[Champion] Sylas First Impressions

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The first generic champion we've seen in a long time. Looks like he'll be a jungler as he has good terrain scaling in his kit, and as long as his ratios are reasonable I see him fulfilling the same role as Camille/Xin mostly.
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8-Yan, 2019

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Nøne Soat oldin
Friend: Rubic is in league now. Me: Finally. *sees sylas* Me: This is shit.
Huaqian Zheng
Huaqian Zheng 2 kun oldin
will be really happy if you could share your thoughts on both the art and the visuals of a new character as well! Besides gameplay
GZone 2 kun oldin
cant see your instagram
Rchill 2 kun oldin
perma ban
Ott Meinart
Ott Meinart 2 kun oldin
how is it gonna work with illaois ulti?
Jon C
Jon C 3 kun oldin
Hes basically illaoi, warwick, zoe and camille combined lmao
Maxyboy2099 4 kun oldin
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Netbase2000 5 kun oldin
I liked watching your stream but all of your recent streams are boring as fuck. Wake up old LS pls
Xx pro-playz xX
Xx pro-playz xX 5 kun oldin
as soon as im done with my 200 games of annie im gonna become a zoe main
그래 5 kun oldin
인종차별발언 일삼던 정신병자 셀럽 프로명함 달아주니 기분좋노?ㅋㅋㅋ 쌀알이나쳐주우라는 애 어떻게든 옹호할라고 뼈빠지누 게이야ㅠㅠ 흑인한테 목화씨나쳐주워 원숭이새끼야 채팅치고 북미프로가능하누?ㅋㅋ
그래 5 kun oldin
Go back to your mother fucking homeland RASIST
Eldritch0Golem 5 kun oldin
So he has heal stun dashes slows and shield? Does Riot no longer knows that kit overloading it's optional?
Verlisify 5 kun oldin
This power creep is getting out of control 2 Dashes. Shield. Heal. 5 Ults
Noneofyour Business
If he had a different ultimate, I would be happy with this release, but the R kinda sinks the champ for me. Most of what the design team did lately just pisses me off and makes me apathetic towards league as a whole.
Frederik Hansen
Frederik Hansen 6 kun oldin
How do I improve at wiggling? In regards to Toplane movement if it makes a difference.
Mercury 6 kun oldin
This is going to be disabled in a pro play for a long time. Theres just so many things wrong right now. Think about bug fixing every champs ult steals for one champ, and some of them are overtuned and some of the are broken
Some1Special2you 6 kun oldin
ult is probably the same damage as the champion he stole it off. dummy gosh
Max Trickzter
Max Trickzter 6 kun oldin
Illidan went through a tribal goth phase.
Saturn 6 kun oldin
I love how LS always hopes or says “okay he’s a jungler “
you must enter a name
Tyrndamere spins to target does damage Sylas dashes to target gets a shield then pulls to them doing a stun, knock up and damage
Anon Amously
Anon Amously 6 kun oldin
So what happens if he steals jayce or nidalee ult? Does he grow a hammer or turn into a furry?
Voltex 6 kun oldin
Your image on that banner always looks like Fred
Foswa 6 kun oldin
c4tch 6 kun oldin
Man... You literally do not know how to pronounce a single champion's name correctly XD
MOC - LoL & Stellaris
what happens when a Sylas r's a Sylas
Scherzprinz 6 kun oldin
coach me plz senpai
RandomProject 6 kun oldin
Everyone: Riot: "Let's release a new champ that steals enemy's ults"
Steven Arvizu
Steven Arvizu 7 kun oldin
I feel like this will be insane in LCS. So many comps are built around team fight ultimates. Imagine stealing trundle ult and being tanky, or a reverse poppy ult lmao
sisuphos 7 kun oldin
Again a champion that has like 4 passives on top of his actives. Why does his hook give a shield? Why can it be cast twice for extra dash, to jump terrain even more? Why does he get bonus damage against lows and extra healing for no reason? And he has an actual passive on top of these passives. This is the exact kind of formula that plaques champion updates and new designs; they get more passives than what 80% of the roster has in their entire kits. Could you add a passive on his ult that he generates true health based on the damage that he does using enemies ults? And before it's activated he goes in stealth and then channels a 0,25 second global root before casting? True health could only be damaged by true damage. His hook could use a free movement speed buff when cast towards enemy champion. And if his chain smash kills a minion he gets a free summoner spell and could it also shred 25% of enemies armor and MR. And could his passive cleave do Max % HP damage so he can go full tank? If you'd give all Sylas' extra bullshit "mechanics" (using quotes because they're just free shit on top of a already strong kit, no actual mechanincs) to let's say Amumu he would be instantly broken. Give Amu area heal on his W and shield on his Q and extra damage against low enemies on his E. Sounds like fun?
