Charlize Theron On Raising A Black Son, Showing Reality Of Motherhood | The View

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Sailorzee 2 kun oldin
Regardless if she answered or not she’s going to get hate. She decided to jump around because she’s not black and she wouldn’t be able to raise them black because she herself isn’t. All she knows is being a white South African women.
luk4o666 3 kun oldin
how does it matter if its a black son :D? Imagine a future mother worrying if her son is of color.... like wtf :D like she says to herself- oh no it will be black :D:D:D
zz zz
zz zz 5 kun oldin
This woman still looks the same I don't think she uses much surgeries like the other celebs. Coz she knows for sure that she is beautiful
Patricia the booke
Patricia the booke 6 kun oldin
Charlize is an amazing mother some people are miserable with their own lives.
Jenna Ryan
Jenna Ryan 9 kun oldin
I feel like she is truly more like Mommy Dearest than a sincere, good mother. She seems evil and mean.
miriam wright
miriam wright 9 kun oldin
Has she taken her kids to her homeland SOUTH AFRICA? Is she teaching them to speak AFRIKAANS?
Annette Elliott
Annette Elliott 13 kun oldin
Can't stand her anymore,!
Crispy Chicken
Crispy Chicken 15 kun oldin
"Was it me?" I cannot love her any more
Cyerriea Brown
Cyerriea Brown 16 kun oldin
She's fuckn disgusting
Supreme Leader
Supreme Leader 17 kun oldin
She is Afrikaans meaning dutch . Dutch were the ones brutalized most of Africa and used to put captured blacks from toddler to old in cages for display in Netherlands . For her . black kid is an accessory . Its like buying old expensive museum art , rich white people buy things as an accessory so that they can show off and its cool to have them . It has nothing to do with responsibility of having black kids or even kids . As a south African born during apartheid , she shouldn't even be allowed to be even near to black kids .
TTSantiago821 18 kun oldin
This is why you should not adopt a child not of your nation if u do not have the tools to educate and prepare them for what their bloodline means in this world. Adopting a black child requires this knowledge and her vapid response suggests she has not blue how to prepare him. Especially because he will grow to be a black man (prayerful), she has to do better.
Sondra Richardson
Sondra Richardson 20 kun oldin
She don't know how to answer the question in reference to raising her black son in this time of black lives matter. Money my dear friends play a good part n this..most of us dont hve the type of bank acct she has n that cash flow can only block racial injustice for so long. Her son hs to bcme a black teenager n a black adult in this one sided world we live in. She talked abt doing anything to keep her kids safe. That's what all good parents say.
richard bird
richard bird 21 kun oldin
I hope that nigget buck grows up and does what is in his DNA, rape, and that she is the first on the list. There is an excellent chance of that happening. Here's hoping.
Bobby Williams
Bobby Williams 22 kun oldin
I love her.....
13 22 kun oldin
A black son?! This is terrible!! Call him by his name or mention the country she adopted him from .. but don’t say black son its 2018 stop referring to people by colour it is so ignorant of you! You’re a popular show on an international scale you have responsibilities including ethical journalism - who ever wrote the title lacks education and manners
thrice bang
thrice bang 22 kun oldin
It's not a issue if you don't think about it- Joyce B, ladies and gentlemen
J79 23 kun oldin
I feel sorry for her kids.
Lorend F
Lorend F 23 kun oldin
Oh my!!! Raising a black son is no different than raising a brown, white, red, yellow son!! It is ignorant mentality and this culture also that is teaching different!!.. we need to worry about raising our sons to become men more than anything! Become men in a society that hates the male figure.. raise your son to be a respectful, mature, responsible human being, no matter what color he is.. That would challenge and shut peoples mouths and attitudes when they see you raised a man that goes against everything they thought of in their minds about him..
Julia Sochnikova
Julia Sochnikova 23 kun oldin
To all the people who are criticizing her for not answering the question about raising a black son-she did not answer it, because there is a much bigger issue with her son-he is clearly living as a girl and most likely is transgender. This is a way bigger problem for her to worry about than just raising a black son. I believe that's why she did not want to talk about it at all.
SolidRock InclearWater
What was she thinking to appear on this crazy show.?
