Charades with Zendaya and Billy Crudup

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Jimmy and Zendaya battle it out against Billy Crudup and The Roots' Tariq Trotter in a competitive game of charades.
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Charades with Zendaya and Billy Crudup




12-Dek, 2017



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Nilotpal Arya
Nilotpal Arya 10 soat oldin
jimmy always gets the hot girl on his side!!
Lily Kinsella
Lily Kinsella 2 kun oldin
Finally your going to win something Jimmy
Malachite 3 kun oldin
jimmy getting competitive LMFAO 🤣🤣🤣
J Dark
J Dark 6 kun oldin
Jimmy has the best job ever. Love you Jimmy!
flo A
flo A 6 kun oldin
Word- GHOST *Lift* (YES) *Lifting* (YES) *uplift* (YES) .......LMAO WTF He might as well have been describing the lyft app..how does someone guess lift with ghost... 😂😂😂😂
Landon Singleton
Landon Singleton 8 kun oldin
Zendaya so pretty. Also, I saw mommy kissing santa claus is 6 letters not 5. If it anybody other than Zendaya or Margot Robbie I would have roasted them
Zoe Deal
Zoe Deal 10 kun oldin
Yoo Jimmy got that first one with only 1 second left to spare, a true legend
zynbw 14 kun oldin
Zendaya is so pretty
Annah Allred
Annah Allred 14 kun oldin
Jimmy annoys me
Annabelle T.
Annabelle T. 18 kun oldin
I love her dress 🤩🤩
j v
j v 19 kun oldin
waii bo
waii bo 23 kun oldin
Im gay for zendaya
Clara Favre
Clara Favre 28 kun oldin
Does Zendaya have a last or middle name
Anurag Yadav
Anurag Yadav 29 kun oldin
Manny Aristy
Manny Aristy Oy oldin
ZENDAYA good at acting
Yunita Kristina
Zendaya 😍
Dragon Flame
Dragon Flame Oy oldin
Zendaya is taller than jimmy
Arvarheina Zevanya Kalyca
I don’t think Zendeya knows what CROCODILE ROCK is...
squeezeNlemon Oy oldin
Jimmy got the first one in the last second
Shadows Oy oldin
This game is same every time.. Jimmy team with hot girl and win just in time at the last attempt.. (not saying it's rigged, well except he always team with the gorgeous ladies:)
Patrycja Zdunek
that dress is not doin it for me with that boa
O Justiceiro
O Justiceiro Oy oldin
American Bruna Marquezine
O Justiceiro
O Justiceiro Oy oldin
I don't care she is not Mary Jane
Shorts World
Shorts World Oy oldin
Zendaya is such a babe 😍
r Dívíñě
r Dívíñě Oy oldin
99.99% Comment about Zendaya
abdul usmaan
abdul usmaan Oy oldin
Damn Zendaya's Pecs
Mahesh Adithya
Jimmy Fallon always teams up with ladies...
Enjee Secret
Enjee Secret Oy oldin
Tarik is so bad at this
Enjee Secret
Enjee Secret Oy oldin
This one was definitely scripted
centaumrr77 Oy oldin
What did he say in 5.15?
Orko safin
Orko safin Oy oldin
That black guy is dumb.
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach Oy oldin
do u guys notice that jimmy is literally always partners with a woman
Chauchie Cortez
Jimmy’s voice at 4:34 😍
Jimmy ought to play these games with members of the studio audience and the celeb guests
Samridhi Chauhan
Samridhi Chauhan 2 oy oldin
Zendaya = Goddess ✨✨
we need Gary Oldman doing charades!
just van rooijen
just van rooijen 2 oy oldin
The person who sees this is looking at comments about zendaya horny bastard
elia kelly
elia kelly 2 oy oldin
the only one i knew there was crocodile rock
natacha pem
natacha pem 2 oy oldin
Such a fun game. Couldn't stop looking at the gorgeous slender woman that young girl has turned out to be. I wish I was her sister...
Dave Degrasse
Dave Degrasse 2 oy oldin
Jimmy always makes his partner the hottest girl on the show that night lol
Samantha Felix
Samantha Felix 2 oy oldin
i love you Zendaya but whats that at the back of your dress
Frankie Mmmm
Frankie Mmmm 2 oy oldin
Baby Driver was so beyond easy lol 😂
Tabitha Huggins
Tabitha Huggins 2 oy oldin
Why dose zendaya have a walk talkie in her back
Fortnite BOSS UnderWaterSquaaa
Let's play WOULD YOU RATHER! 1. Would you rather... Meet ellen or Jimmy 2. Zendaya or Zac Effron 3. Would you rather.. die by a snake bite or being thrown into a cage of lions that havent eaten for 3 1/2 years.??
Adeline West
Adeline West 2 oy oldin
The shade between jimmy and billy...
Emily Reeve
Emily Reeve 3 oy oldin
Zendaya is so good at sharads it's amazballs
