Challenging Dessert Recipes That Will Gain You Professional Chef Status • Tasty

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10-Yan, 2019

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Monica Espino
Monica Espino 4 soat oldin
Ok that second one is crazy!!! Today I made a Japanese cheesecake and it’s no joke you have to have the patience for it and gladly it came out perfect 👌🏼
Bowie 7 soat oldin
Does anybody know the name of this song
Blood Rose
Blood Rose 13 soat oldin
Whats with the music...its really odd. Makes me think of a game that starts off happy then takes a scary turn. What was it called? Oh I remeber now DOKI DOKI LITERATURE CLUB!
Farida Bodiat
Farida Bodiat 13 soat oldin
Sophie Clifton
Sophie Clifton 14 soat oldin
A bundt cake with oreos in it, PROFESSIONAL CHEF, SO HARD, 12/10
Sára Mészáros
Sára Mészáros 15 soat oldin
Like 20 seconds into the video: use cake mix 😂😂😂 Is it that hard to mix flour with cocoa, sugar and baking powder?
Shajitha thavayil
Shajitha thavayil 20 soat oldin
*Tries to make it.Ruins it professionally.Still sticks to instant ramen.*
colorbar.s 21 soat oldin
Ah yes, I love gordon ramsey's huge twix cake, a classic
Mohamed Abdelazez
the last recipe was absolutely amazing!!
Furno Kun oldin
Remember that one time when the top chefs put oreos in boxed cake mix
Furno Kun oldin
Imagine spending most of your budget on eggs to make one recipe
Andrea Shore
Andrea Shore Kun oldin
Am i the only one who just watches these and next attempts to make any of it
Vanessa Orejel
Vanessa Orejel Kun oldin
I'm just here for the music lol WHERE CAN I FIND IT!! 😭😭
Hatice YILDIRIM Kun oldin
1:08 WTF?
Jessicrazy Kun oldin
For recipe 2, it feels like a LOT of milk. (Even though it's crepes.)
super_sad Kun oldin
We're really calling a bundt cake, made with premade boxed cake, with some cream cheese and Oreos in it "professional"?
Love the music. What is it called?
RinRin 2 kun oldin
That crepe cake would 100% make me want to kill myself.
Hrishab Raj
Hrishab Raj 2 kun oldin
That mirror glazed cake was........😘😘😘😍😍😍😍
Rose Bear
Rose Bear 2 kun oldin
*What a waste of eggs.*
Leilani Kailani
Leilani Kailani 2 kun oldin
you know how many eggs they used for that one cake.
Lil Bo
Lil Bo 2 kun oldin
ok but the song? drop it😫
Jalenna Allison
Jalenna Allison 2 kun oldin
And it at least took you hours to make 100 layers
Jalenna Allison
Jalenna Allison 2 kun oldin
Can I get the song please??
Said Calderon
Said Calderon 2 kun oldin
TrinaVanHawkins1 2 kun oldin
Professional Chef status? That second recipe is more like Professional Chef Salary
Aimee Poumirou
Aimee Poumirou 2 kun oldin
Do they have a contract of sponsorship with Oreo? Man!
mister Moody
mister Moody 2 kun oldin
No eggs where harmed in the making of this vedio
gabak 2 kun oldin
Where is the vid with the Dessert Recipes that will gain you Professional Chef Status? All I saw was baking for beginners!
gabak 2 kun oldin
+Leilani Kailani Actually i canceled my Abo
Leilani Kailani
Leilani Kailani 2 kun oldin
so. so many eggs.
Cute Little Rabbit
Cute Little Rabbit 2 kun oldin
3:54 the man in the back was so wondered!
AZN Viking
AZN Viking 2 kun oldin
Pro chef and they didn’t even weigh the ingredients?
mOan taeil127
mOan taeil127 3 kun oldin
Who else watches the whole recipe but never tries to make them?
mOan taeil127
mOan taeil127 3 kun oldin
Mrjackster Mccoubrie
Hey what music Is in this void i would love to have it
Fifi Lauren
Fifi Lauren 3 kun oldin
Y’all wilding with that second one 😂
Leilani Kailani
Leilani Kailani Kun oldin
09yulstube 3 kun oldin
The music is slowly inducing some kind of terrible acid trip
Eli Duran
Eli Duran 3 kun oldin
Anyone know the song that’s playing?
