Charades with Gal Gadot and Miley Cyrus

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Jimmy and Gal Gadot battle it out against Miley Cyrus and The Roots' Tariq Trotter in a competitive game of charades.
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Charades with Gal Gadot and Miley Cyrus
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6-Okt, 2017

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Fikrlar 6 746
Youtube buddy
Youtube buddy 6 soat oldin
How does its a tie
Killjoy Karisa
Killjoy Karisa 15 soat oldin
Gal and Miley are both so pretty oh my god
Iris Kun oldin
«I think it’s because jimmy is a clown» lol
Edna RoCa
Edna RoCa Kun oldin
Film. One word. Short. IT. 🤯🤯🤯🤯
Edna RoCa
Edna RoCa Kun oldin
"don't shhh me, I have to talk!" 😂😂😂
vibhav bawase
vibhav bawase 2 kun oldin
which is the song plays after the video
PJ Boards
PJ Boards 3 kun oldin
How can you play a game with your eyes 👀focused on the men...Both of those ladies were very distracting...😂😂
a muffin
a muffin 3 kun oldin
Gal Gadot is the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen in my entire life
Ximi Rexhepi
Ximi Rexhepi 3 kun oldin
Hahaha miley so funny face
Klaudette Kaye Delfin
I love miley!
Siddharth Mittal
Siddharth Mittal 4 kun oldin
How was it a tie when Miley and the other guy had 2 correct and Jimmy and Gal had only 1 correct and nobody won the bonus round
Kang Kong
Kang Kong 4 kun oldin
Gal slapping jimmy in ass 😂😂
Suhas Gondi
Suhas Gondi 5 kun oldin
5:27 lmao that drum guy celebrated too early
Zectsters 6 kun oldin
Martina R
Martina R 6 kun oldin
miley look like she sucking in her body so bad she cant even breathe
Iana Marinho
Iana Marinho 6 kun oldin
miley cyrus e gal gadot em um único vídeo. me encontro morta neste momento, não aguentei tanta beleza aliás, sou o fantasma da garota da foto
Shao shao Stengel
Shao shao Stengel 6 kun oldin
When Gal guessed the first one, that was so short
Shao shao Stengel
Shao shao Stengel 6 kun oldin
Love Wonder Women and Miley Cyrus
Shao shao Stengel
Shao shao Stengel 6 kun oldin
Love Gal Gadot
Ygor Cortes
Ygor Cortes 6 kun oldin
Gal is just THE best. It's impossible not to love her ❤️
Marwa Ma
Marwa Ma 7 kun oldin
2:00 MILEY: " my turn" means "ok now give me ur FUCKING attention please!!" LOL
Jasmine P
Jasmine P 7 kun oldin
Miley Cryrus is so annoying for mocking Gal in the beginning. Like Miley never did anything for attention that was also outlandish? Lol
Flashback Gaming
Flashback Gaming 7 kun oldin
Omfg when she guessed it
wenjingsaf 7 kun oldin
2:44 how Miley slurps
Artisan1979 8 kun oldin
2:39 Miley got back
Sofia Romero
Sofia Romero 8 kun oldin
Gal it's so cute!!! ✨
Riya Reang
Riya Reang 8 kun oldin
Gal Gadot she, s superb
cris sells
cris sells 8 kun oldin
erset, were all winners! what the.... hahahha lol
Lauren Rodriguez
Lauren Rodriguez 8 kun oldin
She servin some Selena realness 🖤🖤🖤
ganesh v k
ganesh v k 8 kun oldin
Where can get full episodes
Beastmaster64 NM
Beastmaster64 NM 8 kun oldin
Willie Wartaal!!
Mit Desai
Mit Desai 8 kun oldin
3:46 I think because Jimmy's a 🤡
yuuna 9 kun oldin
idk how many times i watched this video uwu i love ittt
Christian Martinez
Christian Martinez 9 kun oldin
Miley looked like Michael Jordan going for a slam dunk with that silly tongue, lol!
Brenda Le
Brenda Le 9 kun oldin
the tongue thing is really annoying
Bear Fan
Bear Fan 9 kun oldin
How did they not get born to run but they got it?
sameer kujur
sameer kujur 10 kun oldin
Who else is more excited, just watching them ?
Sanita ir
Sanita ir 10 kun oldin
Wow, Miley and Gal Gadot have the same body type 😀
TREY 2BREEZY 10 kun oldin
Gal looks hot like always but am I the only one who think miley looks sexy when she does that tongue thing
Arnav Udawant
Arnav Udawant 11 kun oldin
Gal Gadot is the most genuine person I've seen.
Rainiel Antipuesto
Rainiel Antipuesto 11 kun oldin
Izzy G
Izzy G 11 kun oldin
Miley is so jealous of Gal here.
Josue David
Josue David 11 kun oldin
When she guessed IT I started screaming lmao
Bupe Chikumbi
Bupe Chikumbi 11 kun oldin
Miley and Gal are goddesses
Swubble Unwin
Swubble Unwin 12 kun oldin
2:44 What the tongue😮
Lila Danielle
Lila Danielle 12 kun oldin
Gal is really gorgeous and she's always playing with her tongue hahahah
3amr 1416
3amr 1416 12 kun oldin
اح وش ذا الزين
Trish E.
