Challenging Dessert Recipes That Will Gain You Professional Chef Status • Tasty

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10-Yan, 2019



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Hawaii Ball Express
Hawaii Ball Express 6 soat oldin
4:00 the guys reaction in the back 😂
.... I think I'm the only one that hates that " Oh yes " At the end of most of their videos.
Claudia Ramos
Claudia Ramos Kun oldin
Uauuu !!!
Uzma Din
Uzma Din 2 kun oldin
Nobody is going to make that ridiculous crepe cake lol
Maria T. Herrera
Maria T. Herrera 3 kun oldin
I feel so bad for the person that had to crack all of those eggs
AM 3 kun oldin
You'll also gain something else .....
Harith Official
Harith Official 4 kun oldin
What about put a thick layer of batter in that pan and slice it to make it many? Instead of repeating it 100 times Im talking about the one with 60+ eggs
NightOdin 4 kun oldin
Cake mix > professional. Logic.
SuperSmith Creations
The first one always imagines the huge dark chocolate oreo donut with no sugar and the cookies and cream in the middle of it.
Matthew Knewitz
Matthew Knewitz 7 kun oldin
No one has 100 egged to make anything
Alex Dee
Alex Dee 8 kun oldin
I have a feeling that the clumsy me would not be able to make the hundred-layer crepe cake. If ever I do, then I wont be able to cut it perfectly, the layers might just fall off...
Batool Zainab Suleman
What is the music in the video?
EroticTomato 9 kun oldin
643.2 eggs *_Whut in tarnation_*
Zerachiel 10 kun oldin
Why does the background music so good tho?
makeupforbums 11 kun oldin
Idk why I’m so disturbed that the second recipe is so massive
xXAshleyXxYT Playz
xXAshleyXxYT Playz 11 kun oldin
Do you need a specific flour butter?
Perspective evitcepsreP
Oh hell no I ain't buying 128 eggs and like 200 cups of milk.
Paul Grant
Paul Grant 12 kun oldin
60+ eggs for a crepe cake. Well, there goes my breakfast for 3 months
Jadziah Cortorreal
Jadziah Cortorreal 13 kun oldin
That's a bold statement which I doubt
Savages 13 kun oldin
That last one had me drooling 🤤
MrBroxMan 13 kun oldin
am i the only one that prefers fresh crepes than cold ones because it tends to be too soft and the crunchy part gone?
Shikhar Bal
Shikhar Bal 14 kun oldin
Last dish made me night night Plus it's diabetic dish.
MelodicWolf 16 kun oldin
First one: store bought cake batter Second one: *buy out Walmart’s egg and milk supply*
Bindhu VK Pillai
Bindhu VK Pillai 16 kun oldin
Those 60+ eggs made me OMG
Goldfish Ghosts
Goldfish Ghosts 16 kun oldin
Convinced that the only professional at Tasty is Rie 🙄
thamid ahmed
thamid ahmed 19 kun oldin
Yo the background music got me dancing
Iliana Alejandra Sanchez
2019? Anyone
Chelsea Ajanel
Chelsea Ajanel 19 kun oldin
Am I the only one that hated that song?
my busy life
my busy life 19 kun oldin
'Challenging dessert recipes' *first recipe uses box mix for chocolate cake*
Sophie Hu
Sophie Hu 20 kun oldin
Oh my god If you cut the crepe cake into 8 8 pieces-per-cake size (like they did in the video) That's 12.5 hecking crepes in one go
Brendan Reilly
Brendan Reilly 20 kun oldin
the crepe dessert looks so boring, and all that effort
SANNYJ 20 kun oldin
Much clickbait
Bawse Of the bawses
Bawse Of the bawses 20 kun oldin
I ain't got the money to buy all that flour and dem eggs
Haleemah 20 kun oldin
Repeat 99 more times. Who has got them for that
Haleemah 20 kun oldin
These look good but I don't think I'm going to use 24 eggs just for a desert
Stormy Girl
Stormy Girl 22 kun oldin
Ok. The crepe recipe is a NO! Waaaaay too much work for me. Almost annoying to watch it. Too big too. Overkill
Sarah Minemier
Sarah Minemier 22 kun oldin
More like Challenging Dessert Recipes That Will Give You Diabetes
gigi 04
gigi 04 22 kun oldin
So many eggs for one dessert 😂
Čenda Tota
Čenda Tota 22 kun oldin
Who will ever wanted to fuck with that?