Ridah Chaudhry
Ridah Chaudhry 3 kun oldin
The crepe cake was EXTRA AF
Whoamiacrazerson 3 kun oldin
When you thought they are becoming how to basic
Hawa Farah
Hawa Farah 3 kun oldin
I made the 100 layer crape!!!!!
Leilani Kailani
Leilani Kailani Kun oldin
how long did it take. how many eggs did you kill
leviathans Burst
leviathans Burst 3 kun oldin
The music is awesome. So groovy.
Ainslie Frost
Ainslie Frost 3 kun oldin
oh doesn't it feel so good when you can say your a professional chef after making 100 crepes and stacking them on top of each other
Magic 8 Ball
Magic 8 Ball 3 kun oldin
"challenging desert recipes" >1 box prepared cake mix sure.
Lindsay Mackinnon
Lindsay Mackinnon 3 kun oldin
1st recipe: used boxed cake mix 2nd recipe: uses 128 eggs an approximate fuckton of milk
Cesar Sanguineti
Cesar Sanguineti 3 kun oldin
I will definitely bake this at home.😉
Anfooey Fooey
Anfooey Fooey 3 kun oldin
Rainbow crepe cake isn't appealing in the slitghtest...
Gustavo Wenzel
Gustavo Wenzel 3 kun oldin
Oh my fucking god
parth bajaj
parth bajaj 3 kun oldin
"Challenging Dessert Recipes" , uses cake ready made cake mix :D
High Tides
High Tides 3 kun oldin
“That will help you gain professional chef status” *uses boxed cake mix*
myla hobbit
myla hobbit 3 kun oldin
dude rly? not homemade croissants, not puff pastry, which takes 2 days to make when done well, not meringues or macarons or croquembouche, fuckin a giant twix bar????????? with MEDIOCRE SHORTBREAD????
myla hobbit
myla hobbit 3 kun oldin
as someone who once worked in a Real Professional Bakery (we're talking independently owned 5$ a muffin shit), this video is fucking hilarious. ah yes, we always have boxed cake mix and oreos layin around, clearly. also someone should tell tasty that crepe cakes just aren't a thing. like, why not just make crepes normally? those flavors don't even pair well. I liked the eclairs though they looked like something a bakery would actually serve. for the twix that's wayyyyyyy too much cookie for the amount of caramel you have also why?????? why would someone want that????? i like twix don't get me wrong but wtf. nice mirror cake tho
Delphi Riddle
Delphi Riddle 3 kun oldin
Mr. Blastfish
Mr. Blastfish 3 kun oldin
Everytime i watch tasty videos im wlways thinking im useless and will never be a chef. I hate my life
Jake’s Gaming
Jake’s Gaming 3 kun oldin
9:08 anyone else find that very very satisfying
The27Fire Lords
The27Fire Lords 3 kun oldin
At 3:57 Alvin is like omg!
Matthew Jay
Matthew Jay 3 kun oldin
Names would be nice.
Diamond Galkaxy
Diamond Galkaxy 3 kun oldin
Bon apetit is shaking
Nichole D
Nichole D 3 kun oldin
In case anyone is wondering: cake #2 is called, a mille crepe
Mao dRg
Mao dRg 4 kun oldin
How can i do that chocolate cake mix?
isbeb 4 kun oldin
The smore eclairs were very creative
Chelsea h
Chelsea h 4 kun oldin
Why did I even try? Rip Oven.
GamerBoy6000 4 kun oldin
im trying so hard to find this song on Audio Network but i have ZERO luck ;(
Melting Doggo
Melting Doggo 4 kun oldin
Professional Chef Status, who cares when you can be a Lvl.350 Mafia Boss?
Melting Doggo
Melting Doggo 4 kun oldin
Smh how pathetic 😑
Dayana Carbajal
Dayana Carbajal 4 kun oldin
what is the name of the song?
