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Charlie Puth - The Way I Am (Acoustic) [Official Video]

Charlie Puth
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7-Sen, 2018

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Sabbir Ahmed
Sabbir Ahmed 19 soat oldin
Charlie.......love❤💙💚💛🧡💜 U
Priyaali Kanti
Priyaali Kanti 22 soat oldin
Why is this not very famous????
DanTan DJG
DanTan DJG Kun oldin
Charlie Chang your hair back
Funny Videos
Funny Videos Kun oldin
Hi 2019 ?
Katsuhira Senpai
Noo your black hair
The_Legazy X motion
Like Charlie head
Waffles Forever
Waffles Forever 2 kun oldin
-Anybody else out there still like this in 2019?- Anybody else out there still *love* this in 2019? Who else is *dying* for his new music?? 😃😃😃
Awatif Eltom
Awatif Eltom 2 kun oldin
Like Song
Fjsfjg Hsjgjd
Fjsfjg Hsjgjd 2 kun oldin
Like the hair fresh as f**k
Петър Иванов
Who listen this 2019
Mona Yeh
Mona Yeh 2 kun oldin
Jed 3 kun oldin
Love it! Amazing
S Echavarria
S Echavarria 3 kun oldin
I dont believe Charlie Puth has white hair.....
Fairy Tales Studio
Fairy Tales Studio 3 kun oldin
I just Love every bit of this song.. music, tune, obviously your voice & Lyrics 😍😍♥️♥️♥️ Lots of Love...
Mira. Abd-Elhay
Mira. Abd-Elhay 3 kun oldin
I'm in love with his voice❤❤❤
Film GAMER 3 kun oldin
roland samsung
roland samsung 4 kun oldin
lubie tą piosenke więc łapka w gurę
coc Master
coc Master 4 kun oldin
People :Do you like the music video or the acoustic version? Me :Yes
Trung Lê
Trung Lê 4 kun oldin
ruqaya Mohamed
ruqaya Mohamed 4 kun oldin
Azul Ed
Azul Ed 4 kun oldin
In this video charlie puth show us that he killed the autotune
Awatif Eltom
Awatif Eltom 5 kun oldin
Like Song
Paola Suave
Paola Suave 5 kun oldin
Damary Marcela Rojas Guerrero
es mi idea o cuando se equivoco dijo No era así la cague a mi me pareció escuchar eso dale like si crees lo mismo escuchaste lo mismo
fernando avila
fernando avila Kun oldin
ademas de que no existe ninguna tablatura para aprenderse la cancion en guitarra :``v
Lucia San Martin
Lucia San Martin 5 kun oldin
I'm in love whit your voice and your music. You produce something special in me Charlie ❤
Awatif Eltom
Awatif Eltom 5 kun oldin
Charlie Puth love Song
iris 6 kun oldin
I listen to this all the time when I am studying :) thank you charlie for the great music
Dave Ecleo
Dave Ecleo 6 kun oldin
charlie puth dont need autotune his voice is so amazing........
ZoOz Habeeb
ZoOz Habeeb 6 kun oldin
What a soft voice 😩😭💜
Janelly Ramirez
Janelly Ramirez 6 kun oldin
I love Charlie puth with bleach and brown hair both
Kharingtyn Hill
Kharingtyn Hill 6 kun oldin
Rania Tahoun
Rania Tahoun 7 kun oldin
糖娜儿 7 kun oldin
My favourite singer❤️❤️❤️
BRYAN RODEN 7 kun oldin
U have a voice
DerhasarBargoyai All Action games play
Suprb Bro 👌👍,i like u.keep it up
ayu garnita
ayu garnita 8 kun oldin
damn his voice 😍
Moniqueee U_
Moniqueee U_ 8 kun oldin
*Fans and Haters: Why does Charlie like Liza Soberano?!* *Him: You Could Even Hate Me Or Love Me But Thats Just The Way I Am* #commentinspired
Juana Vazquez
Juana Vazquez 8 kun oldin
Like your smile😍🤩😏😁🤩🤗🤗🤗🤗
Hasan Joy
Hasan Joy 8 kun oldin
Your hairstyle is good
vale blogs y bromas
vale blogs y bromas
Es mi idea o en el minuto 2:24 cuando Charlie se equivoca dice ¿No es haci? Pero pregunto en español like si creen lo mismo que yo
fernando avila
fernando avila Kun oldin
algun link que recomiendes para aprender la cancion en guitarra :```v
AlexJPrime 8 kun oldin
Bro this guy DOESN'T need autotune!
Anita Kenneth
Anita Kenneth 9 kun oldin
👍🎶 awesome
Abelmalek Aithammoudi
your music is nice but you look so gay , just dont be another "Living la vida loka" if you know what i mean.
aiRbckwrds 9 kun oldin
I really like both version of the song. Again, Charlie you didn't disappoint me. Thanks for the great music. :)
MAHNTHURAI MIN 9 kun oldin
You look great charlie
Taylor Elphick
Taylor Elphick 10 kun oldin
I love your music
Aakash Singh
Aakash Singh 10 kun oldin
Who’s love 💕 charlie puth 💖💖💖???
