Charlize Theron On Raising A Black Son, Showing Reality Of Motherhood | The View

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stjhinapo Ming
stjhinapo Ming 2 kun oldin
Your mom is thinking there is a god pay back
stjhinapo Ming
stjhinapo Ming 2 kun oldin
You are now a black mom welcome
Jameelia Moonrise
Jameelia Moonrise 3 kun oldin
Has it occurred to any of you that it's not really any of our business how she's handling raising a black son?
Loo Eli
Loo Eli Kun oldin
Is she raising a son ? Charlize said in an interview just today that she has "two beautiful daughters."
Mario Z
Mario Z 5 kun oldin
For all you people saying she dodged the question. She's a famous multi millionaire who has the ability to hire body guards. Her kid is safer than the majority of America..
Senzo Ncube
Senzo Ncube 5 kun oldin
Charlize Theron represents our country so majestically well in the world. Beautiful person in all respects. Brilliant actress to boot, whatever the role. Proud of you, "Suster"! ☺ The whole of South Africa will always be proud of you! Stay as you are!🤜🏽
Pearl Tippins
Pearl Tippins 10 kun oldin
Why are they get these black children for in the first place? That is a question I would like a answer to......
Evuro inc. ECO-LEASH
Whoopi had to say daughters 🙄
realpqleur 12 kun oldin
Do you really believe that white females adopt black males because they are good mothers? Madonna carries around a small penis measuring device when adoption shopping.
Señor José
Señor José 12 kun oldin
I saw her on Unapologetic with Aisha Tyler and she came off *SO* arrogant and superficial. Although I may not know her in person she gives off this "I'm better than you" vibe. Another white woman that's out of touch.
jam man
jam man 12 kun oldin
A white African asked a question on raising an African child ammmmm 🤔🤔 dear people she was born in Africa daaaaah 🤔👀
Sleeping Angel0007
Sleeping Angel0007 13 kun oldin
Was she the actress who had her adopted sons or in dresses or was that the another white actress?
Sleeping Angel0007
Sleeping Angel0007 9 kun oldin
I did the show did anybody call her out on that BS?not watch
Madinah Kimbrough
Madinah Kimbrough 9 kun oldin
Sleepingangel0134 Yes, this is her!!
Ryooken 13 kun oldin
She needs to spank her children. When they cut up, she needs to pull the car over, and deal with them.
Ernesto Jr. Acosta
Ernesto Jr. Acosta 15 kun oldin
That lady is beautiful!
Linda Fukuyu
Linda Fukuyu 15 kun oldin
People need to stop mentioning "Black" kids .. just mention "Kids" .. All kids behave the same no matter what color they are. Some kids are good .. some others are not ! I hate that political correctness and sound racist to me !! Btw, I'm not black .. I'm mix European and Asian.
Mariam Shotadze
Mariam Shotadze 15 kun oldin
She looks if she's in her late 20s/yearly 30s. Amazing woman!!!!!!
Wo0sAh 16 kun oldin
This lady is sick, and has raised the boy in dresses...fawk her!!!
Linka 17 kun oldin
Everyone is freaking out about Charlize deflecting the question, saying her kids need strong, black men as role models in their lives so they can learn to 'cope' with/ how to BE black, telling her how to raise her kids, telling her the WAY that she is concerned for her children is wrong... but the problem is that people are so incredibly judgmental and impose these expectations on parents/ celebrities that are parents that, at the end of the day, has nothing to do with them. Charlize knew not to make it about race, because she (probably) knows, coming from South Africa - where racism has a very loud history (that speaks for itself), that making it (anything) about race is what causes chaos, unfairness, blame, resentment and hatred to keep racism alive and pumping through society's veins.
One Pun Man
One Pun Man 21 kun oldin
G-D has condemned the white race to extinction. The die has been cast. Resistance is futile. It was fun while it lasted. RIP 60,000 BC - 2150 AD.
nafis ahmed
nafis ahmed 21 kun oldin
All these negative comments about Charlize. Stop hating she's beautiful inside and out
luciana tomas
luciana tomas 22 kun oldin
I love u Charlize always
ChevyDude65 22 kun oldin
She is not equipped to answer this question obviously. "Keeping my child safe" is not answering the question of what it takes to raise a Black child in America. I have a feeling these celebrities go to other countries because it's faster and simpler to buy a child instead of having the adoption studies and assessments they would have to face in the US. I don't think she has given it a second thought. I have family members that are Black, and there are many White Americans that have no idea what a Black person faces in the US.
