤣 Samsung 😂😂one of the best reviewers.Honest and savage 🤣
Muhammad Muneer Tariq
When is the review coming doe xps 13 9380
Connor 4 kun oldin
Are all your vids American dollar?
Vijay Kumar
Vijay Kumar 4 kun oldin
Please do a review about laptops in indian market
Juan Hedderich
Juan Hedderich 4 kun oldin
When I saw the new dell laptops, I got horny as hell, I was thinking of buying the acer helios 300 but the design was just too gamer for me. I want to buy the dell g7 but if someone could tell me when they are launching them it woiuld be apreciated
Vijay Kumar
Vijay Kumar 4 kun oldin
Can you do a video about why gaming laptops in india are priced insane
S S A y o
S S A y o 4 kun oldin
Alienware is becoming beast
Nick Orie
Nick Orie 4 kun oldin
Where did you get those tube lights in the background from? Ive always wondered
Vijay Kumar
Vijay Kumar 4 kun oldin
Please do a review for best laptop under 1000$
Rahul Shamkuwar
Rahul Shamkuwar 4 kun oldin
you are a rap artist :)
Guilherme Morais F.
Dave, first let me say you have a great channel... direct to the point. Sometimes you write in Portuguese or I'm confused and need to see a doctor? (lol) Anyway... the question without the answer: I was about to buy a gaming notebook (for work and do little gaming ~ 1.500 euros), worth wait until the end of March?
Uchit Mehta
Uchit Mehta 4 kun oldin
I'm a rap artist now 🤣
Suhaib Rehman
Suhaib Rehman 4 kun oldin
👽 ware is the beast becoz its upgradible
5 oy oldin