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Charlie Puth - The Way I Am (Acoustic) [Official Video]

Charlie Puth
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7-Sen, 2018

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Amira Ragab111181
شكلك قذر😎😎
Romana cak
Romana cak 3 soat oldin
You're PERFECT this song is perfect, your hair perfect love you Charlie with all my heart♥
Hendrick 4 soat oldin
From Indonesian
Tamara Johnson
Tamara Johnson 5 soat oldin
That distinct voice. I melt...
Như Bạch
Như Bạch 5 soat oldin
Zainab Fatima
Zainab Fatima 7 soat oldin
Charlie is looking so cutee in bleached hairss coz that just the way he iss
Afsa Khan
Afsa Khan 8 soat oldin
yaar jst stop judging him what he'll like he will do n i think in spite of his hair we mst notice his singing
Abhay Shukla
Abhay Shukla 9 soat oldin
how many people love charlie but not his hair{ right now.}..🤣😍like here😘😉😉
vishal zhaoyun
vishal zhaoyun 9 soat oldin
2:21 - 2:28 'Everybody is trynna to be famous and I am just.....-- what was it??!!' Best part
Quốc Thái Mai
Quốc Thái Mai 9 soat oldin
Giang Thần
Giang Thần 9 soat oldin
Charlie is perfect with that hair but he will more perfect with the old hair
van nong pham
van nong pham 9 soat oldin
Your video is very👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍and👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Iqsan Gobell
Iqsan Gobell 9 soat oldin
Great song😙
Bank Pk
Bank Pk 9 soat oldin
Jowshar Wary
Jowshar Wary 9 soat oldin
Damnn Charlie looks hot
성원전 9 soat oldin
This song is similar to we don't talk anymore, but better than it.
Bam ber Ser Sy
Bam ber Ser Sy 9 soat oldin
I Love You Charrlire
Fatma Fadel
Fatma Fadel 10 soat oldin
i love his voice and this song ilove every thing about him ♥ ♡♡♡♡♡
Kien Nguyen
Kien Nguyen 10 soat oldin
I do like this version more.
Vladimir SRB
Vladimir SRB 10 soat oldin
I've respected you before, now you look like gay. But you're still singing perfectly.
Kayler Machado
Kayler Machado 11 soat oldin
Unpopular opinion: I like his hair the way it is 💚
Vaishnavi Krishnan
Vaishnavi Krishnan 11 soat oldin
I can relate to this song so much....
Prince Jaman
Prince Jaman 12 soat oldin
Awesome song. That just the way I am..👌👌
Hoang Huy
Hoang Huy 12 soat oldin
this hair makes him look fat!BUT STILL HANDSOME
TwoBananas 13 soat oldin
poor hair, you really bleached the shit out of it.
Yui Pasertsai
Yui Pasertsai 13 soat oldin
Guitar Tab Sheet
Guitar Tab Sheet 14 soat oldin
Who think that acoustic version is better than the official version. Like for me! Anyway, I found another video of the guitarist: uzvid.com/video/video-ys_53ey-XS0.html
Harinandh Lal J S
Harinandh Lal J S 14 soat oldin
Awesome charlie but i like that cut charlie
SAHIL KHAN 14 soat oldin
Incredible voice
SAHIL KHAN 14 soat oldin
Pretty goof
Jennifer 15 soat oldin
You look awesome in bleached hair. And also ur music never dissapointed
Astri Marlina
Astri Marlina 15 soat oldin
Kl liat Charlie Puth bibirnya itu aduhai sexy i like that suka geregetan pingin gigit 😍😍😍😘😘😘love love Charlie Puth
Asel Konysbayeva
Asel Konysbayeva 15 soat oldin
Here he's look like Bieber aaand his voice too
Nazile Agali
Nazile Agali 16 soat oldin
Nazile Agali
Nazile Agali 16 soat oldin
Nargyule Selvetova
Nargyule Selvetova 16 soat oldin
I feel like charlie didnt like his hair either and that why he made it
Sylamphone Suliyavong
Sylamphone Suliyavong 16 soat oldin
jake raymund sarino
jake raymund sarino 17 soat oldin
I dont hate it, but that bleach hair don't look great on Charlie
Aughtdy Vardy
Aughtdy Vardy 17 soat oldin
2:26 what Charlie??
iiwonderr womanii
iiwonderr womanii 18 soat oldin
We are here to appreciate his singing and not his looks...so i guess it's better to focus on the guitar and his voice and let's not forget the lyrics ❤❤ and just stop being a pain in the nerve by focusing on things we should not ☮ peace! ☮
AriefMavin 18 soat oldin
Idk why the best men in blonde just Zayn & Justin
Nikki Bella
Nikki Bella 19 soat oldin
2:26 awwwwwwso cute😘😘😍😍
J Hino
J Hino 19 soat oldin
I love his voice!! If I wasnt married he would defiently be on my radar:)
MusicHotMagic 19 soat oldin
Charlie Puth fans raise their hands! I love this song ! Great with this tune! Who agree !
Hà Thơ Nguyễn
Hà Thơ Nguyễn 19 soat oldin
No matter what Charlie's hair color is, I just love the guitarist. Meow!