Lucky Blogger
Lucky Blogger 23 kun oldin
she is so smart and beautiful.
Steve Reed
Steve Reed 25 kun oldin
So should we put Charlize on a higher platform and give her a nice race based metal because she is from Africa and is raising poor black children? She chose to raise black children so how is that different from the rest of us? The fact she is a famous actress with a ton of money and options which doesn't mean she can speak for the rest of us. She can only assume at this point.
Melissa Castle
Melissa Castle 26 kun oldin
Joy, it was going on you just did not hear about it.
Alicia Una Ryan
Alicia Una Ryan 26 kun oldin
I was raised one doesn't mix donkeys and horses. South Africa views her as a traitor to her own race.
Jefferson Flair
Jefferson Flair 27 kun oldin
The Black Child Was Found Just Showed Up ???? Out of nowhere Unbelievable I bet u These fuckoffs were apart of some Ring involving Pedophiles !!!!!
Helene Gulley
Helene Gulley 28 kun oldin
It's not mentioned in this clip but after reading some comments I see that she lets her son wear dresses. Now my question is does she make him, or let him? Because there is a difference and if she made him wear dresses that would be extremely weird. But I think she just allows him to wear what he prefers. I'm not really seeing anything wrong with that. My brother and the neighbor kid wore they're stupid Power Ranger costumes every single day. And I mean every day- it was not Halloween! But you noticed they did not grow up to be Power Rangers! LOL my point is, kids have the things they like for a while -I used to have a favorite pair of pajamas that I wore all the time. Her children are fairly Young. This is normal. And not really that alarming unless, UNLESS she is just MAKING him. then it's a little weird
Deutschland Vaterland
Why did she not raise an Asian Son. She is RACIST.
Regina Mayumi Nishihira
when people put that question about black or white,you raising the discrimination She sees just love child like anyone of other mothers. Is it soo difficult to understand? So if she adopt some downsyndrome child or wherever,that is no diference at all,children must be loved in any case Charlize ,you are much more than a talent actress,my respect!
Gustavo Delgado
What? did she answer the question?
Tunster Oy oldin
She could have touch on the topic or mentioned it’s bad for cops to single people out because of their colour. That’s all she needed to say but she swerved the question.
Tina Dudley
Tina Dudley Oy oldin
schools in new Zealand are still fun education and safe.
Mel M
Mel M Oy oldin
I love Charlize. Her external beauty is eclipsed by her inner beauty. Love
Ryk Son
Ryk Son Oy oldin
Nope she doesn’t really take it seriously .. those kids will have bodyguards and snipers watching their backs 24/6
Ryk Son
Ryk Son Oy oldin
Well 24/8
pedal mamma
pedal mamma Oy oldin
I love her answer . Cus it aint ya guys bizznizz. Shame on you for taking bad about her. You dont know her. Its private.
Doretha Aguirre
I don't truly think she understand what it is to raise a black child in America.... Partly because she think she could just raise them as white kids🙄
A Bdc
A Bdc Oy oldin
Those holywood people who think they can achieve happiness with kids that aren't their and outside of their race are completely nuts. . This lady needs help
sally Soso
sally Soso Oy oldin
Jerome & Lydia
I like that she answered the question with ‘I just want my kids to be safe’. She is from South Africa where the world knows about the issues that country has had to deal with over the years,so I know Charlize is fully equipped and intelligent enough to raise and educate her sons in this current climate in America. I applaud her for being so honest.👏🏽
Ms Lightfoot
Ms Lightfoot Oy oldin
Raising a child or young adult that’s mixed race or African American is so much harder to keep them safe during this time of crap in office , since the cops take extra precautions when they shouldn’t no race should have extra precautions against more then others , I had the cops just come talk to my son as a curtesy but they come with protective vest on and guns ready really not needed they need to stop singling out one race no matter what age .
Robin Rozario
Robin Rozario Oy oldin
Joy it was going on more when you were coming g up. You just didn't see it. Called white privilege. But I love that you understand our fight and I love you joy
The Erin Davila
I love that she sees no color. Everyone in the comments, that went right over your head!
