Charlotte Lawrence - Sleep Talking (Official Audio)

Charlotte S Lawrence
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Sleep Talking out on Spotify, Apple Music, and more: smarturl.it/biu7mv



20-Okt, 2017



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Alondra Banuelos
Alondra Banuelos 9 soat oldin
Anyone not here from Catherine paiz’s snap and just here because Charlotte Lawrence is so amazingly talented?
Lulu 11 soat oldin
who's here because actually liked the music and because of charlotte lawrence?
Mehvish Iqbal
Mehvish Iqbal 12 soat oldin
Been listening to this song since I heard it on Catherine Paiz’s snapchat story x
rs huh
rs huh 21 soat oldin
I can’t find the official instrumental, so sad.
Lyly divina
Lyly divina Kun oldin
Charlie Puth recommended this song on his IG. Good song!
Got this from a Nomin edit.
Andreea Udrea
Andreea Udrea Kun oldin
Anyone else here because Catherine's story 😂
Yasha nawar
Yasha nawar 2 kun oldin
UZvid recommendation bought me here 😂😍😘
love_nyc_ 2 kun oldin
Half the people here are because of Catherine Palz...shout out to her 🙌🏻
vicki e
vicki e 2 kun oldin
Ty catherine paiz snap for bringing me here cuz now i can't stop playing it
Suki Kaur
Suki Kaur 2 kun oldin
Ace family ♠️
RobertTHEGOAT Ramirez
Art Insider
Art Insider 2 kun oldin
Who’s in 2019?? :)))
Aparna Sharma
Aparna Sharma 2 kun oldin
here coz of catherine piaz
QweenDeer x
QweenDeer x 2 kun oldin
UmzyPlays 2 kun oldin
Anyone else her cuz of Catherine paiz????
love_nyc_ Kun oldin
+_Rxxha.L_ Who said they are cousins? Catherine just showed a snap of this song playing in the car...she didn't say anything
UmzyPlays Kun oldin
+_Rxxha.L_ wait they're cousins???!!
_Rxxha.L_ Kun oldin
They're cousins?! Wow!
love_nyc_ 2 kun oldin
vicki e
vicki e 2 kun oldin
Yup her snap story
Abbas Hussain
Abbas Hussain 2 kun oldin
2019 👋🏻
Amira 2 kun oldin
Catherine Paiz brought us here! 😍❤️
Gaby D
Gaby D 2 kun oldin
Ace fam?
alexA Michelle
alexA Michelle 2 kun oldin
Catherine's snap anyone??
Anastasia Komninakis
who’s here because of catherine paiz??
Andreea Udrea
Andreea Udrea Kun oldin
Sarah Healy
Sarah Healy 2 kun oldin
Anastasia Komninakis meeeeee
Bradlee Gamezz
Bradlee Gamezz 3 kun oldin
Francisca Gracia
Francisca Gracia 3 kun oldin
Thank youuuu Catherine for leading me here 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🤯🔥🔥
Lessly Pineda
Lessly Pineda 2 kun oldin
Francisca Gracia EXACTLY!!
Ankita Mohanty
Ankita Mohanty 2 kun oldin
Khulood A
Khulood A 3 kun oldin
Ace family ✋🏼♥️!
Binttu Td
Binttu Td 3 kun oldin
I came from Catherine
Jana alhubaishi
Jana alhubaishi 3 kun oldin
Catherine’s snap chat story brought me here
xoxo_ Maddison_
xoxo_ Maddison_ Kun oldin
Jana alhubaishi sameee
_Rxxha.L_ Kun oldin
Andreea Udrea
Andreea Udrea Kun oldin
sunjem mann
sunjem mann Kun oldin
Same 😂
Freitas Luiza
Freitas Luiza 2 kun oldin
i Huda
i Huda 3 kun oldin
Who came from Catherine paiz?
Jana alhubaishi
Jana alhubaishi 3 kun oldin
i Huda me hahaha
Michelle Peeks
Michelle Peeks 3 kun oldin
Whos listening in 2019
Gwennypatooty vlogs
Thanks to google assistant i love this song lol
fifi foo
fifi foo 4 kun oldin
bops 💞
Salmaa Patel
Salmaa Patel 4 kun oldin
I love. This song
pasta cuteness
pasta cuteness 5 kun oldin
Lan Thy Hoàng
Lan Thy Hoàng 6 kun oldin
Ushas OA
Ushas OA 6 kun oldin
Anyone after her relationship with Charlie Puth💝
ryhab khan
ryhab khan 6 kun oldin
I came here to see how Charlie puth's girlfriend sings.
okaayminnie 8 kun oldin
Lindzy Njakwe
Lindzy Njakwe 9 kun oldin
2019 anyone
- sunny studios -
- sunny studios - 10 kun oldin
I was singing this in my sleep
Zohaib Ahad
Zohaib Ahad 11 kun oldin
Who is listening this in 2019 ?
Gayumi Wijewardana
Gayumi Wijewardana 11 kun oldin
Totally Charlie Puth vibes! This goes through my nerves af😍😍😍😍😍😍
Alyson Crawford
Alyson Crawford 12 kun oldin
She sounds so good she is so talented! But is it just me that she sounds like Madison beer and Zara Larson?