Melancholia 7 kun oldin
Scuffed Illidan xD
ravercorum20 7 kun oldin
A kind of Aatrox Q, a weird lovechild of Kayn's W and E spliced together on W, A love child of Nautilus Q and Camille E and his E, the ultimate is the only truly unique skill he has really. What would seperate him from these other champs now are his cooldowns, base and % scaling and in what position he's supposed to occupy. From the looks of things he can be played almost everywhere. He's an excellent support into tank match ups, stealing their high impact ultimates and having such mobility, healing and dive pressure for laning phase is really good. He can be played mid as an AP caster, he's be good against burst / control mages imo, most of them immobile and once they cycle their skills, Sylas can heal off of the AP scaling you buy for him as a mid laner and then all in with your lower cooldowns. He can be played jungle for obvious reasons, slow clear early but it ranks up to a really solid clear, good mobility around the jungle with his E and W, really good ganks due to his mobility and CC, perhaps relies on CC heavy lanes to secure kills early for example but a solid ganker never the less. And of course top, with the state of top lane favoring bruisers right now Sylas would be an interesting pick into the current roster with his respectable clear speed with Q max and his sustain with W, I think match ups that rely on winning early like Garen will suffer when facing this champion quite considerably as they will find no matter how much they wittle you, you'll just heal right back up and outscale them. I think Sylas worst match up top would probably be Jax, really weak ultimate to steal and if you fall even slightly behind, then CSing becomes a no go zone and you just have to concede the lane to him, given his E Q can trades can bully you throughout the entire game.
Duplicity 7 kun oldin
He beats melee matchups, gets shit on by syndra type champs, his e second cast cannot be used on terrain. His w heals a lot, his passive cannot critically strike but applies on hit effects meaning its possibly counted as an ability, i need to test ludens with it. His R is buggy on pbe. Hes not really overpowered tbh.
Duplicity 7 kun oldin
And his ult is adaptive
Duplicity 7 kun oldin
P.S. Hes a mage
YouKnowMeG 7 kun oldin
he is ap
Narimto Youtube
Narimto Youtube 7 kun oldin
It's SyLS
Lenart 7 kun oldin
eat ma jews
Carma 7 kun oldin
well if enemy team go karthus its gg :)
MeisterTerra 7 kun oldin
if he would continue reading he would know for sure hes AP :P
Merc Etc
Merc Etc 7 kun oldin
LS is trash, ugly skinny bastard that is trash at league and moves his mouse like a god damn spastic in game, delete your channel cunt (who tf has a picture of themself on screen especially with that gay ass Bieber cut)
NIg ga
NIg ga 7 kun oldin
Stat check champion zZZzZzZZzZ
THE SCARECROW 7 kun oldin
Samwise Caward
Samwise Caward 7 kun oldin
Bro you’re very knowledgeable about the game but hes not a jungler, he probably or most definitely can be played in the jungle but hes and ap bruiser played in the mid lane like galio or possibly the top lane.
Jugg MKJ
Jugg MKJ 7 kun oldin
Can't read, coach btw
Mitsuri 7 kun oldin
Imagine stealing ults from champions like fiora, udyr, etc. etc. Meaning first-picking this champion is really counter-productive. Hope Riot finds a way around this
Jugg MKJ
Jugg MKJ 7 kun oldin
First picking many champs is counter-productive, they haven't found any way around it because it's part of the game.
Seifeir 7 kun oldin
ReZ 7 kun oldin
imagine sylas stealing yasuo ulti and not having any knockups
Phil Swift Religious Sect
Sylas seems like a very very cool champion He's not meant to be a super unique and complicated champion, he's meant to be a jack of all trades champion that revolves around abilities as well as the proper use of his ultimate
Brian Cordero
Brian Cordero 7 kun oldin
Predicate burst? Pet-tri-cite. Like Pet-tri-fied
Brian Cordero
Brian Cordero 7 kun oldin
Jugg MKJ ??
Jugg MKJ
Jugg MKJ 7 kun oldin
Tfw you try to correct someone but fail
O ren
O ren 7 kun oldin
my boi gonna make malzha buy qss.