Hannah Vu
Hannah Vu 23 kun oldin
Question: How much time does Tasty have to make a 100 LAYER CAKE!?!?
vincentgc1 23 kun oldin
We all need some diabetes in our lives
Veselina Veselinova
Veselina Veselinova 23 kun oldin
Who make Eclairs with marshmallow fluff. Ew
Stefan Jovanovski
Stefan Jovanovski 24 kun oldin
5:41In macedonia and other balkans and turkey i think this is called ekler(еклер)
Ashly Mhlanga
Ashly Mhlanga 24 kun oldin
Repeat 99 times Take a break from UZvid
KiddingAce 24 kun oldin
Trevor Dugab
Trevor Dugab 25 kun oldin
Am I the only one that when it said “that’s only half the batter” you thought in your head oh hell no fuck that?
trini 26 kun oldin
This is how I cure my insomnia.
Claire Fll
Claire Fll 26 kun oldin
omg water in you crepe batter??? are you INSANE every french people would qualify that as blaspheme
Rariety Amor
Rariety Amor 26 kun oldin
And this is why I will never become a professional chef
Lwemon 27 kun oldin
Even though I get people’s arguments, I find it tiring to see people complaining that Tasty is using store-bought items. They are doing it for convenience; you can make the same exact thing and replace the store-bought item with other made-from-scratch ingredients if you would like. They are just providing another option for you. I do agree though, the first one with the store-bought mix had no place in a video that claims to have recipes gaining you “professional chef status.”
brwnsuga23 28 kun oldin
I want to know the SONG!!!
Angela Hartzell
That tortilla looking desert looks like an expensive too much work type of desert... no thanks
Oy oldin
Can anyone help me find that music pls and thx
Daria -
Daria - Oy oldin
Janie Kate
Janie Kate Oy oldin
If making eclairs gives you professional chef status, I guess I’m an 11 year old professional chef 😂 👩🏼‍🍳
I tried these recipes to impress my boss. I burned my kitchen and lost my job
DZ Bk_008
DZ Bk_008 Oy oldin
Why 20 eggs...
Dotes n' Stuff
Lol....the crepe cake....just lol....no....
Hailey Kalton
Hailey Kalton Oy oldin
128 eggs? For one dessert!!! No way ho say.
Zyntrx Hadjinor
I though the chocolate croissant would be in this video
Indian women athome
Imagine someone made that, 99 times thing, and the guests say, yeah the desert was okay... I just felt thin pancakes served with cream of different flavours... I bet the "chef" would burn the place up!!! 😂😂😂😂
Indian women athome
Hell no.... No no no no no no no no no... Never... Never... Never... Never ever ever ever ever ever.... Absolutely not.... To that 99 times, 5 times...thing... I'd rather have the title of a professional douchebag... If I had to make that and earn the title of professional chef!!! Nop... Never... Niyat!!!
Oginaka Oy oldin
*dances to sensual music*
Maanya Pagare
Maanya Pagare Oy oldin
They’re using lo fi hip hop
Josafath Illescaz
Gaming Champ
Gaming Champ Oy oldin
6:54 it is actually worth making.
Matthew Silverman
Professional cake status = fill pan with strawberry jam and a store bought yellow cake. Seems legit
Elijah Contreras
4:42 it says so fine on the blade
I stan LOONA
I stan LOONA Oy oldin
Professional Chef Status **uses cake mix** R u serious?