Carol Shaw
Carol Shaw Oy oldin
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Carol Shaw
Carol Shaw Oy oldin
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Darice Ormerod
She is my idol ! I feel so ugly after gaining weight I can’t get rid of . I totally understand what she’s saying !
oechols Oy oldin
There's nothing wrong with her answer. You all expected her to go all "black mother", but her main responsibility is what she said, to keep them safe. And she said that she will do "anything, and everything, to keep them safe". She admitted she was aware of the climate. I am a black man and parent of a son, and I think her answer was great. Don't expect her to act like a black mother, because she isn't. Her status gives her better options than those of us without it.
lorettalynn Davis
This person called "Charlize Theron" was born a man. I shudder to think about what's *really going on* with this person, Madonna, Sandra Bullock, and other "Hollywood celebrities" raising Black boys in particular. There is definitely an agenda here, trust me!
Andrew L PickfordIII
She has no idea but she will!
Raising a black son that she allows to dress like a black daughter.....smh.
Tessa Rowell
Tessa Rowell Oy oldin
Woman from Australia and south Africa are always so beautiful!!!
Ashley DyL
Ashley DyL Oy oldin
If she's white and her husband is black, then she's raising a mixed race boy right? Not black. America and race terminology will always surprise me.
sesmos chiba
sesmos chiba Oy oldin
One of the most beautiful woman in the world
Hanan Yamini
Hanan Yamini Oy oldin
This lady is cray cray. She let her toddler dress like a girl. I hate parents that let their chidren tell them what to do. Grow a pair 😩
Crystal Sherman
She needs to stop dressing her son in girls clothes!
April Underwood
You don't really know what its like raising a black son until your teenage son experiences racial profiling. Until then, as a parent, you don't know there is a difference.
Diana D
Diana D Oy oldin
What a disgusting title. Thank God I don’t live in the U.S
supreme Tee
supreme Tee Oy oldin
Unless there's more interview WHY WASN'T THE FACT THAT SHE PUTS DRESSES AND TUTUS ON THESE BLACK BOYS ADDRESSED. Where was that part of the interview, because this part was whack and superficial
Susie Harris
Susie Harris Oy oldin
She is an elite witch raising a black son, forcing him to wear a dress and a wig no respect just disgust!
radha ramani vasam
Is it me or ..., she does not come out genuine at all unlike many other celebrities who let their hair down on TV. Charlize Theron is gorgeous, that is about it.
Info wars.com
Info wars.com Oy oldin
Charlize theron is part of an orange order plan to demasculate young black males,
Dmc Oy oldin
When there are so many children of your own race and culture ready and waiting to be adopted and you go to greater lengths to pick and choose a child from an another part of the world it seems like your just trying to acquire some exotic possession for narcissistic reasons.
Paula Davis
Paula Davis Oy oldin
It's really a place of naivety being that raising a son of color is a "Reality Check " that can't be glazed over in an interview. The school living as a son of color is a "Life Journey" that even privileged Black children/young adults and our Black men period. There is definitely a need to be more aware and open to the subtle and sometimes overt acts of racism especially with the mentality of our government right now. Everyday life for the privileged children of color, unfortunately, is well guarded; yet, is that a positive thing??? I hope Charlize allows her parental intuition about the "reality of racism" to kick in, not deny it and educate your her children in a realistic manner... Peace...
Ke Chambre
Ke Chambre Oy oldin
BOOO ...I cannot stand when people don't answer the question the work black or African-American NEVER even came out of her mouth.
queenregan Oy oldin
A rich black Son ... a poor black Son which one is more likely to get shot. 2018 emancipate from mental slavery
Ava Limpa
Ava Limpa Oy oldin
@queenregan, If she left him in Africa how do you know he would get shot? Also, check this out. uzvid.com/video/video-rL0aNyZitrI.html Gabrielle Union On Why Her Message About Raising Black Boys Is Resonating
Anifa Uwitonze
What kind of question is that ? Why do people need always to bring up skin colors. Im glad that she didnt answer it. Nonense really
Why is she dressing them up like girls? WTF?
Michelle Hughes
The caption is misleading, she did not address the question. She made a general statement about safety for all children.
Princess D
Princess D 2 oy oldin
The only person who can raise a black boy into a black man is a black man... she don’t have the answer. Neither do black moms even tho they are more aware ...
Marci Shepard
Marci Shepard 2 oy oldin
She dresses him in full on girl clothes and wigs.... she has NO idea how to raise black children especially a black boy
Levante Hardy
Levante Hardy 2 oy oldin
I wouldve love it if Charlize said "black people are being racist towards me just because I adopted a black boy."
Jackie Rose
Jackie Rose 2 oy oldin
The way she dodged that question tho
Pinda Kaas
Pinda Kaas 2 oy oldin
She is acted very fake and awkward when talking about her kids. Did y'all see her black son? She turned him in to a homosexual. Look it up.