林佩儀 19 soat oldin
喜歡你的歌 你的聲音
gueja con chofis arroyo calderon
Ella es Ana
Daffa Sulthan
Daffa Sulthan 20 soat oldin
You look like real man with that hair, and old like little bit heheh
Van aNh
Van aNh 20 soat oldin
Ham Bam
Ham Bam 20 soat oldin
I like his hair the way it is
Shinsei Kogyo
Shinsei Kogyo 20 soat oldin
hair doesnt bother he's handsome , and hes song is everywhere such a gifted person..cheers!
Danielle Clarke
Danielle Clarke 20 soat oldin
plz shave and change back to your normal hair plz
The GSquad_YT
The GSquad_YT 21 soat oldin
The Same Day Mac Died. RIP
Coon Pooch
Coon Pooch 21 soat oldin
Amazing he is one of the most talented artists out today and there’s not to many of them
Aline Leeman
Aline Leeman 21 soat oldin
PeterC 21 soat oldin
Hot song, hot songwriter, hot singer, hot man. Add in intelligent and I'm done!
Jman 111
Jman 111 21 soat oldin
Best song ever btw love you hair
Saajid Hussain
Saajid Hussain 22 soat oldin
Farah Liana
Farah Liana 22 soat oldin
I didn’t notice Charlie until I heard his voice
ReinMike Vlogs
ReinMike Vlogs Kun oldin
This reminded me of his old song *seventeen*
abbie_ _awkzz
abbie_ _awkzz Kun oldin
I like all versions tbh.... ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
kitty girl
kitty girl Kun oldin
I went to his concert and TOOK HIS SHIRT OFF 😚
Karina Alvarez
Karina Alvarez Kun oldin
Your hair 😱
Retro Games
Retro Games Kun oldin
dislike for the fucking new look
Hea Hea
Hea Hea Kun oldin
Bleached hair is look older than Black hair But still love you ( MY IDOL ) Love from Cambodia
LazerPlayz Gamez
Your The Best
Arti Singh
Arti Singh Kun oldin
Guys u should enjoy his voice rather than pointing out his style by the way he looks great in bleached hair kind of old school style
Ashley Orozco
Ashley Orozco Kun oldin
Charlie Puth is so precious 😍 I love his music!
GameTime And More
Why bleach it tho bro?
KeepPlay Guitar
KeepPlay Guitar Kun oldin
I love it So Much..
putrynts Kun oldin
Puth more handsome with new hair colour, and the music he make so easy listening ❤
Doanh Trần Quốc
dã man một giọng hát méo bao giờ có thể bắt chước được , cao vl
MR T-NJ Kun oldin
شارلي بوث فنان رائع جدا وخصوصا انه يلحن اغنيه 😍😍#عربى_اخبط لايك
Prafulla Shetty
Prafulla Shetty Kun oldin
Rosy Bala
Rosy Bala Kun oldin
Perfecto !
Gema Kun oldin
Charlie, you looked mega cute before, with your normal hair color. But now you look like a freakazoid with that, Village Of The Damned, hair color. ha ha ha ha ha Hope this is a swiftly passing phase and you won't return to it again. That bleach job is even effecting your brain, you're having trouble remembering your lyrics. And that terrible look is detracting from being able to listen to your song. Drop whoever told you to do that. Really Charlie, a very bad choice.
Pratheek K.K
Pratheek K.K Kun oldin
Dumidu Kannangara
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Somrudee Boaplien
น่ารักค่ะ ❤️😊
Jiffin Varghese
Jiffin Varghese Kun oldin
I prefer that old look of him
Bishamamon Kun oldin
Zuzu35 Kasubka
Zuzu35 Kasubka Kun oldin
Khalil Hart
Khalil Hart Kun oldin
Wow literally accidentally pressed this video and I’m SOOOOOOOOOO glad I did
Ade Norman
Ade Norman Kun oldin
Me: I've been thinking about it but do you think charlie puth already knows what were gonna say but did it anyway coz that's ""just the way he is?" haha My friend: *stares silently* funny I forgot to laugh... Me: ... well then carry on with your lives bye beautiful people.
Katia Fekir
Katia Fekir Kun oldin
19/09/2018 Charlie puth😍
Duy Lê
Duy Lê Kun oldin
Tr ơi tr sao tui thích ông này dữ tr vậy tr
Brow NE
Brow NE Kun oldin
Aww his hair ❤️❤️
M. MTKS Kun oldin
Well come to Cambodia😭😭🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Elizabeth Mabula
best sound
Elizabeth Mabula
😍 you so much
Ann liya
Ann liya Kun oldin
Hi charlie your second sound is awesome I love you I am annliya
Roblox SolomonYT
this version is more better than the original one
Maddy McLelland
Maddy McLelland Kun oldin
Oml when he goofed up “wait what is it” THE LAUGH N U T
bhagyasri behera
omg😍😍 u r d best
*Galaxy_5 *
*Galaxy_5 * Kun oldin
This video just proves that celebrities are human too!!! Charlie messed up a few times but he is still an amazing singer, with amazing songs, and a ton of fans (including myself) who love him so much ☺️
Chick and Gun Journey
That just the way I am.
TheSneakyRM Rahul Madhwani
charlie looks awesome in bleached hair stfu
GameWeeknd Kun oldin
He does not even sing singing, he mimics clearly
Sucipto Wijono
Sucipto Wijono Kun oldin
The angel voice... I wish to attending your concert at Indonesia... but that day is my boys Birthday.....
Shirley S
Shirley S Kun oldin