Child and Youth Finance International sounds gong with Ye!

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The Ye! Community, an international network of young entrepreneurs ages 16-30, sounds the gong on the occasion of their new Ye! Stream live feature. It allows community members to connect with other young entrepreneurs, connect with coaches, and connect with the information needed to grow their businesses. A newsfeed where entrepreneurs can discuss, ask for advice, source information, and collaborate with other entrepreneurs.
The Ye! community is an initiative of Stichting Child and Youth Finance International (CYFI), and has been endorsed by the G-20’s Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion. They support young entrepreneurs around the world by connecting them to each other, to mentors, resources, tools and guides. There are currently 15000 members on the website representing 121 countries.
CYFI is a global, multi-stakeholder network promoting economic citizenship for children and youth. CYFI leads the world’s largest movement dedicated to enhancing the financial and entrepreneurial capabilities of children and youth. Launched in April 2012, the Child and Youth Finance Movement has already spread to 125 countries with partners and collaborators having reached more than 36 million children and youth.



30-Avg, 2017

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