Oscar Lynagh
Oscar Lynagh 4 kun oldin
This video is absolute Shit none of these are challenging they just take time
momof2 4 kun oldin
sam charlie
sam charlie 4 kun oldin
first one boxed cake mix w some sugary cream cheese second one 100 layer crepe cake what the actual hell lmao
Olivia Seas
Olivia Seas 4 kun oldin
Isabel Cristina
Isabel Cristina 4 kun oldin
Mão de obra! Só p chef.
uwuyazxiuwu 4 kun oldin
The crepe recipe is just retarded and stupid fucking idiots
Dontay Gaming
Dontay Gaming 4 kun oldin
lorelei 4 kun oldin
You have to be a professional chef to even be able to afford all the ingredients for the second recipe
JK Gaming
JK Gaming 4 kun oldin
Gotta love homemade diabetes
Sebastian Skerten
Sebastian Skerten 4 kun oldin
Ah yes using cake mix. Practically nigella
Seamus Sprague
Seamus Sprague 4 kun oldin
Nothing says professional chef like boxed brownie mix
Nevaeh Harp
Nevaeh Harp 4 kun oldin
What is this song called? Not knowing what its called has been bothering me
Shamik Bera
Shamik Bera 4 kun oldin
Who loves desert
Super Mer
Super Mer 4 kun oldin
just thinking about 60+ eggs in a dessert makes me queasy...
Butter_M Twich
Butter_M Twich 4 kun oldin
These desserts will gain you professional chef status ok number one boxed cake mix and...
xXAtlantisXx - official acc
I have made elicers before and the first time was kinda hard making the shoe pasty but the second time it was easy! And btw I did the elicers about 3 years ago XD
TheHoneyxpie 4 kun oldin
I'm pretty sure if you have "professional chef status" you aren't using cake mix from a box.
Jewela 4 kun oldin
3:58 the dude’s face in the background LMAO
Un Jour Dessert Lounge
Some of those desserts look Tasty! I'm going to play with some of the concepts.
Immaculate Organic Soaps
Where do I sign up to be a test taster?😼
William Sims
William Sims 4 kun oldin
Imma gonna save y'all a bunch of time and ingredients: crepes are nasty.
Katie Greening
Katie Greening 4 kun oldin
More than 60 eggs for a crêpe cake? No thanks.
Presque Parfait
Presque Parfait 4 kun oldin
The only thing these recipes will gain me is weight
Tyler Wang
Tyler Wang 4 kun oldin
Challenging dessert recipes--the unanimously agreed cheese souffle is not there lol
Dougie Houser
Dougie Houser 4 kun oldin
Wow that music gets really fucking annoying after a while
Kirby Kirby
Kirby Kirby 4 kun oldin
Just think of all the egg whites unused for that crepe cake...
Krysta Drone
Krysta Drone 4 kun oldin
4:42 has me shook “So fine” 😂😂
SimplyGirl Lastical101
One of the longest recipes seen like if you want to make the you have to start in the morning! Probably will take 2 days......
That weirdo Chanel
That weirdo Chanel 4 kun oldin
I bet Alix wasn’t the one making these 😂
Trina Lu
Trina Lu 4 kun oldin
Don't press read more Now you will have bad luck for the rest of 2019 like to undo😄
Team W
Team W 4 kun oldin
Imagine after making that you found out you didn't like crepes
Zer0xy '_'
Zer0xy '_' 4 kun oldin
These are cooking and satisfying videos
Random Guy
Random Guy 4 kun oldin
I never knew there were so many ways to bake pure heart attack
Samuel Yang
Samuel Yang 4 kun oldin
100 layer crepe cake, i think i found the perfect dessert for my sister's wedding
Alyssa Verba
Alyssa Verba 4 kun oldin
Alternative title: challenging “dessert” “recipes” that will “gain” you “professional” “chef” status
Abc Def
Abc Def 4 kun oldin
Proffesionalism is making a cake from cake mix from fucking Walmart. Yes.