So What
So What 25 kun oldin
I DON’T WANT TO HEAR PEOPLE OF COLOR enough why do we see white, black, brown,yellow that we r humans JUST humans
Denise Goodvine
Denise Goodvine 25 kun oldin
It's funny that South Africa wouldn't allow her to get children because of how detrimental she is
Denise Goodvine
Denise Goodvine 25 kun oldin
How about her talk about making him dress like a girl
Lisa DeFevers
Lisa DeFevers 25 kun oldin
Just curious why she was caught ushering this small little boy completely dressed in a girls attire through the airport. I understand these luciferian entertainers purposely transgender their children in the way high level luciferian families do. Including royal families and high level seaters in our government. You people see glamour and glitz but there is a dark side to entrtainment they never talk about to the average joe. Do some research and type in luciferian hollywood...satanic hollywood and see what all comes up. Its time to wake up people.
FIDIRONU 25 kun oldin
Jeremy Cornwell
Jeremy Cornwell 27 kun oldin
Does you are son eat nothing but carbohydrates?
Barbara Melady
Barbara Melady 27 kun oldin
Gorgeous and kind and smart xoxo
MadAboutSaffron Red
MadAboutSaffron Red 27 kun oldin
Maybe she gets tired of ALWAYS being asked about being a white woman raising a black child. Hence she avoided the question.
Chris Caldwell
Chris Caldwell 28 kun oldin
I knew better than to read the comments. I knew she'd be torn apart no matter how she answered that question. Why women feel the need to rip each other apart always eludes me. Do your best Charlize, it's all anyone should expect. It's all any of us can do.
juan hoshkaboo
juan hoshkaboo 29 kun oldin
I do hope she checks his toxic blackness
Sylvia 81
Sylvia 81 Oy oldin
What I noticed that many black people have an issue with her boy being transgender. So you always complain about racism in the society, what about you showing tolerance and acceptance toward something what does not affect you, but make other person happy? Her boy was dressed up as a boy early age, but clearly he does not want to be a boy anymore.
Joshua Eseer
Joshua Eseer Oy oldin
She deflected that question like Dragon Ball Z.
Myra Wilson
Myra Wilson Oy oldin
I feel for every child no matter what color but if you are making your money off the USA please look around you and see all the hungry abused children in America and give them a home
Lunitacruz86 Oy oldin
My adoptive dad was white and was the best father in the whole wide world!!!! From bottle and diapers to teaching me Portuguese, bike riding , cooking....He taught me what real love is. I don’t understand all the fuss around adopting kids from different races. What does a child /human really need? That is the important question. People should stop making everything about race. “ you are my child point blank” was my father response when I told him that kids at school were wondering how I could have a white dad. Same here those are her kids . Blank. I can understand those who speaks from experience but some are just talking without being objective and thinking right. Racism I wrong in both ways. All white people are not Trump. And all black people are not Martin Luther king nor Mandela. We need to be subjective for our main goal is a better world for all human being. Now you can call me white washed all you want because all I said flew over your head. Have a nice one.
Lunitacruz86 9 kun oldin
Konscious Klout being called white washed isn’t specific to a race and I wish nobody cared just like you but my reality is another. 🙂
Konscious Klout
Konscious Klout 10 kun oldin
Lunitacruz86 Call you whitewashed? Nobody even knows or cares what race you are.
Alisi Temba
Alisi Temba Oy oldin
Leave America move to nz or oz n yr kids will be safer
Another person
How is she so beautiful ?
gayle2020 Oy oldin
She didnt answer the question because she doesn't believe she has a son. She referred to him in another interview as a girl. She said she had 2 girls
Clara Fernández
Everybody complaining about she doesn't answer to her black son question ...and I'm sure she doesn't care because she's rich. There's no black or white. There are rich or poor.
John Thang
John Thang Oy oldin
Those hosts are fake laughing I guess. Aiyoo. Seems so cringe.
White women shouldn’t be able to adopt black children. They do not have the range to raise black children in this society
1BlessedGem Oy oldin
I'm sorry but something about her is extremely troubling. That's why she had a lot of TROUBLE adopting. 2, she didn't take her Black children from Africa, to see Black Panther (watch interview she did with Michael B Jordan). 3, I've seen her in many interviews and something is WAY OFF about her character. She comes off negative, bitter, and very obnoxious. She totally avoided the question of raising Black children and wth is she dressing her son in dresses??? I'm sorry but she's totally unstable and avoiding the question of raising Black children, especially in this world we're living in today, has red flags written all over it! Adopting children isn't a fad or for u to have cool points. A fake Angelina Jolie she certainly is! U must have a genuine love for children and be excited about becoming a parent and I do not get that from her. I'm a teacher and Mother and it continues to bring me so much joy. Yes, there can be challenges but it's honestly not at all as difficult as she makes it out to be. Her frustration level is zero and again, I've listened to many of her interviews and I'm very underwhelmed.
