Charades with Saoirse Ronan, Alessia Cara and Anderson .Paak

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Jimmy and Saoirse Ronan face down Alessia Cara and Anderson .Paak in a competitive game of charades.
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Charades with Saoirse Ronan, Alessia Cara and Anderson .Paak




5-Dek, 2018

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andriani eunike
andriani eunike 4 soat oldin
My favorites 😘
Chris Boone
Chris Boone Kun oldin
Alessia😍😍😍😍😍 I love her! She's my fav Canadian besides Jonathan Towes lol
Brandi Hollaway
Brandi Hollaway Kun oldin
He really loves to win irl lol
Brandi Hollaway
Brandi Hollaway Kun oldin
Love her accent
Kurisutina Medina
Kurisutina Medina 2 kun oldin
Saoirse kinda looks like trevor moran
Joy Okwuonu
Joy Okwuonu 2 kun oldin
I swear its like Jimmy only plays these games with his guests just so that he could watch himself win....after all he won't get satisfaction if he played alone
Patrick 3 kun oldin
Boyw hat i would give to have Saoirse as my girlfriend
Amad Danial
Amad Danial 3 kun oldin
Yes lawd
precious gemMin
precious gemMin 3 kun oldin
"we're winners." lmao
Akshay Kocharekar
Akshay Kocharekar 3 kun oldin
Im Saoirse marathon.
Morgan Rivera
Morgan Rivera 4 kun oldin
Jimmy is so stupid lol 😂 at the end “drop it like it’s hotttt drop it like it hottt!”
Saoirse is really great at charades. I mean, what can i say she's one of the greatest actors out there
Allan J
Allan J 4 kun oldin
Jimmy obviously knows all the answers that were up there. Its rigged 😂
tihomir ivanov
tihomir ivanov 5 kun oldin
Drop it like it is Hot why is 5 words?
Freudian Factor
Freudian Factor 6 kun oldin
i wanna be Saoirse Ronan
Philgob 6 kun oldin
Anderson is funny af. Shorchehesj is hot af. Alessia is cute af. Good group.
Charlie 6 kun oldin
Saoirse really dressed up and Alessia and the other guy really.. didn’t 😂
Karan Shukla
Karan Shukla 6 kun oldin
Saoirse is so very humble
Paul Solania
Paul Solania 7 kun oldin
Jimmy just prentending he didnt know the answer... Actually he knows it
yeaxjustsmile20 7 kun oldin
Jimmy knew u can totally tell
just some guy
just some guy 8 kun oldin
Saoirse Ronan is so beautiful 😘😘😘
Jineth.C Hettiarachchi
Naughty Jimmy.........he stole from Allessia....
Yanca Mirella
Yanca Mirella 10 kun oldin
Why did they take it off the video of the bridesmaids quizz?
123 456
123 456 12 kun oldin
Jake Roberts
Jake Roberts 14 kun oldin
1:38 alessia reaction tho
sultan ahmad
sultan ahmad 14 kun oldin
seriously what the hell ANDERSON PAAK instead OF RUSSELL WESTBROOK
GameDjeenie 14 kun oldin
1:40 The hell is that cringy shit ?
monbooboo the fool
monbooboo the fool 15 kun oldin
Jimmy put his CHEST into Drop It Like It's Hot
Jamie Hall
Jamie Hall 16 kun oldin
Alessia was being kinda whiny tho.
OLVR 17 kun oldin
sasha is 🔥
Manu Vásquez
Manu Vásquez 19 kun oldin
I Love Saoirse! 😍😍
kenneth tong
kenneth tong 21 kun oldin
Deepika Padukone
Deepika Padukone 22 kun oldin
Jimmy is too good for this game!
Fikash 23 kun oldin
I would watch a video of Saoirse Ronan doing anything I'd watch her do laundry for 2 hours
Narry Lov3
Narry Lov3 24 kun oldin
Squad A Few Of My Favs♥️ 843 K
pnoipr8 26 kun oldin
1:48 "that is rigged" come on Jimmy, your own show??
nugget 28 kun oldin
am i the only one who covered the bottom of their screen and played along?
Steven C
Steven C 28 kun oldin
They seem like sore Losers
Jen Vincur
Jen Vincur 29 kun oldin
Soairse is my woman crush! Her accent 😂❤️
Sarah Michelle Gilligan
Alessias boobs were too distracting..
95annis Oy oldin
Scott Crosby
Scott Crosby Oy oldin
Soairse is getting more gorgeous
Taiany Blossom
Saoirse Ronan and Jimmi the best time
Kaira & Keesh
Kaira & Keesh Oy oldin
Is he jacob from twilight in yellow t-shirt????
Bela Oy oldin
I'm here for my man Anderson
lane aloha
lane aloha Oy oldin
these are a great group to play with
Lauren Room
Lauren Room Oy oldin
Saoirse is very humble i love her so much
Aura Reyes
Aura Reyes Oy oldin
Put my hands on you by Anderson paak and dean .. amazing
Kass Foley
Kass Foley Oy oldin
We Irish are the best at games I swear