Gu GuRoo
Gu GuRoo 7 kun oldin
He looks like an older kayn haha
Enchanted Lepe
Enchanted Lepe 7 kun oldin
forsenT P-P-PETRIQUITE Coach btw
Nate87358 7 kun oldin
>Different from Aatrox, Akali, Kai’sa, Zoe, Pyke, Neeko I like him already.
Jake RH
Jake RH 7 kun oldin
I see him mid
SaucGoat 7 kun oldin
Am i the only one that can cleary see that this is a amumu v2?
Scotix Lawl
Scotix Lawl 7 kun oldin
looks like april fool
Kazuni 7 kun oldin
predicate burst
Get In The Robot
Get In The Robot 7 kun oldin
What a fresh perspective. Everyone was hyped about this champion but his critique on the aesthetics and similar abilities are kinda true.
kevin10545454 7 kun oldin
All these new champions look stupid af. I want another reksai, or Asol looking fucker, not some shit you’d see in a crappy Netflix series. All these new champs look like edgy teens. A cube with chains would be more visually interesting and fresh than this champ And how can’t they come up with new ability ideas? smh. Make a skill shot that if it misses it explodes, but if it lands it makes a dink noise and does nothing. Make skillshots that bounce off walls. Make a skill that instantaneously swaps you with a teammate. Make a knockback that causes enemies to tunnel thru the wall on contact. Like ffs rito needs to stop making every champ mobility + insane damage + hard cc. Give me champs that play spatially with challenging but rewarding limits. Create more interesting counter-mechanics to jumpy bois
Aleksandar Cvetkovic
u dont no anething abut balence
zyzyx 7 kun oldin
i think if he’s ap he could be played mid as well
mirdin decay
mirdin decay 7 kun oldin
when you talk about his kit not being new except from R, its the same as neeko, her kit is nothing new except from passive which is usless(transform)
Lee 7 kun oldin
TCG champ :D Like if you play yugioh or mtg
Lee 6 kun oldin
+JKMiracle trading card game
JKMiracle 6 kun oldin
What does tcg mean?
EvilRubberDucky 7 kun oldin
Predicate burst LOL
Alex 7 kun oldin
How is this necessary for the game there is champs that need a rework and the game needs fixing in the first place but no get a champ that steals ults from other champs... yeah thats what we need.
Jugg MKJ
Jugg MKJ 7 kun oldin
No that's what Riot needs. Fixing things doesn't make money, new champs n skins do.
Nine B
Nine B 7 kun oldin
I guess he's mid ? Or a toplane bruiser ap ?
local guide
local guide 7 kun oldin
ghostface 7 kun oldin
syphilis, the vocabulary of a professional heterosexual
Simon Werner
Simon Werner 7 kun oldin
Someone knows how riven or akali r works with sylas?
boofy 7 kun oldin
This champ is cool af
RossW 7 kun oldin
I really hope he's a top laner :C
Diogo Franco
Diogo Franco 7 kun oldin
He's a toplaner for sure. What about hijack on darius's ult for example? He doesnt do shit if you cant apply stacks... guess this guy will have a lot of counters just because of his ult? Or getting riven's ult for instance, you only get the windslash and not the attack damage steroid(im guessing this). Naaaah he's a jungler for sure!
wai tsang
wai tsang 7 kun oldin
Next champion Her/His ulti steals LP
Reformed Anon
Reformed Anon 7 kun oldin
I hate this game so much but I waste my life playing it. I regret downloading the game in 2012.
hums 7 kun oldin
Reformed Anon you missed out on alot of real life opportunities?
candy77266 7 kun oldin
Kayle older brother is out from jail.
Linards Žagats
Linards Žagats 7 kun oldin
Every Chempion he says in a jungler and Sylas ult takeing can be blocked by Wind wall
ihavecrabs56 7 kun oldin
U don't find him aesthetically pleasing? LOL heterosexual male spotted
Jugg MKJ
Jugg MKJ 7 kun oldin
+SuperNova . . .
SuperNova 7 kun oldin
Funny thing is that hes gay
Urahara12squad 7 kun oldin
So what if he ults himself in normals?