Jutan Cross
Jutan Cross Oy oldin
Olay bsaysol
Olay bsaysol Oy oldin
Lol...people trying to find fault about her not answering the question...failed to realize about acceptance and unconditional love🤷‍♂️...perhaps she's private about raising her children 'cause everyone grows up differently with different environments...
Alicia B
Alicia B Oy oldin
What is Joy even saying.... what about the Civil rights era and the "Emit Tills" and police brutality on black Americans who wanted Civil Rights
Londa1027 Oy oldin
Im especially curious about her son and his predilection for girls' clothes. Is she rearing him to be gender neutral? How does this marry with rearing him as a typically developing black man.
Marlee Knights
She really finessed that question
infg3570 Oy oldin
Dafuq is Whoopi wearing????
Peru_queen Oy oldin
I've always been a huge fan of Charlize. She is an amazing actress and to hear her sound so relatable just makes me love her even more!
Richard Depaola jr
Horrible mother, horrible person. If America is so dangerous for her black child, she wouldnt be living here since she can easily afford to raise her child someplace where she believes he would be safe. Choosing to stay here means she is CHOOSING TO KEEP HIM IN A DANGEROUS ENVIRONMENT. She painted herself into a corner with her fucked up virtue signaling to placate low life scum on social media acting as if America is bad. I feel so sorry for her child to be raised by such a professional victim that is so low, she would do something like this. She is clearly not going to be raising a strong son, just another person that will blame everything on others and will be too weak minded to get ahead in the world.
Kaitlin King
Kaitlin King Oy oldin
I don't care that I'm bigger because I got a huge little precious gift from all of that physical change and pain.
anthony pilgrim
Did she actually answer the question to raising a black child an making them aware of being black?
ronnie massart
she needs to move back to Africa since America is so bad, right bimbo?
Jim Jam
Jim Jam Oy oldin
Charlize.. like like like! :-)
Charlotte Bezuidenhout
I think she answered the question loud and clear ...by not answering the question..she does not owe us an explanation and may have her reason as to why she chooses not to address the question directly...maybe she does not want it to be topic of conversation amongst children's friends. ..or whatever reason she chooses..it her prerogative if she wants to protect her children.. I felt she definitely answered the question
meme hot chocolate
I don't think that she was trying to avoid answering the question I believe that she was being careful with her choice of words because no matter how much she loves them and how well she cares for them she is still a white woman raising to little black boys. And if these children are not her birth children it could potentially cause reprocutions. Just my opinion 🤷
Sleepz Wayne
Sleepz Wayne Oy oldin
This chick is sick... your raising a black child and putting him in a dress WTF
GuruShawn Oy oldin
Didn't answer the question in any form of a satisfactory manner at all. Sure she's seems like a very nice woman, but the fact is there's very much a difference in raising black children as opposed to children of other races. This is obviously prevalent in America, which is rooted in racism.
Ironbudha 721
Ironbudha 721 Oy oldin
Why does she dress him up like a little girl😡?
I Love My Skin
White ppl SHOULD NOT raise blacl children!!! There's nothing they can do to teach them about their culture and history. And they're not going to make effort to do it. There's plenty of white kids who need homes too. I don't trust them, the black child will be totally brainwashed like their culture has been doing for centuries.
Duruike Alex
Duruike Alex Oy oldin
The reason why Charlize Theron dresses her son like a girl is the same reason for a lot of hate towards black men....Black Masculinity is something whites fear down to their bone, it’s not me saying it. There’s a lot of research on it. I think it’s wonderful she adopted black kids or any kids but am not buying the kid wants to dress like a girl stuff, lots of kids want to play with fire and do crazy things, the parents are there to guild them. And pls ppl should stop confusing money with love. If a rich man adopts a lil to abuse is that a loving home.
Francois Van Zyl
They are inherently racist meaning they respect the fact that there are different race. But opting a black child to adopt is exactly that!! There is nothing wrong to be a racist because it just implies that you respect that fact. We are all racists when you talk about black, white yelliw etc. The wrong is being a discriminist.
ron fon
ron fon Oy oldin
Apparently she dresses her son as a girl. There are many pictures on line. Google it.
Kirkmanor Kirkmanor
Joy your statement “It never was an issue” shows your privilege because I’m sure it has always been an issue for people of color.
Deborah Lake
Deborah Lake Oy oldin
She did not answer the question...what are you doing every day to help your son see who he will be...a strong, resilient, peaceful, masculine black man.
Lexi Flores
Lexi Flores Oy oldin
I don’t think that part hit her until sunny asked the question. They should ask her again now and see if she’s put any thought into it. White people just automatically think their privilege covers those around them. When in reality it doesn’t.
rae bay
rae bay Oy oldin
i'm confused..... she didn't answer the question.