Kai Oy oldin
This is a joke right?
SOS _Beast
SOS _Beast Oy oldin
The background music isn’t annoying for once
Jetsfool27 Oy oldin
Crepe cake not worth all that work And the sheer volume of ingredients is insane
StarlightzS2 Oy oldin
Did you really need *that* much glaze for that last cake?
walkongrass Oy oldin
128 eggs for a single cake ???!!! Whaaaaat ???!!!
Tony Payson
Tony Payson Oy oldin
Whew! Finally! An excuse to get rid of all those eggs and jugs of milk that are taking up so much space in my fridge!
Syden Borwax801
Crape cake *viewer* looks at egg count AH HELL NAH 🙅
Olivia Larsson
they guy at the end shouting "oh yes" after every tasty video😂
F D Oy oldin
get tired just to see it makingit......no way .....
Emma Ayla
Emma Ayla Oy oldin
"Desserts that will give you professional chef status" ...uses boxed cake mix...
Ala Naa
Ala Naa Oy oldin
Lmao ain’t nobody got time for that second one
Ala Naa
Ala Naa Oy oldin
Tasty should open a restaurant with all these desserts and savory food that would be so lit🔥🔥
The Pro1505
The Pro1505 Oy oldin
finally, i can make my own cake for my birthday (Mirror Glaze Cake). And Thanks for the recipes😊😊🙂
Tithi Shah
Tithi Shah Oy oldin
jesus christ the sheer amount of dairy
Tithi Shah
Tithi Shah Oy oldin
there's a CEO of a butter company out there whose vacations to Antarctica are probably funded by Tasty
Tithi Shah
Tithi Shah Oy oldin
dude how much do u wanna bet that every single grocery store 10 miles around tasty headquarters is out of butter because they bought it all
Tithi Shah
Tithi Shah Oy oldin
the second recipe is basically omelettes with egg yolk cream and a hint of milk
Arej Ghous
Arej Ghous Oy oldin
What is the track name by audio network? Plz tell
Emma H.
Emma H. Oy oldin
Omfg this is insane
jamie tube
jamie tube Oy oldin
2:23 who would do that
Runav Rajguru
Runav Rajguru Oy oldin
What can be the substitute of eggs in these recipes? I want to make them all but I can't eat eggs, kindly help
K Bye.
K Bye. Oy oldin
If you get your recipes from Tasty...then you ain’t a professional.
Margarita Kulyapina
Ok, the crêpe recipe isn't as bad as everyone thinks. I make Russian blini in those quantities, and my recipe is slightly different from my grandmother's, and needs to be flipped by hand, so I flip each very thin but still hot blin by hand.
Ninjakk2313 Oy oldin
ok bud, all these recipes literally take like 10 years aka it’s time consuming
Sahsha Adamthwaite
I love making desserts when I have the time. And you guys gave me a great laugh. None of these are difficult. You are fake af.
Doc Oy oldin
Didn’t realize we trying to feed a large bundle of crepes to the starving children in africa.
Atmar Hassan
Atmar Hassan Oy oldin
في محتوى الفيديو عصيده ولحوحه اخدوا افكارنا بس طوروها☺☻. عربي دق لايك 😂✌.
Lee Nelson
Lee Nelson Oy oldin
Professional chefs don't measure the milk, they just dump it in.
Mate Safranka
Mate Safranka Oy oldin
Yeah I'm just going to stop you right there. No self respecting professional uses boxed cake mix.
Mate Safranka
Mate Safranka Oy oldin
Also the 100-layer crepe isn't really challenging, only time consuming. You're making a lot of what's otherwise one of the easiest desserts.
Dina Al-Chaabi
Your music always make me nervous
ferial dagher
ferial dagher Oy oldin
Using a lot of ingredients doesn’t make u profesional...... it makes u poor
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