Murph 7 kun oldin
Doubt he jungles, his ratios are low. AP bruiser top lane imo
i0o 7 kun oldin
*cough* dota 2 rubik *cough*
Hit 7 kun oldin
What hapens if you ult jayce, nidalee or karma? lol
Alexander Brown
Alexander Brown 7 kun oldin
"Predakitt" haha
Trevor Ratchford
Trevor Ratchford 7 kun oldin
imagine just stealing tf ult... this champ is going to be gross
Satrim 7 kun oldin
Wonder how his ult will work with certain ults for example Kalista Riven Taric Gp Kai sa. We see shyv ult work but wonder if there is a requirement.
Saim Qasim
Saim Qasim 7 kun oldin
The way that Dota2 does it with their version (Rubick), is that its the exact same version as the character he stole it from, so it's the same ratios etc. but it scales off the original owner of the spell. I think this is a good approach and maybe that's the case. It should be mentioned that Rubick is a support, so he is always going to be at a level deficit.
Sylphix 7 kun oldin
Can you imagine ganking a malzahar just walking up stealing his r dashing and supressing him lol
Der Mit Den Fröschen Laicht
Hecarim, Velkoz, Xin, Lucian...
Alexandru Pavalache
Illidan got eye surgery.
Smoke 7 kun oldin
this champ is such a let down, they should continue to work on him
Brick&Tile 7 kun oldin
scuffed illidan made me lol xD
Burrito God
Burrito God 7 kun oldin
Why did Neeko not get his ultimate?
prg4mer 7 kun oldin
Because neeko mirrors allies while sylas hijacks enemies. If neeko has that r she would take the ally ultimate. And that would be too strong. Imagine 2 karthus ults, each dealing 1400 damage to everyone.
Jugg MKJ
Jugg MKJ 7 kun oldin
+Jaime Ruiz ya you're right.
Jaime Ruiz
Jaime Ruiz 7 kun oldin
I actually think... if the ults were switched it’d make more sense... he wants to get in your face because he’s an AP bruiser. So him being able to dash around with shields and dealing aoe dmg into an aoe slow, stun, and dmg fits. Especially because in his story when he was a kid he was about to get hit my lightning magic and he absorbed it and aoe blasted those around him. Also petricite, what his chains are made out of absorb magic and he can manipulate it so his ult should’ve been Neekos but better as in when he’s ulting to get it ready if he takes dmg it helps him do more dmg. Like old Galio ult. Then Neeko could take enemy ults and look like your team or take your teams ults. Idk. Just saying. It makes sense. For someone who can be any to have no true identity and take from others.
boofy 7 kun oldin
Burrito God they gotta seperate their ideas they running out
Stop Playing Talon
Stop Playing Talon 7 kun oldin
If he hijacks Mordekaiser R and gets a ghost of Mordekaiser, will he also absorb all his 320+ bugs?
Prince Zaidan
Prince Zaidan 7 kun oldin
Aye its a more mobile Rubick from Dota i love it
Jake C
Jake C 8 kun oldin
This champ will have so many unique interactions !!! Like what happens when he ults jayce or elise? What about shaco or mordekaiser or reksai ? I feel the amount of bugs this champ will have will be insane.
gily 8 kun oldin
How long can he hold an ult? Can he steal jax's and get the passive forever?
Jugg MKJ
Jugg MKJ 7 kun oldin
That would be silly for Riot to add specific details
Wouter R
Wouter R 8 kun oldin
E is more like amumu Q than camille e
Gollum1905 8 kun oldin
Dude, how's Riot not getting copyright striked? This is 100% stolen from God of War. He looks like Kratos from the older games. Even the chains look identical.
Pitman856 7 kun oldin
Nah, Both characters just have a stereotypical look, it isn't that unique
mufasas1lion 8 kun oldin
overloaded kit is very overloaded
IT JUST WORKS 8 kun oldin
Wow, the new Warframe patch is looking great, can't wait to get Camille Prime!
Paandaas 8 kun oldin
"Vi's boyfriend escaped prison"
Crihs95 8 kun oldin
he clearly has ults that he can't use, like kai'sa, he can't jump to someone that doesn't have passive stacks, and he cannot apply them
Max Gran
Max Gran 8 kun oldin
It has been clarified that he would mark the enemies, there wouldn't be the passive damage that kaisa gets, but besides that small thing, it will work the same
Teodors Bērziņš
Teodors Bērziņš 8 kun oldin
It is Kayne and Yasuo baby. So his passive should be called toxic.
Jugg MKJ
Jugg MKJ 7 kun oldin
I think you're hella confused
qatzki 8 kun oldin
syLS Pog
Who is Sylas?
7 kun oldin