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Charlie Puth - The Way I Am (Acoustic) [Official Video]

Charlie Puth
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7-Sen, 2018

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Theoriginaljordan 101
His hair 😍
mememaster 7 soat oldin
I bet charlie won't like and comment on this comment
Alicia Mccormick
Alicia Mccormick 7 soat oldin
The hair and voice of yours is awesome👏👍
GaucheOrb28573 9 soat oldin
I want a brendon urie and Charlie puth collab...
Nxnxnx Jdjdjd
Nxnxnx Jdjdjd 11 soat oldin
Việt Nam ( American)
Nxnxnx Jdjdjd
Nxnxnx Jdjdjd 11 soat oldin
Very good
Nxnxnx Jdjdjd
Nxnxnx Jdjdjd 11 soat oldin
I love you
Lil James
Lil James 14 soat oldin
Charlie Puth! What day do you come to Brazil?
Mr Ratana96
Mr Ratana96 15 soat oldin
i dol
Nila Adriana
Nila Adriana 18 soat oldin
Beybp ❤
mrpokerish 23 soat oldin
Anyone know the guitar chord?
Jermaine Santos
Jermaine Santos Kun oldin
Great song best song i heard in my ears and the aee you again song with no rap made me cry
Sandra Regina
Sandra Regina Kun oldin
Nossa top demais
Iván DF
Iván DF Kun oldin
That hair looks plastic as fuck
Richi Esimi Nfumu
Charlie change for his fans k dislike you before but now you aré in my 5 best artist in my dreams
Mabel Munera Hernandez
Me encanta, me encanta, me encanta.
Victória Jaymylly
Victória Jaymylly 2 kun oldin
Prestei mais atenção na habilidade do cara do violão do que no Charlie kkkk
sofia bnouna
sofia bnouna 2 kun oldin
He is look is like Adam lambert!!!
Agnes Li
Agnes Li 2 kun oldin
you are reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy cute!
Sydney kruckenberg
Sydney kruckenberg 2 kun oldin
Charlie! Mr and my best friend went to your concert! And we Love you! I really love to sing and I really hope i can be like you when I'm older you inspire me so much and everyday thank you your fan Sydney
Hạnh Lý
Hạnh Lý 2 kun oldin
new hair
anurag banerjee
anurag banerjee 2 kun oldin
and the guitarist steals the show ;)
Abigail Sander
Abigail Sander 3 kun oldin
Charlie you are GREATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!! I love you!!
COGLIONE DEL RE 3 kun oldin
E il nero d'inverno
COGLIONE DEL RE 3 kun oldin
Voglio anche io questo colore d'estate
Meadow Lee
Meadow Lee 3 kun oldin
Btws you are sooooooooooooooooooooo cute with bleached hair
Meadow Lee
Meadow Lee 3 kun oldin
I went to your concert on august 5th. That was my first concert. I’m 10 and I fricken love you
mz. rizki Annisa
mz. rizki Annisa 3 kun oldin
i really love this version than the before.
Brajesh Pareek
Brajesh Pareek 3 kun oldin
Can anyone please tell me the name of the guitarist
Dedé gomes
Dedé gomes 3 kun oldin
Happy you music
Jermaine Santos
Jermaine Santos 3 kun oldin
Before you scroll like this comment😂😂😂😂
duong thao
duong thao 3 kun oldin
This song has encouraged me most. Many thanks to u , Charlie
Angel Lee
Angel Lee 3 kun oldin
Gud human , gud songs , gud voice , i don't see any reasons to NOT love him❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
MP uRith
MP uRith 3 kun oldin
2:18 / 3:06
Ale Adami
Ale Adami 4 kun oldin
Wow... He is very incredibile!!! (i think all People know it) I LOVE YOU CHARLIE!!!💗💗💗
Polly’s Gaming
Polly’s Gaming 4 kun oldin
I love his voice soo much ! I’m going to die . EEEE it’s soo beautiful I can’t explain it
Gangri Bagang
Gangri Bagang 4 kun oldin
Acoustic version is better than original
Every thing The best
His hair is so bad👿but I love him!:))
Emmale’a G
Emmale’a G 5 kun oldin
If anyone can figure out these chords faster than I can, please reply ! (:
Sumedh Vyk
Sumedh Vyk 5 kun oldin
three names.
three names. 5 kun oldin
I luv this song and I love ur hair, Charlie looks like my dead brother. His a great guy... Charlie looks like a teen
JustSwetha 5 kun oldin
Love you Charlie. You're so sweet!
Burak Karaçam
Burak Karaçam 5 kun oldin
Kendi yolunda 😏
Qt Mughal
Qt Mughal 5 kun oldin
His voice will kill someone one day I'm telling u
Qt Mughal
Qt Mughal 5 kun oldin
Actually Charlie is the one who is looking perfect in blond hair with light black beard ... perfect look
Key Castro
Key Castro 5 kun oldin
I love song's
The Nail ArtistTM
The Nail ArtistTM 5 kun oldin
He didn't forget the lyrics... it's just for our entertainment...