Danielle Thomas
Danielle Thomas 2 oy oldin
googled pictures or her kids....so.... apparently she dresses her son as a girl....
Tacarra Collins
Tacarra Collins 2 oy oldin
I used to looove Charlize as an actress her personality everything! Shame on this whack 🤬 🤬for adopting coc and putting him in dresses and tutus if he’s screaming to wear girl clothes and the story is true you are the parent you decide and this is just wrong! 🤬
Kathy W
Kathy W 2 oy oldin
Why is she raising her black son as her black daughter and putting him in dresses and bows? Emasculating him.
Randi 2 oy oldin
I see a political future for you Ms.Theron :-D
Rose J
Rose J 2 oy oldin
Joy brings up a great point in that random acts of violence in elementary schools didn't happen. What can be done to keep our kids safe? What can be done to address the pain or mental illness of the shooters? Do we really care about the safety of 5 year olds and 6 year olds or are we just full of it?
Romeo Reyes
Romeo Reyes 2 oy oldin
I like her answer about raising a black child because there is no difference in her eyes. She loves them just the same.
Kirwina 2 oy oldin
Charlize never answered the question
jimipurple123 2 oy oldin
What's the reason why a white South African would do this? Think about it
Hallie Harmon
Hallie Harmon 2 oy oldin
She didn't really answer the question, but I know she loves her kids.
Michael Tellurian
Well, she's not raising a black son...she's raising a black boy as a rich, white woman. Not exactly the same thing. But if all white people all over the world would just take in and raise 1 or 2 black children, the world would be a much better place. Right?
kaouter Mouslim haliba
I think she did answer actually, but it is just that ,she did not say it on a clearer way. Yes sure you want your kids to be safe, but not only at school , also in the street ,in the park or wherever they go when they are teens or adults.
Anna Troup
Anna Troup 2 oy oldin
Why they are not bringing up her dressing her adopted son in girl clothes. SMH
Anna Troup
Anna Troup 2 oy oldin
This woman is evil.
David Saintloth
David Saintloth 2 oy oldin
What planet did Joy grow up on? The more you go back in the past the worse being a child of color in a society mostly not of color became....so she's really speaking from her white entitlement and race associated *affluence myopia* here as of course she wasn't a target of PoC descrimination she's not a PoC.
Glywnnis Wells
Glywnnis Wells 2 oy oldin
cant stand this woman
E Bennett
E Bennett 2 oy oldin
god she doesnt know how to tell stories.
Aurelia Cawthon
Aurelia Cawthon 2 oy oldin
She dresses him like girl because she wants to. She's not teaching him anything about his culture... A little black boy with blonde wigs and dolls.. Somebody slap this devil
Alejandro Perales
This young lady is good soul of nature hm
Travis Standridge
Ignore the Russians
Rugged Techie
Rugged Techie 2 oy oldin
She makes her black son wear dresses...........why am I not surprised. The new improved racist, castration with conscience.......
Kathleen McCormick
What a disappointment. She says”like” a lot. She’s been co-opted. Another Hollywood communicator...
Kaleah Collins
Kaleah Collins 2 oy oldin
Olagonin Chancer
Olagonin Chancer 2 oy oldin
Is she going to get a white one and an Asian one to complete the set? I suppose the black one shows "how good of a person you are" a lot easier than the others. A white chick from South Africa getting a black kid...over-compensating much?
True Confession
True Confession 2 oy oldin
The fact that she's from South Africa is the real travesty. I'm not even gonna write an epistle about this but in this regard her and hers can fuq right off!
vaphillips76 2 oy oldin
She didn’t answer the question because there’s no right answer than to raise a child with love and do not spare the discipline. THAT answer is not what anyone really wanted to hear.
falloutgirl902 2 oy oldin
I don’t understand how these white actresses don’t support #blacklivesmatter when their own children are black and they have such a huge platform...
Catherine Todd
Catherine Todd 2 oy oldin
What's the name of the movie? They went by it so fast...
venezolanatrini 2 oy oldin
Charlize is not raising a black son, she's raising a black boy as a little girl, since the day she got him, and I would trust with a grain a salt any White South African raising a black child especially with the climate the way it is over there, seems more like trophy revenge babies, and I wish Africa would do better vetting process, kind've like how Madonna took those twin girls from their mother under the guise they were just going for education, and she hasn't heard from them since.