walter claeton
walter claeton 3 oy oldin
Im probably in love with zendaya .. Like real love .. Not even kidding ♥️😍
Ayesha Jasmine
Ayesha Jasmine 3 oy oldin
Baby driver is easyyy lmao and zendaya is so prettyyy
Prithvi Kolekar
Prithvi Kolekar 3 oy oldin
Jimmy always go with the hot girls
Dale Miller
Dale Miller 3 oy oldin
Iam so fuckn good my name is Jimmy Fallon
Shruti 3 oy oldin
Watching this for like the 10th time
Chloe Amber
Chloe Amber 3 oy oldin
well jimmy kept talking through the other teams, he was so annoying
anna nev
anna nev 3 oy oldin
I came to comment section to see most of the comments are about zendaya YES I STAN
Denise Silva
Denise Silva 3 oy oldin
Ok, those are actual good players
Connor Ruestman
Connor Ruestman 3 oy oldin
Zendaya is my mom 😍
Kpop plus Yaoi
Kpop plus Yaoi 3 oy oldin
I was confused when she first acted like she was stabbing someone but then i was like ohhh SAW 🤦🏽‍♀️🤣
Brave Heart
Brave Heart 3 oy oldin
I SAW, and guessed the whole sentence WTF. Scripted!
Kobe Bean
Kobe Bean 3 oy oldin
Haaaaaa zendayaaaaa she a hoochie mama
DailyPopcorn Productions
It was hilarious for zendaya at the crocodile rocl part where she's just relying on the other guys.
J Will Reacts
J Will Reacts 4 oy oldin
I died when zendaya did the crocodile 😂
William Phillips
William Phillips 4 oy oldin
After watching many of these in a row.... It's clear these are staged
Moinak Das
Moinak Das 4 oy oldin
Love Billy Crudup man
Mtdmpls 4 oy oldin
Is Zandaya attractive? I should read the comments and find out.
Zendaya will always and forever be may feminine role model.
almarjyou 4 oy oldin
thats 6 words. I can be a word
brooklynsadiepeppermint bukhari
Zendaya could have chosen a better dress to be honest... BUT SHES SO PRETTY IT MAKES UP FOR IT
The Only Kay
The Only Kay 4 oy oldin
i thought he was serious about baby driver being hard then i realized it was complete sarcasm 😂 brilliant
Gelo Plays
Gelo Plays 4 oy oldin
o she's good.
Sai Subhash
Sai Subhash 5 oy oldin
Zendaya is pretttyyy as heelllll.😘
victorianaia 5 oy oldin
I thought that black thing on her dress was a ponytail until i saw the back of her and the bun
sem souma
sem souma 5 oy oldin
I swear if you are in the black man team you will lose he is dumb always fucks the game and he abviously did it designedly
Efthimios Kalaitzis
With a few more pounds she would be a perfect+1, now she's only perfect. What a shame.
Sherlina Aurel
Sherlina Aurel 5 oy oldin
Man i remember zendaya years ago with bella thorne
Кино Кайф
Baby driver is my favorite movie)))!!
P T 5 oy oldin
This was sooo staged, it’s frustrating
Lyna Ch
Lyna Ch 5 oy oldin
I think that Jimmy knows the answers
Doctor Z
Doctor Z 5 oy oldin
Isn’t i saw mommy kissing santa claus six words 😅
Benjamin Manu
Benjamin Manu 5 oy oldin
It was actually 6 words but it don't matter, Jimmy still got it in time
Vanessa Cortes
Vanessa Cortes 5 oy oldin
0:27 I hear nine but she goes for 3
Vanessa Cortes
Vanessa Cortes 5 oy oldin
I love this game, It's fun-ny
piefaces1234 5 oy oldin
AA AAAAA Zendaya! I loved Shake It Up!
Victor Ortega
Victor Ortega 5 oy oldin
She's a pole
Hanzo main
Hanzo main 6 oy oldin
My god her legs are doing wonders on me.
Sarukesan Srinivasan
Sarukesan Srinivasan
Woow this is actually sad but beautiful.
Sarukesan Srinivasan
Jimmy you master mind 👐🏽
Sarukesan Srinivasan
On another level folks 👏🏾😬
Chloe Cullum
Chloe Cullum 6 oy oldin
I love the Baby Driver
Kenny Z
Kenny Z 6 oy oldin
Why does it always feel like Jimmy knows the answers already but pretends that he doesn’t
k a y l a l a l a
"thank god he was making pottery" you better
Kevin Serpas
Kevin Serpas 6 oy oldin
“I said leave me alone!!!” -dr. Manhattan lol
Emy lerent
Emy lerent 6 oy oldin
Cool I love your videos with zendeya
Hardocore 6 oy oldin
Zendaya is tall!
Gamze Duran
Gamze Duran 6 oy oldin
Carys Lucia Power
abigail Williams
abigail Williams 6 oy oldin
I clicked for Zendaya
jae lee
jae lee 6 oy oldin
I love you so much zendaya favorite song
Zhar Borneo
Zhar Borneo 6 oy oldin
Damn it ZENDAYA 😍😍😍
jen1571 6 oy oldin
Zendaya is gorgeous!
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