Josselyn Perez
Josselyn Perez 5 kun oldin
Del 2:28 al 2:33...me enamora esa escena...muy linda y tierna sonrisa..
Massiel Garrido Valdez
El mejor !❤
yoyoyoholla1 6 kun oldin
Acoustic version is almost my favorite. This is awesome
sawssen bônoise
sawssen bônoise 6 kun oldin
Who loves charlie puth 💕💕 please 500 like
erin achilles san juan
please have a concert here at philippines
Wonpil Kim
Wonpil Kim 6 kun oldin
Best of year
Wonpil Kim
Wonpil Kim 6 kun oldin
Can't stop listening this song Charlie ahhh
Nancy Gumnad
Nancy Gumnad 6 kun oldin
What a nice 😍☺
marven adel
marven adel 7 kun oldin
the guitarist is wonderful
nei la
nei la 7 kun oldin
WTF!! i like the way u're are ! love u cHARLIE!!
Sneyder Y Denis Youtuber
Very good song
Fashion bd teaching men's fashion
Beautiful voice 😍😍😍
Elle Elle
Elle Elle 7 kun oldin
uzvid.com/video/video-nVejf9HYtcA.html I loved this Give it a try
Wr Desenvolvimentos
Grande Acústico Charlie Vem no Brasil ! Congratulations Charlie, Very Style
Ummay Afrida Alam
Ummay Afrida Alam 7 kun oldin
Love you Charlie
khalid bajji
khalid bajji 7 kun oldin
Prathamesh Tanavade
2.2k dislikes! Doesn't make any sense.
Jon Allen Madriaga
Jon Allen Madriaga 7 kun oldin
Charlie your Even cooler now and your voice it's cooler than the older ones
JustSubscribe 7 kun oldin
Aiban Lyngdoh
Aiban Lyngdoh 7 kun oldin
fantastic charlie
binti shine
binti shine 8 kun oldin
I love brown hair
issa ramzi
issa ramzi 8 kun oldin
what a talent, TEAM CHARLIE YASS
Jack Wyer
Jack Wyer 8 kun oldin
I l❤ve you.
Ken Kaneki
Ken Kaneki 8 kun oldin
VIỆT NAM 11/10/2018 :Đ
Atkh ARCTSims
Atkh ARCTSims 8 kun oldin
This song was accidentally played when i looking for some video in UZvid. Such a satisfiying song, i love acoustic! :D
Mei Sumeini
Mei Sumeini 8 kun oldin
Sylvia Puspa
Sylvia Puspa 8 kun oldin
💞💞💞 just charlie 😂
Soy Normal
Soy Normal 9 kun oldin
I love charlie puth 我爱查理普斯 Quiero a charlie puth
Bark Bark
Bark Bark 9 kun oldin
im sorry bro you look like a gross dirty mexican with that dfake blonde and that baby pube stache
TheLazyGirl 9 kun oldin
Acoustic is definitely better! Great work on the song, (sorry I'm a little late on commenting)
Arijit sarkar
Arijit sarkar 9 kun oldin
It proves that real voice always comes out from a guy who owns it , whatever may be the instrument . Not like other auto tuned nerds like JB
Unknown Mystery
Unknown Mystery 9 kun oldin
Camii 9 kun oldin
Lpm lo amo
Aline Vitoria
Aline Vitoria 9 kun oldin
❤❤❤❤👏👏👏👏i Love you ..
Sowmya Shetty
Sowmya Shetty 9 kun oldin
All I want to do is hold Charlie
Taylorswift FOREVER
I want his dark hair back 😭
Nightcore Universe
Nightcore Universe 9 kun oldin
Hi ur not charlie puth ur randiputh
musicAll 12
musicAll 12 9 kun oldin
ᴍᴇʟɪ o-O
ᴍᴇʟɪ o-O 10 kun oldin
He's voice 😍💙 Ohhhhhhhh myyyy God 😭😭😭😭
Joe _only
Joe _only 10 kun oldin
This is so amazin than the original 😎👍🏻🎧👌🏻
Naval kichu
Naval kichu 10 kun oldin
Nice song ★★★
Munia hasan
Munia hasan 10 kun oldin
Charlie is so special😍
도토리 10 kun oldin
See you later in KOREA
FK CHN 10 kun oldin
I Like this song
Livy Berg
Livy Berg 10 kun oldin
Is it sad that I was very happy when I realized I have the guitar the guy is playing? lol Also, love the song. Nice job, Charlie!
ÕkamiMikoto 232
ÕkamiMikoto 232 11 kun oldin
what happened to his hair
2b dr MB
2b dr MB 11 kun oldin
I like this hair on charl
Celia Silva Ramirez
Celia Silva Ramirez 11 kun oldin
Que pedo con su pelo no lo reconosi.a la verga
Rishav 11 kun oldin
better than the original....
julie R
julie R 11 kun oldin
Eww hate the hair color 😣
Natural 7Days
Natural 7Days 11 kun oldin
OverNoct 11 kun oldin
It is so impressive how that guy can sing. When he sing, he just talk to you like normal xD I want to practice and that tho haha