fugupoppet Oy oldin
Alessia and Saoirse are so cute!
ok bUT
ok bUT Oy oldin
ok bUT
ok bUT Oy oldin
No matter how long ago it was I will always remember Isaacs death in How I Live Now in all the faces of the actors jdjndsn
1:40 pure cringe
Tao Lin
Tao Lin Oy oldin
Fucking losers choosing the psychologically predictable 3 and 7. Be original. (that means that all the numbers are chosen equally, and the stars get to decide :)
Ethan Lizée
Ethan Lizée Oy oldin
That Bad Brains shirt tho
Filip Vukicic
Filip Vukicic Oy oldin
Saoirse,bring that Academy Award to Ireland to Irish people and your croatian/irish fans!This year or next please.
Pickle Poe
Pickle Poe Oy oldin
I like Alessia's music and all, but I felt like it was kinda bratty how she was like " I don't want this one, I don't want this one!"
Laura Birša
Laura Birša Oy oldin
Saoirse is great, but who are these children ... i'm getting old
Johny Ritter
Johny Ritter Oy oldin
Nene Can Chill
Saoirse looks so kind towards everyone
Trami Oy oldin
4:09 did Jimmy pronounce ‘‘Saoirse‘‘ right tho?
Sheena Hussain
i have a feeling jimmy has this game rigged
Golden Books
Golden Books Oy oldin
I love watching competitive people play pointless games lol. Saoirse is amazing
Nicole Jacobson covers
Bad Brains
Marius Salamon
Lmao first thing I thought when I saw Baby Got Back was Gal Gadot trying to explain Born to Run to Jimmy last year.
I ahh I love all of youuuuu. Andyyy.
Andy Oy oldin
Jimmy and Saoirse !!!!!!!!!
Colin Burleigh
i have never been more in love with saoirse ronan than i have after watching this video
Chris Oy oldin
Why does 'Jimmy have to stage every single episode, jeez.
Imane Oy oldin
Marry me Alessia
bryan gomez
bryan gomez Oy oldin
Saoirsa is a solid 11/10
DaveKraft400 5 kun oldin
+morita kaoru basic white girl? 40? I wanna be as high as you, brother.
morita kaoru
morita kaoru 16 kun oldin
+Lazy Hazy The topic is her looks. Try again.
Lazy Hazy
Lazy Hazy 17 kun oldin
morita kaoru she is 24 and has 3 Oscar nominees what have you done?
morita kaoru
morita kaoru 19 kun oldin
She's the most basic white girl and she looks like she's what? 40 yo. Muito sem graça.
ow 12
ow 12 Oy oldin
bryan gomez *11000/10
breezedblocks Oy oldin
I love all of these people 😪
Eddie Scorsese
Saoirse Ronan.... damn
Maddie Rubalcava
“fly man” fake af
jess&gabrielconte litfam
I love this game!!!
Szaam Oy oldin
Much love for that Bad Brains shirt
HushGazer Oy oldin
huh man
huh man Oy oldin
im from balcan teritory and i like this kids
k tab
k tab Oy oldin
One of the best episodes yet. Love Anderson .Paak & Saoirse Ronan. They're both so intelligent. And firm/confident in their roles as celebrities. Not to mention their resumes. Loved it Jimmy!
ThisIsWEB Oy oldin
HeyMonaLisaCanI 67
She got that first clue perfectly but if done right it could be pretty easy. But also could have been done horribly lol. This was awesome though, great competitors
Heedy Oy oldin
isabel isabelll
John Binchy
John Binchy Oy oldin
Saoirse sweetie I’m so sorry you had to witness that man flossing
Erin Cummiskey
alessia seems like she’s competitive 😂😂
Dave Degrasse
Dave Degrasse Oy oldin
Jimmy always makes the hottest girl his partner lol
Kemal Erdemli
Kemal Erdemli Oy oldin
how could you NOT do the snoop's dance
Flaming Phoenix
As soon as I saw him do the floss I got off the video lmao
Niffari Gading
alessia's reaction when jimmy guessed drop it like it's hot is priceless.
Sara Dalouli
Sara Dalouli Oy oldin
I see Alessia Cara I click
Brent Pilgrim
Brent Pilgrim Oy oldin
Alessia is adorable af Jesus 😍
Brent Pilgrim
Brent Pilgrim Oy oldin
Omg I love these guests so much😍🔥
Toy Shaint
Toy Shaint Oy oldin
Alessia Cara is sooo cute!!!! Damn she cute!
Kpop plus Yaoi
Dude I'd dance like snoop for the last one..
Saoirse gets beautiful everytime she appears here damn...
Mxs M
Mxs M Oy oldin
Saoirse at the end was class lady mentality. It’s just in the genes
Joseph Harding
*RANDOM* BUT WTF?? I’m listening to Bad Brains/banned in DC and this video popped up so I’m watching it and that guy is wearing a BAD BRAINS TSHIRT
experiment 627
There’s a reason why jimmy didn’t make it into acting