maymay saphire
maymay saphire 13 kun oldin
love your voice so much💜
Davi Jorge
Davi Jorge 14 kun oldin
2019 someone?
عمر مؤذن
عمر مؤذن 16 kun oldin
who is in 2k19?
Jo Rosario
Jo Rosario 17 kun oldin
Marks and spencer brought me here..hahaha
Akshpita Choudhury
Akshpita Choudhury 17 kun oldin
1.25x sounds perfect💖
Arafat Hassan
Arafat Hassan 18 kun oldin
Aya Nadim
Aya Nadim 19 kun oldin
2019 anyone?
Angélica 19 kun oldin
Yashwanth Prakash
Yashwanth Prakash 20 kun oldin
Charlie puths insta feed came here
CarpoolKaraoke Russian
Like, if you came from Charlie's Instagram 😋
Ayesha Ameer
Ayesha Ameer 20 kun oldin
Came from Charlie Puth's Instagram Story, he was listening this. And it gives ATTENTION vibes. Damn.
nastu dragon
nastu dragon 20 kun oldin
Who listening today?
DankConspiracy Nut
DankConspiracy Nut 20 kun oldin
Saw this on Charlie paths story on instagram Noice!
Who came here after watching Charlie Puth's story ;) ?
Joyce Monica
Joyce Monica 21 kun oldin
I came because of Charlie Puth.
Cooking_ Data_22
Cooking_ Data_22 21 kun oldin
Just here cuz on Charlie's Instagram story
Ai Anim
Ai Anim 21 kun oldin
I came here after seeing Charlie Puth listen to it
jeon ocet
jeon ocet 21 kun oldin
Aku kesini gara gara liat insta story Charlie puth
Michael Mika665
Michael Mika665 22 kun oldin
Love Love 2019 🇧🇷👊😍🍀🙌
Nyubi Kan
Nyubi Kan 23 kun oldin
sophie aes
sophie aes 23 kun oldin
Patiently waiting for this to blow up
Erica 25 kun oldin
Ι'm here from sims xD
Sofya Chanyeol💞 Exo💕
one of the best voices I've ever heard😭😭💓💓💓💓
Liv jiminnie
Liv jiminnie 28 kun oldin
Kenzie liao
Kenzie liao Oy oldin
this song is so underrated
Sanya Khattar
Sanya Khattar Oy oldin
i luhhhhh u
Emily Jacobo
Emily Jacobo Oy oldin
1: I went to the mall 2: I entered the mall 3: went into a store 4:heard this song while I was looking for clothes 5:went back and search it up now I'm addicted
Queen Alyssa
Queen Alyssa Oy oldin
2k19 🤪🤪
Loh Oy oldin
I'm here because the sims 4
Moody Libra
Moody Libra Oy oldin
Angel Baby
Angel Baby Oy oldin
Bad day for me
16/01/2019 I love it
Queen Kenya
Queen Kenya Oy oldin
Valee Rodríguez
Mila Reyes
Mila Reyes Oy oldin
Come from the sims 4.
Cookie Crumble
This gives me Dua Lipa vibes
vanshika Dheer
2019? anyone
Александр Сальников
So... Do artist sing once again their song simlish for Sims?
Saleem Amin Ibni Noorul Amin Bhat
You've a beautiful voice unimaginably beautiful but try singing meaningful lyrics
ItsDanaPace Oy oldin
a bop i love it 🥰
Minou Minou
Minou Minou Oy oldin
Tamires Abade
Tamires Abade Oy oldin
2019 é nois 🇧🇷😂
Medina Bilalović
came here from sims 4 lol
ABOLOS! Oy oldin
c'est de la merde
iza everlyn
iza everlyn Oy oldin
BR alguém?
Musico Oy oldin
*This girl is gonna blow up by 2020...*
Arely 2 oy oldin
Esta es la única artista que escucho en inglés, y es magnífica 💜
JAKY 2 oy oldin
nice beat
Griselda Veso
Griselda Veso 2 oy oldin
Shouin 2 oy oldin
Thanks Clare
Milton Mc
Milton Mc 2 oy oldin
Te amo❤
Meleny Serrano
Meleny Serrano 2 oy oldin
Johanna Isabel
Johanna Isabel 2 oy oldin
Is nobody noticing that she sings "you wasn't listening" at 0:52? English is not my first language, but shouldn't that be "you weren't listening"? Or is it just a senseless stylistic device ?
KawaiiKat Oy oldin
Stylistic. It sounds catchier with the slang really.
Lisa Skonieczny
Lisa Skonieczny 2 oy oldin
she's going to be a big star
Poision SnaKe
Poision SnaKe 2 oy oldin
Fatima BL
Fatima BL 2 oy oldin
underrated but I love her !!! The best and the lyrics are amazing 💗
Armando A. Rodriguez-Mohedano
Lol, like everyone on here is coming from Sims 4 while I just literally told Google Home to "play me some good music" while showering🚿🚿🎶🎶😭😭
Dalicia Millner
Dalicia Millner 2 oy oldin
Stuck in your head anyone?
Damn Jocelyn
Damn Jocelyn 2 oy oldin
Sounds like Madison beer
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