Chef Jamie Oliver Only Needs Five Ingredients

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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Chef Jamie Oliver shows Stephen that less is more with recipes from '5 Ingredients: Quick and Easy Food.' Learn how to make the dishes with these actual recipes: facebook.com/545775132233909/posts/1663585033786241/
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12-Yan, 2019

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Anonym 22 daqiqa oldin
At least jamie is polite... not like mr ramsay
Cam Soat oldin
No. Salt the water to taste like the ocean. About 30 grams per liter of water. About Anything less doesn't really do much.
Y M 4 soat oldin
Very annoying he was best of cooking sausage and mashed potatoes and adding bit of rosemary 😂😂😂
choknuti 7 soat oldin
Anybody else notice Stephen's knife skills? Also, he can toss. Not professional level but he can cook for sure.
Navin Nair
Navin Nair 8 soat oldin
Only needs 5 ingredients to make shit food.
Matthias 10 soat oldin
Stephen is quite annoying
oh yeah yeah
oh yeah yeah 10 soat oldin
oh yeah yeah
Elliot 10 soat oldin
I didn't know Mumford and Sons could cook?!
TheVisserthree 16 soat oldin
Here I got some recipes with 2 or 1„ingredient(s)“. Very easy.
Rafael Maschio
Rafael Maschio 21 soat oldin
I was watching some Gordon Ramsey vids and hating his manners. And I needed to check why he hates Jamie Oliver. Now I like Gordon and understand why he hates Jamie.
James Willett
James Willett 21 soat oldin
People saying 'this is for people who don't cook and do microwavable meals all the time' as an insult when JO literally said that was the point at 1:30
Alexander 23 soat oldin
I counted six ingredients. You have failed me.
Jibran Malik
Jibran Malik 23 soat oldin
Ramsey wishes he had the swag of Jamie. Bish Bash Bosh
PUBGaming 23 soat oldin
how drunk is Jamie...
6:00 that's what she said 😂😂
Kenny Ho
Kenny Ho Kun oldin
Stephen is usually funny but he’s so ignorant when it comes to cooking. It’s ok to be ignorant but don’t be so opinionated. Eating shrimp with the tail on is not strange.
Harizto Kun oldin
a 10 years old kid could do it better
Bmuzammil Spears
These two are just amazing men!~
Sushant Chitrakar
Jamie drank Stephen's wine tho. 0:47/ 1:40
da king113
da king113 Kun oldin
Gordon Ramsay is better
C S Kun oldin
anybody else remember Graham Kerr, the Galloping Gourmet? or is it just me? he used to get dru-u-u-unk on his show, unabashedly. my mom and i loved watching him.
Genadi Fridman
Genadi Fridman Kun oldin
that louis vuitton fashion ad was wack
Nothing but nothing
Gordon Ramsey left the chat
lucas Rozmus
lucas Rozmus Kun oldin
I fucking knew he Jamie would drink the hosts cup, all started when they got moved lol 0:48 - 1:48
Place Holder Profile
Why is Jamie on this pedo's show?
KNO Kun oldin
"Merry Christmas nope happy New year" This is what anti-PC reactionaries have done. I used to say happy holidays to non-christians and Merry Christmas to christians or I just did it the opposite way and no one gave a single fuck. I'm not religious myself. But now it has become a cultish us vs them thing.
vivalaflav Kun oldin
The cooking segments on these are always a hot anxious mess haha
peutch Kun oldin
Stephen Colbert has great knife technique!
Rafael Del Villar
One of the dumbest recipes I've ever seen! From an adult point of view
For the life of me, why can't Americans hold a glass of wine?? EVERY Movie, every public appearance I have observed. I thought Stephen would be cultured enough, but no, he grabs that thing like it's a pint of Guinness, god damn!
B T Kun oldin
Geniunely hope something terrible happens to Jamie Oliver. He's vile
AL: C Kun oldin
how many late shows does america need?
Dr. Royalty
Dr. Royalty Kun oldin
Jesus fockin' Christ he's gotten fatter. Didn't even know that was remotely possible considering all he does is promoting "healthy lifestyles" for a living. 😐
Irene Adler
Irene Adler 2 kun oldin
whoa stephen's got the knife skills (in stark contrast to conan :D)
Gumball3000.ro 2 kun oldin
Jamie drank from Stephen's glass. Yuck!
Mari Anna
Mari Anna Kun oldin
They also drank from the same bottle, sooo
Leonardo Bagnoli
Leonardo Bagnoli 2 kun oldin
That is the ugliest dish of pasta i have ever seen
Faizal 2 kun oldin
KingFloda 23
KingFloda 23 2 kun oldin
305 dislikes from Gordon Ramsay
Andy M
Andy M 2 kun oldin
Lol ripping off ready steady cook
Albert Floriens
Albert Floriens 2 kun oldin
El inglesito este le echó chorizo a la paella, deberían meterle en la cárcel
Manuel Dias
Manuel Dias 2 kun oldin
He doesn't know how to cook
Marc Mantione
Marc Mantione 2 kun oldin
When he put on his glass of wine he picked up the wrong glass oooooooo
Jack Goh
Jack Goh 2 kun oldin
Jamie, well done! You are the best Chef in the world.
george bomma
george bomma 2 kun oldin
Team Ramsay any day!
Campfiresong 2 kun oldin
Missed opportunity by not putting captions when he said "give it a good succ as well"
Duck Duck
Duck Duck 2 kun oldin
No way that pasta was cooked.
Jason Ng
Jason Ng 2 kun oldin
I think Stephen was very disrespectful here. He should let his guest promote his things not being an asshole about it.
J T 2 kun oldin
Yes Jamie, my lad smashing it in the states! The 5 ingredients book is 10/10
Zuzana Simurdova
Zuzana Simurdova 2 kun oldin
What fun!
Phil Long
Phil Long 2 kun oldin
USA can keep him
6 kun oldin