ILL-YES 10 kun oldin
Amazing version please someone make a guitar tutorial the exact same way the guitarist plays it i cant find someone teaching it the way he play it :)
李皓恩 10 kun oldin
2019❤️love Charlie 💪
aparna goswami
aparna goswami 10 kun oldin
Make way people Puberty coming through😂😂
Geet kashyap
Geet kashyap 10 kun oldin
charlie😍 his voice 😘
Little Rock
Little Rock 10 kun oldin
incredible!!찰리푸스 넘 좋아ㅠㅠ❤💛💚💙💜
Ajay Dhot
Ajay Dhot 10 kun oldin
*Charlie* is great.
Lizeth Ramirez corona
ava crystal
ava crystal 10 kun oldin
His voice turns me on... 🤣
Awatif Eltom
Awatif Eltom 10 kun oldin
Bigger fan of song Charlie Puth
Dev Tranquility Girl
Awesome Charlie !
jajajajajaja .....charlie...es tan cool
hosea leonardo
hosea leonardo 11 kun oldin
Ok already i did´nt take a shower life sucks and me tooooo :) but Im feeling happy because I got u
Awatif Eltom
Awatif Eltom 12 kun oldin
Love Song
Awatif Eltom
Awatif Eltom 12 kun oldin
Like Song
Awatif Eltom
Awatif Eltom 12 kun oldin
Charlie Puth love Song the Way l am 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
Awatif Eltom
Awatif Eltom 12 kun oldin
Love this song the way l am
Awatif Eltom
Awatif Eltom 12 kun oldin
Charlie Puth like song
Anime Love
Anime Love 12 kun oldin
U rock Charlie ... !!!
Priyanshi Singh
Priyanshi Singh 12 kun oldin
Charlie I lovvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee youuuuuuuuuuu 💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟
busta102 love or hate but never ignored
Love me or hate but I'm never ignored haha gamma busta 102
busta102 love or hate but never ignored
That's just me don't judge me thank you for all our love but just realize I a human being trying to deal with life on life terms and if you have something to say walk a mile in my shoes and them we can talk!!!
Stella Iman
Stella Iman 12 kun oldin
Congrats on 14 million subscribers!!!
Alice truec
Alice truec 13 kun oldin
Melissa martinez garcia
Su voz 😍
Young Fortna
Young Fortna 13 kun oldin
John Admel
John Admel 13 kun oldin
Stella Iman
Stella Iman 13 kun oldin
1k subscribers left till 14million! You're almost there Charlie!
Park Mochi
Park Mochi 13 kun oldin
Te amo
Park Mochi
Park Mochi 13 kun oldin
pearce 17cm
pearce 17cm 13 kun oldin
Loveeeeeeeeeeeeee you
Surya Dhiez
Surya Dhiez 13 kun oldin
I thought the audio was prerecorded ..until 2:25 .... I was like what!!!.. His voice is so smooth...
Next Tuber
Next Tuber 14 kun oldin
What's It Again?
soumya jyoti
soumya jyoti 14 kun oldin
His voice is ❤ly
Dfrom theVIP
Dfrom theVIP 14 kun oldin
Cool check ma new song in German m.uzvid.com/video/video-hhGXecQFwDQ.html
Sosa's actions
Sosa's actions 15 kun oldin
Im a HUGE fan of you if your reading this can you please heart it or comment so i know you read it Btw I LOVE your voice god job!:))
Diana Barreto
Diana Barreto 15 kun oldin
2019? love him
Santiago Tinjaca
Santiago Tinjaca 15 kun oldin
Hermoso ... This is Beautiful
asadur sakib
asadur sakib 15 kun oldin
Just awesome
kardelen 15 kun oldin
ÇHARLIE sen harikasın
Lannette Manalo Murray
Please subscribe🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗👊🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽
Jayne Artwick
Jayne Artwick 15 kun oldin
Love love love
ToonieMama 16 kun oldin
OMG!! Love it!! He's brilliant!!
Whyusad Idknanmolla
Whyusad Idknanmolla 16 kun oldin
He looks amazing with that hair color 💓
pikachupanda28 fan
pikachupanda28 fan 16 kun oldin
I miss you in this channel 😟
Vivenalvino 16 kun oldin
Tom Garrix
Tom Garrix 16 kun oldin
Anh ay da gia rui
Markiua Peeks
Markiua Peeks 17 kun oldin
Luv you Charlie puth
Satunin Masta
Satunin Masta 17 kun oldin
That was great
Puthinator Forever
Puthinator Forever 17 kun oldin
He is loveeeeeeeeeeeee😢😢😢😍😍
Ricky Canete
Ricky Canete 17 kun oldin
Lannette Manalo Murray
in the midle of the song charlie stoped and then realy went for it!!!!!!!!!!🔊😎🕪
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