Trish E. 12 kun oldin
I was not ready for 1:11 at all 😂
Jayson Pabro
Jayson Pabro 12 kun oldin
Gal gadot needs to grow some boobs they so small
Angga Purbo
Angga Purbo 12 kun oldin
What's wrong with miley's tounge?
Austin Huff
Austin Huff 12 kun oldin
Miley and Gal might be my dream 3some.
Toshy McTosharoo
Toshy McTosharoo 12 kun oldin
Miley is so fukin nasty
mahnoor jamal
mahnoor jamal 13 kun oldin
2:43 Miley CRAZY
_misra.ble_ neh
_misra.ble_ neh 13 kun oldin
Imagine Gal Gadot whispering in your ear...
Prayawolfie ps
Prayawolfie ps 13 kun oldin
When Jimmy answered Birth of the nation, I automatically burst into Laugh. Lol
ברכה דרייר
ברכה דרייר 13 kun oldin
אין על על גדול!!
emma tpz
emma tpz 13 kun oldin
I love herr ommmgggg ToT
Thommy Turtle
Thommy Turtle 13 kun oldin
0:39 - 0:41 spike the bulldog? :D
Thommy Turtle
Thommy Turtle 13 kun oldin
does miley have an oral/tongue - tourette?
Mohammed Huzaifa
Mohammed Huzaifa 13 kun oldin
Gal and Miley acting wierd
Ansel Fernandes
Ansel Fernandes 14 kun oldin
How are they tied if Jimmy didn't guess the first one ... While Miley's team guessed both...
luv ya
luv ya 14 kun oldin
Miley cameltoe Cyrus baby
marco sanchez
marco sanchez 14 kun oldin
Gal Gadot is absolutely gorgeous
SmashKidsTV 14 kun oldin
Wonder woman is ♥️
Def Cem
Def Cem 14 kun oldin
This Moment at 2:43... jimmy was shocked, too :D
David Lee Powell
David Lee Powell 15 kun oldin
Igor Silva
Igor Silva 15 kun oldin
OMG GAL! Lol OMG “it”
Sun rise
Sun rise 16 kun oldin
Happy New Year!!!!!
Sugar butter Covered pieces
Lol Gal pretending to give birth is so funny lol 😂
Age Restricted
Age Restricted 17 kun oldin
okay but jimmy got cake tho
Josh 17 kun oldin
1:25 “ s-sq-sq- okay second word” You damn well know he was gonna say squirt/squirting but he stoped himself. My man knows 😂
Antony Simkin
Antony Simkin 17 kun oldin
Miley is so freaking vulgar...
Anuj Goyal
Anuj Goyal 18 kun oldin
Gal gadot has lonnng legs...
stay_ 18 kun oldin
Go miley !
Adeline West
Adeline West 19 kun oldin
I feel like there was so much tension between everyone
Alessandra Flores
Alessandra Flores 19 kun oldin
HilarityBribo 19 kun oldin
miley cyrus's head is so misshapen and just flat out disgusting
María jose Sierra archila
2:11 that was so Hanna 😮💕
LovaticForLife 19 kun oldin
What the fuck is wrong with Miley's tongue??? Always sticking out
Rina Walker
Rina Walker 19 kun oldin
Ok 2:42 wtf
black sheep
black sheep 19 kun oldin
I feel like Jimmy is discriminating towards girls with accents.
Jules 20 kun oldin
I love both girls, Miley's ass is rocking but Gal Gadot's boobs look damn small in that top. The top does not flatter her body.
Char Maine
Char Maine 20 kun oldin
Gal gadot🥰🥰🥰💗
MsDevoreMoi 20 kun oldin
Why miley is doing wierd thing with her mouth, tong
Thunder RWolf222
Thunder RWolf222 20 kun oldin
3:23 jimmy's face is priceless!!!
Theresia D. Devina
Theresia D. Devina 22 kun oldin
It's fun😅
Suhaila Ujang
Suhaila Ujang 22 kun oldin
miley y r u so cute 😍
G R 22 kun oldin
Come on Miley, learn to walk on heels!
BJ Jackson
BJ Jackson 24 kun oldin
Miley and Gal was saucy in this video 😍
Zelalem Muluken
Zelalem Muluken 24 kun oldin
Looove Gal's accent
Bima Sudiarto
Bima Sudiarto 25 kun oldin
Miley's butt. Yumm
Yap Thendup
Yap Thendup 25 kun oldin
I am fed up with this I phone ad.
Aj Ray
Aj Ray 26 kun oldin
Miley looks uncomfortable it her swimsuit
Gigi 26 kun oldin
Miley is sooo fucking stupid. Like she’s on crack or something
Alishba Arshad
Alishba Arshad 27 kun oldin
Miley Cyrus is absolutely stunning
Chimene Wihardja
Chimene Wihardja 27 kun oldin
fam gro eva ed sou pin lock b j nu xe
עמית דהן
עמית דהן 27 kun oldin
Zarah Rashidi
Zarah Rashidi 28 kun oldin
I love both Miley & Gal's outfits!! Gorgeous! ❤
jbhardy1 28 kun oldin
Gal looks extremely tall lol
Neeraj Kumar
Neeraj Kumar 29 kun oldin
Fu*k apple.. I am done with unskipable adds