Rk18 Oy oldin
what a stupid question
Susie Q
Susie Q Oy oldin
This witch is raising a black boy and turning him into a girl right in front of our eyes and no one is outrage about it very sick !!
kaycee campbell
White South Africans are very racist!
221x91 Oy oldin
Oh my God Im pregnant I am not ready
gen nye
gen nye Oy oldin
she's raising her black son as a girl....so that sums it up
Gift for Gab
Gift for Gab Oy oldin
First of al ahe doesn't see her son as a boy. She is dressing him as a girl. That is just messed up.
Jasna Husejnovic
Black children have become an accessory for white celebrities
Mondè 5 kun oldin
Jasna Husejnovic roles are reversed/reversing globally and whites know this! Hence attaching themselves to anything black as quickly as possible
Can't believe Joy just said black violence by police wasn't an issue when she was growing up. Did she forget the choke hold?
Gordon Adams
Gordon Adams Oy oldin
I have a friend, white woman with mixed race children. The boy is just 10 and they already had the "how to act if you're stopped by police" talk. 10!
Lea LUCAS Oy oldin
What is this title?! She was talking about raising her child, not raising a "black son"... What is this?!
?,?, Oy oldin
She has a black boy dresses like a girl , she's a very mentally disturbed creature.
Kwame Zane
Kwame Zane Oy oldin
all the blacks in the comments being jealous on this godess...hahahahaha 🤣😂😂😂
Kwame Zane
Kwame Zane Oy oldin
So sad she is not raising her own biological child, what a superior beautiful creature it would be!
Kwame Zane
Kwame Zane Oy oldin
Not a queen....but a godess!!!
Miguel Islas
Miguel Islas Oy oldin
Charlize is one of most beautiful women in the show business, beauty forever
Michelle Marie
Charlize you’re so fortunate to have a mom by your side as you raise your kids.
Queen Queen
Queen Queen Oy oldin
Charlize damaged her "son" and turned him into a little blond girl I find something wrong with her seriously
이나라 Oy oldin
Always pretty like.. So mysteriouly beautiful women
Letme Turnonthelights
She talks about the kids as though they were pet monkeys.
Vic Bell
Vic Bell 2 oy oldin
Reading all the comments, wow! What is the big deal about raising a black child???? She is not the first woman to have adopted black child!!! Really???? How many decades had people been adopting children from Vietnam China, Thailand, Korea ets. ets.A loving parent can be black, white, yellow, as long as they are stable and loving. It's not 1960!! We have come a long way since those days. There will always be racism in the world just like rich and poor. Pardon my english and grammar.
Smokeless1167 2 oy oldin
Oh aren't you the hero. :eyeroll:
Denise 2 oy oldin
Yayyyyy!!!!!!! Finally an entire video of The View without a mention of Donald Trump!! Woot-woot
Carlnetta Flagg
Carlnetta Flagg 2 oy oldin
She is lying.
Nyashia Gaines
Nyashia Gaines 2 oy oldin
she's not raising a black son, she's killing him slowly.
Tee Jay
Tee Jay 2 oy oldin
She’s sick she turned the little boy into a girl ! She had a son, a daughter now the older one is a girl!!! WTH!!! You people are sick talking about how pretty she is when she’s changing children’s sex🤮🤮🤮
Traci Klumper
Traci Klumper 2 oy oldin
The title 'Raising a black son' shouldn't even be a headline. It should just read 'raising a child'. Why do we make such distinctions. Children are children and they all need the same things. I think that's why Charlene didn't answer that question specifically. Good on her for not buying into the racial hype.
top boss
top boss 2 oy oldin
Iesha 8111
Iesha 8111 2 oy oldin
It should be illegal for caucasians to adopt black children!!!!!!
Tori Collins
Tori Collins 2 oy oldin
I don't like the fact that Charlize skirted the question & didn't answer. A white, S. African woman should've be able to answer that question, especially since she chose those kids. It appeared that she hasn't given it thought. Frustrating to watch.
Mercedes B.
Mercedes B. 2 oy oldin
Commenting on bringing up children (esp. Charlize Theron's black children), Joy Behar seems to think the climate was better during her childhood ...so when they had separate drinking fountains for "Colored" people??? WOW!!!
Maria Timchenko
Maria Timchenko 2 oy oldin
Guys, Charlize is from Africa. So, yes, she knows very well that her son is black. And her answer is that it doesn't matter what color, we are similar, safety of children (it doesn't matter what color) is much important. We need to growing our children with opinion that your color isn't special (black, white, etc.), you are not special because you are white or black.
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